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McConnell Gives Perfect Response to Question About Slave-Owning Relatives

NBC News really thought they had put Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in a “gotcha” situation when they published a story on Monday revealing that McConnell’s great-great-grandfathers owned slaved. This, they insinuated, could explain why McConnell (along with the vast majority of Americans, by the way) opposes the new Democratic push to secure reparations for slavery. After all, if these long-dead relatives were slave owners, we can surmise that McConnell and his family benefited financially from the practice. No WONDER he’s standing in the way of reparations!

This is all nonsensical, of course, but it passes for logic and reason in today’s clickbait-and-outrage environment, where a cheeky line on Twitter is just as valuable as a well-researched essay. So it was no surprise on Tuesday when a reporter tried to put McConnell on the spot, asking him if he’d changed his mind about reparations in light of the new revelations.

McConnell had the perfect response: “I find myself once again in the same position as President Obama. We both oppose reparations and we both are the descendants of slave owners.”

Oof, that had to hurt.

It’s also completely true, as NBC News was forced to acknowledge: “During the 2008 election, an amateur genealogist found that on his white mother’s side, Obama had a great-great-great-grandfather named George Washington Overall who owned two male slaves in Kentucky. The genealogist, William Reitwiesner, also found that Obama’s great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary Duvall, also owned a pair of slaves.”

Funny how life works out, isn’t it?

The quest for reparations is a dead issue with virtually no public support behind it. Worse, it is an illogical quest to cleanse modern-day Americans for something they had nothing to do with.

McConnell put it well weeks ago when asked why he was opposed to the idea.

“I don’t think reparations for something that happened 150 years ago, when none of us currently living are responsible, is a good idea,” he said last month. “We’ve tried to deal with our original sin of slavery by fighting a civil war, by passing landmark civil rights legislation. We’ve elected an African American president.”

Exactly. At some point, enough’s enough. The left is never satisfied, anyway, so why should we bother trying anymore?

What do you think?

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  1. Reparations ? Ha ha ha Sure , when y’ll reimburse the country for all the welfare and handouts they have depended on to avoid work for the past generations . Give back all the lives yas destroyed with crack. Pay for all the neighborhoods and free housing yas turned into cesspool drug dens. Wheres OUR reparations ? You keep it. Us people dont cry about the shit. Were glad to keep yas down in the gutter. Scrounging for FREE or whatever yas can loot. And by WE , I am talking about DEMOCRATS.

    • Yeah…what a crock of shit! We’re not responsible for what our Great, Great, Great, Great, Great ad infinitum Relatives did…How the fuck does one prove exactly what and who did to who and whom? Just how far back should be the cut-off?Howdoes any of us know that the Blacks in Africa didn’t have Whites Slaves…are we going to make the African Nations reparate us? And HOW MUCH are we supposed to “REPARATE” every Black in America? And HOW do we determine who was really a slave’s relative…What guidelines are we going to use? How Black does one have to be to receive “reparation payment”?Let’s face it, this is just another BULLSHIT ploy by the Democrat/Liberal Party to buy the Black vote, just like they have kept him “squirming in shit” since 1964 when the GREATEST RACIST President we have ever had(Democrat, without a doubt)re-ENSLAVED the Blacks to the Democratic Party, by buying their vote with welfare checks and food stamps…

      • I agree. When you pay us back for all the welfare costs then we might be even to think about anything else. We have to remember the last two states that ratified the Emancipation were NY and NJ. two Northern states. Have you all traced your families back to see who might be in them? There is not a person alive that lived back then. So you will tax the entire USA for this? Immigrants, those of mixed races.
        reparations are out the door. Just be glad you are living in a country that you are free enough to say you wish for them. Freedom is not Free. you have to work for it, fight for it. Support our veterans who are doing this for us. America has its past. You have your past. how many can say they never got a ticket or caused a problem at work, home, play? So you have history. should we punish you now for that no matter how many years ago and how old you were????

      • You are great at history. Liberals don’t want kids in schools to have history on Civil war or How Hitler took down Germany
        Our history is important so we don’t repeat it.
        There is good and bad in every nationality.
        God Bless Our Country
        Trump 2020
        Build the wall
        We are being invaded and Liberals don’t care.
        My first impression of the caravan people! Clean, don’t look like they have walked miles. Well fed, babies clean. No one looked under fed. Who’s paying them to get to our borders?
        The men were shaved. But no bath for 45 days??
        Deport Illegals
        Go ICE.

