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Heads Up, Fox: A New Conservative Channel is Coming For Your Viewers


To give credit where credit is due, Fox News has mounted a hell of a comeback since temporarily aligning itself with the NeverTrump movement in the early days of the Republican primary. We hold no grudges against the so-called “NeverTrumpers” who abandoned their ideology after it became inevitable that Trump would win the Republican nomination, and Fox News followed this pattern for the most part. They’ve still got a few on-air personalities who manage to irk us every time they get up on their “auditioning for the networks” high horse (Shep Smith, Chris Wallace), but for the most part, the network has thrived in the post-Ailes era.

All that said, the Murdochs had better watch their backs, because there is competition coming down the pike. According to BuzzFeed News, billionaire investor Peter Thiel – himself an avowed Trump supporter – and the extremely rich and powerful Mercer family – also financial and public supporters of the president – are teaming up to create a new conservative cable news network that will go head to head with the as-yet unchallenged king of the right-wing airwaves.

If the plan comes to fruition, it would be somewhat ironic; the original plan for Thiel’s network was that the Silicon Valley tech investor would team up with Roger Ailes himself to launch the venture.

From BuzzFeed:

Thiel, a Facebook board member who secretly funded lawsuits to bring down Gawker Media, had originally explored a plan to create the network along with Roger Ailes, the late founder of Fox News, according to a soon-to-be published book by journalist Michael Wolff. But BuzzFeed News has learned that Thiel has continued looking into fashioning a Fox News competitor even after the May 2017 death of Ailes, according to the two sources familiar with the matter.

Wolff writes that on May 12 of last year, Ailes was scheduled to fly from Palm Beach, Florida, to New York to meet with Thiel to discuss the launch of a new cable news network that would compete with Fox News, which Ailes nurtured into a conservative powerhouse before he was ousted in the summer of 2016 in a sexual harassment scandal. Both men, Wolff writes in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House “worried that Trump could bring Trumpism down.”

Those plans were dashed, of course, after Ailes died last fall.

As BuzzFeed notes, this comes from the forthcoming book by Michael Wolff, and we’re still not sure how much of Wolff’s book is to be taken at face value. Still, the prospect of having two conservative cable news channels is an exciting one, so we’re holding out hope that there is some truth to this prospect. Fox News could use some good competition; certainly, what it’s getting from MSNBC and CNN is hardly worth its weight in salt.

  • myworld5

    ‘BOUT TIME,,,,,,,,

    • Donald Kilb


  • PatrioticVet

    One can only hope, & the SOONER the Better !!!!

  • FedUp

    Can’t come soon enough!

  • Veteran First

    Great, asno long as you don’t have ANY DemocRATS, RINO’s or Liberals on your channel. We don’t need ESTABLISHMENT RINO’S Either. Make it really Conservatives and NOT bullshiters acting like conservatives. PRO-TRUMP ONLY SHOWS.

    • Consultant

      Vet First, Thank you for your service. … . As for me; Vietnam, 1965, when things were really interesting and Real. … . As with the Socialist Democrats, Chuck Schumer, a Traitor to Israel and all America Stands for; The D’s are incapable of fixing anything, as are the RINOS. … . We need to make certain, the Socialist Democrats, do not take back the Senate, we need to be in the Trenches. … .

    • jaybird

      Need to here answer’s from both sides so you know what to say when you come in contact with a dumb Demorat/Liberal.

  • Maryann Delisio

    Hurry, the sooner the better. Please don’t have any morons on.

  • sox83cubs84

    I like Fox News, but a second conservative news outlet would be welcome. It would push FNC to improve their product, and it would put more conservative voices on the airwaves, as well.

    • pappy450

      Perhaps it would push FOX to get RID of some of their “Personalities” that have an extreme LEFT wing CORRUPT bias. I can understand, getting both “views”, but this “talking over” one another and the hosts letting them do it, infuriates me to no end and I change the channel.

  • 2399molly

    Fox is more and more anti Trump than ever. I only watch late night. Gave up on daytime especially the gay blade. I am 👀 ng forward to a new program that doesn’t twist the news and talks about all that is happening not selective and omission by so called mistakes.

    • ggrdr05

      watch fox business channel it is much better, however, I have to turn off when cavuto comes on.

