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The Backlash Grows: Mayor Bans City From Buying Nike Products

Since Nike unveiled Colin Kaepernick as the focus of their new ad campaign, a Christian school in the Ozarks has banned their apparel from official sports use, stock prices for the company have plummeted, and now, the company has even been banned from an entire TOWN. That’s right, the mayor of Kenner, Louisiana sent out a memo last week to all playground booster clubs informing them that Nike was no longer welcome at the city’s recreation centers.

“Under no circumstances will any Nike product or any product with the Nike logo be purchased for use or delivery at any City of Kenner Recreation Facility,” wrote Mayor Ben Zahn in a memo leaked to the media.

Zahn is scheduled to release a more complete statement on his stance soon, but until then, there are his remarks at a Kenner festival last week that leave little doubt about how he feels regarding the Kaepernick situation.

“I’m going to ask y’all to stand for what’s about to happen,” Zahn said before the anthem was set to play. “Because this is not the NFL football players, right? This is the city of Kenner. In the city of Kenner, we all stand. We’re going to be proud of that.”

Honestly, the worst part of all this is not that Nike chose to dive headfirst into the left wing of the pool. It’s that they felt the need to get political at all. Can’t we just have some things in this country that don’t have anything to do with politics? Why do we have to think about ideology when we buy a damn pair of shoes? It’s just incomprehensible why Nike would need to do this. Yeah, it’s got more people talking about their brand…for a while. But is the backlash really worth it?

Frankly, it’s annoying when corporations try to be your buddy on Twitter or your friend on Facebook, and this is just an extension of that. No one needs to know where “Nike” stands on the political issues facing America. Just make your damn apparel and be done with it.

If the backlash facing Nike really tanks their sales, we will be grateful. Not (just) because we disagree vehemently with the message they’re sending but because it might be a signal to other companies that Americans don’t need their shoes, soap, coffee, window blinds, dog food, and picture frames to come with eight metric tons of political baggage. It’s bad enough that this crap has infected our football; why don’t we just leave it at that?

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. The political stand Nike has taken will continue to hurt their brand.Their sales and stocks continue to tank.The average person that buys their stuff are getting tired of their political correctness.

  2. “Can’t we just have some things in this country that don’t have anything to do with politics?”
    This is not about “politics.” This is about respect for and loyalty to country. The fact is that loyalty, in America, has become little more than the mercenary motive….money. We ended universal service for all able-bodied men with the elimination of the draft and the advent of the all-volunteer military in 1973, increasing the monthly wage for a recruit seven times more than what it had been prior. However, American culture, because of its broad diversity, has the singular, unifying, commonality factor of economic opportunity. Most other diversity issues are divisive. Are you a Red Sox fan or a Yankees fan? Is your favorite player white, black or Hispanic?
    The National Anthem is, really, all about “politics.” Not partisan politics, as such, but certainly about the politics of policies, both domestic and foreign. Our pledge is to the flag of the United States AND to the republic for which it stands (or flies). The essence of what that means to each individual determines the sense of devotion to country that we have.
    It would seem that, at some point in time, African-Americans have to forget about the past of ancestral slavery which was the great injustice which soured relations between whites and blacks and realize that the country does not, as a whole, agree with white-supremacists, nazi-skinheads or desire to put them all back on the plantation. Certainly, athletes, who are at the top of their game, know from the rewards they are paid for being so, whether black or white, the fact that they are judged on the basis of their abilities, NOT the color of their skin. We are all judged on the basis of whether we abide by or obey the law. We need to get away from the partisan-political idea, promoted by the left, that the individual IS the law. The individual is not the law. Until the country is united over this concept, the diversity of belief concerning respect for the symbol of a nation divided over it will continue to divide us over respect for it. It represents what we are, in all our incompatible and irreconcilably different diversity. Politicians made it that way and only politicians can solve the problem.

    • Normally, when I read a post like this, I tell myself that I could have been more elegant, more poetic, more detailed than the author of the post that I read. In this case, I can add nothing, I can say nothing that John has said more elegantly or thoroughly than I would be able to do. Beautifully put, John!!

    • Well said.

