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Corporate America Complains: Trump is Stopping Us From Hiring Foreigners!

We’re struggling to recall all of the sympathetic, front page New York Times stories that ran when corporate America was complaining about the Obama administration’s unfair tax practices. We don’t really remember in-depth analysis on corporate inversions – companies taking their ball and running to other countries because they simply couldn’t make a profit in Obama’s America. But now that corporate America is complaining about the TRUMP administration? Oh, now the New York Times is all ears.

And so we get this 1100+ word screed about how companies will have a hard time keeping the doors open because Trump won’t let them hire as many foreigners as they need to keep business booming. “A sustained reduction in immigration could dampen growth,” the Times told their readers on Monday. Apparently the thought of hiking wages and actually, ya know, hiring American citizens is just ridiculous and we should put it out of our heads. What will CEOs do if they can’t put Indian H-1B workers on the factory floor? Perish, we guess…

A sample from this idiotic, biased article:

At Northwell Health’s pathology lab on Long Island, a new doctor’s cubicle stands empty, her computer and microscope untouched. Other residents started on July 1, but she is stuck in India’s Punjab State, held up by unexplained delays in her visa.

“There have been delays in processing that we have not felt before,” said Dr. Andrew C. Yacht, chief academic officer at Northwell, which includes Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan and North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, N.Y.

Hospitals in particular argue that they need foreign doctors who are more willing than native-born Americans to take jobs in less glamorous and lower-paying fields, like internal and family medicine. Of Northwell’s 1,826 resident doctors, 165 came in under H1-B or J-1 student visas.

Aspiring young American doctors won’t take gigs in family medicine? Um, okay. Perhaps they simply won’t take them for the rock-bottom wages these hospitals are able to offer H1-B visa workers (who are not, by the way, “immigrants,” despite what the Times article continually tells us). Maybe if these companies actually have to make a choice between kicking up their wages and going out of business, they’ll find that, oh my, there was more money in the coffers than they thought!

It’s actually pretty stunning that these corporate fat cats have the audacity to complain – on the front page of the country’s biggest newspaper – that they can’t hire enough FOREIGNERS! Something has gone terribly wrong in our country, our culture, and our economic structure for that to be the case. These CEOs have yet to reckon with the fact that the worm has turned and Americans are no longer willing to watch them globalize this country out of existence.

The name of the game now is “Buy American, Hire American.” Get with the program or get lost.

What do you think?

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  1. Alien workers should only be able to work if no American wants the job. Americans should have the ability to tap out alien workers from jobs.

    • You just brought up the DEMOCOMMUNIST “talking point’ that no AMERICAN wants to do the “manual labor jobs”. I call BS, the reason THEY want ‘foreign workers, is that they pay them substantially LESS than and their AMERICAN counterparts, (and can “get away” with it.)
      If the AMERICAN WORKERS were paid a FAIR wage MANY would jump at the chance to work and support their families. MYSELF, I have worked MANY “manual labor jobs” and then went to
      night school to “better myself”.

    • Just ask them not tell them. Corporation hires foreign workers for cheaper. even though there are a lot of legal American workers. These corporations are only looking our for themselves, not the country nor legal Ajmericans.

  2. The problem, as I see it is that many minorities in the USA know they can draw enough welfare to barely survive and supplement that with scams, welfare fraud, gang activity, prostitution, drug peddling, etc. The welfare benefits are so generous that they know they don’t NEED to better themselves by getting an education and working for a living. Decades ago, people/families would actually move to cities/states where the jobs were. Today, the DumbA$$o CROOKS call that cruel, inhumane and breaking up families. The Liberal/Leftist policies by these FOOLISH Socialists are what caused this problem and their policies will NOT help solve it.

  3. Complains: Trump is Stopping Us From Hiring Foreigners!

    If this is really ??true??, then GOOD

    Because that’s why I helped overwhelmingly US Presidentially vote our US President TRUMP

    to STOP The Hiring of many companies of most preferable illegal hirings and disenfranchising US able bodied citizens

    can & demand to fill all employment positions on our US soil

    this a TRUMPing Truth
    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

    • HELL TO THE YES! Stop and read what these Corporate suits are saying. How about them putting their money where their mouth is and start training programs for A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N-S.

  4. If DONALD TRUMP sent every democrat a check for $1000, or $10,000, or $100,000, or even a million dollars they would complain because he didn’t cash the check for them, or if he did cash the check for them they would complain because he didn’t count the money and they found there was $10 more than what he gave them. The only REAL way they will be happy is if he lies to them, tells them he loves them and wants them to not have to work, gives them all they think they need to live on, gives them a free education, makes their lives where they do not have to work, lets them party everyday and step on and kill everybody that professes to be conservative. Then and only then will they be satisfied. A true democrat HATES themselves and AMERICA. What I cannot understand is why they want to live in AMERICA. GO DONALD TRUMP GO…..

  5. ILLEGALS are criminals by our laws so have no business getting a job period in this Country and anyone harboring them should be arrested and the illegal deported..Anyone that doesn’t like our laws can go with them back to their screwed up countries that apparently non of them are willing to fight for..Their problem not the citizens of the USA..