    • Fam4Evr

      I would love a Conservative news network that goes into more in-depth discussions of the issues, educating the public with a little history behind a given subject, and the players involved, so we could make informed decisions about issues. And corrupted politicians and organizations could be exposed for what they are. I think that’s one reason why so many people are currently following Q Anon’s posts, they are hungry for the truth about the state of our world, and the criminals who have been running it into the ground. If the truth were being reported in the news, not just about our country, but about events affecting the world, then perhaps more people would stand up and fight for righteous leaders. We would at least have more ammunition to fight against the criminally crooked DNC and their dangerously brainwashed minions with.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    I hate misleading headlines.

  • Carolyn

    What about One America News and Newsmax? They’re both conservative news channels. So, Fox is not the only one out there, and this new conservative news channel won’t be the only competitor….

    • Sharon

      Our cable company does not carry either OAN or Newsmax

      • disqus_v5723Mqspa

        THAT figures.

      • Jerry Kimbro

        You must have Comcast. I have Comcast and am not too happy with it, I think that Comcast must be owned by liberals.

  • ray2hill

    It iss not a new conservative network, it’s a news platform for conservative sex perverts.


      WOW…..A STUPID JUST POPPED IN…!!! HI ray2hill, get your head out of your ass or STHU!

    • Sharon

      troll much?

    • gearbox

      The only pervert is you snowflake ! “MAGA”

  • Live and Let Live

    This is great news! Hope it gets going soon. Peter Thiel seems like a great choice to get this going!

  • Nick

    THE SOONER THE BETTER!!! And a good one, so that it can be seen all over the world like the FAKE NEWS CNN!!!

  • dosadoe

    It would be good competition for FNC and would offer an alternative to Shepherd Smith and Chris Wallace when they come on!

  • Deb

    …and Bill O’Reilly can head it up. Hannity can have a new home. Tucker can go to town on the nutters. Who wants Fox News anyway they are getting more lib. as time goes by. We need the good conservatives to come on over too.

  • Paul Barton

    It’s about time we get a conservative network. Fox can hardly be called that anymore what with all the libtards working for them. Wallace and Smith are just the tip of the iceberg. Why do they keep hiring so many ? they have that Marie Harf on 10 times a day now. She was the Obama moron who said ISIS could be defeated by finding them jobs. another one on air consistently is Jessica Tarlov – who sounds like a chicken when she talks.
    neither her nor Harf can ever see the other side of any issue except that of the dumbocrats. and then in the morning you have Ainsley Airhead who knows nothing about nothing. and she is always bringing religion into every discussion. I am a religious person, but a cable news network is no place to espouse it especially when you have no worthwhile opinion about anything else. the next morning after Goofball Kathy Griffin paraded the severed head of President Trump, Ainsley Airhead said, with a wide grin, “I forgive her”. Ainsley should have been dropped from the lineup on that spot. Now they have her talking more, but she still says nothing except what everyone else already knows. Some of the ones they tried out over the holidays were just as bad. the woman named Rachel, I forget her last name, never stopped laughing every day she was on. What the hell was so funny ? If there is a new network, I wonder how long it will take the liberal Comcast to include it ? they are the worst tv provider and internet service provider in the WORLD. I communicate a lot through emails with people all over Europe, and every one of them espouse about how their internet is 10 times faster, costs 3 times less, and is a hundred percent more secure than Comcast. and it’s unbelievable how many of my emails NEVER GET DELIVERED because the fools are always testing on the system in the late afternoon when I am on. No way would I have them at all, if they weren’t the only ISP available. and Comcast is representative of the democrats they support – all anarchists, criminals, most of whom are sex-crazed women who put Obuma in office for 8 years because he promised them free abortions – and delivered – to hell with the United States and the rest of the world. Truth be told President Trump will need 20 Years to fix all that he destroyed.
    We definitely need a conservative network – because there ain’t none no more – Fox is a shadow of what it used to be – it’s run by women and has only women viewpoiints – almost all liberals.

    • Helga miller

      I have two brothers in Germany and can confirm your Internet comment but their Media is every bit as crazy as ours from the articles I’m reading. It is absolutely sickening when you realize how brainwashed they are becoming. They have this fascination with America and scolded us for not taking in our fair share of refugees. Now they have nothing but troubles with the mid-easterners, which Merkel just asked for!

  • Linda Faye White

    Don’t forget to leave Juan Williams at Fox ,


      Juan Williams is a total libtard constantly defending the indefensible Demoncrap position. I’m amazed that his pea brain can create enough energy to allow him to place one foot in front of the other. What an absolute JERK! I hope that Kimberly G. hauls off one day and punches him in the mouth! I feel that going through her mind every time Juan goes into one of his factless rants!

