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Cruz: NY Times Spreads Propaganda for Terrorist Groups Like Hamas

Sen. Ted Cruz, back from Israel where he and other U.S. officials celebrated the opening of the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, was in rare form Thursday as he delivered remarks on the Senate floor.

The Texas Republican was incensed by the left-wing American media coverage of what should have been a momentous, historic occasion for the United States and Israel. Instead of fairly reporting the event, newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times ran headlines accusing the evil Israeli empire of callously murdering dozens of Palestinians and characterizing Ivanka Trump as a “ghoul” for being a part of the festivities. This was the tone of the coverage, and it made Cruz (and so many other Israel-supporting Americans) absolutely sick.

“As long as the Palestinian leaders are engaged in a unity government with Hamas, an avowed terrorist organization seeking to destroy the nation of Israel and murder innocent Israelis, peace will not be had,” Cruz said.

After alleging that Hamas orchestrated the riots to make sure their own people were killed for the benefit of international news cameras (a strategy that the terrorist group’s leaders have essentially admitted to), Cruz said that such a strategy only works because there are media organizations willing to carry water for them.

“Inevitably, in these battles for survival that Israel faces daily, we can count on global media elites, acting as little more than propaganda arms for Hamas and other terrorists. And no week has that been more evident than this week,” Cruz said. “I direct you to the front page of the New York Times from this week. The New York Times’ headline: ‘Israel kills dozens at Gaza border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem.’ Now anyone reading this headline, goodness gracious, why are the Israelis murdering people? That’s what the New York Times says. One takes from the coverage, apparently poor, innocent, unarmed people are being shot for no reason by Israel. That’s certainly what the global media elite are portraying.”

The truth, Cruz said, was a little bit different. He noted that Hamas used tire fires, incendiary kites, guns, catapults, and bolt cutters to try and do as much damage to Israeli civilians and soldiers as they could on the day of the embassy’s opening. And, as happens when you try to murder armed soldiers in uniform, many of them were shot. But that didn’t stop the Times and other outlets from portraying this as a heinous display of imperial slaughter.

“It’s not that The New York Times can’t figure it out; it’s that they don’t care,” Cruz said. “If the American military had been able to shoot the terrorists on 9/11 who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center, the New York Times headline would read, ‘American military shoots peaceful flying passengers.’”

Between the embassy coverage, Trump’s “animals” remark, and the media’s willingness to basically CHEER Kim Jong Un for threatening to pull out of the Trump summit, this has been an especially bad week when it comes to fake, biased news. They must be nervous about something. Perhaps it’s those polls that show the Democrat “blue wave” vanishing. Perhaps it’s the fact that Trump is succeeding and the American people know it. Perhaps it’s the impending OIG report on the Clinton investigation.

Whatever it is, the left has gone completely off the deep end. And we expect things will get darker before they get better. Hold on tight.

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    • You are either stupid or a Zionist . The Palestinians who owned 95 % of Palestine lands until 1948 , have been massacred and their homes , land and all their possessions stolen by Zionist Terrorists . Zionist snipers shooting unarmed protesters for the past 70 years is little more than a Holocaust in no uncertain terms. Unarmed Protestors ! ! !

      • Why are so many right wingers so hostile? You have to remember the tiny beginnings of Israel were taken from the Palestinians to start with.

      • You obviously don’t have a clue as to what you say. Hamas had their people there shooting at the Israelis throwing stones send fire lit kites to burn anything possible. The Israelis have been there for close to three thousand years back to the days of Moses. The Palestinians have had many chances for peace but continue to reject everything that is offered to them. It’s no one’s fault but their own.

      • People of Israeli owned the land before Palestinians. Palestinians did not exist during the times of Jesus it is a made-up race and a hostile terrorist group

