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Scalise: Nancy Pelosi No Longer in Charge of House Democrats

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken both criticism and praise for her handling of President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

On the left, she is regarded as a “masterful” politician – the sole member of the Democratic Party who can stand toe to toe with the president and come out victorious. Countless year-in-review pieces were illustrated by her “clapback” at the State of the Union, her reluctant-yet-triumphant decision to impeach Trump, and her “clever” decision to hold on to the impeachment articles instead of sending them directly over to the Senate.

On the right, she is regarded as something in between an unhinged partisan and a political blunderer, someone who has been itching to impeach this president from the day she took the gavel and wound up doing so on the flimsiest evidence available. These critics point to polls trending in the wrong direction as all the proof needed to show that Pelosi made a grave political error by pursuing impeachment over the Ukraine scandal.

But in an interview with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (filling in for Fox News host Laura Ingraham), House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) said that Pelosi really deserves neither the blame nor the credit. Indeed, Scalise believes that Pelosi’s leadership of the House Democratic caucus is, at this point, little more than an illusion.

“The AOC wing of the party changed and really started controlling her caucus,” he said. “And so, it’s no longer Nancy Pelosi calling the shots — and you think about anybody who follows in the things that she’s been forced into doing, it’s been mostly the far-Left socialist wing of the party and it’s not just Pelosi.

“You see AOC shaping the presidential debates on things like the Green New Deal and some of these other lunatic policies, where they’re pushing the presidential candidates so far to the socialist Left, that you can’t even recognize them,” he continued. “And so the fact that they’re all kowtowing to that most radical element of their base instead of being focused on the bread-and-butter issues, the things that got them the majority – most hardworking families are going, ‘What do these people really care about?’ They care about their own power and their hatred against the president — instead of the things that folks at home care about.”

Frankly, this theory of power makes a lot of sense, and it helps explain why Pelosi suddenly changed her mind about impeachment. The Ukraine “scandal” never made a lot of sense as a breaking point, as it is completely insubstantial and insignificant. At the end of the day, Pelosi had no choice. It was endorse impeachment or risk a full-scale mutiny. She is leading from behind, and the Squad is running the show.

Hence, disaster.

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  1. All the Democrats in DC are nothing more than the Nazi-Socialist Anti-American pile of Manure.
    They have defiled the LAW, the Constitution, denied several true citizens of this Nation their Rights to due process, they have held hearing on HEARSAY not FACT, committed TREASON by plotting to remove a President WITHOUT PROOF.
    Everything the demo party has done falls under the Nazi-Socialist of Germany in the 1940s with Adolf Hitler.
    Those that disagree should revisit HISTORY. USMC

  2. Pelosi would be better of to get out of office. She had no scores to take to president down all she created is drama. The democrats would be much much better of if they impeach Pelosi and the rest of her clan and appointed investigators. As far as i can see it the Democrats are done

  3. What or who keeps Botox Nancy in office? This old, old has-been is a poster idiot for term limits and those term limits would cure our country of the cancer in our government that is, long-time politicians forming power bases, out of touch with constituents, and each ruling like a fiefdom. Old Party longtimers tell newbies how the system works. “You will vote and do as I say or, you will remain insignificant and never get any legislation you create up for a vote.” We need to squelch those power bases with term limits. Congress was never meant to be a career job but has become one with really ignorant and some stupid, clueless voters keeping these jerks in office on name recognition only until they die in office. This is NOT how our government is supposed to operate. If we had term limits on Congress, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Blumenthal, Waters, Feinstein Collins, Warren, Murkowski, past anti-Americans like McCain and Teddy Kennedy, all the rest would not be there and the whole impeachment fiasco would never have happened. Until the American voter smartens up, or term limits are passd we will have a partisan, do-nothing Congress and that is so sad for our country.

    • Amen: not to mention the corruption with insider trading and family and friends employment plus the fake scenarios like this impeachment and what they did to Judge Kavanaugh and his beautiful family. They wanted to cheat the American citizens out of the wisdom and hard work of a great President and an great Supreme Court Justice. Shame on Nancy and her Demomarxists.

