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Investigation Nation: Democrats to Turn Washington Into a Circus

With Robert Mueller dragging his feet in the hopes that he can come up with something tangentially related to Russian collusion before finally being forced to type out his pathetic report, House Democrats are gearing up to turn Washington into an absolute circus of investigations for the next two years. According to a new feature story from Politico, Democrats – now in charge of the major oversight committees in the House – are vowing to track down everything from Trump Hotel’s receipts to the president’s tax returns. The era of Presidential Harassment is upon us, and it’s not going to be pretty.

From Politico:

The threat of subpoenas, investigations and oversight hearings will dominate the new House Democratic majority agenda, targeting the White House’s most controversial policies and personnel, spanning immigration, the environment, trade and of course, the biggest question of them all: Russian collusion.

“Over the last two years President Trump set the tone from the top in his administration that behaving ethically and complying with the law is optional,” House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings said. “We’re better than that.”

“I joked for a while — but it’s not funny anymore — I said we’re going to have to build an air traffic control tower to keep track of all the subpoenas flying from here to the White House,” said Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.), chairman of the House Budget Committee. “So yeah, it could be brutal.”

Rather than make some rudimentary steps towards governing, the Democrats are planning on opening up investigations into a host of questionable areas including: The appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General, the “gross abuses” of Interior Department chief Ryan Zinke and former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s decision to roll back Obama’s campus sexual assault policies, the zero-tolerance detention policy at the border, something they are referring to as the “sabotage” of Obamacare, and more.

To show you how far they’re willing to take this investigatory overload, just get a load of this:

House Agriculture Democrats led by Collin Peterson could review a proposed rule that would more strictly enforce existing work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps. The proposal, which Democrats fiercely oppose, would drop more than 750,000 people from the program over three years.

Rules Chairman Jim McGovern (D-Mass.), a leading food stamps defender on Capitol Hill, also promised he’d give the administration “one hell of a fight” if it proceeds with the proposed rule.

They’re actually going to initiate a congressional investigation over whether or not the administration is allowed to pair work requirements to food stamps. Really. Really?

Well, this is apparently what Democrat voters want to see their representatives doing. No wonder the leadership doesn’t want to come off the $5 billion we need for the wall. They’re planning on flushing that tax money straight down the toilet.

What do you think?

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  2. . I was going to work and stopped at Winco’s in Hemet to get a snack, it was about 745AM and there was one person at the cash register ahead of me. There was a problem they had 525.00 dollars in food stamps and the bill was over that and they were going to be paid in cash and the clerk did not know how to proceed another cashier came over and said she would help me. I said 525.00 was a lot of money and she said she has had one over 900.00 dollars. I was going to my car and I saw the people putting their groceries in a double axle, four door brand new ford truck with a stell cover. The truck had to cost over 65K. How in the world did they get on food stamps. I believe if people are on food stamps and they are healthy they should be put to work cleaning the That is why socialism never works. There are to many free loaders

    • Now you know why ILLEGAL ALIENS are #1 , allowed to vote and #2 , why They vote for the FREE LUNCH the democrat “RATS” steal from american citizen to give to Them.
      BUILD THE DAMNED WALL 30 FEET TALL—with the Army Corp of Engineers/NOW.

    • I have asked that question many times myself. I am permanently disabled, unable to work and live in government subsidized housing. I am surrounded by these people. I see them cart in trunk loads of groceries every month. They all dress in newer clothes and their vehicles (more often than not SUV’s) are definitely newer than my 2011 compact car. I live off of $750 per month in social security disability but if I were an immigrant I would be getting almost $1,500 per month, free rent, the full allotment in food stamps and free healthcare. It pathetic and appalling!

  3. Well, here they couldn’t get enough going on our president. Actually absolutely NOTHING!!! Now it is going to be let us see if we can get an little thing going. You think it is time President Trump to start releasing the charges on the severe criminals and not let them step foot in our country again. As much as the severity of crime they have committed and plenty of crime.Not a payback. It is you broke the law and commit treason. Cover up Bengazhi. Well, I am not going to type it all out. I am sure there is more our president knows that we don’t. It makes me sick to think about it.There is and can be only ONE reason the Democrats are trying to find something and by this time any little thing, is FEAR. If you think about it why is the underground working so hard? Something is up and they are scared as hell. There can not be any other reason.

  4. I don’t think circus is the correct word for what the Democrats are doing in Washington. It appears to be more of a well planned, long term attempt to overthrow a sitting President. As inept, unlawful and pathetic as it is, so far it has been somewhat effective. They did have enough low information voters to take back the House and if their plan for even more massive illegal colonization continues on they may well succeed. I’m not taking any bets either way as to how this turns out, it maybe neither side wins and we end up belong to another nation. We live in some interesting and dangerous times, much of it pushed along by the current two political we presently have. Our nation has been sold out by many in both political parties who have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes.

