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“They Don’t Want a Solution”: Scalise Slams Democrats On Shutdown Obstruction

In an interview with ABC News on Sunday, Rep. Steve Scalise, one of the top Republicans in the House, said that the Democratic Party leadership had absolutely no interest in negotiating to find a good-faith settlement to the government shutdown. Scalise, the Republican whip, said that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi “don’t want to reach a solution” to the shutdown and have declined to provide even a single reasonable counter-offer to President Trump and the GOP.

“Clearly, you’ve seen a number of offers put on the table by President Trump to try and resolve this issue,” Scalise told host George Stephanopoulos. “Not one single time, George, has Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer put a counteroffer on the table except a dollar. Nancy Pelosi said a dollar. That’s not serious, we all know that. It’s time for them to come to the table.”

The shutdown is now moving into unprecedented territory, having broken the 21-day record set in the 1990s. Even with tremendous pressure coming from agencies and outside forces asking Washington to get it together, neither side appears willing to budge when it comes to the crucial issue: Funding for the border wall. President Trump has asked for $5.7 billion, but he’s expressed at least some willingness to move off that number for the right concessions package. Democrats, on the other hand, have remained firm: No more money for the wall, period. Open the government, and then we’ll talk. (But even then, no more money for the wall, as Pelosi told Trump in no uncertain terms).

That kind of situation does not bode well for a compromise, which has led President Trump and White House officials to talk discreetly about using national emergency powers to come up with wall funding that wouldn’t require congressional approval. Perhaps sensing that this kind of talk was weakening his negotiating stand, however, Trump downplayed that possibility this weekend.

In his interview with ABC, Scalise said that Democrats were not interested in finding a compromise.

“Ultimately,” he said, “they don’t want to reach a solution.”

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  1. There will never be a solution because it’s NOT about the money !
    It’s ALL about stopping President Trump from achieving his campaign promises. It’s about destroying him, his administration and any chance of being re-elected.
    It’s about the fact BOTH political parties want illegal aliens here for various reasons. Our last 5 Presidents refused to enforce our immigration laws, the last thing they wanted was a wall !
    It’s about American citizens sitting on their apathetic rear ends while watching our nation being torn apart by corrupt, spineless elected officials and doing little to nothing to stop them.

    • I agree that money is no object for democrats. They only want to obstruct. The comments about the wall being immoral, ineffective and expensive are not at all valid in an honest discussion. Barriers to keep out those who steal and viloate laws is certainly moral. As for effectiveness, look at history over the thousands of years, wen walls separated people from danger. Democrats have no reason to call wall building exensive, since it will save the billions/trillions, illegals cost in their keepl and cleaning up their crimes. Likewise, Democrats have spend those trillions on LBJ’s Great Society to buy votes, followed by every Democrat since . Building th wall will save big bucks and many lives of US Citizens. This is the thrify, moral, effective way to go in defending our border.

    • This Political BS has been going on for over 50 years because of which party gets bragging rights and VOTES. Amnesty is the next issue, and it is almost here, but if they were smart the would create an Amnesty Bill that states this new path to citizen ship has a kicker. The kicker being that once they become citizens passing test, vetted etc the can not participate in State held elections for 10 year, and can not participate in Federal elections for 15-20 years. But I agree with you! Follow the money.

    • I agree with you completely. I now know I have lived too long. It absolutely disgusts me what is going on in the country. If this keeps up with will be no better than Switzerland or any other socialistic country. What is the matter with these people? When we elected a President, whether we liked him or not, we gave him respect. Then, if we disagreed with him, we got out and voted for someone better.

    • America’s last American in Our White House was Ronald Reagan and He was saddled with the traitor (to the New World Order) George Herbert Walker Bush whom We just executed—for those crimes.

