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Major Shift: Trump, RNC Throw Full Support Behind Roy Moore


Both President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee have changed course only a week before the special election in Alabama, choosing to throw their full support behind Senate candidate Roy Moore.

“We stand with the president,” a senior RNC official said in comments to Breitbart News.

President Trump was even more ostentatious with his turnaround on Moore, praising him on Twitter and imploring Alabama voters to make sure that “Schumer/Pelosi puppet” Doug Jones does not get a seat in the Senate.

The RNC officially told the local Alabama affiliate that the national party would back Moore’s candidacy on Monday, a turnaround that should allow a fresh injection of money to flow into the judge’s campaign and possibly make the determining difference in a race that is far closer than it has any right to be. It is, of course, the reason for that tightness – the sexual assault allegations against Moore – that has compelled both the president and the national party to keep their distance. While neither the president nor the RNC has denounced Moore the way some in the Republican establishment have, it was not until this week that he received their wholehearted endorsement.

“Democrats refusal to give even one vote for massive Tax Cuts is why we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama,” Trump wrote on Monday. “We need his vote on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more. No to Jones, a Pelosi/Schumer Puppet!”

He went further, saying that a Jones victory would stop Republicans from making important progress.

“Putting Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Puppet Jones into office in Alabama would hurt our great Republican Agenda of low on taxes, tough on crime, strong on military and borders…& so much more. Look at your 401-k’s since Election. Highest Stock Market EVER! Jobs are roaring back!” he wrote.

Clearly, both the president and the party have decided that it’s more important to further that agenda – an agenda that was voted on by the majority of Americans in 2016 – than it is to get high and mighty about the allegations against Moore. At the end of the day, it is best to let the people of Alabama decide who should represent them in the Senate, and it only makes sense to give the running Republican the full support of the national party apparatus.


  • Ron haymaker

    The Liberals gave it their best shot & lowest tactics to discredit Moore! It would appear it’s the Dems who are riddled with Pedophiles! As the saying goes “Make sure your own house is clean before you start pointing fingers”

  • jdbixii

    This was predictable. What is troubling is that, while there is general, public concern about allegations and accusations of misconduct—about any person in the public service, political, entertainment or news media fields—there has been no treatment of such as legal matters for the justice system to decide, giving a person his day in court. While this might be an embarrassment for some, it is the importance, especially for accused members of the congress, to either confess and resign, or to have their cases tried in a court of justice. Not doing so belittles the importance of evidenciary proof to either convict or acquit behaviors. What this allows is an area of human behavior which, while it is the substance of the reason for resulting condemnation, loss of employment and the natural consequences from public exposure, it does not resolve these matters, legally. That is, there is no consistency of legal action specified by law, as punishment, proportionate to the misconduct. This leaves the “justice” of actions in response to allegations and accusations a complete variable, inconsistent with “punishment fitting the crime” and/or the truthfulness of the allegations and accusations, fundamentally, unproved and uncertain. The idea that people, who do not believe in the justice system, will not be affected by, or come under the jurisdiction of, the justice system is a contradiction in terms. Are confession and forfeiture of employment, apart from a conviction in a court of law, always going to be the consequences resulting from allegations and accusations of sexual misconduct or harassment? And, since the misconduct occurred or occurs, obviously, the knowledge of the consequences, as punishment, not being sufficient to prevent the behavior, what protection to women is, actually, afforded by the knowledge of this fact as some remedy of justice for such misconduct? It should be of little comfort to no one to know that all a man has to do is be willing to confess and lose his job, and the matter is decided.

  • 2399molly

    I understand that dreadful Aldred has taken her words back. A little late as usual??? Aldred was the one who accused our President. We need to know who has been paying her. She is no pro bono lawyer. She only works for Dems. Supreme Court is not cheap. Who gave these women money is another question I have. We have the right to know.

    • Cheryl Detar

      Soros, of course.

      • bvaughn69@comcast.net

        You got it

      • pappy450

        Agreed! AND I wouldn’t doubt the DNC, HITLERY and OSCUMBAG’S “organizing for action” terrorist group have ‘contributed” also.