  1. I think the Israelis need to look back at history, take note, the were avidly encouraged to emigrate to Palestine, given free hand in buying land, and building, and take a good look at what “Jews, intent on returning Israel” actually bought, established as homes, businesses, community, and then take a look at what they’ve taken by war of choice, no different from U.S. wars of choice, all internationally criminal, and recognize the reality of “the state of Israel”, and the fact some 80% of what is claimed, has been taken when Palestine fought back, supported by Arab neighbors, and were beaten back by a U.S. backed, unapologetic “power play”, by which they assumed control over ever increasing land, at every battle, and every declared war.
    I am a Christian, a retired two decade service Marine, I’ve spent a good bit of time in the middle east, and I know that except the U.S. holds Israel “inviolable”, they would have been removed by international consensus, for “war crimes”, which we alone, have prevented by having “the last veto” on anything and everything in the U.N.
    The current “state of Israel” was built on propaganda, a small portion of bought land, and a never ending war to eliminate all who contradict the official narrative. The facts regarding the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, while the U.S. was supporting Israel, are not even in American public knowledge, history, and definitely not discussed. If Israel had to shut down our monitoring of their war, we funded, armed, and supplied, what does that say about what they did while we were “blinded”?
    Where is the outrage at the never ending imposition of “Israel”, stealing ever more land which absolutely belongs to “The Palestinians”, but taken “because they used it to attack”. Well, when occupiers move in, what is one supposed to do, let them simply assume ownership, bow down and say, “can I have another whack?”
    Take one look at a map showing actual purchased land, and legally acquired land, and compare it to what is claimed to be “Israel” today. 80% of “Israel” has been taken in battle, and only the presumption, “Jews are the chosen people”, has given the world any excuse to not back Palestine, as established by Rome, and maintained by British Empire in its day, to the moment they allowed this farce to begin, “in the name of justice and right of return”, for Jews only, of course.
    I once believed the story-line, and fell full in line in support, and I’ve been encouraged to continue by so many supposed “Christians”, but the fact is, God dispersed “Israel”, for refusing to live according to His law.
    By the Book, God will restore Israel, not Man, yet we would pretend the presumption of “Israel” of all it once was, is legal, reasonable, and right, despite all who must die for Israel to occupy their land, their ancestors have had since “diaspora”. There is no righteousness from a humanistic perspective, and certainly no “righteousness” in this, from any religious aspect, unless murder and slaughter are justified for some reason unknown to anyone at the present time.
    Semper Fidelis,
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    • John McClain GySgt, USMC, ret.,
      Thank You for your service. My father fought on Iwo Jima, My brother served in Viet Nam. I have done nothing for my country. I try to make amends by thanking all the men and women who have selflessly gave their time and or lives for this great country.

    • John McClain GySgt, USMC, ret.
      Thank You for your service.
      M yfather fought on Iwo Jima , my brother served in Viet Nam. I have done nothing for my country. To make amends I thank every man and woman who selflessly gave up their time and or lives to protect this country. Once again John McClain, GySgt, USMC. Thank You.

    • Please don’t insult animals by comparing them to Dems. My wife & I have a small herd of horses, and a large herd of cats, and all of them are a lot more lovable than the typical Dem of today.

    • It is my understanding there is no such thing as the nation of “Palestine”, and no such thing as “Palestinian” people. Those terms came about after Israel was created following the Holocaust in Europe.

  2. This article is a bunch of crap: Israel is an established state that has prospered and created a viable and fair society recognizing and protecting religious differences of it citizens and occupants while the Palestinians have never tried to be “Good Neighbors” filled with irrational 6-century hate and terrorist behavior contributing nothing to the world in terms of science, art or goodwill! They make no efforts at self-improvement and self-control because they elect and fully-support Hamas and other violent terrorist groups including being funded by the diabolical Muslim Clerk leadership in Iran promoting terror along with using its own people as pawns in this unwinnable war!

    If Palestinians would make peace, without insisting on the extermination of all Jews and Israel, they could then achieve peace and prosperity by putting their efforts to constructive purposes instead of constant firing of missiles and hateful acts of aggression. Instead the Palestinians continue to stupidly “Shoot Themselves in their Own Foot”, accomplishing nothing of value for themselves or the world!

    If the peace were sincere, Israel would forgive the past and help them to help themselves.

  3. What is false about the NY Times headline and article. I’m Jewish and a dual Israeli American citizen. They did an accurate job. What did they get wrong? What did they miss?

  4. So the owners and management go to jail for subversion. confiscate all company assets and auction off the facilities to new (ethical) operators. Another little ding in the deficit, and a big sign that says betray America and you lose your ass.ets.

  5. McClain, the Bible is very clear as to the boundaries of Israel. The Palestinians have NEVER had their own land. Palestinian’s have been shunned by every country in the Middle East. They are and have been nomadic peoples always. Why do you think they have never contributed anything to the world…nothing in science, math, artistic talent, not even being a nice people to get to know.
    God gave Israel to the Jewish peoples in COVENANT. HE does not ever go back on HIS promises. Palestine has no right to exist within the borders of Israel. The Palestinian people exist there but by the grace of the Jewish people and THEIR GOD!!


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