    • PART of what you said is BS Rocky as I saw the films playback Obummer Clinton and others in their times office saying we need a WALL and MOST of us want that damn wall NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They are still angry about Donald Trump’s win to Presidency. So mad that their hatred for him will allow them to leave our borders unsecure. But the question I would like to ask is if a barrier is so immoral, why does Nancy Pelosi have a concrete wall around her estate? hey don’t mind spending our tax dollars on the Meuller investigation. I think it should be voted on by the people.

  3. Everyone is right that it is not about the money or the wall being “immoral”! The Ds feel that if they give in than President Trump will be able to fulfill one of his major campaign promises. And they can’t have that at all costs. But they don’t realize that by not letting him win, they still lose. Border security is a real problem even if the Democrats don’t care to listen. The border agents WANT a wall, there is simply too much border and not enough agents!

  4. How many more times can the demo–nuts shoot themselves in the foot, before even their more strigent supporters start asking questons about the validity of their intentions? You lost an election, but it is becoming more obvious that you are losing your minds and your source of unearned money. I was a demo-nut until this past May and I walked, there are even more out there, who are tired as business as usual. Stop your nonsense and work with all, your credibility is in the toilet!

  5. dumbacrats are just threatening to ruin our country if we don,t bow to them well dumbacrats AMERICA HAS BEEN SCREWED ENOUGH BY YOU BUNCH OF ASSHOLES,now ot,s americas turn to finish this dumbacrats have run this great country into the ground OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA BEFORE IT,S TOO LATE.

    • The real attack on America began under the ‘astard L.B.J. in 1965 when the immigration laws were altered to DUMB DOWN America and produce generational democrats.

  6. The greatest problem is not the Dems holding office, it’s the ignorant, uninformed people that listen to the 1/2 truths and outright lies broadcast by most of the media and vote for them.

  7. You are all right. It is about the Dems and mainstream medias hatred for the President. Liberals don’t care what happens to America or it’s citizens, as long as they can destroy the President, regain power and control of the American people, and continue their corrupt, socialistic agenda. They believe with all their wealth, power and secret service protection they won’t be affected by anything that happens to the rest of us. I would bet there wouldn’t be a shutdown if Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Shiff, and Warren were gone, and the main stream media would actually present facts instead of the made up stories, they are pushing. It just baffles me that there are people who still vote for them.
    America needs the wall and if the only way to get it is to declare an emergency, then do it. It’s clear there is no reasoning with the liberals and rinos.

  8. President Trump should have ALL SENATORS AND CONGRESSMEN ROUNDED UP AND BE KEPT IN THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICES UNTIL THE WALL BUILD IS OK’ED. HAVE SECRET SERVICE AGENTS KEEP THEM ALL LOCKED IN THEIR OFFICES. Screw the consequences, if by The Constitution nothing can legaly stop them from going to their job then anything should be able to be done to keep them at work. Chain the dumoboRATS TO THEIR DESKS LET THEM SHIT ON THE FLOOR BUT FORCE THEM TO WORK, MR PRESIDENT!

  9. Can we the people get rid of people in Congress that aren’t doing their job but just like to bully besides at elections? Time to put pressure on these people with investigations that they are doing behind our backs and start finding them guilty. Like why would Nancy P say no State of Union and then plan an overseas trip for 8 days which takes a lot of security and she say no State of Union because not enough security. That is perjury because why would you plan an overseas trip during a shut down and not stay and try to negotiate a deal. The Democrats are the one that is destroying our country and faith because of all their lies and attacks. Time to somehow get them also in their lies and dirty tricks along with the media.

  10. Stalin and Hitler were amateurs compared to the corruption brought into these United States by the Donkey Party in its persecution of the winner of the last Fed. Election, Donald Trump.

    What is missing is the so called “Kristallnacht”, the bloody rampage against the perceived opposition, which is not possible, because members of the Republican Party are better armed.

  11. Why did Pelosi call the Police to have the mass of Individuals that got over her wall including Illegals to be removed if we do not need a Border Wall on the Southern Border?

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