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Paul Ryan: Something’s Screwy With California Elections

Getting ready to finish up his long career in Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Thursday that there was something fishy about how California’s congressional election results suddenly tipped over to the Democratic Party long after election night. In remarks made at a Washington Post Live event, Ryan said that he was baffled by the practices that led to the Democrats’ eventual rout.

“California just defies logic to me,” Ryan said. “We were only down 26 seats the night of the election, and three weeks later, we lost basically every California contested race. This election system they have — I can’t begin to understand what ‘ballot harvesting’ is.”

“Do you think there’s something wrong with it?” asked the paper’s Paul Kane.

“No, I just think it’s weird,” Ryan said.

Under fire from one of the most powerful Republicans in Washington, California Democrats circled the wagons and blasted Ryan for daring to question the state’s strange election laws, some of which allow third party activists to go around and collect ballots from voters who can’t be bothered to leave the house. This is the “harvesting” that Ryan was referring to, and it is the practice largely responsible for turning these races around in the weeks since the election. Democrats, like California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, insist that this is nothing more or less than democracy in action, and that Republicans who don’t like it are just trying to suppress the vote.

Keep in mind, they have mail-in voting in California, so the whole “Oh I don’t have any way to get to the polls” is not a valid excuse.

Here’s the problem with ballot harvesting and why it is illegal in many states, including Arizona. The “harvesters” – the activists who go around and collect ballots – are usually Democrat Party supporters. Thus, they are turning election day into a race for persuasion. They aren’t canvassing neighborhoods looking for “votes.” They are looking only for DEMOCRAT votes. What happens when a guy with a Trump flag out front hands them his ballot? Does that ballot mysteriously wind up in the trash? Does it get tampered with? There are too many opportunities for fraud for this to be an acceptable practice.

As Ryan said, “it’s weird.”

More than a quarter-million “harvested” ballots were dropped off on election day. Many more came pouring in the week since the election, as California law only requires that ballots be postmarked by that day. And that’s not even getting into the state’s loose laws in regard to same-day voter registration, ballots cast at the wrong precinct, and DMV registration, where non-citizens are regularly put onto the rolls.

Who can trust the outcome of an election when this many “weird” pieces are up in the air?

What do you think?

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  1. These laws open the door to blatant voter fraud and the possibility of opposing ballots never being turned in. The laws should be declared unconstitutional since they apply to national elections and not only state and local ones in California.

    • call your county election officials..tell em they have been turned in/being watched for voter fraud investigation…even if youre bluffing….do it

    • Paul being too kind to the Democrat Socialist. It was rigged and crooked from start to finish. A Democrat practice run for the next election to see what they could get away with and apparently they got away with a lot.. The Republicans and Independents had better wake up and do some fast work on finding ways to insure a better system or elections as we once knew them in America will be over. There will never be another election in America worth participating in again. How many more ridiculous schemes have to be added to the system to get voters and votes to the ballot box? All of them much too easy to contaminate. Other countries far less sophisticated than America can do it why can’t we?

      • I live here in California and when I went to Vote they said I was a MAIL IN.. Yet I never signed up for that. Anyway the guy tells me I have to fill out a Provisional Ballot instead, So I fill out my Ballot take it back to where the Machine is to enter it and that same guy takes my Ballot and Drops it into what looked like a Paper shredder and when I asked him why i could put into the Machine where it’s suppose to go he just said That is the way we deal with write in ballots…He didn’t do that to anyone Voting Democrat just to me my sister and one other lady’s Ballots because we Voted Republican! CALIFORNIA

    • Two words ! Motor Voter ! It is allowing ILLEGAL ALIENS to vote in California . How do you think hillary rotten Clinton was able to get the popular vote ? There are over three Million illegal Aliens with LEGAL California Drives Licenses that can be use as prof of US Citizenship in any state in the Union . Now California government is openly say they want illegals to vote in state elections . You have to believe there could be as many as 3 million legal US Citizens who have been disenfranchised by allowing illegals to vote in California .

  2. Agree, NO ONE should have access to ballots other than those at Registers office (mailed ins) or at poling places and under guard, this is getting way out of hand and needs to be reeled in ASAP.

  3. Voting is a right, a privilege and an obligation. But rules should be established and followed. Every citizen has been given the opportunity to vote by election day. If you can’t do that by either taking your ballot to the polls, or mailed ballots with a post-marked date before election day, then they should not be counted. There should be no allowance for those who are too lazy, or too inept, or don’t care to vote, after the polls close. There should be no harvesting allowed as each voter is given enough time to submit their ballots. I don’t understand how millions of ballots can be discovered after the polls close. Even if they are they should not be counted. The fact that this occurs so regularly is a sure sign that our election system and those who run it are either inept or corrupt. My guess is both!

  4. I think that if it was look into. We would find the practice would not be acceptable in other countries under scrutiny for election fraud. WHY!!! is it acceptable here in america? Seems to me in this country, we let a lot of practice slip through here. That we would be quick to condemn in other countries. IT IS TIME we clean up our own backyard, BEFORE we look into others backyards, ISN”T IT????

