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Did Starbucks Break the Law With Their Big Anti-Racism Training Day?

Starbucks decided it needed to actually close down all of its nationwide stores on Tuesday to hold anti-racial bias training for its employees, stemming from an incident in a single location that garnered ridiculously-overblown headlines from the liberal media. Because one store manager in one city in all of America did something ill-advised, the company went overboard to the extreme, desperate to prove to the Black Lives Matter crowd that, oh god, we are REALLY REALLY SORRY. Whether this rather sad example of public groveling will make any difference to the company’s bottom line remains to be seen, but according to Laura Ingraham’s PoliZette, the coffee retailer may have broken the law with its over-the-top training exercises.

The website spoke to Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper, who said that Starbucks actually engaged in racial discrimination when it targeted its own white employees with this bias training program. In doing so, Cooper said, Starbucks may have inadvertently violated the Civil Rights Act.

“All of the implicit bias training is predicated on the idea that all whites act a certain way and that all males act a certain way,” Cooper told PoliZette. “You couldn’t any more have an employer saying all blacks act a certain way and all women act a certain way and I am therefore going to have to start special programs that target those people.

“‘Virtue signaling’ is sort of a way that an employer might want to create an impression of what kind of community steward they are,” Cooper continued. “But virtue signaling isn’t any different than honoring segregation or honoring old-fashion stereotypes or any other type of employer interaction with employees that the Civil Rights Act covers. You don’t get to say because it’s 2018, it’s OK for an employer to target their own workforce.”

The idea that Starbucks – or any other company – might be prosecuted for anti-white policies is a stretch, even with Trump in the White House and Jeff Sessions at the top of the Justice Department. The racial backlash to such a prosecution would be so enormous and disruptive that it would almost certainly cause any Justice Department to take a pass. Which is a shame, of course, because the whole idea of the law – the whole idea of the Civil Rights Act – is to make sure that everyone is treated equally. Unfortunately, that’s not what today’s identity politickers want…at all.

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    • There is no such thing as “reverse” d discrimination it is simply discrimination against white people.

  1. If a BLACK Manager of a Starbucks booted the Bums, Out, [Black Or White] , there would have been No Story! If White Bums were booted out, there would have been a Celebration!

    • If two white people went into a Black establishment with the attitude, “will take up a customer sit and not buy anything and sue you for not giving me the restroom code against policy”. I would whole heartedly support the managers right to kick them out. Rule are for everyone, the race cards doesn’t exempt you.

  2. FBI New York had a similar case in the Chinatown district. Chinese thugs would go into Chinese restaurants before the lunch rush, sit at tables, order a coke and nurse the soda for 3 hours. Of course this deprived the owner of needed income and could financially ruin the business. The owners got the message to pay the monthly, ‘ protection’ money, because it was cheaper. Owners were reluctant, for cultural reasons and others, to come to the FBI. One did confirm the extortions ongoing in the community. Hidden cameras gathered proof of the crimes and many gang members were convicted and imprisoned. Suddenly, all extortions ceased because of the courage of one man.These 2 blackmen in philadelphia might not have been criminals, yet they were depriving Starbucks of needed income. Wait until the bathrooms now become stys and drug dens. The executives who concocted this training nonsense are disingenuous at least, spineless at best.

    • My question is just how many of the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” crowd buys coffee at Starbucks? Or is just those vapid vagina wearing hat liberal white women who THINK they have to fall all over themselves to prove how “accepting” they are? Do they go there buy coffee and talk about how liberals need to protect these poor black victims from evil conservatives?ONE manager made a call that didn’t fit with the LIB PC narrative. It was wrong it was racist in my opinion BUT? Does that mean all white people employed there need to be lectured to on the obvious white privilege? Baloney

      • It was not wrong to eject people who took up space and refuse to buy. Do you go into any other establishment and have a host(ess) seat you and then refuse to give up the seat for incoming customers who will order?

      • This has to stop or this country will have another civil war But it will be Libs vs Conservatives. Nothing is GOOD ENOUGH. Last evening I was in the North End of Boston Mass. with my wife. 4 Clearly Males came into a very Crowded Coffee shop dressed in womens clothing apparently Transgender or Drag queens. No One cared either way since it didn’t matter this is America RIGHT?????. Until one Brute started to loudly complain that the college softball game (Florida VS Oklahoma) didn’t have any Transgenders playing. HOW HE CAME TO THAT CONCLUSION, WHO KNOWS?????????. But many in the establishment including parents with young children decided to leave. My wife and I stayed in support of the owner. So what I am saying this is becoming all abou “staging confrontations” to cause HATE..atever they are” are not Americans. Real Americans stand for for “ALL” . Think
        about their observations of the Left, Liberals and Democrats over the
        last two years they would see a group of people amongst them that are
        totally unhinged, irrational, hypocritical, liars, cheats, and their
        credibility is zero. We have been subjected to violent behavior,
        attacks on the Constitution, Religion, and the laws of the land. When
        people protect individuals who come here illegally and commit heinous
        crimes against other non citizens and citizens you have to know there is
        something wrong with the way they think. How can any American Citizen
        be against employing American Citizens, enforcing the laws of the land,
        and giving priority to American Citizens rather than Illegal’s who we
        spend 135 billion dollars a year to support as well as the tax break
        that has enabled business to flourish?

