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Top House Democrat Already Lying on Twitter About Mueller Report

If you thought even for a second that Robert Mueller’s full and complete exoneration of President Donald Trump would convince House Democrats to use their majority for something wiser than two more years of meaningless harassment, Rep. Jerry Nadler put those thoughts to bed with a tweetstorm on Sunday. The House Judiciary Chairman, Nadler demonstrated to the world that he doesn’t care WHAT the Mueller report says about Trump, he’s going to keep investigating until the wheels fall off the D.C. bus.

Which, frankly, may happen at any time.

“Barr says that the President may have acted to obstruct justice, but that for an obstruction conviction, ‘the government would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person, acting with corrupt intent, engaged in obstructive conduct,’ Nadler tweeted shortly after Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller’s findings.

This of course is already a distortion of the facts, seeing as how Barr said no such thing. Indeed, Barr’s exact words were: “In cataloguing the President’s actions, many of which took place in public view, the report identifies no actions that, in our judgment, constitute obstructive conduct.”

So right off the bat, Nadler is lying. Not a great omen for the next two years.

“But Special Counsel Mueller clearly and explicitly is not exonerating the President, and we must hear from AG Barr about his decision making and see all the underlying evidence for the American people to know all the facts,” Nadler continued.

Nadler is referring to the obstruction charge again. He doesn’t point that out with any specificity for obvious reasons. Mueller indeed declined to reach a definitive conclusion as it pertains to obstruction, leaving it to the Justice Department to determine. He could only say that he did not find proof beyond a reasonable doubt, which is essentially to say that only a fool would go forward with prosecution.

On collusion – the major reason for Mueller’s investigation to exist in the first place – the special counsel was much more clear about his conclusions. And yes, Trump was “clearly and explicitly” exonerated in terms of collusion. No American, said Mueller, collaborated or conspired with the Russians to carry out the DNC hacking crimes that formed the backbone of the election meddling. Not Trump, not Don Jr., not Paul Manafort, not Chris Crispington of Warm Vomit, Idaho. No one.

It was all a hoax from day one.

“In light of the very concerning discrepancies and final decision making at the Justice Department following the Special Counsel report, where Mueller did not exonerate the President, we will be calling Attorney General Barr in to testify before @HouseJudiciary in the near future,” Nadler concluded.

There were no discrepancies. Mueller reached no conclusion as to obstruction, instead leaving it to the AG. The AG determined that there was not enough evidence to constitute a crime. Would Nadler be complaining about discrepancies if Barr had decided that Trump HAD committed obstruction? Of course not. The only discrepancy is between the outcome Nadler was hoping for and the one the Justice Department arrived at.

This was probably inevitable. The Democrats have too much of their “integrity” (a word we use loosely) wrapped up in making the public believe that the president is a Russian spy. To have that narrative fall apart would unravel their entire 2020 plan, if not invalidate the results of the 2018 midterms. They have to keep pretending as though there might be some there, there.

At least now any halfway-coherent voter has to understand what they’re really up to.

What do you think?

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    • I think that when Mueller found out what McCabe, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were doing, he should have stopped investigating President Trump and started investigating the FBI! Mueller knew he wasn’t going to find anything on the President when he began his investigation so what do you think he was doing for nearly two years besides ruining lives?

      Why would Donald Trump collude with the Russians to win an election? He didn’t need to be President, he was already a successful business man and a billionaire, he didn’t need this crap!

      America needed Donald Trump to be President more than Donald Trump needed to be President and since he has been our President:

      President Trump did more for America and the American people in one year than the previous four presidents did in 28 years!
      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world!
      Keep America Great! Greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!
      Actions speak louder than words and President Trump’s actions speaks volumes for America and the American people!
      President Trump knows exactly what he is doing and if the people in congress both republican and democrat would support him what he would accomplish would be beyond amazing, sometimes you have to give a little to gain a lot!
      Millions of new jobs, thousands of new manufacturing jobs, millions lifted off of welfare/food stamps lowest minority unemployment in history, lowest female unemployment in 60 years, a robust stock market, 4.2% GDP growth, a booming economy and the largest tax cut in the history of America, all because of our amazing President’s policies! Negotiating better trade deals for America and the American people and negotiating with other world leaders in an effort to bring world peace! We are winning and winning and winning because of President Trump!

