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Elizabeth Warren’s Federal Corporate Takeover Bill is Complete Nonsense

We’ve seen some serious pandering in our day, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything as cynical, stupid, and nonsensical as Elizabeth Warren’s latest attempt to woo progressives to her side. Warren, thanks to her war on Wall Street and her friendship with Bernie Sanders, is already seen as the likely Bernie 2.0 when 2020 rolls around, but she’s got fellow Democrats like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker (no slouches in the pandering department themselves) breathing down her neck. The Democratic presidential field will be a crowded one, and the game right now seems to be who can “out-lefty” the others.

Well, Warren made a hell of a go of capturing the title this week when she introduced a piece of go-nowhere legislation called the “Accountable Capitalism Act.” In it, Warren essentially proposes that the federal government creep in and begin making demands of any American company that makes more than $1 billion a year. This is enough red meat to throw to the left-wing base, and the mere prospect of forcing major American companies to be “good stewards” to their employees and their communities guaranteed favorable coverage in all the usual places: Slate, Vox, Salon, etc.

As for herself, Warren took her message to the Wall Street Journal, apparently hoping to convince even die-hard capitalists that this would be in everyone’s best interests.

“In the early 1980s, large American companies sent less than half their earnings to shareholders, spending the rest on their employees and other priorities,” Warren wrote. “But between 2007 and 2016, large American companies dedicated 93% of their earnings to shareholders.”

The plan, therefore, is to force any company with more than a billion dollars in annual revenue to obtain a federal corporate charter. This charter will require CEOs and corporate board directors to “consider the interests of all major corporate stakeholders – not only shareholders – in company decisions. Shareholders could sue if they believed directors weren’t fulfilling those obligations.”


Even if this were a well-defined, well-planned type of federal corporate takeover, the ramifications would be disastrous. Like really? We’re going to allow the government and its changing political winds determine what it is a company must do with its profits?

But this is actually worse than that, because there is nothing well-defined or well-planned about it. This bill is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez levels of nonsensical. It is nothing but a collection of buzzwords and feel-goodery, wrapped together in a legislative package that will do nothing other than give Warren something to talk about on the 2020 campaign trail.

Hell, we don’t know. Maybe you can accuse the people who run America’s largest corporations of being greedy and selfish. But why does that empower the government to go in and steal profits from these companies and their investors, just so some politician can strut around the country and tell socialist voters that she’s sticking it to the man? To us, that sounds at LEAST as greedy as any corporate CEO. And it makes a damn sight less sense.

What do you think?

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  1. Is it any wonder God made woman the egg-bearer, gave her freedom of choice—a woman’s prerogative—and allowed all humanity to be subject to the consequences of doing so? Abortion, anyone?

  2. Elizabeth Warren is an insane far left Socialist liberal. She & Bernie won’t be happy until they can live like wealthy Capitalists and have the taxpayer fund their lifestyle and the “CRUMBS” for the Middle Class. Plus? She is and always has been in bed with corporations. A lying deceptive exploiltative political whore

    • Socialist? She’s leaning as a Communist! Government has it’s hand in all companies and it’s taken out of the workers pay. She is so far left she delusional. You are exactly right it outdated be crumbs for the middle working class. Why is it that the left doesn’t care about the middle class. They are the backbone of this country and they want to Steal from the law abiding, hard working people and throw crumbs to the poor to keep them voting, keeping the workers to work harder for less so they can play keeper of the Money. Trump has thrown a wrench in their plans. He has created a jobs, more black, Spanish etc are working in a Real job. There are more jobs available then People to fill them. Now the problem is the people don’t qualify because they fail the test, under 21 and Don’t pass a drug test. He has opened up dialogue with N Korea. He is forcing our trade with other countries,to be more balanced. Opened up the pipeline freeing up our energy supply. He is trying to curb the illegal traffic coming over the boarder, stopping the drug and human trafficking, which we do need a wall for. Warren has done nothing except but lie on her college app to get free tuition. She needs to go back to her hole.

    • Warren is smart. She’s not on America’s side, but she’s smart. Like Hitler.
      The real imbeciles are the people who believe her and vote for her.

      • Hartmut Teuber, are you really as stupid as you sound? Everything Trump does, is for our country. Remember, it was the DemonRATS that sent manufacturing to Mexico. Your Kenyan buddy added all the job, and business killing regulations, for which the the rag killary was going to add more.Here’s the over view of your Kenyans economy.
        We have the final nail in the coffin of President Obama’s economic reign. Not only is the average annual growth rate of just 1.48% during Obama’s business cycle the weakest of any expansion since at least 1949, he has just become the only President to have not had even one year of 3% GDP growth.