      • michael a

        Exactly, where ya been 2399molly? Lol

    • James Kirksey

      If victims of these lying witnesses, filed suit for defamation and obtained a few judgements, against their income, this would either slow down or the price for hiring future false witnesses would be very high. I am very suspicious of politicians from the left going the mofia route to win. Not only throwing money out for building a false case, but leaving unsolved deaths along the trail. In the book, None Dare Call It Treson, LBJ was openly accused of crimes and soon after the elections, this was mostly ignored. We have degressed from this with the Clintons and other criminal types. We need a follow up of charges, after the voting is over. Aldred’s shamful techniques of building cases on questionable witnesses and evidence that is not shared for evaluation with her opposition may have provided her a high fee. But, those opposing her in court, should know by observation her repeated use of similar techniques. In other words, she is predictable.

      • Patricia Anderson

        love the term “predictable. lol

      • Charles Covington

        This is the way of the modern democrat, a party of , no morals,no ethics,no religion,, they lie ,cheat,steal,murder, for power, I have lived for seven decades, I came from, plowing mules, hard work, penny penching, and it galls the hell out of me , for someone to tell me , I ‘m not rich enough to be a republician, I vote for what is right, and it sure isn’t a democrat, the Clintons and the whole party of democrats, should be put on trial for treason , sedition and some of them for murder.

        • MyRoseHasTHORNS


    • Cadfael

      Would be nice to hear John McLame apologize and eat crow with a side of humble pie in a manner just as public as his defamatory attack!

      • anolesboy

        McLame has such a” hard on” for Trump that he is willing to allow it to hurt average Americans. Look at what Trump has done for Americans since he came into The White House and McLame thinks he is hurting Trump a Billionaire? It’s about Americans McLame not about Trump.

    • Vangie Martinez

      Follow the Money back to George Soro is my guess.

  • dosadoe

    Finally, even the Establishment Republicans realize how flimsy and frivolous the allegations against Roy Moore were! Now the RNC and Trump are behind Roy Moore! Now the howling mob of so-called Republicans who called for Moore to withdraw his nomination should also change their condemnation of Moore, except for Jeff Flake, Fake Conservative who donated $100 to Doug Jones Campaign!

    • rridgsr

      Yes we know Flake is a Democrat on a Republican ticket he stole that seat PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Sculptorofbabies

        And now he will find out, Americans know exactly, what his strategy is.. It won’t work, Flake. A corrupt man, joins a corrupt party..

    • BatGuanna

      Was he buying Viagra for Doug, or condoms; that’s about as far as $100.00 would go?

    • Patty Parfait

      I think a lot of Republicans on The Hill have realized they back conservatives or say goodbye to their seat. It’s time these Trans-Democrats stop drinking the DNC Koolaid they’ve been guzzling like moonshine-and acting just as stupid as if it were moonshine-and get on the RIGHT side of the Constitution.

    • Patricia Anderson

      Yes notice he is a”flake”! Just like dandruff a good dandruff shampoo could be used on him might get the fake out of the way! ha ha

      • MyRoseHasTHORNS

        His son is suing Sheriff Joe, I hope the case is tossed!

  • rridgsr

    Get down and dirty like the Democrats do all the time they are all ready trying to steal it now watch the dirty SOB’S they are slick !!!!

    • Libs R Loons

      We know.
      I heard about Doug Jones bombarding the airwaves in Alabama with his Pelosi-paid advertising, and every sentence he utters is a bald-faced lie.

  • Gammi2Anna

    I am thankful that the GOP has come to their senses, which has been very rare in many years. All the allegations against Judge Roy Moore are just that, allegations that have never been substantiated with any absolute proof. When the skank Gloria Allred jumped into the picture, I knew then that this was nothing more than a witch hunt meant to destroy a good man with lies, lies and more lies. If Allred ever meet up with the truth she would be like the wicked witch that melted away, screaming to the top of her lungs with more lies. If I lived in Alabama, I would vote for Roy Moore and maybe try following the Democrats method of voting. They habitually vote ‘early and often’. They even hire people to travel from precinct to precinct to vote numerous times in order to steal elections. That happens consistently in my State, which leaves one wondering why we should even make the effort to vote, but we still do because maybe, one day, we will overcome the cheaters.

