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This Secretive, Leaking, Cherry-Picking “Impeachment” Inquiry is BS

Buoyed by an incurious media that is eager to carry water for their agenda, the Democratic Party is successfully convincing the public that they are actually engaged in a formal, traditional impeachment inquiry that is in concert with the House’s role as a check on the Executive Branch. But closer scrutiny of this secretive, leaking, cherry-picking whirlwind of nonsense shows it to be nothing more than a political ploy meant to smear President Trump and drive down his approval ratings in advance of the 2020 election.

Let’s face it: This is the Democrats running Playbook B. Their first playbook was destroyed and burned when Robert Mueller released his decidedly-underwhelming report. Now, with the (reluctant) blessing of Nancy Pelosi, they’ve seized on a nothingburger even emptier than the Trump/Russia conspiracy theory: Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate his “political rival,” Joe Biden.

But okay, you want to make a federal case out of President Trump temporarily withholding aid from Ukraine? Cool, let’s do it. But let’s do it out in the sunshine, where we can all see what’s going on. Let’s hold a full House vote on whether to move forward with this inquiry. Let’s have every member of the House put their name to a vote so they can be held accountable for their decision. Let’s have this mysterious registered Democrat known as the whistleblower come out of the shadows and defend his hearsay allegations.

But no, Democrats don’t want to do any of that, do they?

No, they want to interview witnesses in closed-door depositions, away from the prying eyes of the public. Then they can feel free to do just what they’ve been doing, which is to selectively leak a quote or two here or there, and then launch a thousand headlines about how “disturbing” the testimony was for our president. How damning. How this is a “sea change” in the impeachment inquiry. How Trump is surely going down now. It’s all BS.

Under ordinary circumstances, we might have mixed feelings about the stunt Republican lawmakers pulled on Wednesday, storming the secure deposition room and throwing the impeachment inquiry into temporary disarray. But you know what, it was completely justified under the circumstances. Cell phones in the SCIF areas probably aren’t advisable, but hey, when the other side is making up the rules as they go along, drastic measures are called for.

If Democrats really thought they had the goods on Trump – the evidence that could even convince his supporters to think twice about him – they would do all of this out in the open. They would invite Republicans in on the process. The fact that they’re doing the exact opposite proves that this is a sham circus meant only to pander to the liberal base. It should not be treated any more seriously than that.

What do you think?

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  1. Actually it’s not BS, when you have documented evidence reinforced by number of people that have testified under oath. The law is very clear. When all is said and done Trump will be in impeached.

    Remember when Nixon said he wasn’t a thief, he still was going to be impeached, but he had the good sense to stepped down. I believe Trump will go down screaming and kicking, and I will enjoyed every minute of it. He has earned it.

    • It seems every time a “witness” is cross-examined, their “testimony” is DEBUNKED.You cannot impeach a POTUS for doing absolutely NOTHING wrong (his only “crime” (to DEMOCOMMUNISTS) was beating their CHOSEN “queen”)… There have been SEVERAL taxpayer-money and time wasting, useless, worthless, “investigations” that have turned up ZILCH…ZERO…NADA… GET OVER IT…CROOKED HITLERY LOST…. TRUMP WON PERIOD, and no amount of screeching, screaming, scamming, and FAKE coerced “testimonies”, dreamed up “crimes”, and “changed” rules in an attempt to get “their way” is going to change the COLD HARD fact, that WE the People DID NOT want another corrupt. lying, scheming. CROOKED DEMOCOMMUNIST infesting OUR Oval office.

    • Actually Allen, IT IS ALL BS. And the author of this piece is RIGHT when he states that IF the Dems had any smidgen of actual evidence they would be doing all of this in the WIDE OPEN so that everyone could see that hang-nail of evidence. The fact that they are conducting all of the interviews in SECRET means they do NOT want any uncontrolled release of information that would make them look bad. So they leak a bit hear and their to TRY the president in the Court of public opinion.

      This does two things

      It allows their willing accomplices in the press to try and DRIVE down public opinion of the president
      This then Bolsters Pelosi’s ability to get the remaining freshmen House representatives ON TRACK for the all important vote.

      Now the RAID. Albaghdadi is DEAD. Score one for the President. Now try your impeachment BS and you will Lose Bigly.

      • I’ll call your thousand, and raise you 10 thousand.
        Pelosi, Schiff, and all the Dem mob will never survive the war that is soon coming to them.

  2. Don’t worry . . . It’s coming DOWN on the Democrats HARD as they lose election after election on ELECTION DAY 2020. The Voters are ON to them . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. How is it that you know it’s BS? Schiff has lied repeatedly since Mueller was appointed special council.
    I don’t know how many times Schiff told America that he had Clear and Irrefutable Evidence that Trump was guilty of conclusion with Russia. Strozk, Page, Comey and many others and the Infamous Mueller Report said there was nothing there but it seems that people ignore these facts and are ready to believe anything these SORE LOOSERS come up with. When people LIE and hide things should raise the warning flags of every American but we can’t expect this of the ignorance so prevalent today; especially the Democratis Propaganda machine call the Medis.

