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Mueller or No Mueller, Muslim Democrat Still Wants to Impeach Trump

Democrats divided instantly into two camps on Monday – those who felt that after two years of hype about impeachment and Mueller and Russia, it was time to admit defeat and start talking about something else…and those who are simply going to pretend like Mueller’s conclusions mean nothing at all. Those in the latter camp include Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who infamously drew scrutiny in January when she promised supporters that Democrats were “going to impeach the motherfu**er!” According to Business Insider, she is still intent on doing just that.

From Business Insider:

Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan has sent a letter asking her fellow Democrats to sign on to a resolution urging the House Judiciary Committee to investigate whether President Donald Trump committed any impeachable offenses, days after the special counsel Robert Mueller concluded the FBI’s Russia investigation.

Mueller determined that Trump and members of his presidential campaign did not illegally collude with Russia to influence the 2016 election, according to a summary of his report released over the weekend by Attorney General William Barr. That finding was not the sort of bombshell that observers had speculated might prompt Democrats to seek Trump’s impeachment.

In a letter sent to Democrats on Monday night, however, Tlaib bucked the House Democratic leadership, which has dismissed talk of impeachment as premature and dangerous.

“The actions of President Trump before he was officially sworn in as President of United States is currently being investigated by the Southern District of New York and much of it is part of the completed report by independent investigator, Robert Mueller,” Tlaib wrote. “However, the most dangerous threat to our democracy is President Trump’s actions since taking the oath of office.”

Oh really? And what might those actions be?

Tlaib says that further House investigations should focus on the Foreign Emoluments Clause – in other words, whether or not Trump is allowed to own a business while in the White House; on the payments made to Stormy Daniels; and on the obstruction charges that Attorney General William Barr has already exonerated the president on.

Put another way, she wants to impeach Trump on issues that have either already been resolved, issues that are not issues at all, and issues that would, at worst, result in a civil fine of a few thousand dollars.

This is a far, far cry from the original case against Trump, which is that he COMMITTED TREASON against the United States by conspiring with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 election.

Rep. Tlaib and her fellow “we’re still gonna impeach him” Democrats should be ashamed of themselves, but that’s nothing new. The new thing, at this point, is that they should actually be embarrassed.

We’re guessing they’re not, though.

What do you think?

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  1. This anti-American subversive hateful woman needs to be removed from office. She doesn’t respect our country or constitution. Wake up America this is just beginning.

    • this m. effer as she uses the term should be removed from this country – this is not my America and she is not my peaceful American sister. between her omar and o crazio cortez they are the 3 stooges. get the hell out of this country your type doesn’t belong here

      • Oh please don’t insult Moe, Larry and Shemp. They are funny and patriotic while Rushing ToLie is a Muslim terrorist who has infiltrated our Congress.

      • Somebody voted these 3 ASS clowns into office. I put this on Obama with his refugee BS. . This kind of crap is exactly why America should not allow Muslim refugees in our country and begin removing them The war is over .Send them home. They will not assimilate . They are here to conquer for Islam. Get back …Get back ….Get back to where you once belonged.Get back Jo Jo.

        • Did you know 4 out of 7 muslim councellors voted for and enacted sharia law in Dearborn, Michigan? They brought their country into North America?? Tlaib & Omar are starting the beginning of the ‘New World Order’…islam. Now that isis is defeated, SEND THEM BACK to Syria & Afghanistan, and see how many ‘rights’ they have. Am I prejudice?, no, I have a color tv.

      • I agree with you wholeheartedly! Get those women out of the House of Representatives and the other women out of Congress! All women should be removed from the House and Senate!

    • Rep. Rashida Tlaib has earned the usual Koranic injunction for woman furniture who offends a man.

      She is entitled to have painful female genitalia mutilation. Then she is to be tied in a large cross,totally naked and slowly skinned alive while maintaining all blood vessels preventing her from bleeding out until cutting all limbs from her torso.

      Then she can go to Allah’s paradise where she can screw her mother for eternity.

  2. She doesn’t get a vote. This woman should never have been let into the US. We will all chip in and give her plane ticket for her passport and AOC and Oman will have to be gone with her. Once their gone the US will be cleansed again.


      • The Rosenbergs were electrocuted–which was much kinder to them than what Guy Fawkes avoided by jumping off the scaffold and breaking his neck after he and his associates tried to blow Parliament up and “send Sctsmen back to Scotland.”

  4. I live in Michigan and she is an embarrassment to every Michigander and every American. I will contribute to her one way ticket to any Muslim country, preferably Iran, where she can practice her beloved Sharia practices. I will even drive her to Metro airport as long as she is muzzled and in chains, as she deserves. She can take the other deranged Muslim from Minnesota with her.