        An average annual GDP growth of 1.48% during Obama’s two terms…
        Currently we are at 4.1 percent, and growing.

        • Actually, it was the Reagan Administration that started manufacturing going to Mexico. And we have been suffering ever since.

          Lots of our problems today stem from Reagan and his policies. Like the one that gave huge tax incentives to move out of the country.

          Reagan started federal agencies, like OSHA, to rely on paperwork filed by the employer to monitor itself.

          Reagan started the decline in union membership because of the Controller’s strike. Unions gave us all the middle class, vacation, health insurance, overtime pay, safety rules. Unions allowed my family, and probably most readers on this site, to buy a house for themselves and their family.

          Remember too that Trump made his money by cheating his workers, hiring illegals, not paying for services already received, not fulfilling contracts.

          Is that the guy who is fighting for you? Read some books about Trump, written before he decided to run in politics, and you’ll read about a racist, womanizer, adulterer, tax cheat who brags about his being mean to people.

          That’s the guy who is working for America?


    • @Don, you are describing #45 exactly, not Warren. She is known for her high intellect – no doubts about it – and vast knowledge of economics, perhaps the most than any of the Republicans.
      Social injustice is at the highest level in this country. This needs to be addressed. Otherwise, there will be a pitchfork rebellion.

      • Liebe Hartmut – If the Dems and Socs, who despise firearms practice what they preach, we guess it’ll have to be a “pitchfork rebllion”.. The Dem party despises firearms. But they probably shouldn’t bring pitchforks (or knives) to a gunfight.

      • Hartnut You Ignorant and We The People are Sick of You Socialist Scumbags bad mouthing Our Commander in Chief so Shutup Your ignorance and go find Your Quiet place You can go pout and cry You Ignorant Snowflake

      • Did she PAY you to say that? The woman is deranged and needs to be locked up in an institute, she is very dangerous.

  3. What is there to say?? Just another wild wish from a fanatically insane Democrat. Such a bill will go nowhere in congress. Hopefully she will be voted out of office.

  4. Are these people insane! As Ronald Reagan made famous: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. Warren is pandering to the under-educated looney left that has no idea how corporations grow!

  5. talk about big bro taking over all aspects of life. What next is the Govt going to tell a couple when they can make whoopie?

  6. I think its time a bill is passed to allow the public to creep into all of the money, funds, freebies, and bribes from “campaign contributions”, that “every” politician -city, county, state, federal- takes in! Like the proverbial “rose”, a bribe by any other name is still a BRIBE!
    I think they also need to live only on the same amounts we receive, especially health insurance, Medicare and social security. And, NO PENSIONS for sitting on their a$$e$ tying up the government.
    The “progressives” -democraps- need to change their name to “REGRESSIVES”!

  7. Same old same old,soak the rich for all their worth,when the rich are already paying most of the taxes,but the liberal wacko’s will not be satisfied until they steal everything the rich have,thats what we always hear make the rich pay their fair share,how about we use her and the other liberals as boat anchors,wouldn’t that be sweet.

  8. Let me see when Obama began his 1st term didn’t he in the bail out of the auto makers basically give the companies to the workers as opposed to the shareholders? I realize that has been like a decade ago, but at least one CEO had to resign in order for the company to receive the bailout. But this is just an extension of this kind of gov’t over-reach. Unfortunately many people are looking to take from those who have succeeded rather than take the risk and put in the time and effort to match that success. There are basically 2 ways to satisfy human needs 1)human power or labor which is exchanging your labor for those needs; 2)political power using the power of the gov’t to appropriate the labor of others. Oddly enough it was Voltaire who is reputed to have stated the only reason gov’t exists is to take from one group of people and give to another group of people. Warren is simple doing what political people have been doing forever and always.

  9. @Don, you are describing #45 exactly, not Warren. She is known for her high intellect – no doubts about it – and vast knowledge of economics, perhaps the most than any of the Republicans.
    Social injustice is at the highest level in this country. This needs to be addressed. Otherwise, there will be a pitchfork rebellion.

