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Biden Says He’s “Constantly Tested” for Cognitive Decline in Puzzling Response

At long last, a reporter from Fox News overcame two significant hurdles: One, he managed to ask a question of Joe Biden, who has spent much of the last three months holed up in his basement. And two, he actually managed to get the question of Biden’s obvious mental decline on the record.

“I’m 65, I don’t have the word recollection that I used to have, I forget my train of thought from time to time, you’ve got 12 years on me, sir –  have you been tested for some degree of cognitive decline?” asked the reporter, whom Biden referred to as a “lying dog-face” only moments earlier, reprising one of his campaign’s not-so-greatest hits. 

“I’ve been tested, and I’m constantly tested,” Biden said in an odd reply. “Look, all you’ve got to do is watch me, and I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capabilities to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against.”

Hmm. Is that really what you want, Joe? For the American people to watch you closely for cognitive decline? You sure you don’t want to expound on those constant tests you’re taking? It’s one thing to admit that you’re under constant mental supervision – a revelation in and of itself, it’s another to make that admission…and then not reveal what the results of those tests have been.

Instead, Biden turned the question around on Trump.

“This president is talking about cognitive capability, he isn’t even cognitively aware of what’s going on,” Biden said. “He either reads and/or gets briefed on important issues and he forgets it, or he doesn’t think it’s necessary that he need to know it.”

Okay, that’s a cute response and all, but it doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter, now does it?

And this is a matter that Biden needs to clear up, as is evidenced by a new poll from Rasmussen Reports. The polling outfit asked likely voters: “From what you have seen and read, do you believe Joe Biden is suffering from some form of dementia?”

38% of respondents said yes. That includes 20% of Democrats. Furthermore, a wide majority of voters believe that the issue is serious enough that Biden should address it publicly. We’re not sure that vague pronouncements about being “constantly tested” for cognitive decline qualifies as clearing the air.

“Let me get this straight,” Sean Hannity said Tuesday. “He’s constantly being tested for cognitive abilities? Why is Joe Biden getting constantly tested for a cognitive decline? After hearing that, I’m wondering if maybe all Americans need cognitive testing regularly. That concerns me. Does that concern the American people? Are they going to ask the ever-forgetful, weak Joe Biden why he’s being constantly tested for cognitive decline?”

We’re sure that Hannity is just another in a long series of lying, dog-faced pony soldiers as far as Joe Biden is concerned, but unless the former president can address these concerns head-on, he might realize too late that his “avoid and deflect” strategy isn’t working as well as he might have hoped.

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  1. Yeah Joe, my dog is tested every week for cognitive decline and he is even sharper than you are.
    Just let me know and I can recommend a great senior home that specializes in dementia. They will take great care of you in your remaining years.

  2. A man with THAT MUCH cognitive decline is NOT QUALIFIED to be POTUS. and, POTUS TRUMP (soon to be REELECT) will “wax the floor” with Joe during the DEBATES, because Joe “ain’t got it” . . . The LIGHTS are no but NOBODY’s home (not that we could recognize him, anyway). One Hilariously Laughing Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Ohhh, BIDEN — be careful what you wish for, Boy … THE PRESIDENT will get to you early with verbal jabs, then work to your body with facts versus your lame “recollections”, then deliver the virtual knockout … one that will likely leave you speechless NOT because you don’t have an answer … you will be so bewildered by then you will go “uhhh, umm … ” and then look down at your shoe tops in silence.

    Not pretty, yet predictable … then (allegedly) we get to see him take you to the cleaners two more times before you retreat to your basement in embarrassment. Will they wake you to give you the results late November 3 ? Not likely, they’ll say ” Nahh, let him sleep … he’ll find out later anyway … “

  4. Uhhhhhh, duhhhhhh, my name is Joey Bidumbass and I have shit for brains. I forget my name sometimes and let’s not even talk about tying my shoelaces. I really want to be your president. I know nothing about economics or foreign policy but I give very good blowjobs. I’ll make our country awful again like it was when Barry Obamotherfucker was president. I learned a lot from Berry especially how to be a good nigger bitch. Berry was the best miggrr in the world. I miss kissing his ass everyday. Vote for me and I’ll make you pee…… your pants. That Donald dickhead has hot to go, ladies and gentlemen. Please help me kick his ass. He is making our country the greatest country on the planet and we can’t have that. The niggers love his sorry ass and that ain’t all. He’s making people wealthy and happy. How selfish is that? I’ll take us back to poverty and depression like Berry Obamotherfucker was so go at doing. That was one smart nigger. So join hands with me and make me president so that I can destroy your lives again like Berry did. Bidumbass/Pisslosi 2020!!! Yes I am picking Nancy Psslosi to be my VP. She has fucked up the House so much that she would be perfect for my ticket. Please welcome Nancy aboard. I can’t wait to cum all over her face after she gives me blowjobs. Woohoo!!!

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