      My flag flies proudly every day on the front of the house. I fly it in honor of the 14 friends who came home from Vietnam in flag covered boxes, including one roommate who was MIA for almost 30 years. I have worn a flag pin in the lapel of my suits and sport coats for 40 years the same reason, and I have explained it with tears in my eyes on the few occasions that someone has asked why.

      When we moved to this 55+ community, and drove down this street with 26 homes, and counted 14 flags flying, I told my wife, “We have found our new home.” Three months later there are 18 flags flying on this short street. Our veterans club boasts 180 members and growing. These are my kind of people. Those who do not respect our flag and what it represents can kiss our collective asses.

    • Well done, John.

      Do you know what is a “wedge” issue?

      Sadly, “racism” is the Democrat Party’s largest wedge issue; they use it like a carpenter uses a hammer.

      It’s disgusting but what is, is.


  3. I completely agree with Jim. With all the people out there that could represent “Just do it” why select someone so controversial? He certainly does not represent what is right and good in this world…and he was not a particularly good football player. A truly poor choice for Nike…hopefully, they will smarten up before it is too late for them. The US is simmering right now with political and racial divides! Shame on Nike for just stirring the pot more!

  4. I completely agree with Jim. With all the people out there that could represent “Just do it” why select someone so controversial? He certainly does not represent what is right and good in this world…and he was not a particularly good football player. A truly poor choice for Nike…hopefully, they will smarten up before it is too late for them. The US is smoldering right now with political and racial divides! Shame on Nike…I would strongly suggest a new marketing team…or a more “balanced” one.

  5. When I shop for something I need or want I shouldn’t have to think about the political stance of any company that is in the business of providing goods and services to the general public. I reiterate “general public”!

  6. The sales are up for NIKE. How can you ban a brand from children. They have no vote yet. We tend to forget that this brand may be the one only pair of shoes they own. It’s ridiculous for a public official to do so. Lastly. It’s not about disrespecting our flag or country. People need to educate themselves why they kneel.

  7. Trump has already lost this debate. Nike sales are up over one third. Trump is a loser. His senior citizen ignorant supporters do not buy athletic shoes anyway.

    trump has alrady

      • Looking at the 5 day and 1 month charts, I see a drop in Nike’s price of about 3% over a couple of days, but it is now back where it was. Sales will be reported at the end of the month.

        They can’t lie about the stock price, and had better not be caught lying about sales volume.

    • Ray,
      Why don’t you move to a country that supports your political point of view, and have implemented economic policies in line with yours, instead of trying to ruin America?. There are still a few left, like North Korea and Venezuela that would love to have you, I’m sure.

    • It IT aboutt disrespect. YOIU ned the educate your seld. Read the list oif wjhy the keel when asked. None of them can construct a sentence. The wer all affirmative action through school without goig to class, just like Obama. They wer told they were victims, and htey believed it.
      NIke sales andre NOT uo, they are bown 20%

    • Typical liberal Ray. You have no substance and no platform, all you can do is act like a 5 year old and call names. Since you seem to have the intellectual level of a small child, I will remind you in child like terms. “ sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

    • Typical liberal Ray. You have no substance and no platform. All you can do is resort to acting like a five year old calling names. Since you appear to have the intellectual level of a small child, I will address you with this old child’s saying: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

  8. I stopped watching the NFL last year and will not watch ever again while they keep kneeling during The National Anthem. I will never buy another Nike item even if they replace Kaepernick! I love my country and my military not someone who is disrespectful to both.

  9. I feel the backlash is the silent majority no one hears about otherwise… there are more patriotic people out there than the NFL alone could piss off. Nike said, “hold my beer”. Then I hear the left says it is not adult-like to be boycotting… (#MAAA – Make America Adults Again)… I ask the left, have you watched the Judiciary Committee rake Kavanaugh over the coals with comical antics like, SPARTICUS LIKE MOMENTS?

  10. Give five “HURRAHS” and twelve “HIP HIPS”,
    Hope Nike is doomed,
    We don’t need their s**t

    I would’ve used the actual word, but I’m pretty certain that some Big Brother Censor would stop my message from posting.

