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Shocker: Collins and Murkowski Break With Trump on Shutdown

Do they give out year-end cash bonuses in Alaska and Maine when their elected Republican senators act like liberals in Washington? That’s the only thing we can figure, because every time there is a time to get tough with the Democrats on Capitol Hill, you can bet your bottom dollar that Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) will be the first ones to break with the pack. What is the deal with these two? Are they trying to set up some cushy gigs on CNN once their political careers come to an end, or is this literally as conservative as we can get from these two states? We know the latter can’t be true, because Paul LePage and Sarah Palin both put these two phonies to shame.

In any case, as the shutdown continues, we need to have all hands on deck for the president and his vision of a tightly secured border. If you can’t bring yourself to tout that message, then do the rest of the country a favor and keep your mouth shut.

Alas, neither Murkowski nor Collins are very good at that.

“The operations of the Department of Interior and the National Park Service or the operations of the IRS and whether or not tax refunds go out don’t have anything to do with border security,” Murkowski said. “So let’s bifurcate these issues. Let’s set them aside. Let’s allow for the operations, these government functions in these six other departments, allow for them to continue.”

To be fair, we understand where she’s coming from, and this statement is far from her worst offense since joining the Senate. Even so, the Democrats are never going to go for this kind of bifurcation, because they think (they ACTUALLY think) they hold all the leverage here. So if you know this is a go-nowhere solution, why bother bringing it up? The only reason is to send up a virtue flare that says, “Look at me, I’m the adult in the room.” Not helpful.

“My goal is to get the government reopened as fast as possible. And six of those bills, we’ve got agreements on and so I’d like to see those signed into law,” Collins said. “I’m not saying their whole plan is a valid plan. But I see no reason why the bills that are ready to go and on which we’ve achieved an agreement should be held hostage to this debate over border security.”

And it’s the same kind of nonsense from Collins. The “I’m above all this bickering about the wall” statement. It’s unnecessary and it’s irritating.

Ah well, RINOs are gonna RINO.

What do you think?

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    • If these two jerks ruin everything that Trump has done for this country they should be voted out of office. I don’t know where their heads are. They did a good deed with Kavanaugh now repeat it for border security— idiots that you are.

    • Jeanette, this is a sick game the demo/Republicans play. Just look back at the years Democrats or Republicans controlled the house and senate nothing of importantance that are good for the people ever get done. This dog and pony show has been going on for decades. Remember when Reagan sign amnesty for 1 million illegals with Democrats promising to secure our southern border. Here we are nearly 40 years later and nothing has been done. Thank god we have a President who HONORS his word. SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT as he is America’s last hope to DRAIN THE SWAMP!

    • Totally agree. If all, and I mean ALL the Republicans had been working with President Trump for the wall and safety of this country, this would not be happening. The Democrats in Washington care for nothing but power and spending other people’s money not the safety of the nation.. Good example is Sharrod Brown from Ohio. I read where he collected over $370,000 from lobbyists last year. You don’t collect that kind of money for spooning the right thing.

  2. Only thing there is to sign concerning these two rinos/demonrats(ALL DEMONRATS) is “THE PAPERS TO REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE!” “THEY ARE NOT” protecting this dodo-hole(WHICH DEMONRATS CREATED) of a nation which is going down the tubes thanks to obozzo, clinton, bush, bush and ALL THE OTHER SCUM that calls themselves leaders of “THIS ONCE” great nation reduced to RUBBLE thanks to the demonrats “ABOMINATED POLICIES” ETC..ETC..

  3. These two have to be led to the trough, told that there is water in it, get plenty of others to assure them it is water before they ever sip it! If you were not going to represent your voters why the hell did you run for office?

  4. The need to move over to liberal democrats who are promoting liberalism. The republicans do not need them. Wonder who paid them off or promised something they will never get from a democrat????

  5. They should support Trump using the emergency funds. The tyrants on the country are not in the White House, they are in Congress and We The People are fed up to our ears with their OBSTRUCTIONIST BULLSHIT! If Congress doesn’t get their shit together real soon soon there is going to be an armed revolt by the people against the Congress. BUILD THE DAMN WALL & QUIT OBSTRUCTING A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT FROM DOING HIS MAIN RESPONSIBILITY OF PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY AND OUR PEOPLE. < Does not include ILLEGAL immigrants!

  6. Are the Democrats to blame for our hostile political environment? Neither Party is to blame – it’s
    insulting, super slanted sites like this one and the REAL fake news that is dividing this country. This whole situation is sad and we all need to think about a third option – keep striving for the REAL TRUTH and not buying into all this cool aid on both sides. Let’s Make America Smart Again?

  7. I wonder why they cannot understand the logic. There are many of those on the left that have agreed that there is a need for Security on the Border and that it would be better to use other more up to date equipment and higher more personnel. I will not get into it much on the logical difference between a barrier (wall) and using electronic type of security, however, as it relates to hiring additional personnel, it would take a very large number to accomplish the task and then you would have to pay all these individuals every year and the cost of doing that would soon add up to many times over what a one time cost of a barrier would be. Reference the type (concrete or steel) does not make any difference if it is high enough. There comments about using electronic methods, if one or more were to cross the border and set off the alarm it would take the responders some time to get there because we would be talking miles. Then when they arrived whoever set it off would be long gone. There is a need for a barrier but also those who are opposing it and those on the other side need to rewrite the Immigration laws which are currently and totally out of line with the issue.

