About Us

Conservative Free Press is an online news publication committed to reporting the latest political and national news. From political debates to national poll numbers, election results, and state and local politics, we cover it all.

We are an independent publication with no political party affiliation. We strive to provide readers with truthful news – minus partisan bias. Our journalists are only interested in facts – not sensational headlines.

Our staff of seasoned journalists have been in the field for decades, and work tirelessly to bring our readers the latest news as it breaks. We also cover national stories that affect you and the political process.

Topics that we regularly cover include:

  • Republican and Democratic debates
  • National poll results
  • City, state and federal political headlines
  • Breaking national news
  • Policy changes
  • New bills and laws

Conservative Free Press is updated daily to provide you with the latest and breaking news in the political world. Our staff writers are on the job 24/7, searching for stories that impact our readers.

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