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New House Democrat Investigators Might Not Get as Far as They Think

The Democrat Blue Wave turned out to be little more than a gently rushing stream on Tuesday, but it did manage to meet the mildest of expectations and deliver the House of Representatives back into the hands of Pelosi & Friends. That will likely mean a rather abrupt halt to any sort of conservative legislative agenda for the next two years; worse, it will mean that Democrats will take control of the various oversight committees. Most alarmingly, Adam Schiff will now be in charge of the House Intelligence Committee, and we don’t doubt that his first order of business will be to re-investigate the Trump/Russia collusion scandal (or lack thereof).

Many liberals are excited about the fact that Democrats now have subpoena power on their side, but they may not get as far with that approach as they think. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has already shown a willingness to essentially ignore House Republicans and their threats of subpoena. The Freedom Caucus and the investigative committees have been up one wall and down the other trying to get information on the misdeeds of the FBI and the Justice Department during the 2016 election, and they’ve been met with stonewall after stonewall. If Rosenstein suddenly changes course and cooperates with every demand Schiff sends his way, it’s going to look a lot like political favoritism, and that’s not an appearance the Justice Department can afford right now.

Furthermore, there is precedent for the Attorney General of the United States giving congressional investigators the finger. That precedent was set by a man named Eric Holder. And while Holder was held in contempt by Republican lawmakers for refusing to hand over documents relating to the Fast and Furious scandal, the criminal charges that might have followed never materialized. It’s unlikely that Democrats even have the stomach or the will to hold Rosenstein or Sessions in contempt, much less pursue anything more serious.

What we’ll get, though, is Adam Schiff at his television-squawking best for the next year or so. Until Robert Mueller wraps up his own investigation and assures the country that there was never anything even remotely suspect about Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia, Schiff will be able to make all kinds of grand insinuations while re-doing an inquiry that’s already been done. In the end, that’s all the Democrats ever wanted out of this faux-scandal to begin with. It’s a distraction and a means by which they can de-legitimize the President in the eyes of their voters.

Tuesday’s election results showed that this strategy has mostly failed; for whatever success Democrats had, this was not the spectacular left-wing backlash that they were hoping for. And if this is the best the Democrats can do with the entirety of the mainstream media screaming at the country, “TRUMP’S REALLY REALLY BAD” every single day for two years? It does not bode well for their chances of defeating him in 2020.

What do you think?

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  1. it just shows how evil the democrats are don’t co-operate with request from republicans but we have to co-operate with they want. two sets of rules never changing evil democrats. Praying President Trump has power to make them turn over records requested w/o having the reacted., if not maybe the supreme court can make them do this. If democrats won’t co operate perhaps they can be fired and be taken out of government position forever with benefits of any kind. also need to put limits on terms they can serve.

  2. Pencil neck will be at his lying best. He has no want to find any truth. Just any lie he can use to try to make PRESIDENT TRUMP look bad. Schiff is an embarrassment even for a libtard state like californation. Go TRUMP 2020

  3. As President Trump stated in his press conference if the democrats continue to obstruct and not legislate for the people he will play the same game .Gridlock will not serve them well in 2020.

  4. When does Whittaker take over for Sessions? If the House Intelligence or Judiciary Committee Chairman sends a request to Whittaker (NOT Rosenstein!) to hand over all the “stuff”, might not the new acting director oblige? Would be VERY interesting!

  5. The country works better, in general,
    when all voices are heard, and the voice of the majority of voters was distorted for the last 2 years. Some gridlock is better for the economy in normal times, and we hope it will be good now.

    • The real distortion took place took place between 2008 and 2016, during the Obama Muslim Empire! The vast majority of Americans did not want the “illegal” and Muslim Invasions but, that was the only way (after pissing on Black Americans) that he figured he could destroy the United States from within. Our country will never reach it’s full potential again until we remove all Democrats from Political Power!

    • Gridlock is what has slowed progress in this country. Gridlock is when all members of congress and the Senate make fifteen minute speeches with reasons they can or cannot pass a bill. In the meantime said bill languishes in committee while all those bozos each has there fifteen minutes of air time. Pass the dam bills with a simple ‘Ay’ or ‘nay” or kick them down the pike. It sometimes takes five years for a bill to come into committee there is so much gridlock. Our government has become a racket. Filled with RINO and DINO career politicians who are just putting in time till the can take early retirement and pickup the big pension and free health care. The one’s who are afraid of getting booted out fill in their resume for a lobbying job, like Baynor and probably Paul Ryan. All the rest are headed for the swamp where it’s cozy and dark and they can hide in their offices .

