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President Trump Sounds the Alarm: “China Owns Joe Biden”

In an interview with Fox News reporter Steve Hilton on Sunday, President Donald Trump said that there are very good reasons to completely end the economic relationship between the United States and China. However, he warned that putting Joe Biden in the White House would give China the geopolitical domination it has sought for so long.

“I don’t want to set the world on fire right now,” Trump said of cutting off economic ties with Beijing. “But there has been no country that has ripped us off more than China. We lose billions, hundreds of billions of dollars. We get nothing from China. Yes, we get some goods that we could produce ourselves, but we get nothing. All we do is lose money.”

After a rocky few years of negotiations with China, culminating in a vicious trade war that saw both countries escalate tariffs on the others’ exports, President Trump signed a new trade agreement with Beijing in January just before the coronavirus pandemic turned the relationship inside out and upside down.

“It’s no longer the same to me,” Trump said of the deal. Touting the possibility of ending ties with China, Trump said: “If they don’t treat us right, I would certainly do that.”

Trump lamented what the pandemic has done to the U.S.’s relationship with the CCP.

“We were doing better than we’ve ever done with China and I was all set to rock ‘N’ roll,” he said. “Then we got hit with this damn situation.”

He warned that a Biden presidency would undo everything.

“If he gets elected, China will own our country,” he said. “They own him and they want me to lose so badly. China owns Joe Biden. His son got a billion and a half dollars. His son with no experience, no brainpower, no anything, never did it, not only Ukraine, he got hundreds of thousands of dollars of money from Ukraine and the upfront payment and then with China he walks up with a billion and half dollars in fees. It’s ridiculous.

“They own Joe Biden,” he reiterated. “They own him and they want me to it lose so badly.”

Biden’s financial entanglements aside, if we keep heading down this lunatic path of “social justice” and all of its related madness, China is going to own us either way. They are sitting back and watching (and no doubt laughing) as we tear down our own history and replace it with woke narratives about how awful our country is. And they are certainly waiting anxiously to see how far we’ll go in destroying merit-based jobs and education for the sake of racial equity.

Putting a fool like Biden in the White House, though, will certainly expedite the process.

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  1. It’s not just Biden. It’s Pelosi and all the other Democrats. They will all fall for China’s crap!! Besides that is what the Dem’s want (to do business with China). They will absolutely sell us out!!! If Biden wins it won’t be good. Our country and our rights will go down the tubes. I don’t think I want to live with socialism and the government telling us what we can and cannot do. Communism would be just around the corner. You heard it said that the Dem’s want to take back our country so we will have to live under their rule. Look what they are allowing to be done with their Democratic states and cities—-rioting with no control and they think it is ok (summer love)!!! Of course, they are trying to blame this all on Trump but he can’t move in unless those states ask for help. More discord to come!!!

  2. Now President Trump, The Communist Chinese Party may not own Joe Biden, but I am sure the $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS they gave his son’s company was probably a very good Down-Payment. Of course, the CCP is only a Part Owner. The BIG Monthly Pay to Hunter from Ukraine gives them part ownership.
    Let us not forget Polisi’s son who worked for the other corrupt energy company that was also under investigation and of course, there was the Step-Son of John Kerry who also made a bunch of money off of his father’s name, OK not his name because that ain’t worth much, but off of his position.

  3. Its not just buden its soros, Bloomberg, gates and tge ready of the big democrats. Hell Clinton is so in Chinas pocket that when she had epstien killed she bought tgd head of the guards a 20 million dollar compound in Shanghai so he could hide out from the US justice system.

    Democratz are happy to have your job go to china S long as they make money

  4. We need to vote Trump. He is our best shot at keeping our Country freedom from socialist. Not to mention send Pelosi.Obama Shummer Shiff and the Far left radical charge for treason and send them to jail. We have to fight this group because this country is repeating history like Hitler did . we have to fight for our Country.

  5. All the organizations maligned by the SPL should form a legal entity and sue SPL in federal court. SPL is a very evil group that works against law abiding Christian people.

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