  6. President Trump IS STOPPING COMPANIES FROM HIRING ILLEGAL Foreigner WE CALL IMMIGRANTS. American JOBS SHOULD FIRST GO TO WE THE Americans, If I went to Spain, Russian, England, China, are they going to hire me before they hire their own people NO so what is the darn difference. Each country needs to take care sf their own first….then if jobs are available hire on other people who qualify for the position. No American should be without a job because of a illegal or foreigner. To bad the democrats have nothing better to do then tear President Trump, his family, staff apart; if that put their energy into working for the people of America, Our Nation would be @1 in the world rather then divided, angry, and lost. You democrats are about to find out what our true Power being Republican is all about, we are going to give you a ride you won’t ever forget. Get on board and help or get off and be destroyed.

  7. Any of these companies better think twice before complaining about this. Americans deserve these jobs first not foreigners. Most all of these companies do foreign hiring not for quality but to lower earnings for America’s work force. Many of these companies fired the American workers and then made them train the foreign workers before they would pay them their severance. This is an abomination and common place in the tech industry. To make it worse for the domestic workers the foreign born were nowhere near as qualified to fill those positions. My advise is for them to STFU!

  8. I have come across foreign employees, don’t mind them having jobs, but PLEASE learn ENGLISH, In Walmart spent 45 min. trying to find an item (store had been remodeled) and I could not find a person that understood me. In a hospital, as a patient, had a nurse that tried several times to give me a Blood thinner, I am a free bleeder, she spoke very poor English and I am sure, because of effects, that when I feel asleep, she put the med in my IV, NOT knowing the language, both words and there meanings is dangerous.

    • I have stopped buying at Walmart for that reason. Walmart lost its once star quality of customer service. Twice I needed assistance and each time they couldn’t speak English. I was beyond put off, offended, and they lost my family and company business. I will pay double at a competitor before buying one item at the Un-American Walmarts.

  9. For the First time we are having the individuals cross checked before they can enter the country. Finally we have Homeland Security dealing with these individuals before they get here.We all want to know who is entering our country and if there is real baggage that is coming with them.

  10. Yes he is stopping those that want to Hire Foreigners aka Illegal that get paid under the Table and don’t pay any taxes. Taxpayers pick up the tab for their reduced priced housing and their Welfare and the Scams and the food and the housing. Heck yes. That is why he is in office to try and keep the Congress from bankrupting us with their seat warming attitudes. Wanting more money for doing little to nothing for it. Too many Government workers sitting on their behinds and doing nothing just eating away at the TAxpayer funds. I am all for that.

  11. If these “delays” are making it harder for criminals and other less than desirable people to slip through, than hurrah for the delays! And why don’t you up your wages and hire Americans instead of “foreigners”. Buy American Hire American!

  12. WELL ISN’T THAT F U C K I N G GREAT! YOU ASSHOLES, WHO IS BUYING YOUR SHIT, AMERICANS LIVING IN THE USA. SO GO HIRE MORE FOREIGN SHIT AND SELL LESS. THANK YOU. I am a displaced computer programmer since 2001. Haven’t work since so a big F*U*C*K YOU. Now I go to walmart who gets all his shit from foreign places and it’s cheaper then THE USA. So enjoy the rest of your pitiful life.

  13. I have stopped buying at Walmart for that reason. Walmart lost its once star quality of customer service. Twice I needed assistance and each time they couldn’t speak English. I was beyond put off, offended, and they lost my family and company business. I will pay double at a competitor before buying one item at the Un-American Walmarts.

  14. Take your damn companies to another country and see how much you profit . We can start new companies here run by true Americans.

  15. Instead of complaining corp’s should think about the pay they give to management. That is where all their money goes. Reduce management pay and increase salary to the workers pay. They are worth more than a CEO. Restructuring is what’s needed,not greed.

  16. What is the real problem here. A lack of Qualified Americans, or is largely a question of money, prospective employers seeking the cheapest labor obtainable, Americans seeking better pay?

  17. So HIRE AMERICAN……& PAY AMERICAN WAGES, instead of trying to get away with cheap foreign employees………STOP YOUR GREED & “KICKBACKS” of the Bushes, Obama-Clinton, Pelosi ERA!…….Educate American Apprentices!……Stop selling out America & Americans! Corporate Greed keeps you from hiring good, Lifetime Employees…….Corporate Greed is always trying to get over on the “little guy”, instead of pulling them up as you move ahead!

  18. So americans don’t want to work???!!! I needed help gardening and other projects
    around my home,put an ad in local weekly newspaper,$20/hr. (That’s what I WAS paying an illegal my neighbor had recommended)he didn’t speak English,I had to pick him
    up,take him home and provide lunch.) I received over 45 responses,they all spoke
    English and could drive. Hired a few and passed the others to clients and friends. A
    few even offered to work for $15/hr. I pay the $20/hr. because that is what I advertised.

    the all spoke English

  19. Fantastic article; one where some one dares to speak the Truth. The is “GREED” and not helping American Citizens get Positive Care !!! For too long most Doctor’s are after the High Wages for themselves and “CRAPPY care for the Middle Class !!!

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