  6. Regretfully, by the time their fraudulent “recounts” of newly “discovered” votes is over and added to their illegal votes the Democommies will have cancelled our Senate gains and will have the entire legislature in their hands.

  7. It is unfortunate, but the number of disloyal Republicans have been the real reason the liberals won the House. These so-called conservatives won their seats in the House by promising to end Obamacare, complete transparency, building the wall, changing the immigration laws, and promising to reduce spending among other commitments. They revealed that they were truly globalists and greedy. The most guilty were Paul Ryan and his cohorts like Kevin McCarthy. They also ALLOWED the witch hunt to continue by not supporting the president. Also guilty by trusting individuals he shouldn’t have is President Trump who did not require the release of the FICA information and other pertinent data that the House subpoenaed. This made some supporters feel he himself was hiding something especially since he promised transparency in his campaign. It appears that a large number of Republicans were extremely fearful of “rocking the boat” by being totally supportive of the campaign promises. We the people need to begin right now in recruiting individuals who really are conservatives and have the courage to stand for their constituents and this country. We need to turn back to our Lord and pray for the conversion of this country so that these evil individuals will be vanquished. God bless America and its righteous citizens!!

  8. Trump should threaten to de classify all the documents-that would make them possibly available to the public, possibly by passing the House. He has already threatened to de classify the documents pertaining to the FISA warrant. He should do so on January 1, right after the new Congress is sworn in.

  9. Schiff, is not going to last very long if he tries to impeach Kavanaugh, or put pressure on the President. It will be a sure sign that the power is the only thing the Democrats/Liberals/Socialists are interested in. No matter what pelosi says they will not work with Trump, nor anyone else. The whole Congress needs to get out of their zones and start working for WE THE PEOPLE. Maybe we can have our own American referendum on paying our taxes with the new program until they do something for us. If we withhold our payments then maybe we can get the treasury to quit paying them. That should frost their cookies.

  10. so what’s new , they didn’t do anything the last 10 years , and the idiots in the house can’t pass anything , if it doesn’t go threw the senate , all it means is more fighting in congress

  11. Little Adam has committed security breaches and could end up being indicted if continues to do stupid things and irritates enough people.

  12. Schiff will immediately declassify anything he thinks will help make accusations against Trump. He screamed about national security when Republicans talked about declassifying the FISA docs. But, now that it’s Dems…..

  13. Is anyone on this site embarrassed and disgusted by the President of our Republic not honoring the fallen soldiers in France because of a little rain?

  14. There is no way Adam Schiff will be able to get anything from President Trump but he will make a fool of himself and this time there is nobody to stop him. So we are in for a bumpy ride and the same goes for all the other DEMS in the House. But I was reading about this boiling mud that is slowly taken root in the San Andres Fault, looks like it could take care of our whole problem and then there is the fires and that will not go well either. The whole state of CA is in for a long term drought so when it does rain there will be mud slides and they as always have no solutions. Time will tell and who wants to move back into a burned out state with a larger fault line. As soon as all these caravans thinks they can get into CA they will find it is not what they expected. We in Texas will not let them in here under any circumstances. As for Arizona time will tell it I hope will keep all the caravans at bay.

  15. Little Adam “The pimp” schiff is a typical swamp rat that needs to be sent down the drain. He lives on CNN (communist news network) and ABC (American bloviate channel). Identifying everything the Admin does as illegal, destructive to the American way of (Progressive) life, then hides behind Pelosi, and her bloviate cohearts. And the little pimp wants to be President in 2020. Imagine how much fun foreigners can have trying to pronounce his name.

  16. The Dems are out for blood. They still have not accept the fact that Donald Trump is our President.
    They are not going to move this country forward. We will go backwards and pay the price for it. They will waste “OUR TAX DOLLARS” on all these investigation and probably prove nothing. I hope that the people who put them in office will be happy, but we who didn’t vote for them will have to suffer as well.

  17. I’m betting that some of them get as far as lying in repose in their coffin, while others might find themselves dangling from a short noose in a tall tree. The American people have had enough of their Dumbascrap B.S. and will tolerate no more…

  18. Most of the Dems about to take over just look like shnooks! Schiff is slimy looking. Waters needs a muzzle and a financial investigation of her and her daughter. Nadler should not come out in daylight, and the rest should be in jail.

  19. I don’t trust a word that comes out of Adam (Schif-for-brains) Schiff’s mouth…Why because he looks like a child mollestor high on crack cocaine. And 90% of what he says turns out to be false in any case…


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