  4. If all this is true? WHY NOT A FULL HOUSE VOTE FOR IMPEACHMENT? … This is a Nothingbuger, Witch-Hunt, Stall Project, Smear-Campaign WITHOUT A FULL HOUSE VOTE! … WHY DID NANCY PELOSI CHANGE THE RULES HERSELF? In Advance of this Attack on the President? The way Impeachment has ALWAYS been handled in the PAST. THE …”””JUDICIARY COMMITTEE DID THE INVESTIGATION””””!!! …..” NOT” ….THE DEMOCRAT PARTY THEMSELVES BEHIND SECRET DOORS???? …. Huddled in dark corners and NOT SHARING ANY INFORMATION??? And not allowing The REPUBLICANS to hear Testimony??? and NOT ALLOWING THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH to hear Testimony??? …. Or ALLOW ANYONE ELSE TO Question the Witnesses??? ….. THE ONLY ONES KICKING AND SCREAMING …. WILL BE THE SNEAKY POLITICIANS!!! …. WHEN PISSED OFF VOTERS GO TO THE POLLS IN 2020.

    • Totally agree and we the voters will be GOOD and PLENTY pissed off at the DEMS.
      We will probably find another 15 million conservatives that come out of the woods in fly over land that will vote in 2020.

      That should counter the 5 million plus illegal immigrants that Pelosi and Schiff are counting on, remember there is about 3 million plus in California alone, doing the “motor voter” plan. That is why the DNC is so direct when illegals come in to get them a Drivers License.

  5. Sick, demented democrats still can’t get their shit together. There will be no impeachment and, as usual, democrats make fools of themselves. Vote them out of office. Save our country.

  6. How many times will these democrats COME UP with something new that they can attack President Trump for doing? Yet, he’s been found to not be guilty; and the House democrats all have a copy of the transcript of the call, and even though they claim it was “quid pro quo”, it wasn’t as Zelensky didn’t know any funds were being held, at the time. And Trump hasn’t concerned himself with the current democrat president candidates, as not one or even two of them together, have anything comparable to beat Trump. I’m so glad Durhan and Barr are investigating the REAL corruption of the 2016 election, as even most voters are aware of the layers of crime. Currently, democrats are SEARCHING for a reason to impeach Trump. If they really had something, they wouldn’t be hiding; and they’d put it up for a vote. We’re all tired of democrats, as their “example of poor leadership, CA” is now experiencing wild fires/destruction of homes and people lives, as the rest of the state becomes a toilet of high taxation, high crime, as lifetime politicians have NO record of any success for their citizens.

  7. What I want to know is whether or not there is a procedure or method to recover the tax
    money spent on this charade from either the D.N.C. or the individual political campaign
    funds of the offenders. They are now crying about not being advised on the terrorist
    attack in Syria while ignoring the fact that they can’t be trusted. They have put party and
    ideology ahead of what’s good for the country. I believe we are seeing, and getting, the
    results of Hillary Clinton’s influence on the “democratic” party.

  8. The citizens of are country have had enough of these Democrats and their BS impeachment crap!!! These Democrats have killed a great deal of the citens, and added to the crime of drugs and sex trafficking and illegals getting into are country by not giving us very strict immigration laws and not giving the money for a wall of which the citizens all mostly want!!! The Democrats have done nothing for 3 years now and have made are president fight tooth and nail for everything and if they worked with are president we would have even grown much much more!!! I really believe these Democrats have killed their party in this coming election period in 2020!!! For nobody wants to go back to the stagnation that Bush and Obama gave us and we all want the debt of the 23 trillion to get paid off by the stopping of out of control spending by these Democrats!!!

  9. This is a sham that started with Obama, Clinton & friends, from before they left office & Trump became president. Also look where George Soros has been in all this. With Hillary & Bill ( chelsie is married to Soros nephew, had wedding reception at his compound) shifty Schiff is married to Soros sister, warren’s daughter is running the caravans for Soros. His hand is in running a shadow government against Trump, Obama & Hillary too!!!! Trump go in the way of their Communism agenda. They are pushing communism in our schools, colleges (brain washing) and TV , radio , newspapers, magazines, etc. when will the ͏American people wake up. There is no free anything.!!!!! These are promises to get you to vote for them, then they take you over. Government can’t even get a computer system set up to run a state run Obama care. They don’t run anything well. You think you wait for a prescription or appointment now, wait! !wake up people!!!!!!!! Beware!!!! The wolf comes in sheep’s clothing.

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