    • If Dems expect reparations for slavery they need to take into account that the majority of slave owners were Black, a fact which most liberals refuse to acknowledge.

  2. How do you know that Obama’s great great great great grandmother wasn’t raped by a European American slave owner, because that was going on as well! Some of you European Americans crack me up. God will take care of all of this. Who knows, maybe generations of your families are already cursed to hell! Only God knows.

    • Your IGNORANCE must be a heavy burden on you. Your STUPID response can be asked of Republicans as well, how do you know they weren’t raped.
      If I had a sister working in a whore house and a brother in your IGNORANT LIBERAL democratic party, I’d try to save my brother first.

    • Or maybe his gggg grandmother’s mother was raped by a black slave owner. Where all black slaves came from in the first place, perhaps dems can seek payments from Africa but then again slavery still exists in various forms there.

    • who in their right mind cares? Really anybody who can find records of relatives that far back, and those born in the south, know it was common for a white over night guest was provided a black woman for the night. Hoping for a high yellow. Read the Falconhurst books, fiction but, a real good read. Might not have spelled it correct

    • Whoa there. Just to clear things up. My family (both sides) came to this country after WW1 so that was after slavery. They were never rich enough to own slaves, no matter how far back you go. So, why would I have to pay reparations? Who would you pay them to? A lot of African Americans came to this country after slavery was over because there was no slavery. Can you see the mess being created? So in your great “Christian” background all whites and their ancestors are cursed to hell? I dunno. I’d let a higher power figure that one out.

  3. Reparations???? Or, another bid for “additional” welfare. And let’s not forget Karmala Harris family owned slaves……..Sorry, guys, I had nothing to do with slavery……I learned about it in school………However, these politicians are completely biased and prejudiced against women because I do not hear anything about REPARATIONS FOR WOMEN!…….Women were not allowed to vote, Consistantly (& still do) made less in wages, laws were on the books stating “how much a husband could abuse his wife”, were expected to be “just homemakers & housewives”, and Divorce Courts really sided with men for decades! And since women, on average, earned 30% less than men for the same work, my Social Security Retirement Insurance should be raised by 30%…….WHERE THE HELL ARE MY REPARATIONS?

    • AN, please take this the right way, OK. Instead of looking for so called reparations, etc and thinking men have it made , they make more money etc, etc, WHY NOT “THINK” the WAY GOD/Jesus Christ COMMANDED, that YOU and “I” Should think! Philippians 4:8 KJV Do you really think that what you think will make you happy? Money and things and stuff will NEVER make you happy! temporal things never last and ONLY the permant will make you truely happy! Imight ADD, get a King James Bible and READ it, and search it and SEEK the Eternal things vice the short lived things that fade away and vanish! I say this KNOWING, NOTHING SATISFIES LIKE Jesus Christ and HIS word(s)…Isaiah 34:16/John 5:39/2 Tim 2:15 and LASTLY…Matt 6:33 ……….”SEEK YE FIRST….and ALL these things shall be added unto you. I am PRAYING for YOU!!!

  4. I have found that the biggest finger-pointers on this subject are the biggest racists. And here are some other thoughts: How many “other-than-black” leaders have been elected to public office in Africa; how many “other-than-Indian “ in India, how many “other-than-Chinese “ in China? And what is unnatural or wrong about favoring your own kind anyway?

    • Biblically speaking, INTEGRATION/RACE MIXING is UNNATURAL and I might add, against GOD! PROOF you want? Here it is; King Solomon, the UNDisputed wisest man on earth (after the Lord Jesus Christ) had 700 wives and 300 concubines! Thats in 1 Kings 11:3 and IF you read in vs 2 GOD Himself TOLD Israel and the King that they were NOT to go into women etc of other nations because of what it would DO! Read the verses. Then read Nehemiah 10:30 ..same as the previuous verses. Then also read what GOD called Interation in Nehemiah 13:23-27 KJHV He called integration/Race mixing, HE called it a “GREAT EVIL” It also said that Solomon “SINNED” against GOD! PLEASE, there is NOT a leg to stand on in this matter of INTEGRATION etc. THIS FACT can NOT be refuted or changed, IT IS “IMMUTABLE”! P.S. I DID NOT WRITE THIS oir say thge same! this is GOD’s word! Deal w/The ONE who wrote it!!