    • Term limits would dramatically change things for the better, however, it would have to be passed in the House and the Senate and that will never happen. Not sure what would have to happen so that We the People would have the last word in term limits. The President is the only one with term limits at this time, and he’s the very one that needs to be in office longer. Go figure.

  4. Trump and the Republicans need to fire all in the AOC and all that hate America. They were sworn in ilegally the start with and that should have never happened,but it did and nothing was done about it and shame on us all for letting it happen. No party in washington should have let that happen. Pelosi needs to step down,but we all know she will be killed if that happens,either by The Muslims that are in office,or the Clinton’s or the deep state,Obama and of course Soros. We the People and those in Washington need to get rid of the source,the AOC and Muslim that are in office. Ocasia is one of the leaks that is giving info to the Muslims here and abroad. I just bet they are giving sensative info to Iran.Why else would they infatrate Washington they are spies and if it is not stopped we will feel their wrath right here on our own soil. The Muslim’s the bad ones are already here and training for that and they are here training and brainwashing our kids and younger generation to do us harm as well. Wake up AMERICA, WAKE UP.

  5. She has N E V E R come out victorious, especially on this IMPEACHMENT scam, which MOST voters are NOW wary of. She (and other Democrats) COULD face SEDITION and TREASON, Crimes against the POTUS and the American People. POTUS Trump WILL be REELECTED and the Democrats will lose the majority in the HOUSE and the SENATE. This does NOT look to me like a victorious outcome. This looks like a major SCREW UP, with The Democrats responsible for this ILLEGAL COUP facing PRISON sentences, and RIGHTLY so. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. Hope Trump can get voting fraud under control. CA , FL, Ohio and probably NY lots of fraud. Judicial watch doing a great job. No way that Pelosi and Newsom were elected but fraud. We have Muslims and illegals from all over the world and they are voting. No one should vote unless Citizen.
    Our Law Enforcement and Border Patrol can’t back each other up . Not safe for anyone.
    Trump 2020.
    ID for voting
    Birth right Law
    Finish border walls
    If someone votes and not a Citizen, deport and never come back.

  7. This is what happens without limits on political employment following an election without term limits. They eventually feel comfortable as they gain power and become corrupt. Right now we are seeing what the House of Representatives has become. They just keep trying and trying to get rid of President Trump. Nancy Pelosi is too corrupt and demented to outfox Trump as he sets about turning over all of their lucrative power plays. Look at Joe Biden–he was corrupt almost from the beginning of his lifetime career in politics. When Durham/Barr finish with Joe Biden and find all of the funds he has hidden outside of the USA and how he happened to acquire all of those riches and what he did to get that wealthy and also enriching his family namely his brother James Biden and his son Hunter who were the vessels through which these ill gotten gains passed. Joe and his family members are probably billionaires by now. Now, Joe would love to become President of the USA-namely because Jill his wife would love to become First Lady. Ol Joe wants to become President to keep the family gravy train rolling along. Joe is physically no longer up to becoming the president and performing the duties of the president. We do not need another Woodrow Wilson stroke scenario where his wife ran the presidency until the end of Wilson’s presidency. She never let anyone into his bedroom and brought out what she said they were to do politically. OlJoe is susceptible to have more strokes as he has a history of strokes and has had brain surgery for strokes. Corruption-past strokes–loss of mental abilities–confusion about where he is–Very unfair to all of the voters.

  8. At this point in time, Pelosi just a shadow of what she used to be (whatever that was). Now she is just an aged politician trying to hang onto the glory days.She is just an embarrassment at this point…Schumer is absolutely no help to her being the whimp he is and Trump has her number.

  9. Neurotic Nancy hasn’t been in charge since the squad came on the scene.. they are holding her hostage. They are communists an poor old Nancy just doesn’t know how to handle them.

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