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Home Depot Founder to Obama: “Keep Your Mouth Shut!”

In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, Home Depot founder Ken Langone said that he was not pleased with former President Obama’s speeches hammering the Trump administration.

“Forget about it,” Langone said when asked about Obama’s return to the spotlight. “Obama ought to do what every other great president did: Go off into the sunset. Be the mother of the groom. Wear beige and keep your mouth shut.”

In a larger context, Langone said he found it awfully odd that Obama’s return, the infamous New York Times op-ed, and the new book from Bob Woodward all landed at approximately the same time, this close to November.

“I’m suspicious that we’re getting close to a mid-term election and this anonymous op-ed, Woodward’s book and I’m also intrigued by the number of people that he cites in the book that have come out vocally and passionately saying ‘I didn’t say that.’ Come on,” he said.

Furthermore, Langone said he thought it was time for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to stop dividing the country and be out with the facts of his investigation.

“We live in the greatest country on Earth, and the American people spoke loud and clear,” said Langone. “The establishment is shocked that Donald Trump won. But he won. He won fair and square. I don’t — this Mueller investigation, come on, let’s end it. Let’s decide. Come out and say what you got. There’s a notion here that this guy should not be President of the United States. I beg your pardon. He won fair and square. He won 307 electoral votes. He is our president. Respect the office of the presidency.”

Alas, because half the country’s voters thought Barack Obama was going to usher in a new dawn of progressivism that would last 1,000 years, they cannot and will not accept that it was never anything more than a fantasy. They still live in a world where Hillary’s victory was stolen from her through a clever combination of FBI interference, Russian meddling, and deplorable racists. And so anything that ends this “national nightmare” for them? They’re all for it.

It’s sad, really. Sad with an exclamation mark.

What do you think?

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    • The problem the Home Depot Founder has is not knowing the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama was not a LEGAL sitting US president . The Home Depot Founder needs to do a little RESEARCH before calling the fraud and usurper barack hussein obama a great US President !

      • At last, someone like me, that knows the truth.
        Obama was a SENATOR posing as President, as the DNC, Soros, and others installed him in that position to destroy the United States.

        • Obama can’t produce a “birth certificate”, and that is verifiable. He can produce a “certific of live birth”, and they (the two certificates) are NOT the same. It doesn’t end there, with Obama. Only one of Obama’s parents were citizens. When Obama was born, his father was NOT a citizen, therefore Obama was NOT a natural born citizen.
          I once made that same comment on line and someone made a reply stating the it shouldn’t be a requirement (to be President) that states that he can’t be born by Caesarian birth.

          • I believe that Barack Obama was given a pass by Nancy Pelosi specifically to weaken the Constitutional requirement that POTUS candidates must be natural born citizens! Once elected, his globalist puppet master (Soros) got him to weaken our military for 8 straight years, undermined traditional marriage since it is the building block of civil societies, promoted racial tensions by flooding in millions of cheaper non-white foreign workers to fill jobs instead of requiring US companies to hire American citizens, he supported the outsourcing of 8 million jobs, granted welfare to 50% of legal immigrants, & he flooded in 2 million unvetted Muslim refugees and granted them permanent US residency rather than temporary residence!

          • Harry – didn’t you see the video of Obama giving a speech and admitting that he was born in Nigeria. He said, “I was not born in the states, I was not born in Hawaii, I was born in Nigeria”. He went on to say something about the fact that we have so many people who believe everything and make it easy to lie and even become President of the US. He may have been speaking at a gathering IN Nigeria.
            Of course the media didn’t say anything about it, that I saw anyhow.

  1. “…every other great president…”?
    There was nothing “great”about Obama. He was the most divisive man(?) ever to occupy the seat. Even US Grant did more to bring the country together.

    • IF (IF) those in the audience of Obama were TRUE PATRIOTS and loved this nation, they would walk out on Obama who is spreading falsehoods about his administration and taking credit for issues that he had no edffect on. It is time for Obama to shut his mouth as the Chief of Home Depot has demanded.

  2. What the left thought they had was American Socialism/Communism and Donald Trump ruined it for them. Many of us ‘deplorables’ had to suffer through 8 years of watching America become a second rate country under Obama so let them suffer and make total fools of themselves. These nutcases are mentally unstable to say the least to want to destroy the greatest country in the world.

    • amen to that. he and his disgusting wife are a pox on the united states. they should be shipped back to afrika along with their adopted daughters.

  3. Well said.

    The Left had their “Third Reich Coronation” delusion smashed by a candidate that had NEVER run for office. Gotta love that.

  4. I agree, he should keep his mouth shut, but his ego would not allow it. Also, all this current corruption was brought in by Obama. His playbook is to destroy from within.

  5. Obutthead can’t keep his mouth shut or tell the truth about anything. He is such a LEGEND IN HIS OWN MIND that he just can’t believe that People would vote for his policies to continue with Hillary so his legacy could be written per his own benefit instead of the WORST PRESIDENT IN OUR GREAT NATIONS HISTORY.

  6. President Trump bashing,It is something a silly adolescent male-female does when feebly striking back at someone superior to him,President Trump trump derangement syndrome,Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?

  7. Brennan redacted his passport three times to remove data that would have made him ineligible to be president. While in office Obama posted a fake birth certificate on line which was proven fake within hours and the website taken down. Why doesn’t Bob Woodward investigate that?