  8. No surprises there:
    1. They’re both RINOs
    2.Their states are the farthest away from the border
    3. Their citizens, because of the states location, are minimally impacted by the problem (except in their taxes).

  9. Collins (R) and Murkowski (R) are traitors. They are unfit to serve. They want turn California, Arizona and other States into Demoncrat states. That’s already happened in California!

  10. and this surprises you how, they vote with democrats 90% of the time , what really makes me laugh is the house passed a bill so the workers that didn’t get a pay check will get back pay with interest and they get to sign up for unemployment , talk about a paid vacation , poor lady in philly that is off work had to cancel her vacation to hawaii , boo hoo ,every government worker gets a good salary , and they can’t put a little aside for a rainy day , fire them , and let them get a real job

  11. They were never with President Trump these are elitist. They belong to the Uni-Party. They want to continue business as usual. They do not want the people or Trump in their way.

  12. No “surprise” here..Those two are no more “republicans” than OBUNGHOLE the Gay mooslime fraud, piglosi or cryin’ chuckles. (all “cut” from the same cloth.
    The VOTERS of their districts need to keep these two TRAITORS in mind next election and show them the DOOR to the UNEMPLOYMENT OFFICE.
    Apparently they put the wishes of the DEMOCOMMUNISTS over the wishes (and safety) of their constituents to gain “political points”.

  13. Here is another thought. Susan Collins saved our bacon with her speech on the Kavanaugh nomination. It was an eloquent well thought out speech, so I’m not ready to throw her under the buss because she has a sensitive heart. Lisa Murkowski on the other hand still voted against Kavanaugh even after hearing Collins speech. No sympathy there for her. It’s okay to have some Senators with differing opinions, but I’m so pleased that we gained seats. The Dems are looking worse by the day because We the People are getting the message. Lying Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are really hurting us. Not it is only “who wins” and that will be huge. Please consider going to GoFundME / the wall. Brian Kolfage has changed things up. It will be tax deductible and sends a powerful message.

  14. I live in Maine and I am completely disgusted with Susan Collins the RINO. I thought she had seen the light after her Kavanaugh decision but now she is right back to being an obstructionist turncoat!!

    • Looks like Maine voters were scammed again. She voted Kavanaugh to fool her voter base. Anyone ever think to check the validity of the votes in Maine? . Maybe dual voters or citizens of seral states or countries. Just asking. Our entire Country 💔 has the problem.

  15. Not surprised that it was Collins and Murkowski. I just don’t understand why they do not just be honest and admit that they are closeted Democrats. That way, when they are up for re-election their constituents would know that they are not voting along Political Party lines, since theirs candidates are liars and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Susan Collins did the right thing in helping get the vote for Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court but she did it at a cost to the Republican party that will give her some form of power later on. Maybe this is what we see happening right now. She will join with Murkowski and the Democrats in the vote to Impeach President Trump.

  16. What do you expect from RINOS? They are just democrAts oding as republicans. We don’t need them! We need people to back our President!!!!!!

  17. President Donald Trump is our last chance to recover from the past DOPERS that made promises and then dumped on all of us. If you signed on to support the people that elected you then do it, it’s the only thing we ask of you, we voted for you to do what we wanted now do it, support our President and our base!

  18. Here’s one thought on the subject:


    Play politics back home where the REST OF THE NATION can’t watch your personal ANTI-AMERICAN attitudes on display!

  19. The fact is that if the government is not going to perform its primary duties which are its reason for being, in the first place, it might as well stay shutdown. The idea of obstructing that purpose, and laying blame for the shutdown on it, is really absurd.
    Everyone knows that the reason for the shutdown is the congressional failure to pass a continual resolution on spending to fund the government. Everyone knows that there is no benefit to delay.
    Everyone knows that government employees are paid retroactively, whether they worked or not.
    The legality of political extortion is the issue, in more ways than one. The president is right that the people should not be held hostage to the implications of illegal aliens, drug trafficking and objections by democrats to the stringent security measure of a wall preventing illegal entry into the U.S. by the Southern border.
    It bespeaks the weakness of women, both democrat and republican, with respect to the law, that compromise over this issue is what characterizes them.

  20. These women are NOT conservative, they are RINOs, or at the least, progressives. They don’t back Trump, they probably won’t get re-elected. GOOD! RINOs are a big part of the deep state that Trump is draining the swamp of, and these heifers will float like $h!t when their turn comes next.

  21. These two rhinos do not have an immigration problem because no one want to move to Maine, or Alaska unless they are paid, and that will never happen. But something is wrong in their thinking process, and I am wondering if they even have one.

  22. Alaska is a state with a lot of hard-working people. But they also have a lot of people with their hands out. Probably more than what is working. She doesn’t want to upset her apple cart so to speak.And that pretty much speaks for both of them.

  23. Proves that there are IDIOTS everywhere and I hope that these two get exactly what they want, illegal aliens, criminals, druggies, pedophiles and rapists, and very sick people that will infect the good citizens of this GREAT COUNTRY

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