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Democrat Eric Swalwell Can’t Explain Why Trump is a Russian Agent

It’s not often we tip our hat to pundits and political reporters in the mainstream media, but we’ve got to give PBS host Margaret Hoover a well-deserved pat on the back. She took Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) to the woodshed and back on Friday’s episode of “Firing Line.”

Granted, Hoover has a conservative background, is hosting a show famously launched by conservative icon William F. Buckley, and has worked with everyone from Fox News to the Bush administration. But that doesn’t mean she’s a Trump supporter by any means. She’s a gay rights activist and an avowed feminist, which may not be enough to make her the next darling of MSNBC, but is enough to tell you that she’s got some nuanced political views.

In any event, she did herself and her network proud with this Swalwell interview, in which she made the California Democrat look like an absolute fool.

“At what point do you draw the line and not accuse the President of the United States, without any evidence, of being an agent of Russia?” Hoover asked, quite reasonably.

“Yeah,” Swalwell said. “He’s betrayed our country, and I don’t say that lightly.”

“But betraying the country — by the way, we want evidence before you say that, but you said an agent of Russia,” Hoover noted.

“Yeah, he works on their behalf.”

Swalwell listed some weak examples of reasons why Trump is working for Russia, but Hoover stopped him in his tracks by pointing out that the president had passed sanctions against Moscow, given arms to the Ukrainians, and had “killed 200 Russians in Syria.”

Swalwell continued to argue, but Hoover finally said: “I’m still not hearing the evidence that he’s an agent of Russia.”

Instead of admitting he’d been defeated…instead of simply withdrawing the asinine claim that Trump is an agent of Russia…Swalwell basically took the “well, if you can’t see it, I can’t help you” line of argument – the sure sign of a loser.

“I think it’s pretty clear,” Swalwell said. “It’s almost hiding in plain sight.”

Uh-huh. Just like your manifest unfitness for office.

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    • His intelligence level reminds me of AOC’s. If he didn’t have someone giving him his marching orders, he’d have no position, other than resist. He, IMO, would follow Pelousy off a cliff.

      • Typical Dem. He runs his mouth making false accusations against President Trump but has no evidence to back up his claim (LIE). He is an idiot and a liar. Must be qualifications for a politician in Calif because all of them are idiots and liars.

    • Swalwell’s mother was a gator and his father was a Sissy Mary!
      NOW IN OUR AMERICA, you can accuse some one of being a TRAITOR
      and you don’t even need proof????

      Swalwell should have his face printed on Toilet tissue!
      Great place for Chicken Lips!

  1. “Even though there is no evidence, the seriousness of the charge is what matters. The seriousness of the charge mandates that we investigate this.”

    • Are you saying that these allegations have to be investigated? Even though the accuser has present NO evidence to substantiate the allegation? The seems like a waste of time like the dog chasing his tail. Swalwell should be made to present evidence or be sued for liable and be made to publicly retract his false statements. These air heads really need to get a grip and stop running their mouths. Diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain.

  2. Ignorant blowhard. Who elects these people? What a sad state our country is in with “representatives” like this, Maxine Water, AOC, etc… I have to change the channel or mute the sound when Swalwell comes on – he is an arrogant liar who doesn’t give a rat’s tail about truth.

    • I agree 100% with your assessment. Big kudos go out to Ms. Hoover for calling out “Swallowell” for his evidence-free accusations. It’s really too bad that the president can’t charge him with slander for calling him an agent of Russia and accusing him of betraying the country. This pathetic snollygoster is sorta like a lot of other leftist Democrats who sling “mud” and have inappropriate relationships with the truth.

  3. This is not the first time this communist retard has done such a thing, as I have seen him on Tucker Carlson come on there and see yet evidence that Trump colluded with Russia and where I want to ask all it was was his assumptions of things no hard facts of anything. Swallow it was nothing but the bottom of the barrel in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party,Or he wouldn’t be one of their leaders just like that scumbag Durbin.Small is nothing but a liar always seeking power for himself and attention I’m afraid one of these days as people will give them attention just like they did Mussolini!

  4. “Swallow-well” is the poster boy for the Democrat Party now. And there are a GREAT number of Conservative Democrats out there who are blowing STEAM out of their ears with the knowledge that these snowflakes REPRESENT them! Well, they’re going to vote for President Trump in 2020! Even though it may cause them to CHOKE, they’ll pull the “R” Lever. And God Bless’em for it. The current national Democrat Party is NOT the Democrat Party! It’s a pack of liberal, progressive socialists who know “Better than You” what you need. And, Swallow-well is in California, — hence the name.