      • Krishna S

        Hello TrueAmerican, the reason Juan Williams is there is to contrast the positive conservative thinking and viewpoint with the mindless lunatic and regressive opinions of the losing liberal communistic tendencies represented by the Democrats.
        This way you do not have to change channels to see how USA can be destroyed and relegated to the level of Congo and Somalia with their leaders trying to outdo Mugabe and Idi Amin.
        The SLEEPER AGENT was not able to complete the assignment. Another abject failure.


          I realize that Juan is only there to verify Fox Networks “fair and balanced” claim. I was just venting. I find his irritating comments to have as much value as a hole has to a doughnut! This was in reply to Linda Faye White’s comment.
          I am aware of the Deep State, Libtard agenda to destroy America and her history and values.

          • TheWhiteHawk

            True American, God does not involve himself with this or any other earthly government…He has set up His own kingdom that will soon destroy all earthly governments. Yes, He “allows” heads of governments to be in power for now, as there would be much worse chaos if not, but He does not choose any human ruler over another, so it’s up to the voters to do that. At some point very soon, according to God’s timetable, political rulers will turn on religion and that’s when you will know that all earthly governments will soon be meeting their end. Man cannot rule man justly, so it will be up to God and His Son to establish a Kingdom to do so justly and for our good.

          • NRApatriot

            I mostly agree with your statement but in the Old Testament God says He appoints the kings and priest of this world. He uses them, good or bad, to accomplish His will in the earth! That being said, God also warns that ALL the governments in this world are influenced by satan!

          • TheWhiteHawk

            During the period of time you speak of it was true that God anointed/appointed kings,priests etc…however that is no longer true and He now appoints co-rulers of His Son to rule over the Kingdom that will destroy forever all earthly governments. God “allows” rulers/kings/presidents and other heads-of-states to govern, but as the bible clearly states: it is not within man to rule even his own steps….thus the corruption and chaos we see on the earth today. Sadly, no matter how “good” a man may be, he will never be able to govern/rule in a manner that provides true peace and prosperity. As you said, Satan rules this entire world at this time…but his time is coming to an end and this causes him to intensify the chaos and hate we see going on around us. Thank God, He is establishing His Kingdom that will rule over paradise here on earth very soon.

          • NRApatriot

            God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still rules in the affairs of fallen man! He allows man to make his own choices and face the consequences of those choices, but what our adversary satan means for evil, God if He so wills can turn it for good! He allowed a muslim communist usuper to reign in DC to awaken His apathetic people to action and in so doing, He stirred them to vote for an obnoxious arrogant loudmouth outsider from New York City to “drain the swamp” in DC! If that is what it takes, so be it! I feel God does manipulate events on this earth, even elections and is allowing these evil leaders in positions to reign so He can prove to man once and for all, he can not govern himself! I agree, our time is getting shorter everyday on this earth. Every passing day draws us closer! I feel soon the Son will be coming for His own and He can at any time now and the seven year tribulation will begin! While all hell is breaking loose on the earth His chosen will be at a party in heaven called “the Marriage Supper of the Lamb”! If you do a study of end times Biblical Prophecy you can see everything falling into place for it occur. At the end of the seven years the Son and His bride will come back and repossess what is rightfully His and usher in His millennial reign. When the original man Adam disobeyed God in the garden he essentially turned over dominion of the earth to satan. Adam was God’s crown of all creation and when he fell, all of creation fell and has now been in a state of decay for the last six thousand years! The stench is getting so bad it reaches all the way to heaven and the nostrils of God Himself! He is soon coming to put a stop to it. I’ll see you at the wedding brother!

          • Tins17

            Well said. Enjoy the reprieve from the destructionists
            of the Left while its here. A hardworking Donald Trump
            needs all of our prayers to advance the right wing

          • Jo Melcher

            You are absolutely right 100%. God Bless President Trump!

        • What is amazing the left has ZERO ideas on how to improve life, they all believe the government is god even when you see the left in government full of criminal acts and they do not even turn on them. That is not good for the country. Trump is the only republican that could have gotten the tax cut. He gets in there and moves the politicians to get something done for the country. Obama did not have the support of his fellow democrats and he had know idea on how to get them together, thank god he was incompetent, clueless on how to fix anything and ran the biggest criminal organization in our history that included the IRS, FBI, DOJ and many federal employees that should all be fired and not get a penny in retirement for committing the crimes.