  • ray2hill

    All Republicans are supportive of sexual aggressors and child molesters. The National Association of Registered Sex Offenders are replacing the NRA at the party’s center. Roy Moore is taking a bundle of legal reform legislation to Washington to end the prosecution of sex offenders in all states.

    • Sculptorofbabies

      Did you reread this before you posted it? What a stupid statement.. The Men that used taxpayer money to shush the victims so far, have been Democrats.. So, where are you coming from?

    • Dee

      moron alert

    • guitarman122763

      Liberals stand for pornography,,abortion,,gay rights ,and,transgenderism ,,all laws passed by liberals,,,,you must be so proud !!!!!!!

    • Charles Covington

      It didn’t take long to find stupid on here, you are a ass clown and a paid troll, no one is this dumb

  • pappy450

    Just the usual DEMOCOMMIE “tactics” in play. When you know you are in trouble and have no chance of a win LIE, CHEAT, bring in supposed “victims” and start “rumors”. I SAY “FOLLOW THE MONEY”. I would bet the DNC and SOROS have craploads of cash being PROMISED in an attempt to AGAIN “BUY” an election. These women should be ashamed of themselves for letting “promises” of MONEY ruin their reputation, because if the DEMOCOMMIES LOSE (and they just might) this will be a STAIN on their lives forever. And the democommies will move on to the “next” so-called “victim” (“forgetting” THESE so-called “victims”)

  • Sculptorofbabies

    Our President knows full well, the Democrats tried this on him though he was innocent, and it seems this was what they used to totally change Fox News, as well. Just remember Karma is a B __ __ __h…Your people are now, seeing this turned toward them… Tell me, God is not in control. Corruptness is being found out, and it is now hitting the Dems and Liberals. MAGA, Mr. President.

    • Linda Reinke

      You are as delusional as the president. He has lied more to the American people in one year than most President’s have done in their full terms. Now he is trying to ruin our country with pollution, ruining our National Parks, Monuments, and Preserves. Just for BIG OIL to make larger profits and ruin our environment. Also, wait til you see what happens if this tax break passes and you will be paying much more in taxes.

      • Gay Phillips

        I am still asking the same question over and over—name the lies!

        • Linda Reinke

          If you think the pres. isn’t lying you need to see a psychiatrist.

          • guitarman122763

            again name one

          • Patty Parfait

            I bet you know a doozie of a psychiatrist … lol

          • Gay Phillips

            You didn’t name one. You only threw out insults.

          • gvette

            LOL>.Clinton News Network lies on a regular basses. That’s proven.

          • DaveyJ

            You are the one that needs to see a psychiatrist….but then stupid is hard to fix!

        • allenhip

          Hope this doesn’t blow your mind as there are eight pages of gross distortion of reality you must read that have been fact checked and documented. Is Trump having a nervous breakdown? I hope NOT but one of his recent speeches he gave the impression of slurred speech. He needs to have a check up.


      • Libs R Loons
        • BatGuanna

          And the depth of your gene pool that you are an idiot!

          • Libs R Loons

            Sez the idiot who’s too stupid to describe. ^^^
            But at least your user name is accurate.

        • Mike with the Silver Star

          Excellent! Right on the money!

      • Befuddled

        Our past President had lied to the American people in one year of his term in office than most President’s have done in their full terms. He was nothing but a puppet of the Globalist and their agenda to destroy America on their way to achieve a New World Order/World Government. Their plan is called Agenda 21 and most recently Agenda 2030 and comes from the United Nations. One of the phases of Agenda 21 is land confiscation hence the millions of acres confiscated by the past three Presidents. Mr. Bundy is sitting in jail three years after he refused to sign the land lease agreement with the government ( Bureal of Land Management-BLM )for rights to use the land for crazing for his cattle. He reason for not signing it is that he didn’t recognize the language in the lease. He said it was language taken from Agenda 21 and un-American, unconstitutional. President Trump returned the land back to the State where it should be.
        Research Abenda 21.

      • 2399molly

        Just name one dishonest tactic he did in business. We know you don’t like Trump. You must not care about your children’s future or you believe the fake news. How dillusional you are.

        • Linda Reinke

          when THE THINGS I SAID come true you will be sorry. Wake up!

