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Pelosi: Trump’s Census is an Attempt to “Make America White Again”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shamelessly played the race card on Monday, insisting that President Trump’s desire to put a citizenship question on the Census was part of his attempt to whitewash America. Surely, this was offensive to any black or brown American who is also a citizen of the United States, but then, it seems that the Democratic Party is not all that interested in those people these days.

“This is about keeping – you know his hat – make America white again,” Pelosi said in her usual style of grace of clarity. “They want to make sure that people – certain people – are counted. It’s really disgraceful. And it’s not what our founders had in mind. What they want to do is put a chilling effect so certain populations will not answer the form.”

Just a reminder: When Pelosi says “certain people,” she’s talking about American citizens. When she says “certain populations,” she’s talking about illegal immigrants, i.e., people who should not be in this country to begin with. The Democrats like to hide all of this behind talk of racism, the generic word “immigration,” and a whole lot of other nonsense rhetoric, so it’s important to clarify whenever we get the chance.

In remarks to reporters last week, President Trump said a Supreme Court ruling blocking the question was not going to slow his administration down. He said that lawyers at the Department of Justice were looking into a legal avenue through which the citizenship question could be restored to the Census; Attorney General William Barr this week suggested that the DOJ may have found a way to do just that.

Such a move – whether by legal maneuvering or by executive order – would spark a great outcry from the president’s opponents, who would accuse him of (once again) launching us into a constitutional crisis. We believe that would be the 143rd such crisis since the beginning of his presidency, at least if you take your tally from the Democrats. Somehow, we keep making it through.

The true constitutional crisis, however, is that we have one major part of our government – the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives – standing firmly in the way of a reasonable question that could help us clarify the number of illegal aliens currently living in the United States. That is an abdication of their duty and a clear message to their constituents: We don’t give a damn about you unless you came here illegally from Central America or Mexico.

It’s shocking that people would still vote for such a party, but there you have it.

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  1. I Guess, Pelosi, means that White People won’t have to answer that Question!!! Pelosi!!! DUH!!!!!!!!!

    • If ALL citizens answer and illegals do not, what good is the census? It would be like a thermometer that only has the degrees from 40 degrees to 90 degrees, ie useless.

      • It is good enough to know that there are a lot of Congress persons receiving salaries that should not be there! It is good enough to show that states with a high rate of Illegal Aliens are actually committing FRAUD against the PEOPLE since it would be questionable as to the value of their vote and to whom they remain allegiant to!

        I will not participate in providing any response to a CENSUS that does not validate Citizenship. I would consider it FRAUDULENT and invoke my 9th Amendment RIGHT to NOT PARTICIPATE as it is a COLORED LAW, Tainted from the start.

        • Not good Norb, we need ALL the legal votes. Don’t abstain for political reasons that only hurts America. That’s what the dems do.

      • The census requires that ALL people must be accounted for, and that includes non-citizens and illegals What President Trump needs to determine is the number of people eligible to vote: in other words, citizens of voting age, for they are the ones who can and should vote.

    • Pelosi needs to be called to resign for her racist comment and inciting a race war. It’s beyond disgraceful for the speaker of the house to be so racist

  2. And what is wrong with white? Pelosi the phony Democrat rat is trying to make America brown, soon she has to paint her white skin brown to suit the Socialist/Communists Democrat rats of the House.

  3. Listen Miss Pelosi, I’m 82 years old. I served in the Naval Amphibious Forces. I’m still working. My body hurts every day. The damned Demoncrats are weak on defense and now they want me to the me to pay the illegal immigrants medical bills? The Demoncrat Party can go to Hell!

    • You go NavyPo I’m 77 and my husbands 80 , he served, and we were both democrats but now we get as many people as we can to change. And you are so right, we have enough paying for what we need to live, we don’t need to take care of lazy criminal illegals.

    • I am right with you Navy (Thanks for your service) I’m 74 and still working to feed me and my wife and don’t want to pay for illegal criminals.

