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GOP Kills Obamacare Mandate with Freedom-Restoring Tax Vote


Economists are divided as to whether the Republican Party’s big tax reform bill will be the economy-boosting goliath that they’re claiming it’s going to be or whether it will simply be a nice chunk of change for most of the country to enjoy for the next few years, but either way, there’s no denying that this bill accomplished at least one important task. Assuming that the elimination of the Obamacare individual mandate stays in the bill after House reconciliation, the GOP just went a long way towards restoring individual choice and overall liberty with Thursday night’s vote.

Amazingly enough, the Senate only eliminated the mandate because it would help them SAVE $350 billion and allow them to make further tax cuts. Now how does this make any sense? How can it be that ELIMINATING a tax actually restores billions of dollars in revenue? Can it be that President Obama and the Democrats were so incompetent that they were passing mandatory taxes that would actually cost the federal government money to implement?

Well, sort of. The deal is that by eliminating the mandate, approximately 15 million Americans will choose to let their insurance policies expire. Because they never wanted to buy health insurance in the first place and were only doing it because it made more sense than to simply throw hundreds of dollars at the IRS on April 15. But now that they’re free and clear to drop their policies, they probably will. This allows the government to save billions in subsidies that it would have otherwise had to hand to the insurance companies so those companies could afford to insure these individuals at – cough, cough – affordable rates. This is how the Obamacare scam worked…if you want to call a system that deranged “working.”

So anyway, the mandate is gone and now the government can save money. It sounds nonsensical, but that’s how it goes when you try to figure out the logic of Democrats. What’s important is not that we figure out how all of the moving parts of Obamacare work but that we now have the federal government slowly but surely easing its way out of the health insurance business.

The idea of forcing Americans to buy health insurance was a ludicrous, anti-freedom one to begin with, and it was always one of the most unpopular aspects of the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately for those who actually liked the law, it may have been a necessary one. Without that mandate, the death spiral is likely to spin into acceleration, finally delivering us from this terrible health law once and for all.

We may not have gotten that repeal and replace bill we wanted, but in their tax vote, the GOP went a long way towards eliminating Obamacare.


  • allenhip

    The plan would cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent; abolish the alternative minimum tax; collapse the seven income tax brackets, ranging from 10 percent to 39.6 percent, to three (12 percent, 25 percent and 35 percent); increase the standard deduction but eliminate exemptions; eliminate most itemized deductions except for mortgage interest and charitable giving; increase the child tax credit; and abolish the estate tax.

    Understanding the 2018 new tax plan should it pass in its current form:

    Current tax 2017 tax chart

    For the record I now get a tax increase to 25% from a 21% bracket.

    So what happens to corporations in the 35% bracket in 2017 and been paying between 12% to 15% this year and next year goes to 20%. Does mean that will be paying closer to 10%?

    Will this blow up the US debt to a point where the US dollar collapses and we have double-digit inflation again. Could we see the International Money Fund IMF drop the US dollar as the world trading currency?
    What will happen to our markets?


    • bob

      What will happen to me & millions of other taxpayers who are NOT in the high tax brackets .
      My wife & I will get a doubling of the standard deductions as we file jointly ( from $ 12,600 to $25,200.) We live in AZ. & our state & property taxes, along with the other deductions we could take, wasn’t over the standard amount, even when we tried to itemize.
      They are millions like us who don’t live in HIGH tax states like NY or Calif. We used to live in NY State ( Syracuse ) & moved out 20 years ago because of the high taxes & crappy weather.
      If high salaried people want to live in high taxed states, that’s their decision. Why don’t they bitch to their state & local governments to reduce he HIGH taxes they face there?
      Isn’t it the liberal Democrats that always said ” the rich don’t pay their free share”.
      Well if you live in those high taxed states & the state & property taxes are eliminated on your federal returns, YOU WIL PAY MORE. So cheer up liberals, you got your wise.
      And the debt? Where the hell was all the complaining over the Obama 8 years when the debt INCREASED by about 9 TRILLION dollars? Nobody in government seemed to be to concerned then. WHY NOT ?
      Maybe it’s time the old ” KICK the can down the road government ” has kicked it into a wall & CAN’T get “around, over or under it “,& FINALLY has to faced the issue.
      That’s what we pay these fu*king MORONS for, to SOLVE problems, NOT CREATE more of them.

