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AOC: Trump’s Policies All About “Ethnicity and Racism”

At a townhall on immigration in Queens this weekend, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told her constituents that Trump’s border policies had nothing to do with enforcing U.S. law or saving our country from an invasion. No, it’s just about racism.

“All you need to do is hear what the President did this week to know this is not about immigration at all. Because once you start telling American citizens to quote ‘go back to your own countries,’ this tells you that this President’s policies are not about immigration, it’s about ethnicity and racism,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

Of course, this accusation gets harder to swallow when you realize that Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad cry racism at the drop of a hat. After all, they’ve insinuated that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also racist for “singling out women of color” for criticism. They seem to believe that because they are minorities, they are somehow above critique. So it doesn’t really matter if Trump tells them to “go back” or if he makes fun of their IQ or if he simply states, in measured terms, that he disagrees with their politics. If you talk bad about Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, or Ilhan Omar, you’re a racist.

So, when that’s the case, why even bother listening to what these kooks say?

On Saturday, AOC said that Trump’s “biggest mistake was that he said the quiet part out loud.”

“Because we know that he’s been thinking this the entire time. But he’s been keeping it in here. And this week, it went out here. When he started telling American citizens — where are we going to go? We’re going to stay right here, that’s where we’re going to go. We’re not going anywhere,” she said.

Yeah, no one thought for a second you were going anywhere. No one cares if you go anywhere. No one cares about any of this except you and your media pals.

What we very much care about is how you and your progressive friends are quickly taking over the Democratic Party. We very much want voters to see that, to understand that, and to process what that means. We want them to know that a vote for the Democratic Party in 2020 is a vote for YOU, even if the nominee turns out to be a moderate like Biden. Your oversized presence in the party is an omen of things to come, and it’s why we can’t afford to let Democrats back into the White House. There’s too much at stake.

So fine. Stay. But if you think screaming “the world is racist” every time you hear something you don’t like is going to move the needle in this country, you may soon learn otherwise.

Then again, if your only desire is to get your face on television whenever possible, you may not actually care.

What do you think?

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    • Proves daily that she gave up on a quality formal education. Not old enough to have amassed any real knowledgeof substance. She is a fair actor, and please would one of the quality women of the USA teach her how to walk in heals. Looks like ohger with a rear burning sensation trying to clomp down the halls. Sad what they do to their character.

    • Let’s remind AOC she swore an oath to uphold our laws! Part of which is defending our border against foreign invaders! That’s what these illegals are. They are also violating the Patriot Act by burdening us economically! Which is grounds to deport them!

  1. These four are going. MANY people out and out HATE them. The ragheads will be lucky if the Israelis dont send a hit team after them. And I must say they certainly deserve it according to THEIR OWN beliefs. Especially the primate that married her own brother. Our forefathers must be spinning in their graves. And it all started with good old age. We let a certain species over Reed and this is the result. Look at watts , Harlem, compton….overbreeding of an uncivilized species……result. For every action there is reaction. You give an animal species free banannas all their lives for 100 decades and they feel it is owed it. Get it ???

    • My fellow Americans , I left this world so suddenly because of my bad decisions. I made some bad decisions in life. If I had ANY idea the disease I would be freeing on my fellow w Americans I surely would have taken my own life. The misery , the expense , the horror of what I have done. Please , please accept my apology. May I boil in a vat at churches chicken.

  2. You are so full of HATE AOC, that it’s blinding you. You’d think you’d learn to keep your big mouth shut, you are so disrespectful yet you want respect from others.