  4. This old broad is off her rocker ,right along with the rest of the knot heads in her party ,truly amazing how they won’t do the job’s they’re supposed to do and sit around and make up absolute nonsense on a regular basis .
    She puts out nonsense like this knowing full well she and the party of she speaks for need illegal votes to stay in office.

  5. No.. This has been on teh ballot for years. You Socialist takeover Elites took it off. This is to make America for American Citizens again. You are so worried about the illegals and couldn’t care less about all the homeless American Citizens sleeping int he street a mile from your home. WHAT A HIPOCRIT YOU ARE!!

    • Isn’t it quaint that the PELOSI People provide $333,333,33 dollars for each ILLEGAL child in the detention for illegal entry, but at the same time in California provide $18,000 per Homeless person, if and only if the ex criminals, and low income housing funds were applied ONLY to the Homeless in California alone! So tell me PELOSI Where does your ALLEGIANCE LIE!

      There are over 550,000 Homeless in America. there are 12,000 Children legally detained, That 4.7 Billion Dollars is equal to $8,545.45 per LEGAL Citizen Homeless in America. The Illegal Act gives the Children almost 40 Times more money spent than a US Citizen who is Homeless? Yes Pelosi, we DO know that you pledge NO ALLEGIANCE to the PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES.

      • I do not like to be censured by Conservatives, Socialists, Antifa, Democrats because that proves that not one is worth a shit when it comes to FREEDOM OF SPEECH! This IS not a Conservative Free Press. It is ANTI-AMERICAN PRESS. If you don’t have the balls to allow the PEOPLE to include WHO THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT you are no better than the shitheads of democracy! Nancy Pelosi is who I was talking about. Nancy Pelosi IS NOT a curse word it is an INFORMATIVE STATEMENT that the PEOPLE need to know!

        I no longer think this forum is anything other than a ruse akin to the Russian Meddling in the Election. GROW A SET!

  6. Clearly Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of Democrats have decided to declare war on and discriminate against white Americans. Every time they open their mouths it is to insult, attack and demean white Americans. Pelosi and the rest of her gang never had any problem with taking political contributions by white Americans. They also don’t have any problems stuffing their pockets full of taxpayer’s money which includes taxes paid by White Americans.

  7. Pelosi is a clear and present danger to the lives of Americans and needs to be dealt with as such. This is also true on the entire DNC. This coup attempt on Trump and everything else, Clinton email, uranium one, Benghazi, Russia, FBI, DOJ, CIA ALL THIS CRAP! We need to get out and vote everyone of these criminals, non Americans, oh yea even AOC lol she makes me laugh though she is so stupid. Please VOTE!! America is at risk!!

  8. So…..what does the question about whether you are a Citizen….have to do with RACE!?!??!? EVERYONE is being asked….whether you are black…white….green…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tell me Pelosi is not a Racist Card abuser? Tell me Pelosi really cares about anything other then her Power to pound that wood hammer of hers. What needs to happen is those closed door “Caucus” they have should be made transparent, why should our elected officials be allowed to make any legislation without the people seeing and hearing what the discussions (Options) are and where their ELECTED representative stands.

      I for one am tired of hearing “It is not what I wanted, but it is better then nothing at all”, or voting on any legislation via YA votes that do not individually record who voted how!

    • Simply put: It is all they can say because they can and people fall for it. Using the race card should be illegal, but hay, name calling or Identity politics is all they need to win, it makes no difference if it is true or not it is just one of those magic words. Like main st, or our grandchildren, or share the wealth, or lie.

  9. Nancy, is full of it. She accuses the Republicans of hate and Racism, when the Democrats are promoting Socialism, Communism and Reverse Racism. No one with half a brain is listening to her or AOC and her two Islamic buddies.

  10. Hay nancy how tall are you, 5 foot 4 inches? I didn’t know they PILED SHIT THAT HIGH. If I worked at my job the way you and the rest of the dumbocrats do their job I WOULD BE FIRED. Get to work, POS!

