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Report: Democrats to Investigate Trump’s War Against the Fake News Media

In what may very well turn out to be fake news itself, Bloomberg reported this weekend that Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are planning to launch several probes into President Donald Trump, including one where they will investigate the president’s tendency to call out the media for their biased, lying reporting. According to an anonymous House official quoted in the story, “House Democrats are opening an investigation into what they say are abuses of power by President Donald Trump through his attacks on the courts, the Justice Department, the FBI, and the media.”

One can hardly describe the irony of accusing the president of violating the First Amendment…but attacking him for exercising his First Amendment rights. But then, the Democrats have never been all that good about avoiding hypocrisy.

From Bloomberg:

Topics for the inquiry will include Trump’s public humiliation of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, his attacks on actions by the liberal Ninth Circuit Court and his abuse of reporters as “dishonest” and “enemies of the people,” said the person, who asked for anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

The Judiciary Committee led by Democrat Jerrold Nadler of New York will announce the probe in days, the official said. There are plans to hold public hearings with witnesses, but it’s not immediately clear who will be summoned. A spokesman for Nadler said he had no immediate comment.

Presidents have wide leeway to use their bully pulpit to attack foes and get their way. But the effort comes amid a broader push by Democrats now controlling the House to investigate actions of the president and his administration.

The official said there are questions about whether Trump, through some of his actions, is going too far and undermining the rule of law, a reference to established and defined limits on the arbitrary exercise of power.

We can almost tolerate it when people like the publisher of The New York Times or your average liberal pundit claims that President Trump is making it dangerous for “truth-tellers” in the media. We can almost tolerate it when Jim Acosta gets on Twitter and claims that Trump has endangered journalists through his attacks on the press. These people are in love with themselves, and they have fallen for their own hype. It happens.

But it’s another matter entirely for our federal lawmakers to waste taxpayer dollars “investigating” this nonsense. Presidents long before Trump have had their issues with the media, and they are protected by the very same constitutional amendment as the newspapers themselves. There is nothing to “investigate” here. This is a political campaign masquerading as official congressional business. Hopefully, the American people will see it as such. But then again, Democrats will have the same fake news media watching their backs in a vicious, pathetic circle of liberalism.

What do you think?

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  1. They have nothing. Their ideology is so far left that they know they will lose the next election. They’re desperately grabbing at straws for two reasons:

    (1) They want to get rid of President Trump as they feel their agenda will be free to move ahead and they can complete the “fundamental transformation” of this country into Venezuela

    (2) They are trying to keep all of their wrong-doings from being exposed and they feel that the only way to do that is to put someone they can control in the White House.

    I thank God for President Trump. His candidacy and election have forced things into the light that we would NEVER have known had Hillary been elected. There is corruption everywhere in Washington and we now know about it. Democrats are hiding in fear and trying to mirror all of their bad actions on the President. The only real evidence of collusion we’ve seen has been from Democrats. Right, Hillary? Right, Adam Schiff?

    • The Socialist Deamoncrats are just trying to turn this Congress into a three ring circus with a bunch of Krazy Clowns running the rings. They have exhausted all other options so now they use the fake MSM as an excuse. What a bunch of morons!!

      • They have already turned the congress into that three ring circus. The socialists need to be incarcerated in a rubber room located in Cuba! That way they have their safe place in a communist country.

    • I agree and now feel more frightened than ever at the prospect of a democrat holding the office of president in the future unless that party changes it ethics and grows up. They’re like a pack fo crazed juvenile delinquents out for revenge and blinded by hatred.

      • The game they are playing is let The loonies in the party sound off with their wacko ideas, then a more moderate Democrat will step up to save the party. Don’t fall for this trick as the party will be run by the far left. The Democrats party has been hi-jacked by the far left socialist/Marxist/communist.

  2. Democrats are only obstructionists. They should be doing their jobs protecting Americans! They should be sent to the front line in some war torn country to see what it’s like!!!

