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Running Scared: Why is Joe Biden Afraid of Chris Wallace?

Last weekend, President Donald Trump sat down for one of the most intense interviews of his presidency. In a long sit-down with Fox News’s Chris Wallace, Trump was grilled from every possible perspective by a journalist who came looking for answers. And no matter what you may think about Wallace and his views, you can’t deny that the guy comes to every interview with a tone of seriousness and integrity not often found in today’s reporters. He can be grating at times, and he is a little too willing to endorse the left’s fake news narrative, but when it comes to interviewing a politician, he’s one of the best in the business.

Perhaps that’s why Joe Biden is studiously avoiding the prospect of getting in the hot seat.

“The fact is, the president is out there. He’s out there in this broiling heat with me for an hour; he took all the questions,” Wallace said Sunday. “You can like his answers or dislike them but he had answers and Joe Biden hasn’t faced that kind of scrutiny, hasn’t faced that kind of exposure.”

Wallace said that he’d reached out to Biden’s team for an interview, only to be told by the campaign that the Democratic candidate was “not available” for questioning.

“We’ll keep asking every week,” Wallace said.

In his interview with Trump last week, the president noted that Biden was skating by without any serious scrutiny from the media.

“You know why I won’t lose, because the country in the end, they’re not going to have a man who – who’s shot,” Trump said. “He’s shot, he’s mentally shot. Let him come out of his basement, go around, I’ll make four or five speeches a day, I’ll be interviewed by you, I’ll be interviewed by the worst killers that hate my – my guts. They hate my guts. There’s nothing they can ask me that I won’t give them a proper answer to. Some people will like it, some people won’t like it.”

“You answer the questions,” Wallace acknowledged.

“Let Biden sit through an interview like this, he’ll be on the ground crying for mommy. He’ll say mommy, mommy, please take me home,” Trump said.

“Well we’ve asked him for an interview, sir,” Wallace said.

“He can’t do an interview,” Trump said. “He’s incompetent.”

It does make you wonder: How much of Biden’s advantage in the polls right now is due to his complete absence from the airwaves? And how long does he think he can keep this disappearing act up before the weight of his terror caves in on his campaign?

We’re thinking…not much longer.

What do you think?

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  1. I think they have to remind him of his name!!! He could NEVER do an interview with Chris Wallace!!! He would be afraid to begin with and I think he’d just lose it if asked a question he didn’t want to answer. As it is he has a lot of things we will probably never get to know if he makes President. And, God help us if he makes president. We will be living in socialism to begin with and I’m definitely not for that. Who knows how things will go??? Scary!

    • “Sleepy Joe” Biden is afraid they will ask him if he wants to wear colored underwear(something that is “BLACK ENOUGH”)or whether Jill should lay out his little blue care-bears depends. The guys is mentally shot. He’s so sci-fi even his base is un-enthusiastic about his chances of winning. And if he is questioned about what HE WILL DO when it comes to BLM, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago, he will absolutely go berserk…No best stay in your little “play-pen” basement where you can be kept under watch in case “you put your foot in your mouth” so to speak…LOL

  2. Puff ball Mathews would grille him worse than Wallace. This would be the easiest interview that money could buy.

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