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Democrats: If Trump Gets Reelected, We’ll Just Impeach Him Again

In statements that say a multitude of things simultaneously, two House Democrats recently told the press that if President Trump defeats impeachment charges and win reelection next November…why, the Democrats can just impeach him again for something else entirely.

These remarks not only prove that the current impeachment process has nothing to do with what Trump said or did in regards to Ukraine, they prove that Democrats are willing to do anything to defy the will of the American people. They also say, in screaming bright neon letters, that voters need to think long and hard about giving the House majority to these weasels again.

In comments to TMZ, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) mused about how the Democrats might restart impeachment proceedings after the election.

“It might not be the same articles of impeachment, because the odds are we would have a ton more information. And then the odds of that, sadly enough, is that you know, he probably has other examples of criminal behavior,” she said.

Judging by Democrats’ view of what qualifies as “criminal behavior,” we don’t doubt the truth of that prediction.

“Even though we are impeaching him now, there’s still a number of court cases, there’s a ton of information that could come forward. For example, we could get his bank records and find out that he’s owned a hundred percent by the Russians,” Bass continued.

Sure. You might find out he’s an alien from the planet Zorbinaught, and therefore unqualified to be president. Why not state it as a fact right now, just so the American people will be primed to believe it?

In a recent interview, Rep. Al Green (D-TX) was similarly excited about the prospect of impeaching Trump again.

“The Constitution allows a president to be impeached more than once. If we impeach now, or at some time in the near future, for one issue that we clearly should, then we find later that the president has other issues that merit impeachment, we can impeach again. There is no limit on the number of times,” Green said, practically salivating.

Looking back over what we’ve written here, we realize that it reads like satire. It sounds like something The Onion or The Babylon Bee would come up with, that’s how idiotic it is. The sad thing is that it’s all true. This is how Democrats really think!

On the one hand, it’s hilarious. On the other…it’s downright scary.

What do you think?

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    • Is this the party that kept on accusing the GOP of being the party of “NO” and said that the GOP played partisan politics? Hmmmm!

    • No one will miss them when they are gone, but we must keep a few around so the youth stays educated an understands what liars, socialist and communist are truly about.

    • The ‘crats have flipped. We the People apparently no longer enjoy the constitutional right to vote for the candidate of our choice, but must vote for the candidate of THEIR choice. They have become evil – total lying tyrants. As Nervous Nancy said: “It is dangerous to allow voters to decide whether Trump remains in office”. Hmm. Democracy is dangerous, says this Marxist whore. Throw her out along with her entire party, America, or face the consequences.

      • Force, compulsion,intimidation, denial of rights and elimination /denial of other opinions are only simple signs of socialism,communism. Democrats are so ignorant, naive and deceived by propaganda they can’t figure it out……or worse, they can figure it out, and want USA to be like Venezuela, North Korea and China et. al. (or socialist paradises in Europe which have over 50% income tax plus payroll and excessive sales taxes to pay for it)…..But don’t worry Democrats…there are enough of us logical and educated conservatives left to protect you from your own poor judgments…..if not by elections, then by armed self defense if/when necessary.

    • They are worse than worthless! They are spending our money and wasting time when they should be doing something constructive.
      Hmmm! Now that I think of it maybe it is a good thing they seem to be preoccupied with impeachment. It is most likely keeping them from doing somethings that would be more destructive for our country.
      This stupid sentiment of impeaching again was previously expressed by Pelosi when she said that the Dems have been working on impeachment for two and a half years, The jackasses were planning impeachment before he even did anything.
      I guess that is no more outrageous than B.O, getting picked for the Nobel Peace Prize when he had only been in office for twelve days!!!

  1. They will just keep trying to impeach President Trump using the American tax payers to do so!! So much for having the best interest of the American people at hand…These people will again get nothing done because they are dead set on impeaching President Trump….Thank God for President Trump…Without him nothing at all would get done….Time to put the House back in the Republicans hands….Get rid of Pelosi…She has out stayed her welcome as have all the Democrats….My Lord they are pitiful….

  2. What makes these Democrats think they will even win the Congress again??? Plus what makes them think they will take over the Senate also??? I think that the citizens have had enough of these Democrats and their impeachment crap and the threatening of impeaching are president again has turned the voters against them!!!

    • Tom,
      The citizens have had enough, BUT after their last Presidential DEFEAT, the DEMOCOMMUNISTS have been furiously perfecting their “art” of rampant VOTER FRAUD, bribery, and cheating. Right here in COMMUNIST-RUN N.Y. “emperor” cuomo is letting incarcerated criminals VOTE, as well as NOW ORDERING the DMV clerks to issue driver’s licenses to ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that they will USE as “ID” to “vote”. (and IF they inform ICE they WILL be fired). Even though it is against FEDERAL LAW NOT to do so.
      “LAWS”, the U.S Constitution, Bill of rights, and their SWORN oath of office mean NOTHING to corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS like cuomo, that has “royally decreed” (as sel-appointed “emperor”) he will now openly ignore ALL of these as “HE” is the ONLY LAW in N.Y. State and will do as he pleases.
      Doesn’t matter much though, because in the last two election, ILLEGALS were not only “allowed” but ENCOURAGED to vote by “emperor” cuomo and “king” deblasio.

  3. President Trump will win in 2020 by a landslide; and if Dems still control the House and impeach him again, we, the people of the United States who elected him, will collect the names of millions upon millions of voters who voted for President Trump to demand that President Trump have a third term in Office. Dems have negated the votes and voting rights of Americans who voted for President Trump in 2016 by their impeachment scam. What they have done and are doing to impeach President Trump is unconstitutional, illegal, clearly unfair, and biased against President Trump and the American people. We will not allow this insanity to continue as under any circumstances.