      • gvette

        I lived 25 miles north of you. Fulton NY. Trust me. Andy will keep the taxes high in NY.

        • Dee

          More of you need to move out of New York and other joke states . That would make these morons take another look at Their policies .

          • Junius Graham

            The only problem with, these people from the Blue States, move to the Red States and demand the same things they just left. Ignorance is doing the same things expecting a different result! Maybe if they could just erase their ideas from their home states they
            would be Happier and so would everyone else.

          • rapunzel972

            I agree. I live in a Red State & see companies from a Blue State transferring in (large corporations). I dread to see our next election results.

          • ATTPIAinFL

            Agree..and that’s exactly how “socialism” DOESN’T work. Liberals expect everybody but themselves to suffer under their socialistic ideology and when their insane ideology begins to render insurmountable difficulties, they pack up & move (along WITH their liberal ideologies) to a non-socialistic region then attempt to convert their newly adopted region to …. socialism! Yep, liberals are very much like the “refugees who invade other nations”!

      • Dealerdeb1

        The states that have High Taxes are ALL Democrat ALL and they are taxed to the max because of corruption and their “progressive” programs, including taxing our property to fund ILLEGALS in our schools and welfare programs

  • My country

    This reminds me of cigarettes.Cigarettes was the governments cash cow , It brought in millions of dollars .When everybody jumped on that band wagon they soon found how that something else they loved was going to get taxed at a bigger rate .Obamacare should have never had that mandate .Our constitution says that they could not tax us on insurance by making it a law to have and the IRS collect the money . Justice Roberts was the vote that made it so .That ended the way people felt about him.Well here we are again they said they would not have taken those millions away if they didn’t have a way of getting that money back . They didn’t do it to help Americans . Millions of Americans still have no jobs and we are still keeping up half the world .Here’s a thought send the. Illegals back to their country and then get the budget back to a decent place . As for as this new tax bill at least they are working which is something they haven’t done for years .

    • allenhip

      Remember The Bush 2001 tax cuts which was the largest cuts since the end of World War II. Look what happened. Households incomes fell like a rock and trillions was added to our national deficit. What makes you think this is going to create jobs as history has shown just the opposite.

      Their is real possibility that we are living in a stock market bubble. Whatever happened to the deficit hawks in the Republican Party. I believe this is just a giveaway to the wealthiest people in the country.

      We can’t keep spending more money then we take in without creating a major crisis in the not to distant future. Its nice to see the Trump’s family could get a $23 million tax cut and an additional $4 Billion estate tax cut as well.


      • Homerj

        ignorance is not sexy. Bush tax cuts added TRILLIONS to the deficit. Libtards are pathetic.

        • Dealerdeb1

          They shouldn’t be in the student loan business either but they are with the iRS handling the strong arm collections RUINING people before they get started. The interest is higher than car loan interest AND it is compounded daily so it take 40 years to pay off.ANYTHING the DEMS Propose is all about taxing everyone more

          • Bdog

            The republicans… doubled the student loan rate.

      • rridgsr

        Sorry about that but Reagan had the tax cut way after World War ll and it went great Good try but what did we expect from a Democrat liar ?

        • gvette

          LOL…DemonRATS can’t think for themselves. They rely on their DemonRAT talking points. That’s why they look dumb all the time!

          • Jackbat

            That’s why I call them Dumbassrats!!

        • Kathryn Jordan

          If we could resurrect Reagan, maybe he could give Trump ideas on what Reagan did with a tax cut. Jobs were plenty when Reagan was president. Now they are not, WE fan that George W. Bush for that.