  11. Obviously I’m no expert but looking at the vacant stare in Pelosi’s eyes I can’t help but think she’s about as nutty as they come. And of course that other Socialist, AOC, is worse. Those people call themselves Democrats. THEY ARE NOT! THEY ARE SOCIALISTS. One of the definitions of Socialist is COMMUNIST. Those people along with the gutless RINO idiots who say this or that should be done instead of saying, “By God, we’re going to do it!” should all be voted out before they do any more harm.

  12. … and Nancy Pomposi’s “One Dollar” – Immigration Policy is an effort to “Make America Disappear From the Face of The Earth Again.” The party of tax theft, destruction and control via regulation, disarming the people, dividing the people, racism against whatever skin color will promise the greatest increase in power, ageism, sexism, community organized “class hatred and warfare”, slavery, sex trafficking, voter fraud, open borders, globalism, and communism has never seen a form of organized crime they did not adore and imitate. Socialism, communism is the blight of humanity and the Democrats are presenting it as if it were the crown jewel; time for the delusional to be presented with the fact that their emperor is naked. Behold, the ruinous infamy of the shining lie of “we serve the little people” – freshly gutted, and well roasted on toast that is!

  13. Democrats want illegal immigrants counted but not identified, so as to inflate total populations and get more federal House of Reps seats allocated to Democrat states.

  14. Nancy Bigmouth said that stupid comment because her real anger after she impeaches Donald Trump is to bash the American People and use illegal immigrants as her operatives to depose American citizens from their right to vote and provision of insurance for health care in addition to high taxation WITHOUT representative. ALL privileges go to illegals and none for Americans.

  15. I think it’s outrageous that Obama can REMOVE the question, and no one bitches, but, heaven forbid, Trump tries to put it back in the census, and people lose their minds.

  16. Sorry, Nancy, I don’t think citizens of the United States of America are only white. The U.S. is made up of all nationalities and colors. You better check your facts before continuing to spout stupid statements. Maybe if you got out into the real world (our country) you’d realize that

    • If she ever got out into the real World, somebody would shoot that race-baiting bitch right in the mouth…and I’d kick her right in the teeth, after they shot her to make sure she was dead…I wish some Mexican, or some Central American shit eating thug would stick his dick up her ass, and piss on the fire in her belly…!!!

  17. Actually Pelosi-dear: It’s about YOU, trying to make America totally NON-WHITE & NON-CITIZEN, so as to “overthrow” the Constitution. STOP CONDEMING ME FOR MY SKIN COLOR,……..I CAN’T AFFORD TO HIDE BEHIND ARMED GUARDS LIKE YOUR WHITE SELF CAN.

  18. Well, shouldmwe make America all black, brown or yellow? Huh? Why don’t we give this a rest. We all get along much better than Nancy Palooka says. She is a blabbering moron.

  19. Pelosi is a dumb ass bitch with shit for brains. This fucking old cunt needs to be run out of Congress. She’s unAmerican. The faggots in San Fransisco keep electing this asshole.

  20. I don’t know about Pelosi and her way of thinking, but I can see the only thing she can do is hate President Trump and Our Country History, it’s Citizens and Defenders so bad she can’t do what is right. Not to mention the 4 new girls and their little gang in congress, that are all worthless and basically Home Grown TERRORISTS that have worked their way into our government and ruining our country from the inside. They have NO common sense, No love of country ( at least not OURS ) and NO want for a better life for any of the Citizens of the United States of America. They like Pelosi are just in the game to ruin the country and over throw President Trump. Because they are scared shitless of losing their power, control and fat wallet that they have been acquiring buy stealing, taking bribes and being paid off by the Millionaires and Billionaires. I think every person in congress that is helping the illegal aliens crossing the borders, by blocking ice in any state from doing their job, blocking ICE from resources in any state, telling ICE they can not come in a city to collect illegals, telling Illegals how to hide from ICE and in some cases hiding them. Should be arrested and thrown in prison for 25 to life. like any other person that Did that, would get. It’s time to start throwing congress in Prison for years and years, not a week or weekend.