        • JCluvsTrump

          Who is/was the “sleeper agent”? Bob Beckel?

      • TheWhiteHawk

        I hope FOX finds a way to dump Marie (B)harf and Kennedy as well. Marie Barf is a total blind ideologue, and Kennedy does not shut her mouth long enough for ANYONE else on stage with her to get a word in edgewise. She interrupts and shouts down other guests who are far more intelligent and in-the-know than she, and it is getting beyond annoying.

        • Krishna S

          Well said TheWhiteHawk. I do not REMEMBER (b)harf being the spokesperson for the State Department during the dark days for our country. Then aha had the benefit of someone telling her what to say. Now she is on her with the lack of thinking or analytical capabilities. That is why she goes on the ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK.

        • Consultant

          The State Department, even went so far as to put Marie on the Podium, when all else failed, because they knew, she would distract from the real objective, to explain the discrepancies that existed in all the goings on with the DOS and HRC.

      • NovelDog

        AMEN to your post also TRUE AMERICAN!

      • JCluvsTrump

        Juan was fired from NPR for being an idiot.

      • Pacman5

        Fair and balanced. He is giving the other side’s opinion. I rarely ever agree with him but I listen. That’s what separates Fox from the communist networks like CNN and MSNBC.

      • buggs

        Juan is no dummy. Playing stupid libtard makes him a ton of money. Sure he believes some of his idiocy but I think more is a show to keep his paycheck coming.

    • TrueAmerican

      we need to ship that Liberal POS back to where ever he cam from, Panama I think ???

      • SNUFFER




      • Richard B

        I see that you hate President Obama. Why is that?

        • SNUFFER


    • NovelDog

      AMEN Linda!

    • CJ

      Triple AMEN to that one

    • jaybird

      They need the brain dead Demorats so that they can be fair and balanced! Cannot stand him but Jesse Watters makes me feel kinda sorry for him sometimes. You can see the disdain from Kimberly when Juan says something totally stupid.

    • buggs

      Don’t forget Jearaldo Rivera. I turn FOX off when someone brings him on.

  • boombam_2012

    chris Wallace a shep smith are a joke. never watch their crap.

    • jaybird

      The interesting part is they do not like each other. Shep made a snide remark about Wallace having a very young wife while talking to him about their book. Cannot stand either of them.

  • rtryon

    While Fox staffing has lost some pretty competent people, its two biggest causes of success related at first to it appeal to both interesting exposures and competent staff able to understand and see beyond the ‘sex-appeal’ of its physically beautiful female specimens and related advertising sponsors.

    While the past learning curve needed to get past filling air time with helicopter chases of police cars chasing cars or accidents, Fox brought to life the idea that Americans could get past situation comedy and see an educational kind of news with studied analysis.

    The shift in ownership seems to have lost sight of this potential, which is not yet proven. Perhaps the new competitive channel will get to interact with say a Hillsdale College on-line curriculum vs say one with views that try to make collective life seem to work better….if such examples can be found working without depending on volunteers and absence of the bureaucratic-constipation so hard to avoid when government tries to accomplish what some children fail to find with missing or otherwise parents able to see their need for more than just helping hand-outs.

    I look forward to seeing the team leadership and the staff given the chance to expose the issues…and doing it while not using sex as a key part of a blatant venue.

  • Dan

    Anything that would interfere with the crap from CNN and like minded shows.


    With, Rush, Levin, and Bill as an evening frame work…..sounds good!

    • Helga miller

      That sounds like my dream team! Levin has his own Levin Network and Rush wouldn’t do TV again. It is uncanny how many of Rush’s predictions are coming true. He has got his finger on the Dems pulse and reports every day with his radio show. We have learned so much from him and we know how hard they tried to get him off the air. Let’s just see what happens with Thiel.

    • honeypot1

      I agree, Hannity and Savage, and Rush would really take it to the moon.

  • ErnDog

    Personally I think a liberal should be included to put in their opinion. Such as the when Hannity had his counterpart Allan Colmes. The libs complained that Colmes was made to look weak and ignorant but it was liberalism itself that portrayed him that way. And lest we forget, Communism is starting to appeal to younger people because we have failed to instruct them of the reality that communism presents to us. Same way with liberalism (communism) the only way to defeat it is to expose it for the fraud that it is and you can’t do that without presenting their points and refuting their ideology.