    • You mean like “Lurch”, aka John “the Judas” Kerry, who now hangs in the Hall of Heroes, for helping Vietnam win the war, a hero, who is in a book by his Colleagues, called, Unfit for Duty. You mean that kind of Left Wing Hero? Who was the darling of the Left for branding our True American Soldiers, as Baby killers, who did nothing but rape, murder and kill innocent people. Who now is still working with the Muslim president to undermine Trump and topple his Presidency. Is that the kind of protection you want from turn coats who only wrap themselves around our sacred Flag and our laws that they don’t abide by themselves. You mean those kind of Left Wing haters?

    • Without guns because they don’t like them they can kill people. Might change their mind once they are shot at or they can just take they to court or investigate them.

  3. Democrats AKA home grown terrorist investigates everything except how to their job, they have voice that they no longer stand with America but against her and against we the people. They should all be arrested and tried for treason/terrorism against the USA and either sent to Guantanamo prison, hung as traitors or shot as terrorist.

  4. The Dumbocrats are scared because if President Trump takes down the Fake news he might also be able to take down the dumbocrats!

  5. If these bratty democrats had something worth following and choosing they would not have to worry about what Trump is doing because people would actually have something to follow…but who wants to follow pink pussy hats and killing babies, illegals over citizens, tearing down the town, and everything immoral there is on the planet??!! Just sayin…Clean it up and we finally be headed in the same direction…but not now!!

  6. It should be no secret that Jerry Nadler always has been a malcontent, just a plain hater of Anglo-Saxon Americans whether born in this country or immigrated here. He lost so many times to be elected something and won once in 1992 to his present job.
    My opinion is somehow he got elected because it was his time but voters before obviously knew better. If you investigate anyone over 50 you can come up with some little innocent tidbit that has been kept secret or just not talked about. So a petty anti player like Nadler is setting out to uncover something in the life of a 72 year old who has been in business for 50 years dealing with all type of people worldwide, dig up something attach some propaganda to it, give it to CNN and MSMBC (Pravda) build a case and show how much smarter than Mueller he is. He has already stated Trump is guilty of ????? and his investigation will prove whatever garbage he decides and this garbage man will be relentless.
    He gets paid for this,while his Socialist buddy’s are setting fire to his home town, the old saying is true “Never give power to someone who can’t handle it”

  7. The 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of the press, it reads; Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or….
    This Amendment deals with the limits that Congress has placed on them. it does not in anyway keep the members of Congress, the President or the American citizens from objecting to what the press or now the news media prints or says on the news shows.
    The can say or print whatever they want to but are still subject to liable laws. All American citizens to include members of Congress and the President of the United States of America have the right to criticize the press and the news shows when they feel the press has been unfair, misleading and misrepresents the facts.
    But since most of the progressive socialist democrats have never read the Constitution or do not understand its meaning or just does not care they will continue to work with the press and new media outlets to orchestrate this witch hunt until the 2020 election hoping they can fool enough American citizens to vote against President Trump and for socialist politicians looking to subjugate the American citizens into socialism.

    • Between the schools and higher learning institutes, they are turning out zombies by the thousands, joined by the so-called Fake News Media. who follow the Alinsky Rules for Radicals, primarily if you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes truth to the Zombies. Your children, your friends are under this umbrella of learning, unless you take notice and take your children and teach them that what they are being taught, is propaganda from the Left and it must be corrected by you. President Trump has gone to the extent now that he has announced, he will push an Executive Order and declare the propaganda mill institutes, will now have to allow Freedom of speech in those institutes. No longer will they be able to bar Conservatives from speaking at these Propaganda Mills and they will have to allow a Conservative voice for the truth. That should raise the ire of the Marxists that are growing in this country, but then again when did they ever tell the truth to the people?

  8. Since the Dumbocrats first assault on our President has come up dry they now want to investigate everything he has ever done. Maybe it is time we, the people, DEMAND they quit spending OUR tax dollars on these fruitless investigations and either spend their OWN personal money or at the least use money from their office budgets!