    • PISTOL PETE – We feel for you my friend. It is Nation Wide now after *8 long yrs.* of the (Obama / Clinton Islamic Caliphate) Dedicated to the *Demonic Islamic* (NWO) Overthrow of the “USA”! Fyi: I graduated H.S. between Ann Arbor & Detroit – our family had a lake home up on Torch Lake. I would never go back now! So Sad ;-(

    • I totally agree go to NY and take AOC with them she’s just as bad they are not Americans they hate the American people and they hate this country they all love Muslims, minorities, ! illegal aliens! don’t give two shits about the American citizen should never, never allow any Muslim into our government! they need to do a law no Muslims in our government they have proved them haters!

  5. * ACLJ LAW FIRM (D.C.) MR. JAY SEKULOW CHIEF COUNSEL > has been working with Congress (Non-Swamp) since the “Trump Election” to *Drain Swamp* & *Take Down* the which was Spawned out of the (Obama/Clinton islamic Caliphate) Dedicated to the *Demonic Islamic* (NWO) Overthrow! But ACLJ Must Have *Law Enforcement* do their Duties to Prosecute!

  6. I hope the Republicans look for good candidates and go after these anti American and anti Israel DemocRATS who really want to take over the world. That is the goal of the Muslims and I hope this country stands up to them. I am for any Muslim that wants to live in this country under are laws and not Sharia law.

    • They cant if they live by the Koran, it’s written to spew hatred and to put everyone under sharia law. We must fight back.

  7. Well I think that all democrats in opening the investigations on trump and Russians and the ones wants to impeach trump should be investigated on treason charges. Then we the people can start with a fresh Democrat party

  8. These 3 Anti-Americans muslims sitting in congress are ILLEGALS and TERRORIST with ties to ISIS and other TERRORIST org. muslims do not belong in American Government with ties to TERROTISTS. They want everything that the USA stands for gone and muslims crap law, where you and I have no rights on anything, where little girls can be rapes at will any woman can be raped at will no matter what age. And no charges will be filed for the turd that committed any crime.

    We veterans did not die or become crippled to watch America to be handed over to a bunch she dogs muslims squatting in congress like the muslim Obama squatted in the oval office ILLEGALLY.
    Remove these TERRORIST muslims camel asses now or we the people will by any means necessary in chains and tried as TERRORISTS and those that back them as TRAITORS?TERRORISM. USMC Semper Fi AMERICA.

    • You are right with everything you said I hundred percent agree and God bless you thank you for your service to this country

    • Thank you for your post I loved it and you are correct I hundred percent agree with everything you said there was a law passed in 1952 that said no Muslims will ever allowed into the United States what happened to that law corrupt Democrats just disregard it

  9. God clearly stated regarding Israel, which was decimated because it would not listen, the same thing we also are experiencing because we have not learned from history; that is,

    “He must be from among your own brothers. Do not place a foreigner over you, one who is not a brother Israelite.”

    This seems to suggest at least, that people with foreign values and ideals should not govern over your land because they will implement their customs and laws and traditions over it.

  10. We have to get these rag heads the hell out of our Govt. once and for all, All they want to do is destroy our Country.

    Stock up on your Ammo

  11. Would Ms. Tlaib want to impeach Trump if he was anti Israel or anti semite? Scary! Trying to impeach because of political policies!

  12. Who do we have up in Washington that has any back bone who will go to bat for Americans? These three should never been allowed in our government. Get them out however it can be done and send them back to whatever country that will take them and their radical views. They are out to destroy our country at any cost.

    • that’s exactly what happens when you let all the Muslims into this country they will take over whole cities and districts and then they vote their own Muslims into our government! Trump needs to pass a law no Muslims are allowed and not in our government they are all anti-American ! There was a law passed in 1952 that stated no Muslims allowed in the United States I need to email Trump at the White House!

  13. Mueller or No Mueller, Muslim Democrat Still Wants to Impeach Trump!!!

    But WE US need to demand all the muslims that’s holding all of our powerful US Lawmaking

    positions, ILLEGALLY be immediately deported from our US soil NOW

    they have NO US legal right to go against our duly US Legally sworn-in President Donald J TRUMP

    and they need to go/be departed out of our USofA NOW!!!

  14. There is another Muslim woman that was recently elected and is on Facebook with a speech she us giving about teaching usa Muslim values and religion so USA can become totally Muslim. It’s pretty discusting and disturbing to hear these speeches openly allowed on their taking over USA to become Muslim. How is it these muslims are in our government in first place and why are Democrats going along with their speeches.