    • Hartnut You Ignorant and We The People are Sick of You Ignorant socialist scumbags down talking Our Commander in Chief so Shutup Your ignorance and go find Your Quiet place You can go pout and cry You Ignorant Snowflake

  10. Definition of socialism
    1. 1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
    2. 2a : a system of society or group living in which there b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
    3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution

  11. That is the way of the Democrats that empower the government to go in and steal profits from these companies and their investors. Just so some politician can turn around and put such in their bank accounts, and around the country telling socialist voters that they are sticking it to the man?
    America!! that is the Slave Plantation way …. As posted above by Johnjohn …… the mansion she lives in surrounded by all voters/supporters?
    Such is the way the plantations came to be set up ….. years ago when the plantation owner lived in the “big house” and he had his slaves cabins close by. They still think like the SLAVE OWNERS OF THE PAST, and surround themselves with their Slaves.

  12. Did Elizabeth Warren get the Great White Father’s advice before she revealed her dis-corporation plan? With any luck, she might be able to elude the 7th Cavalry!

  13. Really? When will people understand the basic concept that what I EARN is mine not the governments! Social injustice is cured when people realize that they need to work and not rely on the government for there pay check! Sure there have been and still are things that need to be corrected in our society. However, once the corporations start seeing profits eroded by taxes and other governmental fees unemployment will go up and charitable donations will go down. Who gets hurt the most by this? People on the lower end of the economic scale! I just wish people would stop thinking we are a society of victims who always need a handout and not a society of doers who achieve great things when given the opportunity. Warren might be smart but what is her main motivation? To get re-elected just as it with every other politician. She is not looking out for her constituency but her for herself!

  14. “pitchfork rebellion” to correct “social injustices”???? Someone hasn’t heard of the story of ten men who meet for dinner. 90% of all invention and innovation is created by 1-2% of humanity. Like all other greatness in history, from music to art to athletic prowess or cooking. If they are not rewarded, they will stay home, won’t risk their savings or wealth, and society will suffer for it. This is the single biggest difference between Russia and USA — the right to accumulate private property.

    Otherwise, you have feudalism, a system that died off hundreds of years ago. Make no mistake, if govt confiscates and redistributes, there will quickly be NOTHING to redistribute.

    “Social justice” is code word for social-ism, where in the name of sharing the wealth, everyone gets to share the misery.

    Without Steve Jobs, there is no Apple. They tried once without him, went into a nosedive and found they needed him – 90% of the innovation and creativity the APPL happened AFTER they brought him back.

  15. I think that with this most recent non-sensical tirade from the “Oh so confused one” Lizzy-Bordon Warren, it is well pass the time that her constituents demand she be wrapped up in a straight jacket and placed inside a rubber room where she can no longer do harm to America with her stupidity. How do people who hear her speak think that anything she says is going to be beneficial to the growth of any business? Do they not have the knowledge of knowing the in order for a business to be successful they must profitable. If the company is not profitable, they cannot pay employees a decent wage, with benefits. The company cannot grow/expand their business which would lead to more jobs and increased benefits for everyone within the company, from the lowest level employees all the way to the top CEO’s. Lizzy Nut-house Warren looks at businesses as her personal bank from which she can take more of the profits to put into her political pockets to gain more Power and Status creditability. Look into her eyes as she speaks. It is obvious that there is no one at home and the lights are turned off inside that head of hers.

  16. My Grandson asked me “what’s the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?”… I thought for a minute how to answer a twelve year old and have it make sense. Well, sweetheart, Republicans are generally well educated people that have the ability to understand simple economics and generally make money. Most Democrats on the other hand are generally people that did not do well in school, don’t understand how American Capitalism works, don’t make a lot of money and depend on the Government and others for free stuff….” …. he replied, “I got it Grandpa…Republicans are smart and rich and Democrats are stupid and poor”….. Well put young man, now go finish your home work, I like seeing all “A” on the report card……someone needs to show this to Ms. Warren…..and read what I told him…MOST…..I was once a Democrat….OMG, yes I voted for Jimmy and then switched…..and glad I did……

  17. This is the same group that has us so far in Govt. debt that our Great Great Great Grandchildren may see it cut down to a non-laughable amount. These same Nut Jobs like Jokahontus Warren who have screwed up SS, Fanny Mae & Freddy Mac want to be in charge of Private Sectors Co. Who the hell would keep any stock. Most of the Liberal Major cities & states run by these same Socialist/Democrats are at Bankruptcy or on the verge of. These same states & cities are seeing a mas exodus of their citizens not just for financial reason but side affects like violent crimes & people dying in the street.

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