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Advertisers Yank Their Spots from Samantha Bee’s Foul TBS Show

Unlike Roseanne Barr, so-called “comedian” Samantha Bee will apparently be allowed to keep her show on the air after making offensive, profane comments about the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump. Bee, who came under a tidal wave of criticism last week when she casually referred to Ivanka as a “feckless c*nt” apologized to viewers on Wednesday night, insisting that she was on a crusade to take the C-word “back” for feminists. She acknowledged, however, that the way she used the word on last week’s program was not a great example of that reclaiming effort.

Apologies or no apologies, many advertisers have decided to end their association with the far-left wing program. According to Deadline, Bee saw a massive dropoff in national advertisers on this week’s show.

“Among the national advertisers who stayed in the mix last night were Sony PlayStation, Cascade dish detergent and upcoming summer movie releases Oceans 8 and Jurassic World,” reports Deadline. “On the May 30 episode, by contrast, more than twice as many national spots aired, including ones for blue-chip advertisers like Microsoft, Taco Bell and Geico.”

Deadline was quick to point out, however, that no companies have released any press statements confirming that they were pulling their ad dollars from “Full Frontal.” This leads some observers to believe that advertisers are simply putting their campaigns on pause in the hopes that the drama will die down and be forgotten. Which is, quite frankly, not a bad bet to make in a news cycle that forgets major transgressions the moment a new shiny object flies across the sky. Of course, it seems the media has much, much shorter memory when it comes to liberal transgressions, but who can be surprised at this point?

One can hardly imagine that any talk show host would have been allowed to stay on the air after calling ANY member of Obama’s family a “c*nt,” but again, how many times can we see the same double standard before the surprise wears thin? We all know the score. We all know that ABC was just itching for a way to cut ties with their surprise mega-ratings resurgent show. Roseanne’s tweet about Valerie Jarrett was just the bullet they needed to do the trick.

And if Bee were a right-wing version of herself and the subject of her profane insult had been, say, Maxine Waters? She’d be in the unemployment line herself.

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    • Absolutely I will boycott any show Bee is on. Not that I ever watched her nor do I know the channel. But if ever I see her, I will immediately change the channel on this uncouth vulgar specimen.

  1. I would say that samanthuh? is the epitome of a “feckless C*nt” which is odd because she has nothing in common with ANY of the LADIES of the White House!

  2. Samantha Bee, what do I see? I see a bee without a stinger, for your persona , is but a ringer, of the dead brain sort, who often resort, to the foul , to the vile , and the inane.
    Were you to have an autopsy, where would be the brain? Where would be the heart?
    Tis missing , tis missing, both are in a jar in the old Kermit Gosnell abortion clinic.
    Found in the local “Lost and Found” department,
    is your Moral Compass. The needle is missing , the stem is rusted, tis a wonder you can find your way to the bathroom.

  3. This comment has nothing to do with this article and was sent to all my Colorado Reps with a copy to President Trump.
    I am sure that by now you are aware of the TSA incident in which a 96 year old woman confined to a wheelchair and traveling with two relatives also in wheel chairs was subjected to an extensive 6 minute security check. Her two companions who were much younger were not checked nearly as thoroughly. You can watch the video for yourself.
    This incident brings to mind the total hypocrisy of all members of Congress who think its fine to allow illegals to come into this Country unvetted, allow sanctuary cities to protect known criminals who perpetrate the most heinous crimes against citizens and non citizens in this Country, and refuse to assist the Federal Government in dealing with criminal illegals by intentionally not notifying them when these folks are being released so they can be deported.
    Not sure where your priorites are but it would seem to me that American Citizens should get top priority not illegals or criminals. When Citizens are treated like criminals and illegals are treated like favored guests there is something radically wrong with the way your brain functions. Quite frankly YOUR behavior is disgusting and using the term IDIOT is being far too kind. I wonder if you folks give any thought to what you are doing and whether or not taking all that money from lobbyists hasn’t dulled your sense of ethics and morality.
    I am sending a copy of this to President Trump and posting it on Social Media in the hopes that you folks might be even a little embarrassed by the positions you take dealing with illegals.

  4. dprato…….your comment is a few years too late as back then these pedophiles in the TSA were feeling up and groping 5, 6 and 7 year olds. Again these incidents were on video but all the communist, left wingers were in power and apparently America didn’t give a crap about it.

  5. I guess I will have to boycott Cascade as they haven’t pulled out from the Samantha Bee show. I have always used Cascade dishwasher detergent, but will now buy another brand. Shame on you Cascade.

  6. All spots should be yanked by all advertisers. Cascade will no longer get my business. Oceans 8 and jurassic world can go bite. I haven’t watched an ocean movie yet because of the actors.

  7. This pathetic excuse is not funny and boycotting the advertisers is a step in showing that the double standard is seen and heard by the American people. If this had been a conservative they would have been shut down in a heartbeat. To attack someone is a pretty cowardly step. This is someone who is filled with hate and even hates herself. You are not a happy person if you are putting people down because they believe differently than you do. She is not funny and I never watched her and it sounds like I made the right choice. What goes around comes around and she will get her just reward. Until then the double standard is pathetic and wrong and this is not entertainment and if you think so then you are also twisted. Imagine someone talking about your loved one on TV for the whole country to see. I see this person making an ass of herself and showing her true colors. She is not funny, or happy or likes herself very much. To put down someone that she does not even know. Karma is a bitch and it has a way of coming back around. What you put out is what you can expect in return

    • Anthony Manzo
      How about boycotting the TV station. Maybe than they will be more particular as to who they employ.

  8. Not much to say, I have never seen the woman until the recently posted pictures. I personally don’t believe she should be allowed on air with the kind of language that she is reportedly using. Nobody deserves to be referred to in that manner, no one! I respect the comments of the folks who posted above.

    • I have never viewed Samantha B’s program, nor will I. Every commercial for her show that airs is offensive to me, a 66 year old retired American. She says and implies things in them that we as American people would never have heard or tolerated 15 years ago. Now I have to do Internet research to find exactly who her sponsors are and discontinue the use of, or never buy the products that they are selling.

  9. Cascade should offer the Bee, a supply of soap for her ugly mouth…and that all advertisers leave the hive….that should sting her lower section!

  10. samantha bee and the leftist women of the view are the epithet of “feckless cu*t”! Just my opinion. While we are on the subject hillery would be the Queen of “feckless cu*t”! So I guess she has that going for her.

  11. All advertisers should be dumping Ms. Bee. That is nothing more than common sense. She mouthed off to get fame and news media gave it to her. Time to shut her down.

  12. I think anyone who said what she did should be fired. I certainly would agree to boycott sponsors who support foul language

  13. While I have been happy with Cascade dishwasher detergent I am not happy with their political position.
    I am sure that I can find another detergent that is just as effective and who is not involved in this kind of politics.

  14. I can’t wait to see Samantha Bee on the UNEMPLOYMENT LINE AND WELFARE LINE. It will do her some good make her realize the piece of shit she is!

  15. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!

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