        • Kathryn Jordan

          the trickle down theory never works. Every Republican president who used this formula failed at bringing jobs to America. George W. was great at outsourcing jobs to other countries.

      • markypolo

        You must work for the Government or the educational system. Or perhaps not work at all. Why else would you be against TAX cuts???? Fukking idiot.
        FYI: If you LOVE taxes, no one is going to stop you from paying them!

        • allenhip

          I’m not against TAX CUTS providing they don’t take monies out of programs that feed babies, children and seniors. Cut programs that save American lives like in healthcare, Medicare to pay for them.

          We are in a Technology war with the rest of the world and we need to improve our education system NOT by cutting funding for them. One thing for sure we do not want to INCREASE THE DEFICIT like this tax cut will.

          PS I’m not working for the Government or the school system, the only time I was working for the government was when I was in the US NAVY defending our way of life.

    • Kevin S

      The attack on the tobacco companies has absolutely nothing to do with public health concerns. The international Oligarchs actually want human population reduction (total:500 million world-wide). So, tobacco use actually serves their agenda. The war against the tobacco companies is a direct result of none of the tobacco companies giving campaign contributions to the Clinton / Gore election campaigns during the Slick Willie / Goofy Gore Regime.
      Think about it – would you give a knife to someone you definitely know will stab you in the heart with it?
      Neither would I…

      • My country

        Think about what I wrote .The article is about them voting down the mandate .And it said they would not have voted to remove it if they didn’t have another tax to take its place .,Its just a scenario of the way they don’t give up any cash cow without having something else to take its place .Americans never really win on anything they do . My comment was not about weather tobacco is good or bad . And yes tobacco companies were done that way because they refused to grease their palms anymore . The swamp uses everything and everybody .Its time Americans stood up and showed these idiots that we are the government and they do not rule over Americans .

  • Dan

    I hear many people complain about the breaks this gives large companies which results in a rising stock market. Many non health insurance companies (home and vehicle) base their rate on what they earn with the money we pay in . I’ve heard this also from a friend in the car and home insurance business. While many of us never get anything but peace of mind from these many companies pay millions in damages (think this summer with storm damage and also in frivolous law suits ( I spilled coffee on myself and got burnt ). If business is good and markets rise we all benefit one way or another.

    • Dealerdeb1

      Common sense is NOT a strong point of Dems

  • boone1

    The government should never have been in the health insurance business anyway.

    • Jackbat

      Oh so true, but that’s a Dumbassrat for you !!

    • Bdog

      Although.,.. the government DOES take care of millions of veterans, elderly, sick, disabled. Health ‘insurance’ shouldn’t even exist. Health “Care”…. should.

  • george briar

    Obamacare right from the start was stupid idea and ridiculous just like the asshole it was named after. This country would be better off if neither ever happened. Both were meant to fail but that’s just democrat philosophy and brainstorming so don’t try to understand it that’s not possible.

    • Dealerdeb1

      IT was a PLOY to be made to fail so a Complete takeover in Single Payer would make us slaves

    • Bdog

      It was called the ‘Affordable Care Act”… and was written by republicans. But, then again, I don’t suppose facts matter.

      • John Cherish

        If it was written by republicans why is it that not a single one voted for it? Or did you conveniently forget about Joohnathan Gruber a democrat who was the primary architect of the law. He said ” the “stupidity of the American voter” helped pass the law ” seems your facts are not facts but lies. as an afterthought I have no time to argue with idiots so you are blocked

        • Bdog

          Arrogant Coward (John Cherish). Gruber also finished his statement by saying, “But I’d rather have this law than not.” Gruber put this version together, but it was adopted from what was know as ‘Romney Care”… and originated from a Heritage Foundation conference in 1989. it seems you’re the idiot!

