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Michigan Voters: We Were With Biden…Until He Chose Kamala Harris

Could Joe Biden’s VP choice cost him some crucial votes in the Midwest? It stands to reason that the Democratic nominee absolutely has to do better than Hillary Clinton when it comes to building back that fabled Blue Wall across the so-called Rust Belt, but it could be that his decision to put Sen. Kamala Harris on the ticket was the worst choice of his campaign. In a forum hosted by Axios after the vice presidential debate last week, several Michigan voters said they were all set to vote for Biden…right up until they got an up-close-and-personal look at the woman running to be second-in-line for the presidency.

“Biden’s not going to make it four years, so Kamala Harris is going to be president and I have zero trust she can be president, so I’m just picking the lesser of two evils at this point,”  one forum participant said.

Others in the forum found that while they were in agreement with Harris’s points during the debate, they did not trust either her or Biden to give voters a straight look at their agenda.

“I’m going to have to stick with [Trump] because I don’t know if the left will make due on the promises they’re saying right now,” a participant named Adam said.

Others, obviously having made up their minds about supporting Trump prior to the debate, were taken aback by how well Harris performed.

“I’m fearful of this woman because she knows how to strike chords with the people of America,” Matt T. told Axios. “She’s basically utilizing everything that has happened this year to attack the Trump campaign and she does it in such a way that she’s making really strong points, but I don’t think they’re true. So she’s coming across very powerful.”

In another focus group, Republican pollster Frank Luntz found people unhappy with Kamala Harris.

“They gave us three conclusions,” Luntz said of the voters from several swing states. “The complaint about Kamala Harris was that she was abrasive and condescending. The complaint about Mike Pence was that he was too tired but vice-presidential, or presidential. If this is a battle over style and substance, which is often the case with undecided voters because they simply do not choose on policy — they also choose on persona — this was Mike Pence’s night.”

Ordinarily, we wouldn’t spend a lot of time worrying about what voters think of the VP candidates, but when you have Biden out there looking like he’s got one foot in the Great Beyond and absolutely no enthusiasm growing behind him…Harris may be the one to watch. And if these focus groups are any indication, swing voters are even more wary of her than they are of Trump.

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  1. “I’m frightful of this lady since she realizes how to hit harmonies with the individuals of America,” Matt T. told Axios. “She’s fundamentally using all that has happened for the current year to assault the Trump lobby and she does it so that she’s making truly solid focuses, yet I don’t believe they’re valid. So she’s running over exceptionally ground-breaking.”

  2. Kamala Harris is a phony she sucks up to Biden only for her own ambitions, during debate she did show her true colors, She is Hindu Indian and Jamaican, but would have Americans presume she is African American , so disingenuous no different than E. Warren, She Promotes planned parenthood, She is just another face in the Democrats echo chamber, she is TERRIBLE 🎱

  3. She is Rotten . Moving on to why I won’t vote for any liberal Democrat or their stupid ideas
    Inciting Riots w/ BLM & Antifa , Liberal MSM
    Russia Hoax, corrupting FBI & DOJ , CIA
    Steele dossier, Robert Mueller, 2 tier justice
    Amnesty for HRC , Impeaching Trump w/ lies
    Systemic racism, Open Borders, Medicare for all
    Green New Deal, Infanricide ,Gun confiscation
    Higher taxes , more regulations, defund police, ice
    Reparations , Socialicm, Ban fossil fuels, fracking
    Fake Hate Crimes, Burning flags destroying statues, identity politics, antisemitism, bail for criminals , Mocking faith, No voter ID,
    Ballot harvesting , 16 yrs. old to vote , no due process, Censoring Conservatives , insults like
    Deplorable, disrespecting 1st lady, sanctuary cities
    Nursing home deaths , Court Packing, 25 th amendment , pandering, intolerance, lockdowns
    Deep state, SOTU childish behavior, CPL, Beto
    Cohen , holding stimulus relief , # Me too
    Defrauding FISA courts Spying on Trump camp
    CAVANAUGH confirmation, Logan act , BE WOKE,
    Voting for felons, Obamacare, C. Page Gen Flynn
    Roger stone , G Papadopolous and many more

  4. Please keep in mine (and remind others) that Kamal A called Joe a “racist” and a “rapist” last year during the Dem Presidential primaries, learning her ‘trade’ by ‘studying’ under Willie Brown, one of the most corrupt Speakers of the Assembly in California, Mayors of San Francisco, etc.
    Remember also that Tulsi Gabbard, also a Primary contestant, had terrible (and accurate) things to say about her imprisonment of blacks for minor drug charges and was willing to let an innocent man die by refusing to put forth evidence that (eventually) cleared him.
    Trump wants to “Drain the Swamp” and she is just more bacteria in the swamp…
    Oh, yeah… Read Peter Schweitzer’s book “Profiles in Corruption” for more ‘stuff’ in depth…

  5. Don’t look at their PROMISES as much as their RADICAL LEFT deeds which will DESTROY this country in the FUTURE. DON’T vote for Joe Biden if you VALUE your Country, State or Town. The RUINATION you voted for will be YOURS . . . You OWN it. it will NOT go well for you OR your country. Sticking with POTUS TRUMP for REELECTION is a VERY wise choice. One Wary Patriot Sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Harris is a farce, and Biden is senile, and a grafter. Check out all the foreign contacts that have enriched his family members, and he also.

  7. With or Without kamala, “who” in his/her right mind would vote for CORRUPT biden…??? biden is ONLY for SELF and HIS family, their ONLY interests are MONEY, but then listening to CNN and other leftists’ NON-news, they all DON’T KNOW THAT, have NO clue…apparently…..REALLY, REALLY SAD!!!!!

  8. she went to california and got a high position job via her sexual allures. sleeping your way to fame and fortune as she did proved bountiful to her, however the man with whom she shared her life with made a direct comment to the public of their relationship and in my opinion was not gentleman like. this tainted woman wants to be president. she failed her initial campange in doing so withdrew and then as a chosen one is now in the vp race. she is curt, rude, self assured and nasty.. she puts hillary to shame with likable stick. i would agree with everyone i would not trust her any further than i could throw her. joe is and will be decided under rule 25 to be unable to do office….wella enter stage right kamala. that folks is our future if they win. may god help us. say your prayers and vote.

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