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Chris Christie: Republicans Endorsing Biden are Completely “Meaningless”

In remarks to ABC News on Monday night, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie denied that Joe Biden’s plan of reaching out to Republican voters would make any difference. Noting that several Republicans were on the docket to give speeches at the virtual convention, host George Stephanopoulos asked Christie if their endorsements would mean anything to Biden’s chances.

“Chris Christie, four years ago Meg Whitman and Christine Todd Whitman both endorsed Hillary Clinton,” Stephanopoulos said. “So, how big a threat are these Republican endorsements tonight?”

“Zero. Zero. I mean, they’re meaningless,” Christie replied. “They were with her, they were with her four years ago, now they’re with Biden. No surprise.”

Christie said that another Republican’s endorsement was worth even less.

“And John Kasich, just to show you where John Kasich’s standing is in the Republican Party, when he was the only Republican governor left on the stage in 2016 — Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich — the three candidates left, do you know how many Republican governors, of his colleagues, his sitting colleagues at the time, endorsed John Kasich?” Christie asked. “Zero. And the reason they didn’t is because he’s a backstabber and he’s an untruthful guy.

“And so tonight, Republicans are going to look at that and go, ‘You can have him, please, believe me. Give us a break, get him out of our party. You take him for a little while,’” Christie continued. “Because, on top of all that, I’ve worked with John a lot, he’s exhausting. Joe Biden’s going to be getting calls from John Kasich. He’s going to want to change his phone number.”

Kasich, whose political career has been in free-fall since losing the nomination to Trump in 2016, jumped on the virtual stage Monday night to insist that while he’s “proud of his Republican heritage,” he doesn’t mind trashing that heritage to vote for Biden, whom he called a “good man, a man of faith, a unifier, someone who understands the hopes and dreams of the common man and the common woman, a man who can help us to see the humanity in each other.”

Yes, if we wanted to base our vote on meaningless platitudes and poetry, this would be a convincing argument. But since we’re voting for a president we have to trust to guide this nation in the right direction – economically, militarily, and culturally – we’re going to have to take a pass. And if Kasich cared about anything as much as he does exacting revenge on Trump, he would as well.

Is Mitt Romney planning on giving a speech this week? Anyone heard from Jeff Flake lately? Just wondering how silly these festivities are going to get…

What do you think?

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  1. You are missing the point – It’s the , massive independent voter population. If moderate Republicans are coming out is support of Joe Biden then they will feel more comfortable voting for him then they will for Pandemic Trump. There is a great deal of anger directed at Trump miss handling of the pandemic. The attacked the post office is a last ditch effort of suppression to salvage his reelection. The more people voting the less of a chance he has to be reelected.

    How many Democratic leaders are supporting Pandemic Trump? This is a very sad time for all Republicans.

    • It sucks to be you. Y’all are going to lose so big it will be a shock wave~~ you know, the way it was when Pres. Trump trampled HillRot.

    • CHINA CREATED THIS INVISIBLE ENEMY you NIT-WIT… PRESIDENT TRUMP has done a OUTSTANDING JOB on HIS WATCH.. You folks are just plain & simply EVIL BASTARDS 24/7 for his entire term , & actually before that . MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA… REMEMBER GOD ?

      • Truth here, nit wits..wold is fullo f them…Nobody gives Trump the credit for what he has done, tons of decisions about the countries that the democrats, well, 5 of the six last presidents have given us away not to just China, but others…He got the Jap and German thing done, stopped the war reparations money…wow.He has smart men on the team…Democrats will bring a boot on the back of the neck, civil war, and communism, a thing that is an error of Russia, and does not work

  2. The President is doing everything he can to support Americans like no other President in my 72 years on this planet. There is nothing positive or creative that Joe Biden can come up with despite his 50 years as a bloodsucking bureaucrat living off the taxpayers. The Corona Virus came from China and President Trump has managed it about as well as it could be managed. China dumped it on the USA and the world and they will live to regret I am sure. The President is in the process of pulling the country out of the Corona Virus mess. With all the turmoil being stirred up by the fake media pitting races against each other and condoning riots and looting, the voters will make a decisions which will likely be based on the direction of the economy, the law and order in the country, protecting the police and creating a stronger military, securing the borders, stopping the flow of drugs and other criminals acts, keeping taxes low, protecting religious freedom, and protecting the 2nd amendment as without it the rest of the Bill of Rights can easily be pulled away by the communist movement if the citizens do not have the right to bear arms. Based on that information while the President has already proven his ability to accomplish more than any other president in USA History, I believe that logical voters will figure this out and vote for Donald Trump again rather than a washed up and very feeble Joe Biden!

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