  5. With less than half of the commitment by Republicans, Dem’s show in their effort to Impeach Trump, Obama could have been impeached within the first months time for the imposer he was and still is

  6. Like most Demorats, Swalwell can’t explain 99% of the lies and false information and propoganda he spews. This is typical of the swill that is being fed to the brainwashed, illegals, illiterate, and poverty classes. They vote and that is why Swalwell and the Demorats want open borders. They need these votes to get the power and money they crave. To Hell with the Countty, To Hell with American citizens.

  7. Swalwell, Really? Perhaps he would be better suited writing Childrens books, Fairytales at best. Given he lack facts and facts require research and not just MSM talking points,
    I’m clearly baffled how such inept individuals like Swalwell can possibly be elected. When tools like Swalwell are elected, I realize they arrogantly stand before their Constituents, speak as if they’re IYI, (Intellectuals Yet Idiotics),. There’s an old saying… “Iff you can’t dazxle them with Brilliance. Baffle them within Brilliance”. That, my friend, sums up this particular interview. Swalwell was unable to adequately answer her questions so he attempted to flip the script and as all good masonogists are ptactived at, he attempted to portray her as as being blind to the info he, himself, is convinced of as dimwit facts.
    In short, he proved he has no legitimate proof of anything that points to the fiction That Pres Trump is a a covert agent of Russia. The libtards failed at Trump-Russia Collusion so they scurried around to try and create an even greater lie… Pres Trump must be a covert agent for the Kremlin.

  8. He needs to stick to surfboarding. His stock answer is he has the evidence but can;t tell you because it’s classified. If there was any evidence Trump would have been impeached by now.

  9. So true Russia wanted Clinton in office, coal and oil aren’t on the lefts agenda , leaving the market wide open for Russia coal , oil maybe Hillary is in with Russia

  10. Another libtard with no facts. He will fit right in with Cortes, Waters, Pelosi and other idiots who never let the fact impede a good story.

  11. This is the idiot who wants to NUKE gun owners who don’t turn in their firearms. CA has the most screwed up politicians. We really need to figure out a way to get some normal people elected in that state,

  12. Eric WillSmell has been made the fool on Tucker Carlson also. Hopefully, not only FOX NEWS but the LAME STREAM MEDIA will keep putting idiots like him, O’Scario Cuntez, Kamalips Harris, Fauxchahontas, Mad Max, Hank Johnson, Corey Booker Frederica Wilson etc etc etc on the TV EVERY day !!!

  13. Eric Swalwell, is doing more damage to America then Trump could ever do . Swalwell and his ilk have kept the fake Russian Collusion story come rain or snow with no facts to date. Meanwhile the country is at each other’s throats with hate for a president who like him or not has accomplished more then past presidents of the last century.

    The left represent the social justice warriors that think that conservatives are the racists, homophobes the non caring , no feeling for anyone. The problem with that is conservatives are just people like liberals. Yes liberals also have their people biases and prejudices those opinions are not special to only conservatives. I believe that it is the people who have to talk about race , homosexuality and the rest are the people with the problems! These people come in all colors and political leanings . So to blame Trump, the church and a certain political party for the ugliness we have in life is foolish and usually provides a smoke screen used to divert our attention from what is really going on by our leaders. I say this because good leaders wouldn’t allow the flock to be divided. Politics was never meant divide America. This country has always had a sacred voting process where we the people decided who was in power but right now even that process is under fire.

  14. Only California can produce dumb hair brains like this clown.If they opened up his head all they would find there a hair poultice.Politics is a good job for people like him that doesn’t know if s*** rolls down hill.No reasonable company would hire idiots like him.These type make good Socialist.The are as worthless as teats on a boar !!! Better to be thought a dam fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Enough said.

  15. When I hear Swalwell,Pelosi or Adam Schiff Talk,the first thing I want to do is take a shower to wash all the filth off of me,these nut Jobs are lying through their teeth and it is obvious,they even know their lying,they just don’t give a rip as long as it gets them what they want,it is amazing to me how they operate,but it must work to a great extent,they don’t seem to have a problem deceiving their supporters who seem to be totally clueless.

  16. Typical Democrat. Gives lots of opinions stated as fact, but has nothing to back them up. In grade school don’t they call those kids ‘big mouth with little brain?’

  17. He needs to stick to surfing. He makes a fool of himself saying we have the evidence but it’s classified or some such nonsense.

  18. We need TERM LIMITS, so we the people are in control and keep these fools from the ultimate power and destruction of OUR GREAT COUNTRY THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. And BUILD THAT BIG BEAUTIFUL WALL NOW.


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