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Lindsey Graham Issues a BRILLIANT Challenge to Democrats

In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham issued a challenge to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that was nothing short of genius. Frankly, this should have been Talking Point #1 from the Republicans the minute the other side started challenging Brett Kavanaugh like there was no tomorrow. Because this is the ultimate, “shut up and sit down” card.

“This is a list that was complied in November, but [Trump] actually put it out during the campaign,” Graham said, pulling out the famous list of conservative judges from which then-candidate Trump promised to select his Supreme Court nominees. “There are twenty-something people on this list; I’m asking Chuck Schumer, name five, name three, name one that would be okay with you.”

That’s a mic-drop moment right there, and it makes us love Graham all the more. We weren’t sure about this dude back when he was tearing down Trump and Ted Cruz during the 2016 primaries, but he has gotten his second wind over the last year or so. He had the best single moment of the entire confirmation hearings, and this challenge to Schumer is the perfect illustration of what ALL of this Kavanaugh hysteria was really about. It wasn’t about some unsubstantiated sexual assault allegations from high school; it was about doing anything and everything to prevent a conservative majority from taking over the Supreme Court.

“Brett Kavanaugh was a mainstream judge I would’ve chosen if I had been president,” Graham continued. “Bush supported him. Everybody running for president on our side believed that Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch were outstanding conservative jurists. The other side wants to cancel the election.

“So Chuck, you want someone new?” he asked. “Look at this list and see anybody you agree to, but what you want to do Senator Schumer is to overturn the election. We are not going to let you pick the judges. If you want to pick judges, then you need to win the White House. When Obama won that, I voted for two judges that he picked. So Chuck Schumer, name one person on this list you think is acceptable.”

If Schumer (or any Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee) can seriously answer that question – can seriously name one of the other judges on the list – it would go a long way towards restoring the reputation they tarnished over the last couple of weeks.

The only problem? Trump might just call them on their bluff if another court seat comes open.

And so we don’t expect Schumer or any other Democrat to take up Graham’s challenge. Like he said, they want to go back and reverse the election. Even after all this time, they still can’t believe that Hillary lost and Trump is president. It’s almost sad.

What do you think?

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  1. When crying Chuck stated that the left would oppose any nominee for supreme court their fate was sealed.The left can offer nothing to the continuing success our nation in now experiencing.So important to get out to vote November 6th and add to Republican majority in both houses.

    • Schmuck Schumer is nothing but a destroyer. He can do nothing constructive at all in his quest for power. That is why the demoncrats will never win again, The people have realized what they are and are done with them. Thank you Schmuckie for destroying the Democrat party so quickly.
      Even Harry Reid had a shred of decency. Oh, I should have said a smidgen!

      • I am voting Republican on November 6. I will never vote for a Democrat again! …and I am a Native American living the great state of Oklahoma!

        • Me, too, long time Democrat, I am voting on November 6 for all Republican and will NEVER again vote for another Democrat, what a joke of a party!

          • Most folks in my circles, are now voting Republican on November 6, they, too, see the Democrats to dangerous for National Security.

  2. The picture as published Monday with all of the Justices tells us much. The lady that was bent over and looks like was asleep should retire immediately. I did not think she was as bad as she indicated in the picture. It has been noted (not certain it is true) that she has stated that she would not served on the Court with Kavanauh, if this is the case she should resign immediately. In any case she definitely does not act like she is capable any longer.

    • Yes the time has come for her retirement, she (Justice Bader) looks like a dead person, frail as she looks, how can any of us let her continue on the bench, especially the democrats should demand her retirement! Yes its a lifelong position, but sadly her life is not there with the court, seems she sleeps more than she listens, Time for her retirement!

  3. Unbelievable the actions taken by the democrates during hearing for Judge Kavanaugh and the push for protests by the Democratic Party. I was never in favor of much of what the democratic actions but this was above anything I would have expected.! But it was good in one way they showed this country their deprived type of actions and now, I know no one who plans on voting democratic and it almost insures Trump a win in 2020!
    Thanks Dems we now can continue the rebuilding of America the increase in jobs, the low unimployment, the new industries and the great GDP increase! Yea!

  4. The left has shamed there party to no end and stood in the way of progress just think where we would be with out them this country would be humming like a fine tuned engine. I believe its time to reset the laws back to original constitution and fowled to the T. There have been to many changes to it that allow these fools to get away with this crap.
    Time to take aware country back for good stop them for good

  5. HITLERy’s comments about being unable to work with a party that hates you because you have a different political view is a perfect description of today’s demonCRAP party!!!