  • gearbox

    There is already another conservative news outlet , OANN ( one American news network ) There are two shows which are outstanding #1 . Is the Graham Ledger show— The Daily Ledger ! #2. Liz Wheeler !
    It is on channel 616 on fios ! “MAGA”



  • Annette Di Santo

    would be nice!

  • Major Ray Salas

    nd Wallace pegged. I turned to my wife and said, “These two clowns are out to get Trump.” I wrote several tweets to them asking them if they would be so kind as to “commit suicide.” I knew they were staving Trumpie in the back. I praise the Lord my instincts are still good.

  • Ron Sheppard

    Competition is a wonderful thing. Fox and CFP together can obliterate the confused liberal mess we’re enduring with important factual events I really care about. They will compete for ratings determined by issues chosen and quality of reporting. That’s good news. At least it’s what I hope for.

  • Bill Philo

    Sign me up!! I’m sick to death of the anti-trump liberals that co-host and the liberal idiots they invite to agree with them. yes-shep smith who makes it obvious he hates trump and that super lib Wallace but also that blonde with the glasses they put on a lot and….geez the list gets longer every week. I wanna hear POSITIVE things about our country and our president. And BTW Geraldo is a switch hitter, oh he says how much he loves trump than trashes just about everything he(trump) says or does. The 1st time I see that backstabbing bannon on I”M DONE.

  • Bill Philo

    BTW-see if you can get Hannity to join!!!

  • 1966pontgp

    Get rid of that jizz wad Geraldo Rivera too! You know the one who believes illegal aliens should be called undocumented workers and that there is absolutely nothing they can do that is wrong! I’d like to beat him about the head and shoulders with a chimichanga!

  • iwojimafan

    I liken Michael Wolff to the Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Joseph Goerbels as both of them are KNOWN PATHOLOGICAL LIARS.

  • tanner meyer

    This is great news! Hope it gets going soon. Peter Thiel seems like a great choice to get this going!

  • Cecilia Robarge


  • jdbirle

    Is it One America Network- OAN? It’s been on for a year, not many cable channels carry other than Comcast up North. It’s good, few commercials. VERY Conservative.

  • R Monty


  • Joshua


  • Consultant

    Not so much Juan Williams, but for certain Sheppard Smith, he’s a Long way from Conservative

  • Curtis Carney

    This sounds great!!! Let’s have all facets of republicans—moderate, conservative, and oh, let’s not forget the RINOs. If the programs have democrats on board, at least have them make sense for this country—we don’t really care about what Europe is doing or anybody else. Can’t wait…

  • Kevin S

    It would be refreshing to get real news, instead of the liberal/RINO sewage we get now. I quit watching all “news” because it always gave me the urge to vomit.

  • George Durdin

    Fox has become nearly impossible to watch any more because of the repeat appearances of Obama, Clinton and Democrat apologist like Marie Harf, Richard Fowler, Jessica Tarlov, Mo Elleithee, Charles Hurt of WaPo and Fox liberals Chris Wallace, Juan Williams and Sheppard Smith. We hear enough of the lefts smear merchants without tuning in to Fox and having them rub their elitist liberal noses in our faces. Thank God for the remote…….We MUST have another solid national cable conservative news outlet. Those that control the media. control the message and can and do manipulate the thoughts, opinions and the votes of the American people. We can not have FAIR and FREE elections until network and cable news outlets are required to OBJECTIVELY report political news.

  • Karin Callaway

    I agree that we need another “truly” conservative outlet, but I hope they will really vet their news, and stop the shouting and over-speak. I really want to hear both sides, without interruption, so I can form my own beliefs. When you have two opposing persons on and you can only hear one side fully, it is very frustrating trying to figure out who is who.

    • Fam4Evr

      You make good points, but I must confess I cannot stomach listening to smug liberals lie, bear false witness, and pontificate for more than a minute or so before they make me sick to my stomach. Liberals do not speak calmly and rationally explain their point of view, they lie, obfuscate, and accuse others of what they are actually guilty of. It makes communicating with them nearly impossible. And when you know their point of view comes from Devil-worshipping Communists who want to strip you of all your rights, and bring us into the New World Order, I really do not need to hear their opinion to figure out my own point of view. I already know they are evil, and will work for their defeat in all things, period.

      • Jo Melcher

        I agree with you 100%!

  • Don Lindsey

    What a great idea, they will have over half of America Watching, tell the truth and tell it like it is!
    This may cause some of these fake news channels to shut down because they will all be fighting for 1/2 of the business!