  5. President Trump has been correct, elections are rigged. And we have the political audacity to have the right to monitor elections in foreign countries. It is pretty bad when ballots in this country are suddenly found in the back seat of sedans. Isn`t amazing that those found in other places other than the voting places favor the democrats. What a bunch of of conniving thieves.

    • We must push for a Federal Voter photo ID card with a thumb print for every citizen of the United States. It must have written in red, American Citizen! Voting is a right(per the Constitution) and the obligation of every United States citizen and no one else. States like California and other states laugh at the rest of the country as it has became blatantly obvious they don’t even try to hide voter fraud. All states must have the same laws!

  6. This is an IN YOUR FACE scam and ryan the rino is afraid to say so:
    “Do you think there’s something wrong with it?” asked the paper’s Paul Kane.
    “No, I just think it’s weird,” Ryan said.
    Weird? Weird is your middle name RINO!…

  7. This election was totally a fraud. Too many places across the country found or misplaced ballots. Its a total but sad joke. To get my renewed driver license, I had to provide a USA passport or English birth certificate, original SS card, old drivers license, and to other forms to prove where I live, to vote all I have to do is vote, There are no controls for voting, which is more important ? Voting or driver license.

  8. Duh, Ryan, it’s rampant in Texas, they’ve made arrests. I don’t think half the democrats were elected. This crap needs to stop before 2020. VOTER ID ONLY. People have 2 YEARS to get their sh*t together and get some kind of LEGAL ID. Don’t play the race card, don’t play the age card, just get it done!

    • It’s rampant wherever there is a (D) running for office; they are the Socialist Party that has been taken over by George Soros $$$, even most of the media and the hollyweird celebs that are wacko!
      Keep calling your Senators/Representatives (202) 224-3121 and demand results !

  9. DA, wake up Ryan, if you had worked with Trump and looked at what you colleges were telling you this may not have happened. Every single state vote for the House or Senate seats were stacked up or actual fraud took place while you sat on your ass, bashing Trump. Mr Ryan you will go down as the worst Leader of the House of Representatives because of being a RHINO.

  10. Wow, Ryan, you just figured that out now? Where have you been? You obviously did nothing for the Trump agenda, nothing for this country, and accomplished nothing while Speaker. Way to go. But you will collect your pension and be a highly paid consultant or lobbyist or whatever, so what do you care? You made Wisconsin proud, you did! Sheesh!!!

  11. I think the DOJ, the FBI, the Presidents administration and every department of the gov, and even the President himself are either naive or are turning their backs on justice and the Constitution in the area of voting in national elections if they are not correcting this in every district and every state across this great country. I think they are all laughing in the face of the Constitution or just so corrupt that allowing the fake news to overpower the most priviledged aspect of this nation by sending in any amount of bodies to ensure that every citizen that votes is verified as a citizen with verified passports or identities of birth and age. every citizen or naturalized citizen only have the right to be registered and the right to vote in national/federal elections. Period. The states and politics have become so corrupt and partisan in their operation they cannot be trusted to comply with their oath of office to uphold and protect the Constitution of the U.S. Some of the states have even openly admitted and have proven that they no longer believe in the Constitution and it should be abolished in order to fullfill their quest of converting the U.S. to a dictatorial state of socialism, led by the democratic peoples. We don’t believe that as it is a quest of the leaders and not the majority of people of the democratic party and the republicans. In order to return to the Constitution and the already laws of the nation it is imperative that we enforce the laws of voting, registration and the requirements of federal elections. It is imperative that any states laws that violate the rule of law of the Constitution be abolished and by force if necessary by assigned federal election boards and support from the military to provide safety and security. It is also necessary to discuss this with the Supreme Court for correct execution of the federal laws, and with congress. I believe most states with democratic leadership have tainted the integrity of federal election in this 2018 election as pointed out by Ryan and proven in states like Maine, Georgia,, California, Florida for example that election results should be delayed until proven true. I hope that the DC leadership takes this under advisement and does the correct thing to gain confidence in government once again.

  12. We need not look to Russia for voter fraud, it is being performed right here in our own country by the Democratic Party. Time to investigate the right parties involved instead of distracting the public with deceptive investigations designed to unsurp the will of the people.

  13. Hey it is more than weird–this is how socialist left wing liberals roll. They have totally separate rules,law, and moral conviction.Can’t believe you are just seeing this. Look in your backyard-clinton scandal, obama scandal, top officials in FBI,Justice Department,deep state, mueller dirty investigation, and you had the President and congress and socialist democrats ran right over you. You didn’t have the wisdom to see until now the President had the whole thing figured out, is trying to clean it up, and you McConnell and other non Trumpers in congress weren’t smart enough or strong enough to support him,instead you went out of your why to stop him. We were lucky because all his successes came about because of his insight and his strength. He did most of it without you people he did it with his own strength and ingenuity. Just think if you worked with him instead of against him he would have been even more successful. Thank goodness we have him. Now you can run on home in December and remissness how weird things seem to you now.

