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“Our Sisters”: House Democrats Rally to the Side of the Anti-American Squad

Let there be no doubt about it: The Democratic Party is now whatever Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Squad say that it is. Because of all the anti-American, anti-Semitic, racist statements they’ve made since taking office in January, it was only when President Trump told them to “go back” to their countries of origin and fix those places before criticizing this one that Nancy Pelosi and her caucus got their dander up.

Ilhan Omar can downplay the significance of 9/11 all she wants, no Democrat makes a peep. AOC can compare migrant detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps, it’s fine. Rashida Tlaib can make extraordinary slurs against our ally, Israel, and Democrats are silent. But oh boy, tell these Commies to hit the road, and it’s time for an official House resolution!

“Our sisters,” Pelosi called the Squad.

“Now,” Trump correctly noted on Tuesday, “they are forever wedded to the Democratic Party.”

The official resolution was an exercise in abject partisan politics, of course. Instead of being honest about Trump’s tweets, party leaders attempted to make it sound as though Trump, through his words and actions, was telling every foreign-born American to “go home.” Nowhere was it mentioned in the text that Trump was speaking only of the four progressives. Nowhere was it mentioned in the resolution that Trump invited all four to “come back” and show the U.S. what they had learned. No, none of that is relevant, because this had nothing to do with the truth. It was just showboating for MSNBC and the radical mob on Twitter.

On Wednesday, Trump made the connection between the Democrats and their radical “sisters” explicit in a brilliant series of tweets.

“So great to see how unified the Republican Party was on today’s vote concerning statements I made about four Democrat Congresswomen,” he wrote. “If you really want to see statements, look at the horrible things they said about our Country, Israel, and much more. They are now the top, most visible members of the House Democrats, who are now wedded to this bitterness and hate. The Republican vote was 187-4. Wow! Also, this was the first time since 1984 that the Speaker of the House was ruled Out of Order and broke the Rules of the House. Quite a day!”

Quite a day, indeed. And if Pelosi can’t find some way over the next few months to divorce herself and the 2020 candidates from these extremists, her party is doomed.

Unfortunately for them, they seem to be headed in the opposite direction.

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  1. House Democrats Rally to the Side of the Anti-American Squad which is proof that the demo in Dc are now all Anti-American TRAITORS/TERRORISTS and the demo party should be removed from congress

    • I totally agree and so should most patriotic Americans. It seems the Demonrats can just about say whatever they desire for political purpose/gain and no recourse by Congress or via justice system? It comes down to the election in 2020 as our only means to remove and replace these corrupt radical/extreme individuals in our congress and govt. positions. However, I do wonder what and who is really behind these groups and why no legal actions have taken place.


    • Nancy can’t divorce herself from the squad, They own her. She bought their votes for speaker of the house and her precious gavel by promising them seats on important committees. A privilege almost never given to freshmen . The stress of keeping them in line is not going to be healthy for Nancy. She was slurring her speech last month but seemed to recover. We’ll see how long that lasts. I wonder if all the women in the Democratic caucus are happy with the new “sisters” in the family?

    • I hope and pray you are correct. The US doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of surviving if any one of the liberals take over. Just look at the mess they have created, so far.

    • It’s just a shame they did not get more things done WHILE THEY had the HOUSE. Hope it’s not too late. I think the Dems boat is so long tasted than everyone thought???

    • Don’t hold your breath on the Republicans winning anything back. They pissed-away a good opportunity to keep the House in 2018 by their sheer laziness/cowardice to support President Trump. Now recently they sided/voted with the Dumbocraps to “outsource” American jobs to 1.5 million immigrants from India. Yikes, it seems that these Republicans hate our Country as much as the Squad. Fortunately we can thank God for President Trump as he’s one of the very few loyal/patriotic/ honest Republicans in the Party.

  2. The Democrats supporting these four jerks are showing just how damn stupid they are. The Squad has shown how disrespectful they are to our president and our nation. Talking badly about our allies and our principles is nothing for anyone to be proud of. They have shown their treason , disrespect, ignorance of the truth, and foul mouth rhetoric. Anything against their lies and waywardness is decried as racist which better describes their behavior than anyone else. Very few of them are not under investigation for breaking the law, Omar is probably not an American considering her entry, lies, fraud, and demeanor.

  3. I can only say, to quote my twin brother, “screw them and the horse they rode in on.” I’s all I can say.

  4. Their existence is now in question, and do they continue this politically motivated doom move
    Or is this the finale of shame.
    I think this will tell America, it’s the end of the most politally uneducated people ever to serve.
    The ole timer democratic voters will now vote for Trump. They will never vote democratic again.

