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    CNN Moron Says Journalists Are Just Like U.S. Soldiers

    Professor Joseph Holt isn’t employed by CNN, but the network was kind enough to give him a platform for his recent editorial defending the media from President Trump’s attacks. We’re sure that Holt, who teaches ethics at the University of Notre Dame, will have a cushy CNN job waiting on him whenever he wants to […] More

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    The UK is Trading Freedom for Political Correctness

    To say that Tommy Robinson is a controversial figure in Britain is putting it mildly. His sins range from being an ultra-right wing conservative (gasp) to being a harsh critic of open borders (GASP) to being an outright Islamophobe (OMG I CANT EVEN)! These are bad things to be in America’s left-wing politically correct cult […] More

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    Leading Feminist: We Will Never Support Conservative Women

    Jessica Valenti, who has turned herself into one of the most prominent feminist voices by always managing to be slightly more extreme than the average lefty is comfortable with, penned an op-ed for The New York Times this weekend that was exceptionally honest. In it, Valenti explained that conservatism and feminism would never, and could […] More

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    Why Trump’s Decision on Iran was the Right Move

    To hear it from the mainstream media, you would think that Donald Trump just blundered into the biggest disaster of his presidency. Or at least, you would think that if his media critics hadn’t already told us that said disaster was the travel ban. Or the decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem. Or pulling […] More

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    Despite Withering Pressure, Fox News Stands Up for Laura Ingraham

    We are so proud of Fox News right now, our hearts could burst. It would have been all too easy for the corporate suits at cable’s finest news channel to turn their backs on Laura Ingraham, release some lame statement about how they don’t tolerate hate speech towards gun violence survivors, beg for the forgiveness […] More

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    University Wants Staff and Students to Check Their “Christian Privilege”

    Well, it was only a matter of time before we got to this point. Now, in addition to the “privileges” of white people, straight people, citizens, cisgenders, and the able-bodied, the left wants to make sure we know about another pervasive problem: Christian privilege. That’s why George Washington University is sponsoring a free training session […] More

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    It’s a GOOD Thing if Illegals Don’t Answer the Census

    It’s a GOOD Thing if Illegals Don’t Answer the Census According to Democrats, the sky is falling again. This time, it’s because the Trump administration is adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 U.S. Census. Before the day was out, California had filed a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that it was somehow […] More

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    London Police: Hate Crimes Include “Offensive Language”

    The days of freedom in Western Europe are quickly coming to an end, ushering in a new era of restrictive laws aimed at protecting minorities of every color, creed, gender, and stripe. And while no one will stand taller or scream more loudly for the rights of people to be treated equally regardless of their […] More

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    Disney Must Update “Sexist” Ride Once Again to Satisfy PC Police

    Not for the first time, Disneyland is shutting down its Pirates of the Caribbean ride next month to make way for one more politically correct renovation. Having already removed a “controversial” scene in which pirates are chasing a buxom lady around a table, the park is planning to remove the “Bride Auction,” in which the […] More

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    These Harmless Words May Soon Be Banned at University of Dayton

    You can always count on Campus Reform and The College Fix for bringing us the inside scoop on just how bark-at-the-moon crazy today’s liberal universities have gone in order to appease the extreme left. And thank God we have these resources because there’s no way anyone would even believe that this stuff was real, otherwise. […] More

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    Gender Free-For-All Coming to a Walgreens Bathroom Near You

    Next time you’re thinking about letting your daughter go into the Walgreens bathroom alone, you may want to think twice. The drug store chain has just sent out a memo to all 8,100 stores in America that customers may decide for themselves which bathroom best fits their gender identity. They have taken the initiative on […] More

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    Hillary: Women Will Be Most Harmed By Climate Change (Of Course)

    Georgetown University this week held the first annual (get ready) Hillary Rodham Clinton awards ceremony, hosted by the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security. Naturally, the woman for whom the event was named was invited as the guest of honor. In her speech, Clinton said that she believed that climate change would be hardest […] More

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