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Rep. Jim Jordan: Dems Are Leaving Important Line Out of Trump’s Speech

In their zeal to convict Donald Trump for inciting the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, House impeachment managers are carefully avoiding any mention of a very important – and mitigating – line in the speech Trump gave that morning, says Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH). In an interview on Fox Business Channel this week, Jordan said that by omitting this line from their carefully crafted videos, Democrats are presenting senators with an incomplete picture of the events that transpired that day.

“The one line from the president’s speech that wasn’t in the Democrats’ video is the line that’s most important, and that’s where the president said, ‘Peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard,’” Jordan said. “They left that out, which I think kind of shows where the Democrats want to go with this and what they’ve been up to.”

Jordan said that the entire premise behind the impeachment trial stands as an affront to the former president’s right to free speech.

“The First Amendment argument [made by Democrats against Trump] is very dangerous. The president is engaged in constitutionally protected speech – speech that is protected by the First Amendment, the very document that we take the oath to uphold and they’re going to try to impeach him for that,” Jordan argued. “How does this unify the country? How does this bring the nation together, which is what Joe Biden said he wanted to do on Jan. 20?”

That’s an excellent question. Every Republican from Trump on down has condemned the events of January 6th. We’re all on the same page about the travesty that was the storming of the Capitol. That unity could have provided a platform from which we could finally see some bipartisan action on Capitol Hill. And with the challenges we’re facing as a nation, from COVID to the economy, we could certainly use a bit of that.

Unfortunately, every single thing we’ve seen from Democrats since Biden’s inauguration – overreaching executive orders, slam-it-through stimulus bills, impeachment trials – has pushed us into the opposite direction. If it was truly Biden’s plan to “unify” the country upon taking office, he clearly doesn’t have the slightest clue as to how that can be accomplished.

As for the trial, it is destined to end the same way the first one did: Fatal, Democrat embarrassment.

And once it’s over, we imagine that Trump will be perfectly positioned to make some interesting announcements about what’s next…

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  1. This shows how DISHONEST the Democrats are, bordering on TREASON . . . by MISREPRESENTING ALL the relevant facts. They CANNOT be TRUSTED, as they do NOT follow the U.S. Constitution. NO WONDER the CASE against POTUS Trump COLLAPSED! One Enlightened And DISGUSTED Patriot. team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    • U.S. Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell called Donald Trump “practically and morally responsible” for his supporters’ deadly attack on the Capitol, only moments after voting to acquit the Republican former president on an impeachment charge of inciting the melee. He said “President Trump is still liable for everything he did while he was in office as an ordinary citizen,” He also said. “He didn’t get away with anything. Yet.”
      I believe that more than 2/3 of the Senate would like nothing more than to see Trump sent to prison for creating an insurrection in an attempt to overturn and steal the election. His corrupt call to Georgia’s secretary of state may have also violated that states election law.

      Bottom line; Trump is a political cancer on the Republican Party that needs to be addressed. An attempted bank robber who doesn’t hurt anybody is still guilty of attempted bank robbery. If someone gets hurt, though, the penalties are greater even if the robber didn’t intend harm. The Democrats at the Senate hearing provided more than enough evidence for criminal charges to be filed.

  2. You know I started posting two different pictures of where I think we are as a nation. This past election really highlighted the question of fairness and accountability of our politicians.No one who voted can denied that fact. So, I think with the Biden/ Harris Presidency kick off in high gear we have had encountered massive job losses, with no apparent indication of immediate job replacing. The vaccine distribution isn’t moving very well, the plan to target healthcare and Seniors first isn’t even close. Still wondering why politicians were at the head of the line. If politicians are seniors and there are many but not all. Celebrities have jumped the line, the point there is no real plan. Biden hasn’t.t improved on any program unless you call jobs lost a benefit. Still no stimulus that’s without big pork dealings right in the middle. Pelosi doesn’t move any program unless the deal is loaded up with her personal lobbyist dealings of fat dollar distribution.Many executive orders that were aimed at Trump programs and of course impeachment’s that proved nothing and go nowhere. Just keep repeating same hate movements on Trump. Trump lost but you think he won with the focus still on his thoughts and plans in the future.

  3. Maybe its time Schumer spent more time doing his job in NY, instead of obsessing over President Trump. NY is in serious trouble, they need a full time Senator. Not a crazed senator fabricating reasons to go after President Trump. Besides, he is wasting government time and money!
    Schumer better be careful, he and Nancy Pelosi might be on the receiving end of a lawsuit for Harassment and more !

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