  • apzzyk

    Goody – when this takes effect, over 20 million Americans (including Trumpites) will have the freedom to die from treatable diseases and other disorders. Body bags will be available at your local USPS – if there still is a local USPS. Just leave the bodies on the curb and when they start smelling someone will haul them away.

    • Junius Graham

      What you are describing was already happening as designed by Obama.

  • cg

    Music to my ears…Thank you.

  • Kevin S

    Since when did the Demon-crats ever care one whit about personal freedom? The Demon-crats only believe in one freedom – the choice of worshipping Josef Stalin as the Messiah, or Mao Zedong in the same role.

  • Terry

    Obamacare forced people to buy Insurance they couldn’t afford to use with deductibles for the year so high that they would bankrupt you before insurance Co. started to pay anything . Obamacare screwed everyone not on welfare .

  • apzzyk

    this is really good because it will give about 20 million Americans the freedom to die because they have no health insurance, and give the other deep pocket in the government the freedom to pay for more ER visits when the uninsured show up because the little problem that they had two days ago has become a big medical problem. Then, for those who can afford insurance, it will give them the freedom to pay more for their insurance. I am a 100% disabled vet and now I have the freedom to have to wait for a couple of months to get an appointment with my primary care doctor, for a referral to see a specialist if such a person still exists in the district. We who live in the Denver VA area, have had the freedom to wait for 20 years for the completion of the new VAMC, and the freedom to suicide because we can’t get appointments for Mental Health needs. Isn’t freedom wonderful for those few that can enjoy it?

    • John Cherish

      In all reality Health insurance didn’t have to be this costly, The factors involved are the high cost of mal-practice insurance for hospitals and doctors. The high cost the pharmaceuticals charge for medicines coupled with the price the hospitals charge for those. For example why does a single Tylenol pill cost $10.00 in a hospital and a bottle of 100 cost the same on the street. Health care could be better if the lawyers, pharmaceutical companies, and Hospitals and doctors weren’t so damn greedy. Then you have the schools to factor in what it costs to be educated as a doctor is obscene and the doctors are squeezed to pay off the high tuition loans they borrowed to become doctors. And finally you have the never ending bureaucracy from the government and insurance companies driving up costs. This is what needs to be fixed. We need to get the insurance companies out from being the middlemen between the Patient and the doctors and we need to get the government out of the regulations bureaucracy The insurance forms bureaucracy needs to be eliminated entirely

      • apzzyk

        With pharmaceuticals, we are the only Western nation not to have price controls on prescription medications,which is why many people have gone the illegal route and gotten theirs from Canadian Pharmacies. Then we have the supply chain problems, of too many steps with each step having to make a profit. I got my BS in 1966 and MS in 1968, and with either I could have gone to med school at the University of CO, where the tuition was about $2,500/yr which I could not afford, so I went the academic route with assistanships, while classmates went on to med school, and at that time, even borrowing all of the costs of 3 years of med school, a new basic doctor would graduate with maybe $75K in debt, spread out over 20 years, so $5K a year, now a new Dr. graduates with $500K in student debt where the interest is higher than the interest on my home (VA insured), which this being at about 9%, and my home loan at $3.5 – One of Trumps first actions was to have the federal government pay the interest on med school debt. In the 1950’s and 60’s there were all of these religious affiliated, and non profit hospitals is Denver, which were being bought up by private sector companies – Hospital Corp of America, etc. – so they had to pay property taxes and make a profit, so the loss center of ER’s went away, their 2 year RN programs went away – where the student nurses got free rm and board, and were on the bed pan brigade, but they agreed to lower pay because of their educations – so the costs of nurses went up with a shortage of nurses because the public schools of nursing could not grow fast enough – new nurses are still right next to teachers for being the lowest paid college grads. We are the only western country with Health Insurance companies – there is at least a 10% profit, plus the administrative costs of processing a claim – all claim forms are intentionally different to justify the costs, so with the supply chain containing at least 4 steps, at least half of the cost of health care is at least 50% higher than it could be with a single payer system. When I went to Ph.D. School in Canada, there was a public U for doctors – no tuition with a living allowance, so no debt. My daughter was about 2-3 with the usual ear aches, etc. and with her Landed Immigrant card any doctor would do, and no cost of meds at the Pharm. In the US, the hospital pharms have to be staffed 24/7 so the cost of the aspirin includes the cost of the pharmacist. In Canada, not all hospitals felt that they had to have such things as MRI’s, so when this became an issue about 25 years ago with delays in getting MRI’s in Canada, just in the 10 mile radius between Durham, NC and Chapel Hill – both with med schools and Durham with a VAMC – there were a total of 7 or 8 MRI’s all of which had to be staffed 24/7, so come in with a hang naiil and get an MRI – too much equipment for the actual demand. One hospital in the area could have had a 24/7 MRI and all could have used it with no real risk to life. I worked at Clinical Trials at Glaxo