    • Last I knew, every one of the Obama birth certificates that showed up had errors in them rendering them fakes. Also, something is radically wrong with his whole past life. If he’s really who he claims to be, why doesn’t he release all of his past records? We know more about Hitler and Joe Stalin than we do about Obama.

  8. Thank you Sir and hopefully more business owners will advise JERK OBAMA the same. Obama does not know the truth as he has lied so much he believes his lies.

  9. He does believe his own lies, probably with that is a Narcissistic President thinks that everything he did was for the Benefit of having a Liberal Socialists Government. He can’t bring himself to realize what a failure he is. He will think he is the Great Wizard Of Oz. Frankly he couldn’t follow the Yellow Brick Road if he had on roller skates and they were fitted with a Micro Chip.

  10. Nor will his trannie “wife” keep her ugly pie hole shut!! Good God…don’t they know how sickening they are to all of us that want to see America prosper under our great President Trump!!?!!

  11. What – Home Depot Founder to Obama: “Keep Your Mouth Shut! How many women has Langone groped so far? Does Langoner approve sex behavior WH people and Rudy? Lagnoner should know that Barack gave us poor and racial minorities reason to continue living in this great Country. Before Obama, we were close to trash. Obama & Michelle were & are still Living Angels – excellent example how families should behave and look like. We should investigate Langoner of groping-He must be a Repub or TP. They love groping and cheating; and then they preach: “Christian and Family Values” when behind the scene are groping women. Please do not vote for any Republican or TEA Party people. They are all sinners.

    • What did obama ever do to help African Americans in his whole 8 years of reign? Black unemployment was sky high, black on black crime at its worst ever, and division in this country the worst ever. Did you personally prosper? I don’t know if anyone who did. Wake up man!!!!

    • What did obama do for African Americans during his reign? Nothing!! Highest black unemployment ever, highest black on black crime ever, greatest division our country has had in a long time! He did nothing for black people! Worst president ever!

    • Since your statement attempts to draw from Christianity calling Republicans and Tea Party members sinners, you must obviously know that per the Bible “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Therefore 100% of humans are sinners (it is a part of the human condition) including you and me. I am not a Bible thumper, but if you are going to use a religious argument to support your vague, voting based statement, you should have a better grasp of your materials.

    • Mkina, some sage advise for you from Mark Twain: “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    • Wow…yeah look at how obama gropes his oldest daughter…then look last 18 months and how mrs obama keeps eldest daughter near her

  12. We are all sinners. It started about 6000 years ago and his seed has produced all of us. Some of us sin more than others but we are all sinners in need of salvation.John 3:16 John J.

  13. It really is baffling to me that, in all these years, no one has been able to get to the root of Obama’s birth and prove it to the masses… Who the heck is covering this all up??? If he hadn’t been half black, I bet the truth would have been easier to find… But no one wants to have you think there might be prejudice involved. One: Obama had a black father and a white mother… He’s – a mix race person… One of many.. So, why isn’t the truth coming out? Is it because he never alludes to his ‘white’ side??? Or, maybe he figures if he hangs on to the lie of portraying himself only as a black man, he’ll dupe the black race into following him ….. But…that’s saying that Black people don’t have a brain and… that is true prejudice.
    What a mess this whole thing is……..Hmmmmm

  14. It amazes me how ignorant and informed you Trump followers are. You would think the Home Depot owner would understand elections, but he shows that he is as stupid and ignorant as the rest of the Trump mummies. America did speak, and Hillary won the Popular Vote. Oh, I remember! Trump’s morons can’t count. Trump cannot seem to choose people who are not liars or thieves!

    • Evidently you don’t understand US elections, it isn’t won by the popular vote but by the electoral! Our fore fathers made sure of that so that not just a few states would decide who won the election but that the country as a whole would! Guess you never took Government in high school or college to know this!!

    • If you take the California vote out she is 30,000,000 behind instead of 3,000,000 ahead, and they are so smart they kept electing moon beam every cycle ? also a safe haven for wet backs.

  15. Ol’ camel dung obama needs to do himself and the world a huge favor and give himself an enema and blow his worthless, LYING, pro-islamic brotherhood terrorist, pathetic raunchy ass away.

  16. Obama`s sole intention along with Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, the Clintons and many other socialists , is to destroy America.

  17. Ever watch Biden grope every woman he gets within arms length or…….and what can we say about the ‘groper in chief’…..bubba clinton!!!! Ever hear of Ted Kennedy?

  18. Well, considering Barry Soetoro’s sexual preferences, keeping his mouth shut is probably hard to do and would result in his near celibacy…

  19. What’s his comment about the American people spoke loud and clear? They did, by a plurality of 3,000,000 votes. It was the Electoral College that spoke loud and clear. Let’s do away with that anachronistic institution, and let the American voters decide. Twice in our lifetime, the Electoral College stole the Presidency from the winner of the popular vote.

    • So what; California and New York would decide the election of the entire nation?
      Take some online courses, specifically ones dealing with the Constitution and reply in 6 months.

  20. BHO (I will not say or write his name) longs for what every homosexual longs for: ATTENTION! Notoriety! Praise! He had it. He abused it. He lost it. Now he wants it back. The truth about his fraud will be released. Proof. Witnesses. Testimony. He WILL be publicly disgraced and castigated. He will, after claiming Kenyan citizenship, seek asylum there. They won’t want him because they know him as a fraud and slacker. A trouble maker. His wealth will be confiscated, so he will have nothing to offer. Then, when he is returned to the United States, his next stop will be Guantanamo Bay to join his partner/antagonist HRC (also the name thing). It will all be revealed.

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