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Ted Cruz Gives AOC a “Do You Support?” List. She Won’t Respond.

Sen. Ted Cruz has been disgusted by Joe Biden’s refusal to condemn the chaos emanating from their voters – or at least those on the left – and his willingness to pair up with many of the same cretins who want to defund the police and sabotage everything that makes this country great. While Biden has been semi-careful not to step too far into CrazyLand with his actual campaign rhetoric, his silence on what’s been happening in our country speaks volumes.

That’s what Cruz was referring to when he wrote Sunday: “Dems support the riots. The vandals. The anarchists. That’s their base. And they’re terrified to offend them.”

This rattled Democrat dodo bird Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who responded, “Yes, that is precisely why the party nominated…Joe Biden.”

“Is it me,” she continued, “or is the GOP losing their touch with the conspiracy-theory-as-campaign-rhetoric technique?”

We’re sure this sounded like a great burn to the thousands of likeminded, socialist soldiers who follow Ocasio-Cortez on Twitter, but you’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to get one over on Ted Cruz. He responded perfectly, challenging AOC – who is on record as supporting Biden for president – to disavow the insane issues currently being circulated as policy by the radical left.

“You’re the base he’s terrified of,” Cruz noted. “Do you support: 1) Tearing down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & Abraham Lincoln? 2) Destroying Mt. Rushmore. 3) Abolishing the police. 4) Acquiescing to ‘autonomous’ lawless zones like CHAZ/CHOP? 5) ANTIFA mob violence?”

Cruz sent that message on Sunday afternoon. As of Tuesday morning, AOC had yet to reply.

And how could she? Anyone who knows anything about this woman knows full-well that she supports absolutely every item on that checklist. And whether she actually “supports” that stuff behind closed doors, she certainly is not about to condemn them on social media. We’re not quite sure if this radical act AOC plays on Twitter is for real or if it’s just a show, but there comes a point where it really doesn’t matter. If you’re fighting for lunatic policies from a position of power, it’s not really all that important whether or not you really believe in them.

Which, incidentally, is exactly the problem with Joe Biden. We don’t think for a minute that Biden thinks it’s great that statues to great Americans are being pulled down. We don’t believe he thinks it’s a good idea to take money away from the police. We doubt he wants to blow up Mount Rushmore. But if you’re so afraid to stand up against these things, then how can you be president?

All the radical left needs is a clueless bobblehead in the White House unwilling to stand up against their foul agenda. In Biden, they seem to have found their man.

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  1. Well put. they will eventually want to cave to any request by the farthest west of the west. which brings up a point about BLACK FRIDAY shouldn’t it be abolished because it’s racist!!!!!

  2. This tells me that Sen. Cruz hit at the TRUTH . . . That she is a TREASONISTIC TRAITOR worthy of a STIFF FEDERAL PRISON sentence. Keep a WATCHFUL eye on her – and an ARREST warrant, if necessary. One WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • AOC is a brain dead MORON! She and the rest of her ridiculous, dispicable, squad she be charged with TREASON and SEDITION! If you don’t vote this abomination out of office she will significantly damage what remained of her foolish constituency! She has already cost New
      York City thousands of new jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars with her stupidity and absolute ignorance! Get rid of this Communist piece of garbage!

  3. Don’t know whether this was on Senator Cruz’ list, but I say THIS. AOC is a disgrace to The House; she has shown that each and every time she has opened her mouth (wide), since she took her seat there. I support NOTHING she offers — save for those (no doubt) fantastic 34D’s she sports. Once her reign of comedy is over, here’s hoping she finds her true NICHE in the Adult Entertainment World, and begins to show us WHAT SHE CAN REALLY DO ! The ultimate bottom line? TRUMP IN 2020 !!


  5. Gotta love Ted Cruz ! Thank GOD we sane people have him to stand up for us. AOC [a_s of corruption] is a disgusting loud mouth Leftist that is a disgrace to the female race. I believe she has taken hate & anger classes from Queen Nancy! I am living for the day when our country is rid of all of them. AND that day will be Nov. 3, 2020 when OUR PRESIDENT WILL BE VOTED IN AGAIN !! TRUMP 2020 !!!!

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