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NBC’s Town Hall Might As Well Have Been a Biden Campaign Commercial

Critics on both sides of the political divide were less than impressed with Joe Biden’s town hall event on NBC Monday. Conservatives – and even a few “unbiased” media critics – found the show overwhelmingly geared towards giving Biden a favorable platform, lacking anything in the way of hard questions about the candidate’s record, his unending series of gaffes, or even the many allegations against him from women he’s worked with. Liberals were upset that questions about Donald Trump took up so much airtime. And those in between? Well, they found the whole thing quite dull.

Supposedly, the Miami event was populated with “undecided voters,” but a Washington Free Beacon investigation quickly found that at least two of those voters have previously been featured on MSNBC and identified as Biden supporters. So yeah, right off the bat, the whole thing was a fraud.

After kicking things off with some softball questions about the president’s coronavirus diagnosis and hospitalization, moderator Lester Holt threw the event to the town hall attendees, some of whom we’re sure actually were undecided voters. Well, “sure” isn’t the right word, but you know.

Even among the undecideds who asked questions of the former vice president, it didn’t actually seem like they were quite as “undecided” as you might wish.

Fox News had a rundown:

Of the roughly eleven voters who were able to ask questions, one was described as “leaning” towards Biden, one was described as a “registered Republican” that was also “leaning” towards Biden, one was described as a former registered Republican who “voted for Hillary Clinton” and other one voted for Clinton in 2016 but he, too, according to Holt, voted for Republicans “in the past.” None of the attendees were described as a Trump voter or “leaning” towards voting for the incumbent president.

Hey, it sounds like the kind of demographic they look for when they’re running these presidential polls!

“NBC’s town hall with Joe Biden & ‘undecided voters’ in Miami didn’t seem to have undecided voters. Nor was it much of a Miami town hall, which would have way more yelling & pointed questions. It was a TV show that doubled as a Biden infomercial. Can’t blame him for doing it,” tweeted Politico reporter Marc Caputo.

“I just watched that entire, hour-long NBC News townhall with Joe Biden. No questions about whether he will pack the court, nuke the filibuster, or add DC and Puerto Rico as states,” noted Greg Price of the Daily Caller.

But hey, even when you give Biden a glowing, unchallenging stage…you’re still certain to anger a few liberals.

“Lester Holt is trying to ‘both sides’ the first presidential debate and criticizing Joe Biden for calling Trump a clown at this townhall. Insane,” progressive Hasan Piker wrote.

NBC should have just run an hour-long tape of Biden’s campaign commercials. It would have been no less biased, and then at least they wouldn’t have had to worry about irritating the brainwashed leftists who can’t hear a word of dissent. At this point, why not just pull the mask off completely?

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  1. Neither a “townhall” nor a “debate” with liberals is worth watching. It’s nothing but lies and deflection from them like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Nothing but phony power mongers after control and elitist status and the minions of the left cannot grasp that simple fact.

  2. Here’s a way to tell in advance if a political program of any kind is biased toward the Socialist Democrats or not. Is it on a major network or cable channel? If yes, it will be biased.

    Just look. First debate run by Chris Wallace. VP debate run by the author of a Nancy Pelosi biographer! Are you kidding me? How about equal time? A debate moderated by Rush Limbaugh maybe?

  3. How could anyone consider this as a “substitute” for a debate? Obviously, the Biden campaign is attempting to use this type of farce as a “free” commercial. I’ll wager that the “event” being held tonight by the Trump campaign will have many times the attendees than this Biden/Media attempt had!!!

  4. So, is the Biden Campaign listing this as an in-kind contribution? Or, does NBC have to air a Townhall with Trump and his hand-picked moderators? I kind of like the second option and we can see how the audience compares.

  5. We all know that NBC is a bias organization. This socialist entertainment organization is so far to the left that they can’t see their asses from a hole in the ground. NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN are nothing but media pundits for the left and are totally biased. It’s shameful that the way they think is to spread their biased hate mongering crap to sway a population to their socialist leanings.

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