          • Charles Covington

            its ok for the Clintons, to sell our national security out isn’t it, we are facing a nuclear threat from, north korea, who aided them with capability, to garner the nuclear tech, oh the Clintons did, they sold our missile tech to china they even gave tem a nuclear power plant, and 5 billion for peaceful purposes, oh it worked didn’t it, now lets go look at another, moronic demo in Obama, and the middle of the night carrying billions to help and to aid iran, they worked their asses off to give them nuclear means, so go ahead and spew your unadultrated, hate for Pres Trump

          • Mike with the Silver Star

            When they come true!!!????…..You are talking like they are already true! Make up your mind, if you have one…

      • WAYNE


        • Linda Reinke

          You are the one without a brain, in fact you are an idiot.

          • DaveyJ

            There are far more intelligent people on this forum. Saying you are intelligent is one thing. Stability of a US Government is something you apparently think can be compromised as the corruptinnwr cities failed to get their law breaking candidate in power! Trumps intelligence is far beyond yours. Just take a look at how our last presidents net worth went from low to massive! The leader of the DNC said he was extremely self serving! And yet you continue to push an anti-American agenda!

      • Dee

        Go to your safe space and please take your meds before you hurt yourself or worse yet someone else .

      • guitarman122763

        waah waah boo hoo ,,,no one lied more to the face of the American public than Obama !!!!!!!!!!!

      • gvette

        LMAO…there’s a book you should buy.

        Amazon.com: 1,366 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lies …

      • DaveyJ

        You are a supporter of the corrupt Obama Administartion and give your country away movement. When you are in chains or stoned I. The streets, you will understand the error of your ways, it will be of course to late.

      • Charles Covington

        spew your lies, dufus

      • Mike with the Silver Star

        Oh, so you are a climate change Al Gore fan….Did you know that coal and oil helps our businesses? Didn’t think so…And the rich you denigrate…Ever get a job from a poor man? I didn’t think so…….

    • Linda Reinke

      Yes corruptness is being found out but IT ALL OVER THE GOP ESPECIALLY THE WH AND HIS ADVISORS. Are you playing God when you say that the pres. is not guilty. He, house leader, & senate leader keep saying the tax bill is good for the middle class, poor people, retirees, and the handicapped. The only thing this tax bill does is make the rich richer (the pres. & his family will see a BILLION DOLLAR per year increase from their businesses). He is trying to add to pollution, ruin our National Parks/Monuments/Preserves so that the oil companies (that -at very little in taxes) can net even more DOLLARS TO THEIR COFFERS. You need to read and examine what is going on before you start mouthing off.

      • Patricia Anderson

        Did you forget that Jesus Himself said the poor you always have with you. I’m not even up to middle class financially but, even I know they who make wise decisions get ahead and the rich often are the ones who provide jobs for the rest of us or didn’t you notice. Further you don’t know how much they actually give away to charity. Your glass house will crack someday and you with it. Point one finger and watch 4 others point back at you >Linda Reinke p.s. I Am a retiree on social security so blah blah blah!

      • Charles Covington

        Linda, you must be priveledge , if you have seen the legislation , being voted on, or would it be that you are a paid troll, or a dimwitted demo, that likes to just throw things out with no actual prooff, like the rest of the demo’s.

  • Jim Hays

    I am ashamed (personality) that someone like Roy Moore is the best that Alabama has to offer. He is the typical but successfull “political Hack”that knows how to win elections but not how to act socially.. Mississippi had one like this when I was growing up there. . His name was Theodore G. Bilbo. He was unpopular most anywhere but with those who could elect him.I think Alabama has now entered into it’s “Bilbo period”.

    • Bob Dohnal

      He won

    • Charles Covington

      you get off your high horse, and let the people of Alabama decide, and al of this bull was allegations, no truth at all, wouldn’t want you on a jury trial

  • Antone Cafe

    I believe they determined that this is another fake assault from Aldred like the President faced. In his case the women were fraudulent and paid. The fake yearbook was the linchpin.