      • bob

        I know people who see a doctor & when asked ” do you have insurance to pay ” have said NO, I’ll pay CASH, & have been treated at a LOWER cost than what
        the procedure would have cost through insurance.

    • bob

      Health INSURANCE & health CARE are two different things. I know people who have the
      ” insurance ” BUT with the high deductibles CAN’T afford to go to the doctors unless it’s an emergency, do to the ” out-of-pocket deductibles ” that are enormous & must be met before the ” insurance kicks in “.
      You mention the 20 million that had the freedom to die because they had no health insurance. What did they do 15 or 20 years ago? The “uninsured ” went to ER rooms or other medical facilities & if they couldn’t pay, still got treated. They didn’t get turned out into the streets to die. Yes taxpayers paid in the long run, but taxpayers are paying now in the form of subsidies to those who can’t afford the cost of the premiums. So either way taxpayers get stuck BUT you didn’t have to have something you may not have wanted are PENALIZED because the government mandates you HAVE TO.

      • apzzyk

        The reason for the ACA was to at least give everyone basic access to health care, but what it turned out to be was another source of income to insurance companies, with the addition of making them actually have to pay for the the claims> insurance companies are in the business for the profit not to provide a needed public service. According to basic Capitalism, the basic premise is that if something needs to be done, the private sector will do it. What is left off of this is the little clause “if there is a profit”. I think that there are some things that should not be profitable. There should not be a profit associated with the military and national defense or homeland security – we do not want someone out there looking at profit over this essential service, but there really is. Eisenhower called it ‘the military – industrial complex’. As our military works, is that the defense contractors make a good profit on what they make for the military, but they do. I worked at a Nuclear weapons plant where the primary contractor was Rockwell international, with only a very few government employees on site – our security was provided by the US Marshalls Service, and there were a few Department of Energy employees who just monitored the operations, so Rockwell made a good profit which added to the cost of nuclear weapons – if all of the employees at the plant, including me, would have been government employees, the costs would have been about half of what they were, but that would have been ‘big gumment’ (Readan). The way that most of our government works is that the government collects the taxes, and then hires contractors to do the actual work. When the Constitution was written, medicine was really not much – for some reason, the barber was also the surgeon. With the advances in medicine over the past 250 years, and the fact that communicable diseases could wipe out most of the population in just weeks, the delivery of medical care should be one of those important functions of government, and care should be provided for all with no out of pocket costs to the individual.
        If we look at our current supply chain medicine. The doctors have to be paid, and with the high cost of medical education, they have student debt with comparatively high interest given that it is mostly insured by the Federal Government, the patient gets charged at least 20% more than it would have cost with free medical care, and the providers on a salary – as they are with the VA and Public Health Service – the providers for these as well as the Military, get their medical educations paid for by the taxpayers up front in exchange for a number of years of service. My VA doctor was a Captain in the Army – a veterinarian – who then got his medical education from the military, and after serving his time in the military, he had time left to serve so he is on salary at the VA. A specialist, graduated from Anapolis, went onto med school and then got trained in a specaiialty at govt expense, and completed his service obligation with time left so he retired from the VA a year or so ago. In the 14th Amendment my veterans pension was made a contitutional right, but the healthcare funding, which began in about 1937, with the creation of the VA, is funded annually, and for about the past 15 years, during this period of saving the taxpayers money, has gotten to the point where it is almost worthless. We vets would have been far better off under the ACA than we were under VA healthcare. 5 years ago I saw the start of macular degeneration and reported that to the VA, and by the time I was finally seen for a diagnosis I was nearly blind the that eye. On the ACA, I could have been treated at the appearance of the first symptoms. 30 years ago there was no treament for this, but there has been, but not the time needed to train the VA specialists – now with an aging population the VA in CO finally has a specialist. I have a malpractice suit against the government that will cost the tax payers far more than it would have if I would have had the ACA 5 years ago.