  3. Is AOC “on drugs”, Terminal Stupids OR WHAT? I CAN’T wait until she is FINALLY replaced by the newcomer Republican challenger. She needs to shut that BIG MOUTH of hers. She is attempting to divide the Good U.S. with that hateful rhetoric and Lying of hers and she’s GOT TO GO. In other words to quote Trump during the Apprentice . . . AOC – You’re FIRED! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. You are one lying skank. You Socialists are scum
    trying to destroy our country. President Trump is
    trying to unite this country for all races…to repair
    the damage of the great divider..Obummer.
    The good news is the Jamaican woman who
    loves our country is going to take your job.
    But you might be able to stay on and serve drinks
    and give lap dances.
    ………………………TRUMP 2020……………………

  5. Anally Orally-Confused needs to read and understand the story of the “Boy Who Cried Wolf.” The problem the Bimbo Brigade has is of their own making. For months now, when they have no logical or valid reply to criticism of their “agenda,” they’ve fallen back on “racism.” They’ve done this to their own leadership, and they’re pulling it on the President, but Main Stream Americans aren’t buying it. Of all the Presidents in living memory, Trump has consistantly done more to advance the rights of minorities throughout his adult life. He challenged the racist policies of Palm Beach is just an example. More women in this administration in leadership roles than any prior, and their race doesn’t matter, if they’re qualified or can do the job that’s all he cares about. There’s more proof that Obama was racist than there is that Trump is. That’s not conjecture, it’s the cold result at the end of the day. So to call his policies and agenda racist or ethnocentric, is nothing but empty meaningless words out of the mouth of some Four Fools who are too ignorant to understand what real racism is. “I’m a Woman of Color, so I know what racism is,” doesn’t work. Because at the end of the day, their Anti-Semitism, Anti-American, Anti-Capitolist, Anti (insert a word) shows what their goals really are. I was asked once if I supported the border wall because it’s Hispanics that are crossing illegally? I thought about it for a bit, and asked myself if I would be as upset about the border problems if this was happening to the North? I can honestly answer yes. It doesn’t matter what ethnic group is coming in illegally. The crime, drugs, gang, human trafficking could just as easilly be coming from the North and I would support a barrier there if that was the case. There’s nothing racist about preventing problems by stopping unchecked immigration. It’s over 2,000 miles from Guatemala or Belize to the US Border. San Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua are even further. If they ‘ve an asylum claim, it should be in the border of the first country not their own. I’m sure there are some good people in the masses, but crossing a border without the permisdion of the country you’re crossing into is illegal in just about every corner of the globe, period. So Another Obutthead-Communist can shout her shite as loud as she wants, but the truth is, more than half and approaching 3/4’s of the country want the border secured. I live in a community that is predominantly Hispanic. The majority of my friends and neighbors are Hispanic. Through marriage I have many family members who are Hispanic, and they all say the same thing “Build the Wall.” So the Foul Four need to buy some hammers, find a big pile of sand, and pound sand up there arses, because they are nothing but Racist Agitators.

  6. That lying, idiot pig, Lexie; in actual fact , it’s HER politics that’s ALL about race, racism and ethnicity.

    That neo-Nazi swine, and ALL like her, are a cancer on our society. They need to be dealt with as such.

  7. facts are oboma deported more illegals then trump had , if you don’t watch world news , as for the racist crap , the real racist are keeping it alive , if they would shut up about it we could go back to normal before the 1/2 black illegal kenyan got elected , when you hardly ever herd anyone mention racism , they can’t defend the garbage they spew so they call you a racist , question how can you be a racist if your ok with all people of any color coming into the country legally , we only have a problem with braking our laws and coming in illegally

  8. What is your proof that our President is not a racist? After all, AOC is dark-skinned and, even worse, a woman.

  9. What AOC accuses Pres. Trump of– is what her political ideas are all about.. It is called transference. Even Teddy Roosevelt who oversaw a huge influx of legal immigrants said they must learn English and embrace American custom and if they did not assimilate-SEND THEM BACK.. Assimilation is what it is all about. What ever happened to the million dollars of campaign money that AOC gave to her boyfriend ? When will Omar and her criminal acts be exposed and prosecuted? Omar wrote that the Gov. of Maine told new Somali immigrants to leave their old customs at the door and she resented that statement from someone who was offering refuge and support to Somalis. We know that Somalis have a culture of criminal behavior and it is well exhibited where ever they are in the USA. Much of it comes from the Koran as they consider any one not a muslim to be KUFIR or cattle in their estimation and infidels are to pay muslims jizyia– a tax on infidels– so we owe them all of their support as a form of taxation because we are not of their faith,

  10. No, my dear, AOC, you stupid little twilit. The racist and ethnic comments come from you.. always you.. he merely reacts to them. Get over yourself and the rest of your so called squad and do the job you were voted in to do. Or do you even know what that is.