    Aldred is a dishonest broker and has a history of scams. Poor moore after 40 years had faced the demon crats most aggressive falsehoods yet. If Moore wins they will keep at it through midterms but none will come to court because they would not stand the scrutiny of trial,

    • Aldred a democrat hack and involved in so many lying, fake and false accusations. I cannot believe she still is a license lawyer.

      • Mike with the Silver Star

        what’s the difference between a lawyer and a jellyfish? One’s a spineless poisonous blob that can make you suffer; and the other is a form of sea life

  • Too bad the liberals have lost this round. I see only questionable witnesses and no acknowledgement from Moore that there is any truth to any of the allegations. This whole flare up is disturbing to me anyway.

  • Mark

    “Go get ’em Roy” !!!!!!!!! You are the GREATEST

  • Thomjeff

    Get ready for the next republican to run because as long as its a man it will be the same thing. This is all the left has. They have absolutely no idea how to run the country. They can only accuse and abuse and try to raise taxes on working men and women.

  • kassa1

    You can count on the demonically evil left being fully engaged on buying whores to testify against more. And for the stupid people out there who want to talk about the signing of this or that there are so many people out there are so professional at hand writing and that means thanking handwriting it’s not even funny, especially with the technology we have today!


      Are you REALLY so proud to support a child molester? You’d have made one hell of a priest – probably enjoyed being an altar boy, huh?

  • george briar

    yeah don’t count the democrats out yet as you can be sure they will find more dirt on Moore even if they have to make it up again. the rumor out there is they are planning to say Moore has had sex with barn yard animals and are desperately trying to find a cow that can talk and have spent millions trying to teach one. it was a big let down for them when Mr. Ed turned them down telling them he’s for Trump and admitted he’s a deplorable.

    • Mike with the Silver Star

      Hahahahahahahhh……I spit my coffee all over my computer with that one, George…priceless….

    • michael a

      Lol, that’s too funny.

  • GuardianFlame

    Another saying is “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing rocks” or something like that. Liberals these days follow the creed, “Do as I say, not as I do” just like a clueless parent might say to their child. Only Libs use that against intelligent Americans…and they are getting caught in their own nasty webs! It’s about time they all stood back and looked at who they truly are. The person they are seeing is a doppelganger, NOT who they have been trying to push onto America, but a fraud, fake, and charlatan.

    Makes my Soul happy to see these insects being plucked from our government…it’s about time! Judge Moore was set up so he would loose the election. Hopefully, there are more intelligent voters in Alabama than immoral ones and the good Judge will win hands down!

  • BH

    The Republican Senate committee led by Gardner is still opposed. Guess we know who to oppose in the primaries.

  • ray2hill

    Republican is the party of sex offenders. A vote for any Republican will help bring an end to sex offender laws and registration. Please help end these oppressive laws and elect more Republicans

  • Rudy Rude

    Finely some reason out of a broken party know fire jeffe sessions and we will get Justice

  • Kathryn Jordan

    So it’s okay to have a pedophile in Congress and do nothing about sexual harassment? I still can’t believe that that our president, who is a sexual pervert, still remains in the White House. It’s not only Dems who have pedophiles; Republicans also have them as well.

  • pappy450

    Apparently the “TRUTH” is finally coming out, and this PAID democommie/rino SCAM and the PAID SCAMMERS have been brought to light. People,my suggestion is to watch CLOSE to see whom from EITHER party will attempt to keep this scam alive. Those individuals will be without doubt, the enemies of the wishes of the PEOPLE and against PRESIDENT TRUMP’S agenda to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  • Cheh Low

    President Trump is right to support Roy Moore. People of Alabama, listen to President Trump and vote Roy Moore to the Senate. Let the rino scumbag Mitch McConnell eats shits.

  • Bonnie Schulte

    I pray this doesn’t come too late for Moore. Can’t believe how some people can stoop to such a low level, to ruin a man’s life and great career, with such horrible lies.

  • Richard Schwartz

    Nobody understands voters like Donald!!!!!

  • Charles Wolfe jr

    What the liberals tried to do to Judge Moore has turned around and bit them as Judge Moore will win this election because GOD is on Roy Moore’s side !!!

  • jcgreen2

    Too little too late! The Satanic Democrats again caused a good man to lose. They will pay for their evil lies someday. Heaven help our country!