    • I agree! Any company/corporation that supports a “kneeler” disrespects this country and should NOT do business here. That was a sure sign WHO nike stands for! NOT this country!! WRONG move nike, UNLESS you’re considering bankruptcy and this goes along with that plan!

  11. Good for them! Nobody objects to the players protesting anywhere else. But, the majority of us object to them doing it during OUR national anthem, while the flag is raised, or displayed. A LOT of people, of all different kinds of races have DIED for the Anthem & the flag, so a a lot of us resent their dissing of both. It’s a slap to every soldier that has died since 1776, BEFORE the anthem was even written! No other country on earth would have allowed these players to become millionaires by simply playing a child’s game. If they REALLY wanted to help the situation they SAY they’re protesting, then they’d be out in their communities, trying to help the youth learn decency, respect of themselves & others, & trying to reach out to the police AND the communities, to find some common ground. Sure, there ARE racist cops, just as there are racists among the blacks, among whites, Hispanics, Asians, etc. We ALL bleed red! I am white, but consider myself no better than anyone else, nor is anyone else any better than I am. Too many people just hate others no matter what their race. Unless we all TRY to stop the hatred of each other, we’re going to end up destroying this great nation of ours. For the first time, unemployment numbers for the black community is the lowest they’ve ever been. Something even Obama couldn’t accomplish. We kicked God out of our country, thanks to the Dimocrats, now we need to allow Him to come back to us. Only through the love of Christ, are things EVER going to get better. When He left our country, the moral decay slowly has destroyed us.

    • I stopped watching TV many years ago, so what the NFL fools do matters little to me.

      I do, however care about my country and what is happening to us.

      As far as respect to our flag and our National Anthem, I will stand until until the day I die. Every time I hear about it, I think of standing beside a college friend who lost an arm and both legs in Vietnam, and holding him so he could stand on the stumps of his legs in his wheel chair as the Anthem was played.

      This is the kind of man Nike should have chosen for their icon, but we know that will never happen in today’s climate.

  12. Hooray for the Mayor of Kenner, La. I wish more elected officials would have the balls to follow suit! Nike does not have any business helping a bunch of over grown and rich athletes to piss and shit on the country that made it possible to get where they are in life. Stepping on the graves of fellow Americans who died to make and keep this country free and safe!!! You punks ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  13. Nike should have used Tillman NFL football player and serviceman as their Brand, he gave up all for his country. I would have bought all their products. Kaepernick didn’t give up a dime what a joke of a brand. Go under Nike you deserve to.

  14. Should be sold only at Dick’s sporting goods. They are of the same liberal bent and that way hunters and true Americans can avoid them and shop at true at American stores. Levi jeans can even join them……………. All left wing screw America companies who are disloyal to the USA.

  15. ANY company that makes an UN-AMERICAN choice like NIKE made deserves to LOOSE ALL customer respect as well as the business of the American Public!! If these kinds of actions continue, there will be a HUGE second American Revolution that won’t be pretty to say the least. Business like Nike, Starbucks, Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc. are paying a price thru the stock market losses and other Liberal press and Democrat actions that are pushing Globalization toward the United States of America and Americans which will continue until these Un-American Activities cease totally.

  16. I shopped at Nike before I knew about the ad and when checking out, the cashier asked if my husband was military… He gave us a discount… Why? (I’ve been wondering) and concluded that it’s all about sales, it wasn’t anything to do with service or military pride, just a ploy to get you to shop and buy their products at a discount… Shame on you Nike for deceiving us and other veterans…

  17. What was Nike thinking? Do they have no business sense? Kaepernick is not even employed by the NFL. With so many great pro football players out there, they hire an NFL reject? Don’t offend the customer, Nike. The customer is King and Queen!

  18. Great town, So glad that there are still good red blooded AMERICAN hero’s who will not support this total jack ass man and now company.

  19. I Think I know why the top people in Nike did this they knew the backlash would tank the stock so they were all probably short Nike Stock in a big way Options the whole 9 yards . they probably made Millions . Pretty hard to resist if your a left wing scum bag..

  20. Well was it Forest Gump who said ‘STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES’, and I guess there is no fix for STUPID! By the way nike both my son’s told me they are saving a bundle no sneakers for my 5 great grand children.

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