  5. This is fantastic news. The Dems have signer their own death warrant once again. They have strongly identified themselves as the party of Anti American Socialists. Full of hate, anti semitism and Trump hatred that is really hard to comprehend. What is the platform they are running on? The four dumbasses will drag the whole party into oblivion. You can’t write fiction like this!

  6. Our “Sisters”?!? . . . At least we ALL know what side The Democrats are on and it’s NOT for the American Citizen AT All. These Anti-American, Anti-Semitic bigots are on the WRONG side of history (Like the Democrats ALWAYS ARE), and I believe the American Citizens will remember that on 2020 Election day. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  7. This 10 year cry of racism has grown so very old to the majority of Americans. Is that all you lefties have? Can you do no better? I just read where 32 % of American feel it is racist do disagree with a female minority politician. So having a different opinion from a radial far left politician makes me a racist???????? Who the hell stole my Country and when are you giving it back!!!!

    • Do not hold your breath because this I think is a fight to the death here. They will not let up untill our nation has fallen to ruin. So NO they will not give this country back because this is their plan all along.

      • Joseph Stalin planned it long ago when he said : the truth did not matter, only control of: the press, radio and Hollywood—–America would fall without firing a shot. Well, Today We have a media that spreads lies like butter—FAKE NEWS—and hollywood is perverted and tends to undermine family values.—AWAKE!

  8. This latest development has sealed the Democrapic Partie’s FATE. They are now all in the stable of four of the most misguided, ignorant, unAmerican, despicable WOMEN in our nation’s history. How they can stand by and cater to the behavior displayed and statements made AGAINST THE UNITED STATES is beyond comprehension. And WHY? All because they cannot get beyond their dislike of THE PRESIDENT … who, like him or not, has produced a better America over the last 30+ months. He has surprised many by keeping his campaign promises — and has accomplished far beyond most leaders in the 20th & 21st Centuries to date. It’s time to put these four on the south side of our new WALL at our southern border … or possibly better yet — put them behind bars where they can think about their treasonist statements and deeds. ENOUGH !

  9. Unfortunately the same idiots that voted them in will probably vote for them again but I believe they only got voted in due to low voter turnout and hopefully this so called squad will continue showing their stupidity, ignorance, treason and unintelligent babble and this will drive more people to turn out to vote against idiots like them and prevent them from being voted back in.

  10. The democratic Party is over,BECAUSE their agenda against American Values and morals,they are destroying the Democrat Party as I once knew it..I have been voting Democrat since JFK,AND i’m 80 yrs old,and I have seen this country going down down down, I also am a Veteran ,served as a Plane Capt. in the Navy, for 4yrs…. the Democrats have gone way to Far Left,than I can stand, so I became a Independent voter and I choose Trump because he was saying everything people were afraid to say,without being called a RACIST(which he took it all from the left, for all of America), of which they(the democrats) have left their roots and have chose to go RADICAL,if and that’s big if,the Democrats get a president into the White House ,our nation is DOOMED,so all I can say is VOTE=VOTE=VOTE and TRUMP WILL WIN big time,IF YOU LIKE WHAT HE HAS DONE TO HELP OUR GREAT COUNTRY,VOTE-VOTE -VOTE FOR TRUMP…PERIOD…

    • Many Your age and mine feel the same;but, illegal alien voting as well as people double voting and/or last minute voting of people that do not vote—DUE TO NOT REQUIRING VOTER I.D., is a real problem–once called BALLOT STUFFING. How else did Hillary accrue so many votes?

    • Read the book: ANIMAL FARM—-the pigs (communists) rule the barnyard–be aware and be prepared.Know thine enemy.

  11. The Democrats eat shit. These nasty cockroach Muslims in the fucked up squad need to be deported to the Middle East. AOC is a whore of the left. Fucking bitch.

  12. If there are any sane voting age democrats in this country, I have one question for you, do you want our country to end up to where these four congresswomen are leading it, you see they are in charge. They will be the heads of the Democratic Party. I for one will not do that, after 50 years a democrat, I am now a registered Republican. I can not be a member of a party that wants to kill babies, our babies, will not feed our children in the inner cities, but only will feed and worry about illegals, who are loosing rapists on our babies, like the illegal that just raped a seven year old girl, she had to be operated on, who want drag queens in our libraries, transgenders in our children’s bathrooms. They are indoctrinating our children on being gay and have taken Christ out of our country, but set up prayer rooms for the Muslims, in schools, colleges and places of employment. If this is what you want for this country stay a democrat otherwise do what I did and ran as fast and far away from them that I could.