  9. Every time one of those idiots comes up with an idea to investigate something that fits their narrative about the president they should be investigated themselves without restrictions or a time limit, because it is something that they themselves are guilty of. If they want investigations, lets investigate every one of them without any evidence of any crime just as they are doing to our president. I am sure that every one of them has something that needs to be investigated. They are the ones that have plenty of evidence of criminal activity against them.
    Lets start with Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Adam Schitt for brains, Nadler, and work our way through the rest of them. We can start with the congressional “HUSH” fund that they use to cover up the all of the things that they accuse President Trump of doing. That is our money and we have the right to know what they are hiding. If they want to keep some thing from us they should at least use their own money. I want to know who used this fund and what it was used for. I don’t care what party they are with. It is just crazy that we have to pay for them to deceive us. Many of them even lie about what party they are with and what their platform is just to get elected.

  10. Democrats have lost their minds and think that their jobs are to oppose everything the Republicans are trying to improve in this country.
    I have been sick of these people for many years now, and it appears to not be getting any better. Ever since the dummy hippies and pot heads of the 60’s and 70’s they have done nothing but screw up this great country. Go away, and try learning and respecting our country.

  11. Hey, this ought to be good; fake legislators investigating the war on fake news. I’m sure there will be plenty of investigations and fake hearings of fake testimony followed by fake reports and fake records to satisfy the fake patriots. All with taxpayers money. Too bad we can’t give them fake dollars.

  12. Let’s take a long look at Nadler’s political career and see if he has obstruct justice just like the media and the Democratic Party has considering the fact that every time President Trump made a big accomplishment they attempted to preempt his success. They bear a closer look into their law breaking especially going back and taking apart all the Wikileaks discovered and it is available for study!!!!!!!

  13. well trump is doing a grate job , but i lost any sympathy for him , instead of making tweets about the democrats he should get his people to make a list of all the phony charges they have brought against him and how many millions of dollars of tax payer money they wasted on them , and then ask the people , do we really need congress anymore , they don’t do any work anymore for we the people , they spend all their time on phony scandals , maybe we should investigate congress to see how they made their millions working for we the people ,like it wasn’t bad enough having to put up with 8 years of do nothing oboma , now we have to put up with a do nothing congress , and when they do write a law it’s a waste of paper , because the laws don’t work to fix anything

  14. What the hell ever happened to these Democrat troglodytes who were elected to govern this nation? They are spending our dollars and their legislative time trying to embarrass Trump or try to get something to pin on him.
    If that is the game, then everyone of these clowns should have the same amount of investigation on them , and I’m dang sure, we will find something to pi n on them. This is the most irrational bunch of vengeful freaks to occupy Congress I’ve ever seen, and, believe me, I’ve been plenty of them.

  15. Liberals and their liberal media are the greatest danger to America at this time. Congress has done nothing at all, for American citizens, for at least the last 10 years. They have become so crazed, with their hatred of the President, that in order to destroy him, they will destroy all the USA has worked for. Their accusations and obstruction of every thing the Pres. is trying to do for the American people, has become so corrupt and dangerous to all of us, that they look like imbeciles, with each new investigation. Pelosi has a god complex, convinced she is above all of us,including the President. Schumer is her faithful sidekick, agreeing with whatever she says, like a lap dog. Booker thinks he is Sparticus, who rants and raves, but says nothing worth listening to. Waters is a screaming racist, who has abused her constituents. She gets richer, at their expense, while actually doing nothing for them. She is one of the biggest racists of all, and then there is Warren, who can’t decide what she wants to be, when she grows up. She berates the President, at every opportunity, and lies about her heritage, at the same time. Then there are the 3 Socialist, anti Americans, throwing out multiple rules they want to push on Americans, while making horrible remarks about the one man, who actually cares about America and the safety and well being of it’s citizens. How can anyone, who loves this country, believe any of these politicians are working in the best interest of the American people. Not only do they show their disdain for Americans, but are completely disrespectful, and rude to the office of the President. We can’t forget the rinos, who side with these radicals, against the safety and well being of our children and grandchildren. Can’t leave out Schiff, the whining Congressman, who wants to waste taxpayers money, invading every area of the President’s life. If they had spent half the time, actually investigating Hilary and Obama, this country would never have gotten into this state. The liberal media idolizes these insane hypocrites, and reports every lie and piece of garbage the liberals feed them. If the President calls them fake news, so be it. I couldn’t agree more. The liberals above, should be removed from Congress and tried for treason, or at the very least subversion. Pelosi said the best thing for the country would be for President Trump not to run in 2020. I think the best thing for this country would be for Pelosi and all of her corrupt, mentally ill cohorts, to resign NOW!