        Everyone needs to think seriously about the
        direction you want this Country to take prior to voting in the 2018
        elections. In 2016 despite all the projections we elected a President
        who has not only kept many of his promises against a stream of constant
        harassment but has actually turned things around in this Country for the

        It is essential that we give President Trump a
        significant majority in the House and the Senate with people who will
        support him not continually try to undermine him. If you are pleased
        with the direction of the Country and tired of the continual assaults on
        our traditional values by the Left, Liberals and Democrats then it is
        essential that We The People get out and cast our votes for folks who
        will advance the Trump agenda. We will have only ourselves to blame if
        we fail to do this by thinking others will carry the day for us. Vote
        Republican for a better Country and allow the President to do the job he
        wants to do for us, the American People.

        If you agree with my position here feel free to pass this on.

  3. I have never been a fan of Starbucks simply because I’ve never found any of their products deserving of the outrageous prices they charge. With this over-reaction to address a non-issue to appease only one race makes their organization the actual racist in my opinion. For that reason, I would not want to have one nickel of my money going to Starbucks. I can get better coffee at the place where I fill my car with fuel and nobody is trying to divide us by defining our race or gender. Just fuel up and go!

  4. Starbucks just proved who they cater to but the bottom line is going to hurt because the vast majority of customers happen to be white. Talk about stupid decisions on the corporate level.

    • That’s because Blacks and Conservative know there is better coffee to be had cheaper and not have to sit with the loons of the left

  5. I do not shop at Starbucks, it’s not safe there, it’s a gun free zone. Lately we’ve had a lot of school shootings in gun free zones. I really don’t want to be around when the Starbucks shootings start.

  6. Starbucks is just another example of good marketing. They promote the mantra of “You aren’t cool if you aren’t stopping in or by Starbuck’s to get your (name your favorite) coffee here.” Once they’ve imprinted your mind with how important it is to be “cool.” they charge whatever the traffic will bear, even though it’s absurd what they charge. It’s also absurd what restaurants charge for a cup. Since I drink less than a cup, I don’t order coffee or tea anymore outside of home. Also, if you want a refill, you have to hunt down your waitperson and ask for one. It’s all just a very successful scheme to remove the $$$ from YOUR pocket to THEIRS.

    • If you drink less than a cup you don’t need a refill. The last time I bought coffee in a restaurant it cost 25 cents and a refill was a nickle.

  7. As noted, the original manager did nothing wrong except to follow ‘House Rules’ and the slimes that refused even to buy a cheap cup of coffee when waiting for their friend (do I remember for over an hour?).
    Of course, when you’re a guilty white, you think everyone else is, too, so public flogging is on the menu. No apologies, guys and gals – if working for nickles when you’re 8 years old is called “White Privilege” you’re full of smelly stuff.
    Can we talk about Black/minority privilege and the bigotry of lowered expectations? Not likely….

  8. What about the sign saying “no loitering”. Worked for years for moving non participating people out of the way of those who want to.

  9. You lost me. Are you saying that Starbucks closed all locations and had TRAINING FOR ONLY THE WHITE PEOPLE? If that’s what happened every single white person they employ should be able to sue them for 10’s of thousands each for insinuating that ALL WHITE EMPLOYEES ARE RACIST! That is of course they do the same thing TO THERE NON-WHITE EMPLOYEES!

  10. There are a few militant blacks in this country who are laughing at Star Bucks. (“Look what we made them do”) Do you think they give a real sh”” about Star Bucks’ groveling? NO they are laughing, because what Star Bucks is doing makes no difference to them and it won’t change their attitude towards Star Bucks or any other company.

  11. StarBucks is too damn expensive coffee, but I have to say in their behalf that it is a Restaurant NOT a HANG-OUT for “FREE-LOADERS” ….!!!
    You come in and order a cup, sit down and socialize, or wait for company.
    They are a Business and making money is Why they OPENED ….!!!
    The social RULES should be POSTED on the WALL ……!!!

  12. Did Starbucks Break the Law With Their Big Anti-Racism Training Day??

    starbucks corrupt liberal owners
    jerry baldwin,
    gordon bowker,
    zev siegl &
    especially damned liberal ceo
    “howard schultz”
    always breaks our US Laws, just as their obama

    and every other corrupt wealthy corrupt gay SOB’s that

    that have lived above our US Laws probably since their births

    all are sons of the devil

    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

  13. Why would any company selling to the public go out of their way to offend half their market — unless they were led by looneyeffin?

  14. if someone goes into an eating establishment and sits for 40 minutes or how ever longer without ordering something that’s “loitering” and establishment has right to ask them to leave. doesn’t matter what race, color, religion, sex if they take up space that’s for “paying customers” manager has right to ask them to leave if they don’t order anything! I would sue Starbucks for “whites only” training! isn’t that against the law? manager did nothing wrong! I don’t drink coffee so I’ve never been to Starbucks so this won’t matter to me much BUT “whites only training” that entirely different subject! People take your money somewhere else and “white employees” go find another job! Wake up America! things are starting to get ugly!

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