  21. Anyone in any part of the Government, even in Congress or Senate that pushes anything that resembles SOCIALIST or Communist ways of doing things, should be instantly ejected from their government positions and thrown in JAIL or Prison, and NEVER let back into Government at any level EVER ! Anyone that wants to change things and bankrupt the country like the Green New Deal, and pushes for open borders that will cost Trillions of dollars and hurt the OUR Legal citizens and the whole country should be instantly ejected from their position in Gov and NEVER let back in at any level. .. even if they are a lowly mayor or Governor or other super low position in Gov. And Any judge that block a good common sense thing that most citizens want to be done, just because they dislike a president gets the same thing, BOOTED OUT of his Robe and OFFICE. No more blocking what is good for OUR Legal Citizens and Country. This Bullshit left thinking needs to stop and the Home Grown TERRORIST Girl Gang in Congress needs to be Jailed or Taken OUT of office before they do any more damage to our country and people.

  22. Funny nanc the pants, you already said America was never White but now with a slip of the tongue your saying ‘MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN’? It contradicts everything you have been saying? A slip of the tongue or BLABBING OUT THE TRUTH BY MISTAKE.

  23. MADAME NANCY PELOSI, WHAT KIND OF SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE are you? Are you a TRUE AMERICAN working for us who elected you into office and therefore works for us OR AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT YOURSELF? ? ? You have been a politician for many years and yet it seems to me you don’t know very much about the U.S. CONSTITUTION as written by our founding fathers. .For an ordinary citizen of this country, to not know much of the U.S. CONSTITUTION is excusable but for a career politician and a Speaker of the House. like yourself – is appalling and disgusting. It’s a shame that you chose to protect those illegal migrants who are here in this country smooching whatever they can sucker without having to work for it, enjoying the benefits that are supposed to be enjoyed only by hard-working American taxpayers. You and your kind are not working for us, Americans and you deserve to be booted out from your position.

    YOU WANT AN OPEN BORDER ?!!!! You and your party’s agenda of having an open border, dismantling the ICE and the BORDER PATROL AGENCY is totally treasonous…. I’m sure you have travelled to Europe and you must have notice that you cannot just enter any country there without showing your passport/Visa; you are also asked how long you intend to stay in that country; you are also expected to have enough money making sure that you won’t become a burden to that country….No welfare/medical benefit while you stay in those countries temporarily. You should be prepared to fend for yourself while you are in those countries temporarily; and if you are caught illegally staying in any other country. You are immediately deported back to where you come from… if you get sick in the course of your stay, you pay-for your medical bills yourself. But here in the USA, THESE ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE ALLOWED TO SMOOCH AND ABUSE THE WELFARE SYSTEM AT THE EXPENSE OF THE HARDWORKING TAXPAYERS. IN FACT THESE ILLEGAL MIGRANTS ARE BETTER CARED FOR THAN THE ORDINARY AMERICAN, THE LESS FORTUNATES AND THE HOMELESS CITIZENS AND VETERANS… IF THAT IS NOT ABUSE OF THE SYSTEM and ABUSE OF MOST DEMOCRAT LAWMAKERS, I DONT KNOW WHAT IS?????

    YOU CRITICIZE AND CHALLENGE THE PRESIDENT FOR WANTING TO INCLUDE CITIZENSHIP STATUS IN THE UPCOMING CENSUS IN 2020….. I have answered the last two census sent out when I became a naturalized American and that was okay with me…it was not offending snd was neither offended by the question that asked for my citizenship status….in both census, question about citizenship was asked. No big deal ! ! ! ! Have you forgotten what the census is all about or you are just against it to spite President Trump or to make troubles for him? Either way, you are one heck of a useless Speaker of the House…Census are made to determine the growing population in this country so yearly fiscal budget can be computed accurately regardless of race, color, age, and religious preference.

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