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  • Election 2016 Usa Concept

    Trump on Pence’s Syria View: ‘He and I Disagree’

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said he and Mike Pence, his running mate, “disagree” on Syrian policy at Sunday’s presidential debate. “He and I haven’t spoken,” said Trump. “And he and I disagree,” he added when asked about whether he supports using military force against Assad’s regime in Syria, a view supported by his running […] More

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York Senator, wife of President Bill

    Clinton Met With National Security Advisers on Tuesday

    Hillary Clinton met with national security advisers on Tuesday to discuss the events over the weekend involving bomb blasts in New York and New Jersey. Security concerns mounted as 29 people were injured in the New York blast. The blast in New Jersey didn’t include any injuries or deaths. There was also a knife attack […] More

  • Hilary Clinton On National French Television Channel Tf1

    Clinton Presidency Would Be Tougher on Putin and Russia

    A report on Reuters explains that a Hillary Clinton presidency could result in a tougher stance against Russia. Clinton became more skeptical of Russia as she tried to lead Obama’s efforts to restore U.S. relations with the country. Clinton’s skepticism of Russia’s willingness to mend ties between the two countries grew, according to the report. […] More

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    Obama Suggests Society Uncomfortable With Idea of a Woman President

    President Barack Obama, the first African American president of the United States, suggests that the American people are still uncomfortable with powerful women. The president, speaking at a fundraiser for the Clinton campaign, addressed donors and told them why he thinks America has yet to elect a female president. “We as a society still grapple […] More

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    Paul Ryan Calls on Trump to Release His Tax Returns

    House Speaker Paul Ryan called on Trump to disclose his tax returns, although he left the timing of the release up to the Republican nominee, according to CNN. Ryan said he has already released his returns, and that Trump should do the same. “I think we should release our returns, I’ll leave it to him […] More

  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

    Obama to Meet with Turkish President Next Month

    The White House announced on Monday that President Barack Obama will meet with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan at the G20 summit in China on September 4. Obama is also expected to have an informal talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the summit. At the bilateral meeting with the Turkish president, Obama will discuss the […] More

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    Gary Johnson “I Might Be the Next President”

    Libertarian Gary Johnson has outpaced Green Party candidate Jill Stein in the presidential election so far. Johnson has drawn big crowds at his rallies in August with hundreds attending his rally in New Hampshire. The candidate told Fox News “I might be the next president. You know that, right?” Johnson has 11% support according to […] More

  • Retro or Vintage Style Vote or Voting Campaign Election Pin Butt

    Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania Voter Registration Numbers Boost in GOP Favor

    Democratic voter registration numbers have outpaced Republican voter registration numbers in key battleground states: Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  According to a report from CNN, voter registration in all three states has increased for Republicans. The party has registered hundreds of thousands of voters in all three states. The Republican party has registered 300,000 more […] More

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