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Lawyer: There’s Nothing Impeachable in Trump’s Call to Ukraine

House Democrats appear to be in full-steam-ahead mode as they pursue the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump. While Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler (two-thirds of which were pretty gung-ho about impeachment even before the Ukraine scandal erupted) are really excited about finally appeasing their rabid liberal Resistance base of voters, they have lied repeatedly to the American public about the strength of their case.

In an excellent analysis of how far off the mark that case is, former defense lawyer and longtime legal expert Gregg Jarrett penned an op-ed for Fox News explaining why the Democrats, in trying to impeach Trump over that infamous call with the Ukrainian president, are stretching the Constitution well beyond the breaking point.

From the column:

With a shove from the chronically vapid Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., Pelosi and her confederates have now settled on the most implausible of all their impeachment schemes peddled during Trump’s presidency – that his conversation with Ukraine’s president somehow constitutes an impeachable offense. It does not. Not even close.

Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution defines the basis for impeachment as an act of “treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Anything less than that is not an impeachable offense. Were it otherwise, those who authored that esteemed document would have so stated.

Later, Jarrett acknowledges that even though the criminal justice division of the DOJ concluded that President Trump had violated not a single law on the phone with Zelensky, it could be argued that a vague “abuse of power” could still stand as reason enough for impeachment. Jarrett does not necessarily disagree with that argument, but he disagrees strongly that the Democrats have such a case against the president.

“Did Trump mention former Vice President Joe Biden and his son toward the end of the conversation?  Of course he did. He was right to do so,” Jarrett insists. “If, in addition to meddling, Ukraine possesses evidence that the former vice president’s bragging about a ‘quid pro quo’ was a corrupt act intended to benefit his son by extorting $1 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds. It is incumbent on Trump to ask Zelensky to investigate.

“Biden,” Jarrett writes, “isn’t entitled to a ‘get out of jail’ free card simply because he is now running for president.”

Exactly. All of this “oh, he’s going after his political opponents” talk falls flat if there actually WAS wrongdoing by one of Trump’s political opponents. And there is plenty of smoke (if no visible flame yet) to indicate that there was.

This was no act worthy of impeachment. No treason. No bribery. No high crime and no misdemeanor.

Alas, the Democrats know they have very little chance of winning next year with this class of clownish candidates. This is their only alternative option, so they’re going for broke.

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  1. Greg Jarrett is right on the money. How is it possible to have an impeachment inquiry without having a vote on the House Floor that results in a vote in favor of such an inquiry. The Senate isn’t recommending any such process. So it’s solely another congressional witch hunt where the Demoncraps have a controlling majority. The Demoncraps basis for impeachment is a phone call Trump had with the President of the Ukraine. I’s content is a nothingburger. No impeachable offense therein. Trump even released an unredacted transcript of the phone call which proves that. And the Demoncraps still persist on having an impeachment inquiry without having a vote on it. That way the accused never gets a chance to defend himself or herself by calling witnesses etc.. It is just another waste of time and taxpayer dollars the do nothing Democraps are famous for. Exactly like the Mueller investigation and will have the same result. Because, just like the Mueller witch hunt, there is no there there. America Demand these Godless, satanic, lying, corrupt Demoncraps take a vote in congress so the accused will have the ability, accorded by our Constitution, to defend himself if the result of the vote is to have such an inquiry. The Demoncraps are out to destroy the Constitution of the United States as well, as evidenced by this intended action. Wake up America while you still have an America to wake up to.. Remember a vote for any Demoncrap is a vote for satan. Get rid of these Godless, Treasonous POS Demoncraps NOW before these ignorant socialists burn your house down. This BS has got to STOP!

  2. There IS nothing impeachable about POTUS Trump’s phone call. The Democrats did VERY poorly after the Mueller investigation, but THIS impeachment effort will SURELY cause the Democrats to politically BURN down of flames. And, it will show when the Democrats lose during the 2020 elections . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 K KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

    • This is a sad day for all Americans regardless of your political affiliation. Donald Trump has created our nation’s biggest constitutional crisis that’s going to affect the future of the office of the president and their actions. No amount of challenging procedures that Congress is moving in or political spin can change what is happening.

      The big question what is the legal definition of a thing of value?

      The United States Supreme Court holds that, for purposes of extortion, the property extorted must be “obtainable” and “transferrable” from the victim to another.

      The Hobbs Act exposes a person to criminal liability when an individual “obstructs, delays or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion or attempts to conspire so to do.”

      For a full US Supreme Court definition go to:

      I recommend if you want know just how bad things are for Trump, do a google search “trump extortion attempt”.

      When looking for answers we must decide which is more important our political party or the U.S. Constitution. I choose the U.S. Constitution

  3. One does not have to be a lawyer to realize that there is nothing impeachable in this normal conversation between 2 head of states. In agreement with Mr Hull, there must first be a House vote in favor of holding an inquiry re impeachment of a president based on the phone call. This step has not been made & the House is now acting out of order. Alas, the Dems are acting under herd mentality & protocol be damned

    • The dimwits are starting an investigation to see if they need to investigate the investigations on President Trump. That is exactly what they want, it keeps their base drinking the koolaid. They don’t want to vote.
      ONLY AFTER A VOTE, can the President cross examine witnesses and face his accusers.
      Without a vote they can accuse, lie, stretch the truth, trash the President, and investigate hearsay and rumors.
      Without a vote Democrats from Red States don’t have to show their hands.
      They probably don’t have the votes, but if they do and they vote to impeach … they still LOSE. President Trump stays in office, gets re-elected, and the GOP ends up with the majority in the House and the Senate.
      My mother used to call it biting off your nose to spite your face.
      I just call it shit 4 brains.

      • I agree, David. Their motives and methods are not difficult to discern. This needs to be stopped ASAP. The House needs to do the business of our country, which is precisely why they were elected. They are completely feckless.

  4. yes it’s all ridiculous but think for a moment what it would be like had the voters gave these nuts control of the senate as well, president trump would have been tarred and feathered by now and dumped out to sea where obama had that poor homeless guy dumped that looked like osama bin laden. the democrats are insane and must be voted out, it’s up to us now.

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