  15. This BAT SHIFF CRAZY Muslim is no Different tan any other (D) party Fascist ” WAIT TILL MUELLER INDICTS TRUMP” YREAH and then when they GET a CRAP BURGER they DISTRUST their “HERO” proving that FACTS are NOT TO BE TRUSTED BY THEM…” JUST TRUST OUR ININFORMED LIES” is their MANTRA….. PELOSI/SCHMUCKO ” there is no Crisis at the Border ” NO the CRISIS is their LACK of CONCERN abiot THE USA BEING EXPENSE..THAT IS A REAL CRISIS …BUT it is the TRUTH…and TRUTH CONFUSES these CUMQUATS

  16. The more thay Spue there Garbage the more thay put there mouth in it. Maby some one will do to them like the Gay in New Zealand fed in the Museik and put them down it would put the word out you come to America you live by our Laws. Don’t bring in your RagHead laws and try to cram it down our throats. We are a country that did not England try to control us and we will not let a bunch of RagHead Muslims try to Control us. We are a Free loving Country and we will not Them Or any Soliest people tell us how to live our lives. AMEN AMEN God loves us gust the way we are.

  17. The most dangerous threat to our Constitutional Republic is this filthy, anti American, hate-filled DEMONazi. She’s a pile of 💩💩💩💩💩.

  18. Barry was the biggest threat to our country and people didn’t even see it. It is called charisma. Party boy that knew how to have wild parties at the White House and speak out of both sides of his mouth well snowed you all. Now he is meeting with these people to attack us again before he is caught and have a civil war in our country by these terrorist he let in at night by air. It may have started with Clinton and then when they lost to Bush planned to 9/11 attack and America didn’t wake up but wanted to show them how loving we are. So sad!!! My heart bleeds for our country.

  19. you cannot trust theses woman they will say anything to fool you
    they hate everything about America they hate trump they hate white people they hate jews they hate Christians Obama started all the problems in America 215 times he met with the muslim brotherhood in the white house in secret Obama pulled off the biggest scam in American history he’s laughing all the way to the bank

  20. Every congressperson took an oath to uphold and defend our Constitution. Any that do not do that should be prosecuted and removed from office for dereliction of their oath of office.

  21. It’s Called the Muslim “TAKE OVER” of The U.S. Congress! The Senate Will be next! Then We Have “SHARIA LAW”! It’s A “REAL SHAME” The Democrats & Republicans Are “ALL” So Scared Of the Muslims!!!! [And By The Way It’s Unconstitutional For Muslims To Be In Any Form Of U.S. Government!]

  22. Like all the BS over the last 2 years, these idiots don’t understand that they have to show cause. You can’t impeach someone just because you disagree with them.

  23. As representative of foreign, alien mindsets that are, quite clearly, out of step with American history, heritage and tradition, we are a on clear path to conflict unless there is a sensible recognition of the need to be distinctively singular in our adherence to one legal system, to formulate foreign and domestic policies based on a universally-applicable, singular set of criteria which avoid any duplicity for purposes of accommodation and compromise to the detriment of those whom we have, by affinity of belief and democratic principles, supported. We are a country of majority rule, governed by law with respect to process. We must never allow that this be overturned or abdicated in favor of the wishes of a malevolent minority.

  24. When IDIOTS ARE ELECTED BY IDIOTS THEY NATURALLY ACT LIKE IDIOTS. Her kind belongs no where near a FREE COUNTRY. Dump the bitch along with the other muzzie garbage!

  25. Someone needs to remind the Congresswoman that there must be grounds for impeaching a president… not just dislike! What an idiot! We should have ANY Muslims in Congress ever!

  26. Hey! guess what! a bunch of American citizens elected these three idiots. They put into office three radical Muslim deities. How stupid can the American people be. You got another bunch of idiots that want to let anybody in the country vote in our elections, I guess if I’m on vacation from England or France and I happened to be in America when you’re voting I can just stroll over to cast my vote. Also some numb nuts idiot wants to lower the voting age to 16, yeah let’s let children, high school students vote. Why not, after we stick a few more Muslims in office we’re not gonna have to worry about the country anyway.

  27. This is what happens when you open the borders and give refuge to illegal immigrants. This is the thanks America gets for being nice to certain illegal immigrants. What a disaster in the makings. That is why our POTUS has said many times we need to build walls, fences and update our border patrol. I do not have a problem with paying my taxes to help support border security and yes if Trump decides to close the borders as well. We need to make Americans first and get out people (legal citizens) back to work. I would also think that if we stop these payments to other countries that are invading the USA should that not also stimulate more opportunity for American business such as produce from farmers and reduce our independence on other countries? We may lose some on imported goods for a while, but is the bad or maybe a good thing long term.

  28. It is time for the Rashida Tlaib and the likes to be removed from Congress. They serve no purpose other than to disrupt the democracy they do not understand nor respect. If they went to school here, they should know the history and progress, and in my opinion, they would assimilate and embrace it. Is living in the United States of America a perfect place, no, but it is a hell of a lot better than some places in this earth that we live in. At this point and time, I do not understand why they came to live in this country if they hate it so much.. Some immigrants came to the USA for a better life, others came for other innumerable issues. I have a tough time trying to rationalize why anyone would come to live in this country and then try to destroy it, that is completely irrational. If someone detests this country so much, leave and go to another country where you can enjoy your life.

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