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  • Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York Senator, wife of President Bill

    Clinton Aides Were Surprised by Private Email Server, Hacked Emails Show

    Two of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign aides were surprised by the candidate’s use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state, hacked emails released by WikiLeaks show. The exchange between John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chairman, and Robby Mook, campaign manager, took place within hours of the New York Times article that […] More

  • in

    WikiLeaks Uncovers Memo of Bill Clinton’s Aides on High-Priced Speeches

    WikiLeaks released a 2011 memo sent by Doug Band. The memo, titled “Attorney-Client Privilege,” was sent to two attorneys reviewing the Clinton Foundation and how it was run. The memo outlines the lucrative speeches former President Bill Clinton gave between 2001 and 2011. The speeches provided $30 million to Clinton and an addition $66 million […] More

  • Ted Cruz Official Congress Portrait

    Ted Cruz: Republicans Could Block Supreme Court Seat Indefinitely Under Democratic President

    Senator Ted Cruz stated that Republicans may block any Democratic appointment of a Supreme Court seat indefinitely. The Senator stated that there has been a long history of having fewer justices. He also stated that the vacancy hasn’t stopped the Supreme Court from doing its job. President Barack Obama has faced a blockage for his […] More

  • vote black board

    Democrats Accuse RNC of Violating Anti-Voter Intimidation Agreement

    Democrats are accusing the Republican National Committee of violating a decades-old anti-voter intimidation agreement. The party called on a federal judge to block the RNC’s effort to coordinate with Trump’s campaign on “ballot security.” In the motion, filed on Wednesday in New Jersey federal court, the DNC (Democratic National Committee) says the RNC violated the […] More

  • hillary Clinton at Campaign Rally

    Clinton Plans to Reach Out to Republican Leaders if Elected

    Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stated that she will reach out to Republican leaders if she is elected president. The former secretary of state told a group of reporters, “I certainly intend to reach out to Republicans and Independents, the elected leadership of the Congress, which you mentioned.” She stated that she’ll reach out to […] More

  • Trump at rally in georgia

    Trump Suggests Clinton’s Syrian Policies Will Lead to World War Three

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke on Tuesday with Reuters, asserting that opponent Hillary Clinton’s Syrian plans would lead to World War Three. Trump alleges that the plan will create conflict with Russia. The presidential nominee questioned Clinton’s plans and how the former secretary of state would negotiate with Vladimir Putin, Russian President. Trump’s speech […] More

  • in

    Healthcare Premiums Expected to Rise 22% Under Obama’s Silver Plan in 2017

    Healthcare premiums under Obamacare are set to rise 22% in 2017 for the silver plan. The announcement, from a government report, states that many health insurance companies are downsizing their presence in the market as healthcare costs rise for health insurers. The requirement to offer better healthcare policies and accept individuals with preexisting conditions is […] More

  • in

    Clinton’s Transition Teams Follows Obama’s Lobbying Rules

    Hillary Clinton’s transition team will follow in the footsteps of President Barack Obama on lobbying rules. Obama initiated strict rules to limit the influence of lobbyists on policy agenda. The team has worked secretly over the past few weeks on how to transition to a Clinton presidency. The team will limit federal lobbyist power, according […] More

  • Sanders at Coney Island Boardwalk in NYC

    Bernie Sanders Says He Will Use His Leverage to Pressure Clinton

    Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders said he will use the popularity and leverage he gained during the primaries to push Clinton to the left if she wins the election in November. In an interview with the Washington Post published on Monday, Sanders said the Democratic Party was “more progressive” than its nominee. Sanders said it was […] More

  • Democrat Election Vote and American Flag

    Utah’s Early Voter Turnout Results in Huge Democrat Turnout

    Utah’s early voter information is trickling in, with a larger-than-expected turnout of Democrats. A third more Democrats sent in their early by-mail votes. Fewer-than-expected Republicans sent in their ballots early. Utah Republican Chairman James Evans stated that 82,000 people casted votes in 21 of 29 counties in the state. Most the votes have come from […] More

  • Bernie Sanders Rally

    Sanders Prepared to Push Liberal Values on Clinton

    Bernie Sanders led a hard-fought fight against Hillary Clinton leading up to her being crowned the Democratic candidate in the 2016 election. The Vermont Senator built his campaign on the back of liberal values, and plans to push these values on Clinton if she wins the presidency in November. Sanders has campaigned for Clinton, and […] More

  • march at democrat convention

    Liberal Activist Coordinated with Breitbart Reporters in GOP Primary Disruptions

    A liberal activist coordinated with reporters from conservative news site Breitbart to cover disruptions of GOP primary events for candidates, including Marco Rubio, Politico reports. According to sources close to the matter, Aaron Black, Democracy Partners associate, tipped off Breitbart about his disruptions during the Republican primaries. Black also coordinated coverage with the pro-Trump site […] More

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