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Of COURSE Lisa Murkowski is the First to Break on Impeachment

Living up to her title (shared by Susan Collins of Maine) of the most worthless Republican in the Senate, Lisa Murkowski (R-AL) said this week that she was very “disturbed” about the way Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been talking about the upcoming impeachment trial.

Murkowski, who seems to go out of her way to virtue-signal to Democrats for some unknown reason, said that she didn’t like hearing that McConnell was working with the White House on the president’s defense.

“In fairness, when I heard that, I was disturbed,” Murkowski said. “To me, it means that we have to take that step back from being hand-in-glove with the defense, and so I heard what leader McConnell had said, I happened to think that that has further confused the process.”

She continued, saying that “how we will deal with witnesses remains to be seen,” and that she wanted to see a “full and fair process” play out in the Senate. Strangely enough, she doesn’t seem to think there was anything unfair about the House impeachment process. She seems to believe that the House can conduct the most biased, reckless impeachment in history and still get a fair hearing in the Senate. No, Lisa, that’s not how any of this works. If you weren’t so eager to get into all of the good Democrat country clubs, you might see that for yourself.

Murkowski, who was the only Republican to vote against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, said that she hadn’t made up her mind about impeachment yet.

“For me to prejudge and say there’s nothing there or on the other hand, he should be impeached yesterday, that’s wrong, in my view, that’s wrong,” she said.

Well, Lisa, have you been paying attention? Having an opinion at this stage in the game isn’t “prejudging.” We’ve seen everything the Democrats have, don’t you imagine? Do you think President Trump should be impeached for delaying Ukrainian military aid or not? And if you do, then why the hell are you still pretending to be a Republican?

In any case, we’re sure that RINO Collins and avowed Trump-hater Mitt Romney will be joining Murkowski before you know it. These three goofs never let us down.

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        • Hey, nice reply to shit for brains Blowhorn, but hasn’t anyone ever told you that you can’t argue with a Democrat? It is like trying to plow the sea.They are all braindead and brainwashed by Hollywood and elite xollege professors.

      • Bill it’s you loser liberals that are the deadbeats. you hear free and coming running. Trump has done more for this country than that P O S Obama did in 8 years. You’re just mad President Trump is cutting off your free stuff and you might actually have to work.

      • Ehrhorn….”IS”…..most of the problem…..evidently not capable of a “solution”!…{ That’s what a less than 3rd grade education will get you}….{ & a couple of our Libretard Presidents, ie { Bath House Barry, & Slick perverted Willie} are good examples of my statement}

      • Bill if anyone is a dead beat I am sure you would qualify. To call President Trump a dead beat just confirms you are pathetic. You would not know a good thing if it hit you between the eyes. I am sure you think Obimbo was the best President ever. I just wish someone could tell me what he was good at doing except screwing everything up he touched. There is a major concern in today’s America. We now seem to have a large number of morons like you Willie.

        • Follow the $$$, the yellow brick road. That’s where Bill comes from, and Bill what is it that makes YOU so great. I just checked and you’re not President. What’s wrong dumb-ass, why aren’t you President? It’s cause you wouldn’t know a good President from a boil on your ass. Look in the mirror, you’ll see a hardened boil, not a President of the USA… and Murkowski is not fit to be fed to her wolves…

      • She is a marginal republican (no capital R) and she can’t make up her mind about anything involving two choices. She and Susan Collins should just admit they are not Republicans and declare Independent. Well, except then, she wouldn’t even be aware of the change in status, and neither would we! To me, they prove to be fence sitters and haven’t got one brain between them since they continually lean back and forth on the fence. One day they’ll fall on the wrong side and find out just exactly how corrupt the Democrats have gotten.

        It is no coincidence that Democrats still believe we have a democracy, where everyone, including illegals and blithering idiots should vote the way the democrats tell them, when in fact/truth, we have a constitutional Republic, where only those legally able to vote can do so. I get so tired of trying to make democrats believe that, but their brains would withstand a redwood tree falling on their heads. Either that, or their brains are frozen mush and can’t learn anything.

        • Murkowski is another, John McCain, RINO, another insubordinate in it for the $$$. Tyranny,Treason, spying for the Demonrats – comes to mind immediately…

    • Lisa Murkowski……Not a Republican…Not A Conservative…..She is a traitor to her Electorate, & it’s “THEIR FAULT”, she is even “there”! Throw her out, & elect a “REAL REPUBLICAN”! NOT A BONIFIDE TRAITOR TO OUR REPUBLIC/GOVERNMENT! Time for the “ELECTORATE’….All over America, to vote responsibly, according to the ideals in our Constitution…..It’s what our Forefathers, intended!

      • She starts her statement with the words “In fairness”. Were the House hearings fair??? Pelosi admitted that the Dems have been working on impeachment for two and a half years. Guess what? There was no Ukraine phone call two and a half years ago. Sounds like throwing poop against the wall and see what sticks…and Murkowski has the nerve to bring up fairness!!!! Idiot that she is.

  1. Regardless of what Lisa Murkowski thinks or says, she needs to look at the Dems collusion with Clinton when he was being impeached and if she isn’t aware of the SCAM the dems are pulling, then she doesn’t have enough intelligence to serve in the U.S. Senate and needs to be sent back to Alaska!

