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Senators: Bring Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Back to the U.S. From China

Two Republican senators are leading the charge on an issue of great importance: Bringing the manufacture of important pharmaceuticals back from the Chinese factories where they’ve been outsourced. Sens. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Tom Cotton (R-AR) are working on legislation that would end China’s monopoly on the medicine game as it becomes obvious to anyone paying attention how unwise it is to depend on a geopolitical rival for one of our country’s most essential imports.

In a floor speech on Wednesday, Sen. Blackburn called on her colleagues to support the Securing America’s Medicine Cabinet Act.

“After we acknowledge Beijing’s gross malfeasance,” Blackburn said, “we’re going to adjust the way we think about China in the context of the economy, of our national defense, technology, human rights, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

“When you think about it, the fact that Beijing intentionally downplayed the deadly nature of COVID-19 should come as no surprise,” she continued. “For decades it has been their business to search out our vulnerabilities, exploit those vulnerabilities, and what did they try to do? They tried to use that as leverage against us. So it is time for us to say, ‘No more.’”

Sen. Cotton sounded a similar note in a conversation with Sean Hannity on Wednesday evening.

“The Chinese Communist Party unleashed this plague on the world that turned what could have been a local health problem in Wuhan into a global pandemic,” Cotton said. “But that’s exactly what the Chinese Communist Party has always done. It’s dishonest, it’s corrupt, and it’s an enemy of the United States.”

Cotton sad it was madness to depend on China for medicines that Americans need to survive.

“It’s one thing to have jobs that make lawn chairs or toy trinkets in China. It’s another thing to make basic pharmaceuticals that we need, like antibiotics or penicillin, ibuprofen, Advil. It’s crazy that we are dependent upon China, a country that at this very moment is still threatening to withhold those critical medical supplies from the United States,” Cotton said. “That’s why it has to end and we have to bring the pharmaceutical manufacturing capability back to the United States.”

While there is an understandable (and rather vital) urge to punish Beijing for their gross misconduct in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, we should also consider bringing manufacturing back from India as well. This week, the Hindu-majority nation went into a 21-day lockdown to stop the spread of the virus, and experts are already whispering about a possible drug shortage. This isn’t just about separating countries into allies and enemies, as important as that is. It’s also about bringing America back to full self-reliance.

You never know when your “friends” aren’t going to be there.

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    • And now the demonrats want to blame Trump and are opening an investigation into his handling of the matter. They will NEVER STOP! People, the demonrat party MUST BE VOTED OUT at the next election.

      • Yes they do.
        We The People need to take our country back! Back from the democrats who lie cheat and steal from Americans to give to there illegals their voting base. We need to bring our manufacturing and drug production BACK to America not depending on China and India. We have the people we have the technology and we the people have the spirit to get it done. The time is November the place is the voting booth. We as America and Americans have the power to get it done.

  1. I support this 100%, and any politician who doesn’t makes it very clear who’s side they are REALLY on!Bring it back A.S.A.P.

  2. Any career politician who does not support bringing as much of our manufacturing as possible, back from China and also India, is making money on it being in those countries. No is if‘s or butts, because that is the only possible reason they would be against returning jobs to the USA. That’s another good reason we should consider putting term limits on Congress, along with banning lobbyists.

    • Shoot the Hag, Whore, and Deep-throat Clinton bitch also…And while were at it, let’s shoot her fucking lying, job killing husband while we are at, and her daughter, her grandkids, and anyone else associated with the Clinton’s also.

  3. I really can’t come to terms that it was an accidental ! Chemical weapon “warfare” is more likely. World wide , all businesses should be suspended , from around the world. Senator’s are now coming to their sense’s. I’m also thinking Democratic party was involved ? Did any senator’s go to China in November or around then ? Just asking !