  • Robert Uda

    Yellow journalist Michael Wolff’s book is riddled with lies, falsehoods, inaccuracies, innuendo, and just poor, substandard journalism. I would neither read it nor believe any of the garbage in it.

    OANN is a good alternative to Fix News. OANN needs more funding injected into it to become a driving force against Fix News.

    I would welcome a pure Constitutional Conservative competitor to Fix News. If it was headed up by Sean Hannity, it would gain a lot of conservative watchers/listeners. I don’t think a purely conservative TV channel needs any of the ridiculous liberals who attempts to make Fix News fair and balanced. Fix News is far from Fair and Balanced. It is Unfair and Unbalanced. If I wanted to watch a bunch of Liberals making fools of themselves, I would watch the lame-stream media (LSM) stations. We need a conservative station to counterbalance CNN and MSNBC both are fake news stations who spew out nothing but propaganda, lies, and fake news.

  • Tread7

    Excellent !

  • NovelDog

    Bring it on. We need more avenues for God fearing conservative programs, and ideas, The main stream media is controlled by Satan and the Democrats.

  • Paul Otts

    Well, the Libs will be “excreting” bricks over this.

  • Eric Backens

    Does anyone know what religion this Wolf guy is ?????

  • CJ

    FOX network NEEDS some good competition

  • Ron Dapo

    Can’t have tooo many conservative news channels, the more the people here truth. The better for our country.Maby they will teach civics in our school’s again?

  • Jim Hays

    Sheppard Smith is an alumni bro. Of mine ( ole miss ’51) and certainly did NOT get his “liberal leanings” there. Fortunately he is on at times I’m not watching any t.v. so I rarely see him. But all the info I Can give him is” wise up Sheppard, an get your head out of your “A$$” Get with the winning Republican team.

  • smoke5713

    I don’t want “Fair and Balanced”. You get nowhere hearing from a Conservative, only to be told that what he said is a Lie, by his Leftist opponent. I want “All Right All The Time”! No Leftist spin-doctors.

  • It amazes me how most of the “Main Street Fake Media” can ignore all the things that are going great in the past 12 months. The success story of President Trump (In spite of all the opposition) is truly amazing, just imagine what he could get done if he had the GOP and the Dim witted Liberals just helping a little bit, no I will restate that, if they would just stay out of his way and let him govern as he is so capable of doing.

  • BH

    Some people within Fox are doing their utmost to make Fox like a liberal media outlet. Their morning show is getting to be a “Today Show lite”. If I wanted to watch feel good segments, I’d watch the real Today. I watch Fox to get info about politics and other news that the other networks don’t report.

  • DAlnB41

    It may sound exciting BUT – If it is going to follow anything like the FOX format follows today it will just be another tiresome charade of hearing the same ting over adn over, changed not in dialog but only the same thing being said by another personality.
    Fox is no different than CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and some light weight followers; they get hooked onto a thought and for days, then weeks, we hear the same thing over and over; it gets tiresome and boring.
    BUT – – -that could change and make it the most desirable channel watched by both the left and the right. It could also turn so much of what the radical left has done to discredit the Trump administration and destroy the credibility of our federal government.
    A new stab at journalism stepping away from the repeated complaining and sniveling day in and day out for repeated replays with different people (guest speakers, alleged experts, etc.) should be totally rejected.
    How about, Every month (or week) one of the Trump Administration secretaries be given a 30 minute period in front of the camera formatted to “update” the nation on what his/her federal department is doing. An effort to show people what is going on behind closed doors with issues that department is working on that is of interest and concern to the public; information coming from the top with explanations of the current problems and the approach these government leaders are taking to fix the hiccups.
    I BELIEVE – almost everyone would welcome a periodic HONEST look at what is being done to restore credibility to our government – – AND, curtail the false stories, twisted opposition news – – and certainly get beyond the current old news, old stories, old reruns that seems to be the trend of today!

  • Richard B

    More stuff like the dreck that comes from Fox News. *shiver*

  • CRLH

    We need a news site that counters the completely non-objective PBS since Gwen’s death has gone rogue democrat. I rarely watch/listened to any news except maybe Rush, but with a real news site it would be great to tune in to, is exciting so go forth Thiel and do it.

  • Cheryl Detar

    I can hardly wait.

  • Don Lindsey

    All I ask is that they be honest and report the truth, unlike the other news services except maybe Fox!