        During Rome, the Roman Legions were actually for profit private armies. They made their profit by conquering territories, levying taxes on the people there and taking people into slavery. The members of the legions were mostly slaves from different parts of the empire, whose families were essentially held hostage while they served in a legion in another part of the empire. One of the exutives of one of the Koch Bros empire is on the commission that is looking at what became a scandal 5 years ago, and the reason that it has not become a part of Koch Enerpirses is because of lack of profit. However, when we mention the single payer system, where all government healthcare would be covered, all we get is shit about the great evil of ‘Socialized Medicine’ even though right now the government already pays, and will continue to pay for about 2/3 or even more of all healthcare in the US. At the ER, they have to take whoever shows up and treat them until they can be safely discharged,so the taxpayers wind up paying for most ER visits as a level that is without profit, where the insurance companies pay more to cover the lack of other profit, which means that the taxpayers pay for it anyway, because in that case a patient is also a taxpayer. With the ACA you might have lost your personal physician, but you got replacement so that illnesses could be diagnosed and treated earlier than if you had waited. About 10 years ago I woke up on a Sat AM not felling very well, and started having chills about noon and finally went to the ER, which I was trying to avoid because of my attempt to save the taxpayers money because the nearest VA ER was about 40 miles away. I spent 6 days in the ICU, another week in the hospital and then a month in rehab (learning how to walk again) because I had tried to save the taxpayers money. The copies of the bills that I got showed that it cost the taxpayers about $250K, my cousin, also a Disabled vet, went earlier a week later, and came back with meds with the only cost to the taxpayers of the ER bill. If the 14th Amendment had been changed after WWII to include healthcare as a benefit to disabled vets, I probably would not be blind today. A friend’s wife, who was a flight attendant on the Detroit to Bejing route when she retired, could have brought whatever she caught there into the US and depending on what it was could have lead to the deaths of thousands. She was lucky – that passenger may have landed yesterday, and without health insurance might have delayed the visit to the ER too long. A couple of years ago there was a visitor to Disneyland who had measules and the first case was not detected until a week later, and that killed many people who had not been vacinated. I got my small pox vaccine at least twice, but I am 78, and none of my grand kids have any immunity. With the scare a few years ago and the division of our remaining supply, which the russians also have, the research done by one of my College Room mates who worked at the biologial warfare center at Ft. Detrick Md about 50 years ago, we are just one person, and probably not an illegal from having a major epidemic so early detection is best. Now a big part of our national defense should be the protection against illnesses.
        If we imposed a blanket 1% tax on all incomes, regardless of source, we could have a real national health care system, with better care for all at a lower national price. But that would be a transfer of wealth from the top to the bottom and would be considered evil not capitalism or privatization. It was my job in the USMC to protect the people of the US from all enemies, foreign and domestic, but where are the people to take care of me now that I need it? My major enemy now are the greedy who don’t pay taxes – Trump?

        • bob

          Is that a cat sitting on your head?

  • joe joe

    Shit was hoping it said obamas!