  4. you can start with Bloomberg, billionaire ,leftist and owns two business that I know of more than likely many more business in WUHAN DISTRICT china. as do bill gates and his wife. both are pushing for china BIG-TIME . large dollar/tecknology-transfers to the cheap-zone,china India Pakistan .anywhere the people are starving on impossible wages. everyone bucking for cheap easy to make products like drugs, computers and anything low-wage people can make with phenomenal profits. time to rid this country of traitors,lobbyrats,and the scum of Washington D.C. democrats.

  5. 1000% not only that, it will benefit our country with more jobs. And we can supply other countries that needs the help and it will bring in more revenues instead of relying on China. Plus I don’t TRUST China making our medicines. I don’t care if they do it for cheaper for our Government. We the People of the USA are not really getting it for cheaper.

  6. We should not depend on any other country for our drugs, food, oil, steel, technology or labor. The FDA cannot effectively control imported food and drugs………… BRING IT HOME !!!!!!!

  7. The government backed the outsourcing of industries to foreign countries for the same reason it sold our wheat surplus to the USSR and sold of the Strategic Metal Reserves, the belief that capitalism would eventually overcome our enemies. Instead, it fueled our enemies countries and supported them while making us more vulnerable. Where military force has failed, economic forces may triumph. As one Soviet Leader once said; America will sell us the rope we will hang them with. We are now at a crisis point. We can endure the pain and use this to restore the America that led the world, or continue to sell ourselves to the highest bidder.

  8. Our government should have been on the ball and realized long time ago that we should not be trusting items such as meds etc to any other country. It was not too long ago that pet food coming from China was poisoned. Why didn’t they realize then that it was possible for tampering with our meds also.

  9. You cant trust “friends” how the hell can you trust known enemies? Even a child can figure that out.
    Hang in there, hopefully the US will do something but if not the people need to.

  10. A great number of our medication or their basic ingredients are made in China and yet we still pay higher prices for the same drugs in Mexico. I’m confused, I thought that the whole purpose for getting our drugs from China was to lower the costs. Apparently it only lowered the cost for the big drug companies but they still charge us the higher price. A few years ago a company in China put some hazardous materials in some kind of baby formula which killed a lot of babies in China and even some outside of China. What if China accidentally slipped something into Tylonal meant for the United States, they could wipe out half of this country without firing a shot. What if instead of actually putting an Antibiotic in our Antibiotics they just filled up the capsules with power sugar, how many people would die from the infection these drugs were supposed to be curing?
    China is our Enemy, the Communist Chinese Government wants to control the world, they are a bigger threat than Russia ever was. The population of China is almost 1.4 Billion, the population of the USA is around 300 Million, they could lose half of their population in a war and they would still have more people than the USA. They were willing to sacrifice an untold number of their population to spread the Communist Chinese Corona Virus around the world, knowing full well that most of the medical equipment comes from manufactures in their country. They are now going to Europe and acting as the saviours willing to help the world without any compensation and Europe is falling for their line of BS.

  11. Depending upon another country to help when they made the problem to exploit their love of money and power is like expecting a bank robber to give you half his Ill gotten gain! The U.S.A. ought to go Isolationist!

  12. Keep in mine how many of WE the People take drugs on DR s orders? I know for a fact as have been told by pharmacy workers they have to go with the cheapest company making any meds. SO think for a minute how many of us they could kill by mixing the active ingredient with some evil mixture. I my self have had bad reactions when the drug stores change to a cheaper mfg. Time and again the Dr says no generics! The first time ok, is it put in the remarks column? Refill, they don’t bother looking put a tiny label on it saying its from another mfg. Sorry folks but this OLD lady calls BS!

  13. We need to bring all-important manufacturing back to the US. If it is not
    a high-value industry that can be gotten elsewhere, but anything that can
    be used as a tool against us like the pharmaceuticals made in China, then
    make them here. Maybe if our manufacturers stopped paying their CEO’s
    such obscene salaries, bonuses, and extras, they could afford to make and
    sell their product at a reasonable price. Greed is not a very attractive banner
    to wave. And unfortunately there are a lot of greedy people in this country.
    Greed is running rampant.

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