  4. Hey Dems you can only impeach if you maintain control of the house and have 67 or more votes in the Senate to convict and remove Trump but as of right now it like the dems are going lose big time in 2020

  5. They are making a broad assumption they will hold the majority on the house. I believe we the people will impeach them district by district on election day.

  6. It will never be voted in again by the House. We Repulicians are on a mission to take the House and Senate majority in all the elections. Never will get as far as this impeachment lying hoax. You opened your mouths Dems to tell us you will never accept the citizens choice and will continue to waste the taxpayers money by doing nothing. Believe me, all of the United States citizens are sick of this completely. You are done and buried!!

  7. Again, this absolutely tells you everything you need to know about Demorats! To heel with that the common folk say as we are brighter and know better what is good for the uneducated and unenlightened masses!! So heed our warnings America. Do as we tell you to do or we will again try to through out your electoral decisions. If this isn’t enough to piss off the average American I don’t know what is. Arrogant pieces of excrement!!

  8. If you impeach POTUS Trump again, how about if we THROW you in prison as per the U.S. Constitution, CRIMES against the POTUS, TREASON and SEDITION? It sounds FAIR to LOCK you up in HANDCUFFS to a PRISON cell with YOUR name on it, awaiting TRIAL with the REST of the TREASONSTIC TRAITORS. POTUS Trump is INNOCENT of ALL Charges and you DEMOCRATS KNEW it. THEREFORE , you are guilty of doing an ILLEGAL coup. And, it doesn’t bother ME to watch you ROT in prison for the REST of your life. This reminds me of the STALISTIC RUSSIAN courts. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  9. THE WRONGFULLY NAMED DEMOCRATIC PARTY WHICH IS TRULY THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY OF AMERICA STILL DOES NOT REALIZE THEY ARE SELF-DESTRUCTING. THEIR MEMBERS ARE CONSDERING CHANGING PARTIES AND MANY MORE WILL FOLLOW. President Trump will have a Republican controlled congress next term and he can put America back on its Axis and off the corrupt,, swamp rat road the Socialis (Democrats and a few Repblicans) put us on.

  10. I still say the every demo in congress who voted for impeachment or call for impeachment be charged under the constitution for HIG CRIMES OF TREASON and face military court for TREASON/TERRORISM against the United States of America and we the people of this nation. ASAP

    TREASON under the constitution consist if DEATH either by hanging by their necks or face a firing squad.

  11. They will continue to try to impeach Trump ONLY if they retain the House. People are sick and tired of all of the impeachment bulls**t and want Congress to get back to the business of running the country. They have accomplished nothing and are fixated of ousting our duly-elected president with a coup so he won’t get reelected. What platform are Democrats runn9ing on for 2020 except to spend, tax, regulate, redistribute and Socialism. They have nothing and constant impeachment cries are wearing thin for even the Democrat base. At all costs defeat them and get them out of the House and watch the writhe and moan when a reelected Trump replaces Ginsberg and possibly one other with a couple of Constitutionalists.. I can hardly wait.

  12. How about not paying the House members who have played this dog and pony show since it started. In fact recover the money they accepted UNDER FALSE PRETENSES. After all they are pushing this with the ONLY proof that is “we think”! They were elected to work for America NOT TO TRY AND OVERTHROW THE REPUBLIC!!! How about trying them for failure to do their official jobs then jail time. Ripping off the American public by politicians should be a crime!

  13. …..and just what does this say about the commie dems? They don’t care if he is guilty of anything.. they don’t care that the country is in the best shape than it has been for years….. they don’t care that 63 million people disagree with them… all they care about is their personal hatred. not one of them should be allowed in our government. They do nothing but spew hatred all the time.. and none of it for the good of the people.. only themselves. What disgusting human beings!!

  14. The answer to this is to vote them all out and replace them with people who will actually do what’s best for our country – just like President Trump is doing!

  15. Who told the democRATS that they will control the house after the 2020 vote gets done, confident are you, with the democRATS attitude why would the citizens of the US put the democRATS back in power to waste more taxdollars on impeachment BS because that is what they are saying they will do if reelected control of the house, so citizens the way to stop this nonsense is just vote a straight republican ticket in 2020 and blow the democRATS out of the house and increase the majority in the senate, then maybe we will actually get something done besides watching democRATS waste taxpayers dollars and sit on their a**es in order to obstruct forward progress like get E-Verify passed, void chain migration and other necessary legislature approved, VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2020 get rid of as many democRATS as possible

  16. Be smart americans we need to vote republican and take back the house so this won’t happen again.Get the do nothing clowns out.President Trump will win in a landslide in 2020.God bless the USA and keep us ” The land of the free and the home of the brave”

  17. Trump won’t have to worry about the DemocRATS trying to impeach him again. They are going to lose the majority in the House and NONE OF THEM will be able to bring ANY charges to a vote. Can’t wait to hear them crying like babies after the 2020 election.

  18. What makes the democRATS think they will get a chance to impeach Trump if he is reelected in 2020, they are pretty confident yet if everyone that votes for Trump will vote a straight republican ticket the people of the US can knock the democRATS out of the house majority and a lot of the senate seats, this will save taxpayers from financing another impeachment BS by the democRATS, plus it will get congress moving in the right direction without the democRATS dragging their feet every step of the way

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