  14. California is a puzzle to Californians. The problem it is a Hispanic state longing for a Banana Republic and Mr. Ryan they are getting it. We should not bail out this state when they go down. We better build a wall and only let innocent Republican cross the boarders into Oregon, Las Vegas, Arizona and Nevada. It will be the first time you’ll see stupid white people at the border. Much of the wacko’s flew to Texas already and starting to slime up the place

  15. Wow for Paul Ryan to say something, that’s pretty bad but he is right Democrats COUNTED absentee ballots that were delivered or posted after the deadline date! California needs to toss out this last local election and have people vote all over again or take away the votes from the late absentee ballots!

  16. I feel so very sorry for Conservative Californians.
    Their vote is continuously negated by illegal, immoral
    election tampering. Shame on all who feel cheating
    is the way to run California State’s elections.

  17. I guess everyone forgot all about the FUCKED UP FLORIDA ELECTIONS where the dumbocrats set up the entire voting system in Florida and then they screwed up their own cheating system with, remember ‘HANGING CHADS’ and the idiot dumbocrats started screaming somebody rigged the elections when it was them and they screwed up their own screw-ups. THEY ARE CHEATING, LYING, STEALING, BUYING ANYTHING THEY CAN TO WIN. WE REPUBLICAN SHOULD START DOING THE SAME. EVEN IF IT COMES TO SHOOTING BECAUSE THE dumbocrats are forcing this issue and in case you haven’t noticed THEY HAVE ALREADY STARTED SHOOTING, REPUBLICAN BASEBALL GAMES? MOST ALL OTHER SHOOTERS ARE dumbocrat/liberals? THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

  18. As a Californian, I feel sorry for California. At one time, I believe it was the most beautiful and desirable state in the union. Today, it is a conglomeration of socialist, progressive (read regressive), anti-American, Democrats, who are hard at work to tax out all the businesses and put the average, middle class, citizens in the poor house. Better, I guess, to have everyone but the politicians and elites in the poorhouse, since they are then easier to control. California will do even worse under the new governor and it will go broke. All its beauty and desirable weather will be for naught.

  19. All Citizens that VOTE should be required to show ID and much needed Voter ID card’s, which Republicans have pushed for!! Arizona issues Voter ID card’s but a lot of the worker’s didn’t ask for them, said all you need is a valid Driver’s License, NOT true. Also 2 of my friends in New Mexico were not asked for an ID of any kind, they are reporting it to officials. So I think there was voter fraud in several state’s.

  20. Ballot tampering IS taking place in CA. I am a voter in CA and I’ve seen it occur. Some of it traces back to Padilla, the Secty of State, who is responsible for the State’s online voter registration. CA and reputable voting is a sham!
    Eligible, Republican, voters getting turned away at the polling place because the poll worker records show the voter is registered to receive a mail-in ballot – – – when the voter has never registered to receive mail-in ballots. This happened to me! And they don’t let you vote until you surrender your mail-in ballot – – – which you never received nor ever requested!

  21. All I know is if democrats have anything to do with voting, you can bet your ass there is fraud involved. However, I do give them credit. They really do stick together. They’re so tight that even their dead relatives come out to vote.

  22. Also rampant in California, where the votes number more than registered voters. Ryan made a dumb response. But Californians have been waiting for the feds to step in and get this election graft. Imagine Democrats giving illegals the right to vote when they get their driver’s licenses. Crime is done “in your face” and firmy established by bringing in illegal aliens and sanctuary cities where more crimes are done by illegals who are not deported. Politicians find bringing in the alien votes ensures their political perpetuity. And California is faced with decades more of one party rule – such as seen in Communist countries .

  23. That’s what we thought was happening, jemb. But when the year ends, we see the GOP sitting on their hands, promises not kept. When they were in the majority, we heard ‘we can’t do anything because we don’t have thee votes’. Now their time for being a majority is ending and it will be unfulfilled promises, again “because we don’t have a majority”. We can’t even depend on our U.S. Attorney General getting an audit started . The incoming Democratic majority will see to it there is no audit of election rolls, you can bet on that!

  24. Now you know where many votes come from when the Democrats want them. Would guess this is not the only source. Finding votes at the last minute and always democratic votes should be a concern for everyone.

  25. The problem is if this were being done by us “little people” against -shall we say the Democrats “we” would be in jail. WHEN THE DIRTY DEEDS WERE DONE BY TOP DEMOCRAT OFFICIALS OF THE STATES IN QUESTION EVERYONE LOOKS THE OTHER WAY. I guess the idiots in Cali. Couldn’t figure out the Democrats would cheat to get the multi-billion dollar tax plan implemented. The blue wave struck California and nobody cared to look at it until now. And the Democrats are laughing up their collective sleeves. Now for another slap in the face to this wonderful country, Snipes is demanding her job back blaming us for racism.

  26. I think you’re wrong. You should have stopped with ‘Something’s Screwy With California’, EVERYTHING ELSE FALLS BEHIND THAT, EVERYTHING.

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