    • It is all about destroying America’s culture and replacing it with Paganism. When Russia fell , over 100 Years ago, all the churches were re-purposed as government buildings. The government became god—-by destroying the family—well I digress;but, it is all a number of five Year Plans to destroy the Free World and replace it with a communist dictatorship–new Rome.

  13. Pelosi has lost all control over the Democrats and there is little to nothing she can do about it.
    Democrats created these traitorous monsters and now they have no way to quickly do away with them and save themselves. The damage is done, not only to them, their pathetic voters and all of America. By the time the dust clears the ex Imam of the Rainbow Mosque may still succeed in his goal of destroying America in an effort to rebuild it in his image of Fascism/Communism. If this happens, it won’t be without a fight and that is the last thing we need, Americans fighting each other in a Civil War/revolution/race war.

  14. The time may be ripe to send the Democrats down the same trail as the Wigs and destroy the poitical powers bent on destrustion of our Constitutional government. Yes a few will come back with cute little names for a new Party. However, we must return to God/Christian Values, and our Constitution. Any Party that does not embrace our laws and founding documents, must be removed.

  15. Hold on a minute. I don’t know who wrote the headline for this story but it should read “Our HO’S”: House Democrats Rally to the Side of the Anti-American Squad” or maybe “Our PROSTITUTES”: House Democrats Rally to the Side of the Anti-American Squad!

  16. Here is a comment thatwill either be Ignored or outrightrejected, the TRUTH, usually gets thatresponse! According to what the news puts out today we have several woman, two muzzies and AOC an Nancy P. who are running rabid, trying make and/or change policy etc NOW, being a KJV Bible Believer, Here is what GOD said, never mind what I think, HE, GOD, SAID in Exodus 18:20-22 there are several parameters for being in Congress, Senate, Legislators and any Judgeship, be it S.Court or local! READ the verses, these verses are what formed our U.S.Constittuon! Here are the four/4 parameters. 1. “ABLE” Men 2. “MEN” that FEAR GOD 3. “MEN” of Truth 4. “MEN” hating coveteousness THESE verses form the doctrine and basis of ourConstitution! BIBLICALLY, King James Bible, Based! NO woman should be on any Judicial bench, or on any senate or congress or gov or president! BOTTOM Line, woman are out of line /wGod when the asume these positions! REGARDLESS what I think, that doesn’t matter, IT’S WHAT “HE” GOD, SAID!! EVE plunged the wolrd into sin and eve will plunge the world into total destruction w/her USURPUTATION of what GOD said she has NO business! 1 Tim 2:12/Titus 2:4-5 KJV NOT MY words or opinions, “THUS SAITH THE LORD!”


      To those who follow the tenants of Christianity, the Lord spoke many things, yet one wonders the reason for His remaining irresponsive to abhorrent, historical atrocities? One may deduce the reason to be in mankind having been given ‘free choice’ by the Creator to do what we will now do but then pay later for our transgressions. The caveate of reaping what you sow says it all. It is upon us that the onus of handling our affairs is placed.

  17. The terrorist, racist, communist squad are another minor tool of the beast to destroy America in order to establish a satanic religo-political power to rule the word. Notice so many protesting going on all over the world, natural disasters, corruptions of all kinds, especially with political leaders, mass illegal immigrations or invasions, refugees, etc. It’s going to be worst of biblical proportions, like the return of religious persecution of the dark ages of the past, we are in the early stage of it now like anti semitism. But, even the so called new world order or peace of the beast it will still be all hell will break loose.
    Only JESUS can bring in the true eternal peace to this world on his second coming at the end of the world, JESUS is the only one who can destroy the beast.

  18. “Our Si“Our Sisters”: House Democrats Rally to the Side of the Anti-American Squadsters”: House Democrats Rally to the Side of the Anti-American Squad aka “Sisters”

    There existed in Greek mythology the Gorgon sisters whose appearance, being so unapproachable, it automatically exclude them from being invited to the prom. Now, the Italians, being such a creative bunch, created a stinky cheese called ‘Gorgonzola’ (sic) in their honour. While this tale is a mixture of fact and fancy and ought to be taken as such, it somehow bears all the earmarks of Democratic nonsense.

  19. Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Jeff Toobin, Dana Bash…ALL PHONY, Left-Wing Jews!

  20. that’s because they are sexists , women will stand behind women no matter what they say or do , just like blacks and latino’s , we have a congress filled with everything oboma use to condem us for being ,

  21. The demonrat party is now the socialist party! Like it or not, agree or disagree that is what the old party is today. So glad I changed party affiliation years ago and have never voted for and never will vote for a socialist/demonrat!

  22. I heard today that AOC is supported by less than 25% of the registered voters in her district. Seems they are sick of Miss Stupid just like the rest of the same people in this country.

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