  11. AOC is certifiably ignorant, and along with the rest of the now called “squad”, are also anti Semitic, anti American, and undeniably Racist. They are a danger to our country. Disrespectful of the President and an embarrassment to the Democratic Party, their constituents and our country. Rep Omar should be removed from office for her repeated anti Semitic and anti American remarks and now add her latest Racist remarks. This “squad “ has incited violence, they have completely disregarded their oath to Protect and Preserve Our Constitution and have basically, along with most of the Democratic Party, done nothing to help America or the American Citizens. The Democrats total disregard for the Safety and Security of America and American Citizens, confirmed by their lack of any significant action regarding our southern border illegal immigrant problems. As the entire country now knows, the Democrats have wasted over 2 1/2 years, trying to unseat our Duly Elected President, bogus investigations built on lies, phony Hillary/DNC Paid for Dossier, untrue fabricated stories, high ranking officials violated the American citizens trust, and on and on… could write so much more, but it would take hours, and quite frankly it’s making me more nauseous just thinking about this. How could OUR COUNTRY, the GREATEST NATION on Earth, the Most Powerful Country in the world, almost have enough corruption from within our government to overthrow OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT? I don’t care what anyone’s party affiliation is, it doesn’t matter at all, but WE MUST bring these perpetrators of Fraud on America to justice… prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, and make absolutely sure that this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. WE are The United States Of America, and we will never be a Socialist country. WE MUST PROTECT AND PRESERVE OUR CONSTITUTION, making sure our voting process is never corrupted, ie: Democrats wanting to eliminate the ELECTORAL COLLEGE, which would pretty much assure the Presidential Election. Without the Electoral College, the Democrats, with roughly only 6-10 States, due to the dominant democrat makeup, would control the Presidential Election. Over 80% of our States would be nullified by less than 20%. Our Country is in grave danger… the time to act is now and every election time. VOTE these Democratic Politicians currently in office, that care nothing for our country, nothing for our citizens, and who are NOT honoring their oath to Protect and Preserve our Constitution, OUT OF OFFICE, ASAP… and VOTE IN those CANDIDATES who WILL honor their Oath… Protect and Preserve Our Constitution… Putting the Safety and Security of American Citizens First…. After all, We are:
    “The United States Of America”…. We are: “One Nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”….
    Please, let’s NEVER FORGET, all those amazing, Patriotic Americans, who served our country in the Military, thousands upon thousands who gave their lives, to protect our way of life… enjoying all the freedom we have been blessed with… Respect every single one of them by respecting our flag, our National Anthem….. neither should ever be “used” as a political weapon against our own nation, our own citizens. There are other, more appropriate ways to protest important issues. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  12. The only Policies All About “Ethnicity and Racism” is what is coming form the moronic Squad and the Socialist demo party which should be shut down and all arrested for as traitors, terrorists and treasonous activity against this Nation and we the true American people.

  13. Looks like these astute observers have got her pinned. Now if only she would wake up, shut up and go away. Also hope she would not go back to bar tending, especially in the Dominican Republic, since she’d likely poison her customers who were of the wrong political opinion, color, race, etc.

  14. This is the only thing the Liberal Commie Democrats have going for them, when they get told the truth to their face, or you disagree with them, you are automatically branded a racist. AOC must have forgotten that she belongs to the party or corruption, racism, and antisemitism.

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