  16. I would think that the American people would be far more interested in how our elected representatives enter office as middle class wage earners and leave office as Millionaires than how out Millionaire President earned his money before he was elected.

  17. Don’t know about anybody else, but I for one am sick and tired of the shenanigans of the liberals and media in this country. It’s about for the people that actually love this country to meet in Washington DC and clean it out, forcibly if need be, and get rid of all the scumbags called rhinos and demos and take this country back! Start over!

  18. And Exactly how much is this stupid Investigation going to cost us.
    It’s ludicrous going after the President for using his 1st Amendment right!!!!!
    Oh wait, I forgot that ONLY Dem’s have Free Speech rights!!!!

  19. Nadler (D) is doing opposition research on the tax payers dime. Vote the bums out. And since when isn’t the pres entitled to free speech? And how come Nadler isn’t interviewing the dossier author, etc?

  20. I think these Democrats and liberals are really done in our government come the 2020 elections just for all the Trump bashing and for not fully funding the wall, and just by these Democrats not getting strict immigration policies and laws passed!!! I think the citizens are fed up with all the lawsuits against Trump and all this investigating, for they have gone way to far with all their crap!!! Thes Democrats and liberals and the bias media all keep saying Trump is a racist a liar, and dividing our country and just killing our democracy!!! Yet it is the Democrats and liberals and media that are the liars and the ones trying to divide us all and they can’t say they aren’t but yet they do!!!! Well I do not think the citizens of our country are as stupid as the Democrats and liberals and media think we are, for it is the Democrats and liberals that are the racists, communists, and causing all the violence with attacking free speech, our history, our traditions, our second amendment rights, tearing down statues, attacking conservatives or anyone that doesn’t agree with them!!! The killing of babies in the womb and now wanting to kill babies that have already been born, this is just how sick these twisted minds are!!!! So I ask all of America wake up before it is too late for these Democrats and liberals are out to destroy our country and their acts show us that this is so very true!!! If we all have to have another revolution I am sure we will prevail but when it is over we need to get amendments passed that put an end to any immigrant running for office must be a third or fourth generation citizen or we must put term limits on those in our government and make it easy for the citizens to remove anyone from office that misrepresents the citizens of their state and that goes for Congress, the Senate, Mayors, and Governors and Aldermen or women!!!! For this would give the people the power and not a crooked politician, for it should always be the voice of the citizens that rules not the politician for his job is to represent us not himself!!!!

  21. Another case of people in authoritative positions, not reading the Constitution or just not understanding the English language.
    The 1st Amendment states; Congress shall make no law …..or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press;….. notice freedom of speech comes before freedom of the press. Seems like they intended for the people to have the right to speak out against the government and if need be the press if the press became nothing more than the mouthpiece for the government.
    I have seen no evidence of Congress making any law abridging the FREEDOM of the press nor have I seen any evidence of President Trump attempting to prevent the press from exercising their rights as a free Press.
    FREEDOM of Speech and FREEDOM of the Press go hand in hand, the Press has the same rights today under the Trump Administration as they did under the obama administration to perform their tasks as reporters. However it now appears that the progressive socialist democrats would attempt to take away the FREEDOM of speech of President Trump and any others who oppose or questions the truthfulness the progressive socialist press.
    President Trump as all Americans have the absolute right to use their FREEDOM of speech to call out what he sees as false stories or as he likes to call it, FAKE NEWS.
    There is no protection under the 1st Amendment for the Press to misrepresent the Truth and not allow the people even the President of the United States to call them out on issues. We used to call it having a debate. Now the progressive socialist democrats would like to call it subversive.

  22. The Leftists are going to do WHAT ? Investigate a sitting President for practicing his 1st amendment rights and calling out the phony media for NONSTOP LIES AND LIES OF OMISSION ?……………..To paraphrase Gunnery Sgt Lee Ermey..”You;ve got to be Schiffing me Pyle”

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