  5. What about what was done to the AMERICAN Indian? Should we give back all the lands that were taken from them? If blacks should be paid for happened so long ago, so should the American Indian… Personally I don’t think either have a chance at being repaid. It happened a very long time ago and none of us living today had a thing to do with it. But I sure get tired of hearing about the plight of the blacks and nothing about the American Indian!!! Fair is Fair !!

    • Well said. If there is any group that would deserve something like that, it is the American Indians. They were not sold or traded into slavery by their chieftains, as the blacks were, they were slaughtered and deliberately infected with diseases…the slaves were not and many of the freed black slaves fought and killed many Indians…so All black in AMERICA, descended from slaves, owe the American Indians…if they want to push the reparations thing.

      Funny how militant blacks always point to their oppression and that the Declarations statement, that “all men are created equal” is hypocritical…but they will not apply that fairness argument to anyone else.

      These idiot black SJWs need to take a hard look at their decades long “I deserve a handout because I’m black” mentality and see where it has gotten them.

    • Before We AMERICANS pay Reparations shouldn’t The AFRICANS that captured and sold Them into Slavery to The Dutch pay first seeing still today They Capture Fellow African and sale into Slavery in The Middle East it’s happening still today. Also Odummer was in on helping it to Continue.

  6. All of you who are making the angry abusive comments above are puting yourselves in the same circle with the Democratic socialists you are criticising. This is exactly what they want. It has nothing to do with slavery. Let them be foolish.

  7. I hate the democratic party, they are nothing but a bunch of power crazed self-serving people, who will seel out their own mothers if it meant a vote or power. I would be embarrassed to be a democrat and admit it. There are about 30 democrat leaders who should be rounded up and executed. They are traitors to our country, and to even put AOC who is a bartender who thinks she knows what is best for 330,000,000 Americans when 16,000 voted her in is just another example of how the democratic party, and the Muslims who are an enemy to any non Muslim actually allowed to be in our country, unless you are born here you should never be allowed to hold ANY office. The democratic party actually hate America along with the liberal media, they embrace a lesbian soccoir player who while wearing the USA on hter back will not sing or stand for the Anthem, the coach should have kicked her off.

  8. I am so tired of this “slavery reparations” topic. You can take it a step further and demand reparations for those people who are being whisked away in the dark of night never to be heard from again. Why not get the drug cartels to pay reparations to our boys and girls who are now drug dependent? I could go on and on with this but I won’t because it will do no good. The democRATS will just come with another absurd situation that cannot cure anything.

  9. Although I am certain that the slaves of that era are entitled to back pay, perhaps, even with interest, from the descendants of their former owners, the fact that all their descendants have their freedom and can take advantage of the opportunity to return to Africa or stay and live and work in the U.S., alienated rights restored to them by our ancestors who fought in the Civil War to end the secession of the South and enforce the Emancipation Proclamation, abolishing the institution and practice of slavery.
    Most rational individuals would understand that this is a “non-starter” of an issue. When democrats learn that obedience to the law, voluntarily, prevents the punishment of forced behavioral change, they will stop this nonsense and accept the criteria of God Almighty, the creator of all and join the right that is made right by Might!

  10. You are great at history. Liberals don’t want kids in schools to have history on Civil war or How Hitler took down Germany
    Our history is important so we don’t repeat it.
    There is good and bad in every nationality.
    God Bless Our Country
    Trump 2020
    Build the wall
    We are being invaded and Liberals don’t care.
    My first impression of the caravan people! Clean, don’t look like they have walked miles. Well fed, babies clean. No one looked under fed. Who’s paying them to get to our borders?
    The men were shaved. But no bath for 45 days??
    Deport Illegals
    Go ICE.

  11. Our great great grandparents should have never gave them the choice to stay or go, they should have just shipped them back to where they came from and been done with the whole mess.

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