  6. Democrats demonstrated they do not give a hoot about the country only their control of it. Inducing people to lie about what went down in school 35+ years ago is a bit much. Kid action should be a non starter when an adult decision is being made. It wasn’t about women’s rights, It wasn’t about traditional benefit of the doubt, It was about power and control. They don’t have it and are going to act like 2 year olds and throw tantrums. We can not afford people like that in government.

  7. That was a beautiful challenge to Schumer from Graham. The whole charade was a sham, only because Brett Cavanaugh is a Conservative and not a democrat. The whole American system was on trial. We are suppose to consider a person Innocent until proven Guilty. However the Democrats changed the rules and decided that Cavanaugh is guilty and he had to prove his innocence. Further, I would like to see the FBi investigate all these senators about their drinking behavior. Steve Acre

  8. Interesting to know that all the top jurists and many Democrats thought Kavanaugh was the perfect pick; so now we know the loses are really the DEMOCRATS who tried to politics the nomination at the last minute; with that known I hope the people wake-up see what the Democratic Party will do is waste and destroy your lives if you Vote for them, there is nothing to be gained by voting Democrat as things will get worst; taxes will go up, business will Kay off people, Social security and Medicare will be cut, and Government will tale total control of Health Care, School, infrastructure, and anything they that needs to run into the Ground.
    Poverty am will increase, money will run out out and total Choas will consume the Nation!
    By voting Democrat in November all your hope and dreams will be destroyed in about 2 years or less for one The Socialist Democrats take hold of this Nation; it will make Venazula look like a Paradise; so go ahead and Vote Democrats, and watch America fall like the Mighty Roman Empire did… and because you Voted Democrats in office, say goodbye to whatever rights and liberties you though you have!

    • I wish you are right. I am not voting for them EVER again! I hate what they did to Judge Kavanaugh! I have a long memory!

  9. Cry babies….what a shame that they are setting such a poor example for our youth. Good sportsmanship is something which we have always taught in our youth group. How to be a gracious
    loser and show appreciation for the person who wins. I did not vote for Obama, but he was our
    president and I kept he and his family in prayer. I did not support all of the policies he was for, yet I did not protest or become a bully to others – I simply went to the voting booth and voted RED. Which is the best way our country can express their preferences. God bless the USA!

  10. The Senate Judiciary Committee needs to change the rules to disallow any and all allegations against a nominee, once the confirmation process has begun. Educational and professional, experiential qualifications and record are the ONLY things that should be considered in an up-or-down vote to confirm or deny confirmation. The questionable aspect of motive and opportunity, which the presentation of allegations, after the process has begun, implies for either party, politically, is unacceptable. Justice delayed is justice denied, and that “justice” must be denied to the accuser.

  11. I recently celebrated my 92nd birthday. Recalling my voting record I can recall voting FOR Harry S. Truman and FOR J.F.K. All my other votes have been AGAINST candidates. Consequently I have been voting Republican the vast majority of time.

  12. Shyster Schumer would never agree to picking one out of 20. He is chicken shit. We all must realize that the democrats and the lying media will never work with President Trump or any other republican, and by their refusal they are refusing to do anything for our country or its citizens. Vote republican.

  13. I thank all those who have left factual comments. We, as Republicans and conservatives need to take the higher ground and stop calling people names. While I believe, looking back through history, that socialism has never been successful, Liberals think we can make it work. Calling people names will never allow them to see through the untruths they have been hearing their entire lives. Find one tidbit of truth to tell them. Let them mull it over in their mind. A soft answer turns away wrath. Prayer is power. Love wins.

  14. The democrats proved themselves as ignorant as ever, their actions have destroyed any hope they might have had to have their so called blue wave! The time has come to call for the retirement of Justice Ruth Bader, her frailty says it all, she sleeps more on the bench than she probably does anywhere else!

  15. The most important thing at the moment is for ALL Republicans, Conservatives, Independents, and Democrats who support President Trump vote in the next election for Trump supported candidates. The only way we will keep control of both houses of Congress so the President can continue his agenda is for each and everyone of you to make certain YOU vote and don’t expect someone else to carry the day for you with their vote. If you want to see these unhinged Democrats, Liberals and Leftist run this Government and corrupt our current form of Government as did Obama then stay home and don’t vote and you will get just what you wished for.

  16. I am praying for a big red landslide. I can think of no better way to shut down the mob. The Dems have become an out of control mob and a total embarrassment for our country. Mob rule, vote blue, to stop that dread vote red . Vote red across the board to save our country

  17. Shyster Schumer and the rest of the democrats and the lying media will never work with President Trump on anything by doing this they are also ignoring the citizens of our country. This is why Trump was elected in the first place because the democrats were so worried and working for illegal aliens and disregarded their own citizens. Vote republican and save our country.

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