  2. I really do not understand why this woman or Susan Collins or Mitt Romney are in the Republican party. Every time a vote that is extremely important, these 3 have objections to something if not all. Why are they still in the Rep. Party. Why don’t they go right straight to hell and join into the Democrats. Every thing that comes out of their mouths is Democratic oriented. My husband and I were never so disappointed as we were with Mitt Romney. I know this is in the past. but the night of the debate with OBAMA when Romney looked like a whipped puppy, we knew that he was never going to be the President. We supported this man and expected so much more of him. Now we have this troll who comes out and has no concept of what went on with the Dems impeachment process. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  3. Lisa Murkowski is an idiot brain dead and can’t wait to see fellow Alaskans get rid of this rotten fish. No loyalty at all except to herself. If she had an MRI of her brain It may show brain atrophy. She apparently has no critical thinking skills but loves to criticize everyone else. Disloyal untrustworthy unreliable not ethical. No one has forgotten her poor performance at Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. RECALL THIS SENATOR.

  4. Isn’t she the one that got primaries out and ran as a write-in? Her big money buddies pushed her in with a few stuffed ballot boxes in the general and she held onto the seat. I doubt she will be going back.

  5. This woman has killed her career as a politician in the Republican party and the reason is she has never been able to accept the facts she has no loyalty to her party or to the citizens that elected her!!!!

  6. Lisa Lisa must of been dropped on her head as a baby ! Must of been picking her nose and pull her brain out . She’s been wrong about everything that comes before her. Siding with fords accusation about Brett, she’s a imbecile. Why can’t we get them removed from office ?

  7. Why are Collins and Murkowaki still in office? Are the voters in Alaska and Maine so oblivious to the machinations of these two RINOs? Romney was elected as a Republican and he should tread lightly lest he finds himself out of office next time he is up for reelection. He is another RINO. One thing you can say about Democrats, they stick together not caring a whit what their constituents want. Conservatives should stick together but with RINOs among us it is difficult.. This whole impeachment process is deplorable and a stain on our government and country because it is a coup d’etat to remove a duly-elected president from office so he won’t be reelected. Now this is what Collins, Murkowski and Romney should be concerned about instead of finding anything Trump did “troubling” As to the Ukraine debacle phone call. How can there be quid pro quo, withholding aid to Ukraine to force Ukraine to investigate Biden and son when the president of Ukraine had no knowledge of the aid or being withheld. So, it wasn’t being used as a club to get him to do some investigating. Lastly, It is the President’s duty and prerogative and duty to investigate wrongdoing by an American citizen in a foreign country. Just because Creepy Joe is running against Trump should not and does not make him immune from investigation. Isn’t it amazing how Democrat can fabricate, twist and lie and get away with it and create enough of that BS to generate impeachment articles?

  8. If Murkowski can’t make up her mind after three years of this crapola maybe her constituents should make up their minds to vote in another Republican who can.

  9. Republicans that are against President Trump are really disguised as republicans but are in reality democrats. America’s better wake up and vote out all democrats. History will repeat itself. The garbage they (the democrats) are feeding the american people are the same things Hitler told the people of Germany. and, you see what happened to them. Look up Hitler’s speech’s and learn some history. GOD BLESS AMERICA and PRESIDENT TRUMP. One who loves my country, AMERICA.

  10. Lisa Murkowski is a RINO and should change to Demomarxist her party affiliation. Susa Collins is in that category also as she usually votes for the Demomarxists. She did vote for Judge Kavanaugh so I give her a big credit for that one.

  11. REALLY? Please don’t tell me , Lisa Murkowski (R-AL) can’t understand what the Democrats done
    in the House, towards our President? How the Democrat’s Lied on everything?m Didn’t allow
    a Single Republican attend their cheating Lying Meetings? NOW MAYBE YOU CAN SEE, WHY,

  12. Most RINO’s are opportunist, and, it suits them to have one leg in the democrat party and the other leg in the republican to claim to be meritorious in their judgement and fairness in decisions they make in the house, pleasing to all. I find this hypocritical and disingenuous to the party they are elected too. The name RINO should be revoked for all intent and purposes with republican only.

  13. any body that votes against President Trump when he has done nothing wrong should never hold another office again, they all have to be replaced, they have lost all values of right and wrong, or may be the dems are paying them off. and why didnt they ever question obummer when he was breaking all the laws that he did.

  14. As I will always say about damned deep state politicians like Lisa Murkowski

    who need to believe that they are gods

    that they are all powerful and they are definitely self’deceived

    she is very evil

    💥💞👍TRUMPence our/his US ReTRUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen!!!

  15. Bill if anyone is a dead beat I am sure you would qualify. To call President Trump a dead beat just confirms you are pathetic. You would not know a good thing if it hit you between the eyes. I am sure you think Obimbo was the best President ever. I just wish someone could tell me what he was good at doing except screwing everything up he touched. There is a major concern in today’s America. We now seem to have a large number of morons like you Willie.

  16. Not surprising! And, don’t MOST attorneys work with their clients? I didn’t think it was possible, but she’s even uglier than Pelosi!

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