  5. circus is the wrong word, d.c. is more like the county fair freak show ,i’d like to know when they are going to put their perverted ideas to bed and start running the country like they got elected to do , if i want to watch a bunch of children fighting i’ll open up a daycare center , because these idiots in d.c. sure ain’t grown ups

  6. These Democrats or whatever they are, traitors? They need to be done away with. They do not work for the good of this country.

  7. I like Trump’s strategy. Keep the Democrat House of Reps busy investigating him for two years, veto every bill they produce, and they won’t be able to harm America before Republicans take over again in 2020.

  8. The president needs to put the Democrats on the spot by asking for if not a wall then they need to pass his immigration policies and laws and add a passing a law that takes all benefits of any kind of welfare to illegals away and to end all states sanctuary cities and states once and for all and that means all illegals that are getting these benefits of any kind today should be stopped, and a new law for legal immigrants should be passed to remove anyone that has been collecting welfare for more than 3 months!!! For they are not here to be on welfare all their lives, they need to contribute to our country by getting a job for this is the American way of life for all our citizens, and even American citizens that have been here all their lives should be removed from our welfare rolls also that are cheating our government by fraud!!!! Only the disabled should be collecting welfare not perfectly able bodies!!!! I will bet you that the Democrats will also reject this offer and give us all BS lip service on why!!! I would hope that the citizens of our country can see the real reasons that these Democrats are fighting so hard to not protect our borders and to not fix our weak immigration laws , for no security and no fixing immigration laws keeps their cash cow alive and their getting cartel money to keep flowing into their pockets!!! This whole thing for the Democrats is all about votes and power and money and that is the whole truth!!!!

  9. Democrats in our government used to be correctly referred to as a circus but I think that since Donald J. Trump was SELECTED and ELECTED as OUR POTUS the Democrats have created a CRISIS. The very existence and sovereignty of America is at stake. We must all join together to stop the Democrats from the disruptive criteria they have chosen to carry out in order to stop every move our President had made in restoring the America that WE, the People want for ourselves and the future of our children and grandchildren. It is not fair that the persons coming into our country illegally are offered all the amenities that WE have worked for, just so the Democrats can garner more votes in order to maintain the POWER they crave. During the introduction of Obamacare in 2010 we lost our business, home, vehicles, cash on hand, savings/investments meant to support business growth and our grandchild’s college funding. We had to sell the home that was built by the best contractor we could find, my father. My husband had just purchased a new Semi-truck for our business and his dream pick-up truck for his us. Then the mandates and regulations of the ACA reached out to steal all that we had worked to achieve. We tried to get help but those that we reached out to were either too frighten to rock Obama’s boat or were Democrats sailing along aboard Obama’s boat, collecting as many businesses as they could in their search and destroy plans. Today we live a very limited life style on a very limited income and we see more and more people living like royalty who are here illegally. How many are aware that if they or I have a critical medical emergency and go to the ER, I will be put behind an illegal or Welfare/Medicaid recipient because they have priority status. Why? Because these people are the ones more apt to bring a law suite which they will win because ambulance chasers, aka Attorneys, are waiting around with their business cards to hand out to all disgruntled Welfare/Medicaid Americans and illegals. We were never able to recover any of our money so now it is time for our grandchild to start applying to colleges, knowing that we can longer offer any assistance in the cost. Since we are ‘white, everyday American citizens with no resources’ there are no scholarships available to make college a reality. So yes, the Democrats have turned their circus into a crisis for regular folk like us.

  10. Cummings is a perfect example of lack of ethics and morality. He needs to follow the good example of Trump taking no money and doing the right thing. Cummings is an example of having incomprehension of the fact Hillary was a bad candidate and lost. He also thinks he is living 50 years ago and a great civil right leader rather than a has been anti American Obstructionist.

  11. All we can really do is stand behind our President, give him lots of support and use our vote to help him in 2020. All of us are capable of those three things. If we all were to do them it is possible to make change for the better.

  12. packs of jackals and ‘jack-A**es” is the sum total of the left-lib-loonAcrats mentalities and actions these days.
    wife of RET/DAV/USA

    • I wonder if schumer and Pelosi could use their leadership qualities(?) and lead dumbs+* democrats into the oceans. Pelosi take the west and schummer take the east. That would be fair.

  13. every time that i see elija cummings with his finger in the air the country is getting ready to get screwed. this bald-headed turd has no concept of a fair and balanced hearing .if he starts loosing discussion he starts screaming RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND THE VOLUME OF BULLSHIT IS BOUND TO EXCEDE THE SAFE LIMITS FOR COMMON SENSE..

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