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Illegal Immigrant Births Cost U.S. More Than Trump’s Wall Funding

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, U.S. taxpayers are shelling out more money to cover the costs of illegal immigrants popping out babies in the United States than Congress is willing to spend on President Trump’s promised border wall. The shocking comparison was discovered and reported this week after CIS did a deep-dive on Census Bureau data from 2014. As reported by the Washington Examiner, the numbers show that while the U.S. is spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.4 billion a year to facilitate the birth of anchor babies in this country, Congress could only manage to give Trump a measly $1.6 billion to start construction on the wall.

From the Examiner:

The Center for Immigration Studies report also put a price on the likely Medicaid bill for childbirth and early care to illegal and legal immigrants combined, at $5.3 billion. That is one-fifth the total cost of building the border wall.

A national debate over wall funding is set for after the election and could result in a partial government shutdown if Trump doesn’t get more than the Senate’s $1.6 billion.

Technically, illegal immigrants are not eligible for welfare services. But the report explained, “Medicaid will pay for a delivery in almost all cases if the mother is uninsured or has a low income, though some mothers without insurance may not even realize the program has paid health care providers. Illegal immigrants and most new legal immigrants are ineligible for Medicaid, but the program will still cover the cost of delivery and post-partum care for these mothers for at least a few months.”

That part of the analysis is shocking in and of itself. Oh, welfare? Illegal immigrants can’t get that. Oh, Medicaid? Illegals aren’t eligible for that. But…yeah, welfare and Medicaid kick in for this problem or that problem. No biggie. It’s just taxpayer money going to pay for people who aren’t citizens, who broke our laws, and who don’t actually belong in this country. You want to what? Build a wall?? What a waste of money!!

CIS Research Director Steven Camarota told the Examiner, “Paying for so many births to immigrant mothers may make sense, but the large share who can’t provide for themselves without the help of American taxpayers raises the question of whether our current immigration system makes sense.”

Yeah, it raises some questions, all right. Like: When is Congress going to get the lead out and fund the wall that 60 million Americans voted to build?

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  1. I think this finding should be published in every major newspaper and broadcast on every major TV station. The majority of Americans think illegals do not get welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, WIC or any other kind of free service. Most don’t understand once they have a child the child is entitled to everything, and the parent is the one who controls the benefits the child gets. This news may shock US citizens who think there’s nothing wrong with illegal immigration, especially the older citizens who are losing benefits due to illegals drawing on accounts that were set aside for our senior citizens.

    • problem #1…these people feel entitled…..problem #2 democrats get a HUGE number of votes from people on the ‘FREE TRAIN”. why else would they want Open Borders??? Liberals are sinking AMERICA

  2. Illegal! They should get NOTHING!! Easy solution. DON’T PAY!! As soon as they show up at a medical facility,they should be reported to immigration. Pick them up,put them in back of a tractor trailer with a peanut butter sandwich & bottle of water and hall them to the border. Americans should protest & picket medics facilities that treat these little
    whores and their bastards.

    • I agree! It is ruining our country. My biggest question is why haven’t they secured the borders long ago so that they can’t get in here?

  3. Deportation, which seems never considered, could be a viable approach, were it utilized, which seems not to bethe case, that is deportation is seldom usd. WHY, one wonders.

  4. Know what? I’m among the older people that has no telling how many generations lived in American. All it would take for those well educated politicians to use their head and count the cost of illegals being taken care of here in American. Politicians have stole from us old people until there is no money for us that worked and pulled a cotton sack on out shoulder at 5 years old and put a hoe in our hand to get the weeds out of the fields at 8 years old to work like an adult. I have been working for 73 years and I am still working because we can’t live on what the government allows us to have. No , what should be our income , goes to the politicians and thieves from other countries and baby makers whether it be man or woman. They are both into making babies.

  5. The bad the Point is that the Democrats know this problem but they need the votes that’s all they care about is not about America is about screwing us America and making us pay the taxes for immigrants that don’t belong here illegally that’s breaking the law that’s not good for tax payers we are being brainwashed.Trump knows the truth And he’s doing something about it and Democrats are twisting this because they don’t like trump meanwhile we are screw.please vote right we are paying the price don’t be blinded remember God appointed Donald Trump to be president. And Americans voted for him. Shame of a lot of these preachers the Bible says pray for our leaders. What Bible you’re reading. Remember god is going to say I loved you but I never knew you.


  7. Stop birthright citizenship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revoke all citizenships from people who have not turned 18 or 21 years old. Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Waiting on the RED WAVE to get those votes to build the WALL!! Get out to vote on Nov. 6th. It is vital to our country unless you enjoy paying for illegal’s illegitimate births.

  9. Perhaps we would be further ahead paying for the males to get vasectomy’s at the same time their baby is being born. And a cost saving measure for that could be no anesthesia for the operation

  10. Stop the monies to the ILLEGALS and put it toward the wall and our own veterans and seniors and when the ILLEGALS FIND OUT THAT THEY WILL NOT GET ALL THE FREE CARE AND MONIES they will have no REASON to come here. EXCEPT TO BE PUT IN JAIL.

  11. BOTH political parties want illegals here for various reasons, do not expect and big changes soon. Probably never. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws while American citizens set on their apathetic rear ends and did nothing ! We are now paying the price for doing nothing and the worst is yet to come. Trump is trying to keep his campaign promises on immigration but our elected officials are fighting him ever inch of the way. He is in this virtually alone. We have probably already passed the point of no return,

  12. I understand we have military equipment being stored,doing nothing. Why can’t we
    Line the border with this equipment. Let it be known that these people will be
    considered invaders committing an act of war. Shoot a few of them and they will
    get the message. I’ sure there are America citizens who would be willing to protect
    our borders free of charge. Don’t let them cross the border!!! If they do make them

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