      • Meu;;er was hired to investigate the president, not “run out and find wrongdoing wherever you may find it. Which would take, literally, forever and a day, minus one day.

        It’s like sending law clerks out to fill potholes; it would be a nice thing for them to do, but it isn’t the job they were hired to do.



    • This is what the liberal media is saying today that the idiot, Adam Schiff, made fools of the republicans today in the meetings today. How hilarious is that? They showed how unhinged Schiff is. The man has an extreme mental problem.
      Adam Schiff was saying back in 2017, how President Trump was a traitor, & how he had SEEN the proof he was… lol. Craziest brunch of people I’ve ever seen.
      BTW, CNN has lost 50% of their audience. lol.

      • Yeah…Shifty Schiff is the only foolish person on the Intelligence Committee…He is a very “gifted” individual like the little boy in Sixth Sense he “sees”things that not even the most prominent man in America could un-cover in almost 2 years of Investigating…and it’s “Plain and evident” also to be seen, according to Adam “Shifty” Schiff… the fact that he was caught on camera “colluding” with Glenn Simpson in Aspen, CO…he says was just coincidence(*wink *wink)..

        Nadler going on MSNBC and claiming that “Barr said that the Mueller Report did NOT exonerate the President specifically” was him refering to the part where “the finding of obstruction of justice cannot be either confirmed or denied” was what he and others are using for their own petty grudges against a sitting President…

        Any wonder that MSNBC has lost almost 37% of their viewers, and that the Rachel “Madcow” Maddows viewers dropped over 500,000 in one day?…Her show would usually rank anywhere from 2nd-4th in viewrs dropped all the way to 6th place on Cable News programming…LMAO

  2. Only a total idiot would believe anything that Nadler or any democrat had to say about this,I listen to Nadler and it make me want to take a shower to wash of all of the dirt and filth from just listening to him speak,he looks and sounds like a little worm going squeak squawk,just ignore the little worm and give him nothing.

    • The man is an imbecile!!!!!!!!!! They all lie, and they pretty much say the same lies over and over. Short Mans Syndrom. He kinda looks like a troll. You all need to get over it. SHE LOST, AND SHE IS GONNA STAY LOST. AT LEAST WE SURE HOPE SO. CROOKED BUNCH OF LUNATICS.

  3. Where was that zeal to “investigate” when their server was supposedly “hacked”? Any normal American would have been outraged and turned it over gladly so it could have been thoroughly investigated and the culprits brought to justice – not so the Democrats, they’ve been hiding and keeping it from the law with more fervor than Ethiopian priests have been hiding what they claim is the “Ark of the Covenant” they’ve claimed to possess for over 2,000 years. Trump Derangement Syndrome has become part of their lunatic religion together with the canon of Climate Change, a.k.a. Global Warming, evolution, and Marxist theology.

    • It has been proven by the authorities that all the emails taken from the DNC computers, were taken by a memory stick/thumb drive. These people know that. If I know it, they know it.

  4. I really don’t know who is crazier, Schummer, Schiff or Nadler. They just do not want to accept the fact that Donald Trump is their president. They truly have TDS big time. They need to go!!!

  5. Jerry Nadler has been a do nothing in NY forever. He gets elected in NY because of it’s extreme populations of Socialist who have been lurking around for years. He is a hater of all Republicans and always has been. He has a bad rep and what is he doing now? Making it even worse.
    Why is NY taxed to the hilt ? because of the others like Nadler
    Notice New York City becomes filthy, bums everywhere and dangerous when we have a Democratic or Communist Mayor like now.
    Republicans come in a clean it up and they undo when they get back in. It will only get worse as to the type of people coming here from Banana Republics.
    Any thing for a vote regardless of what it cost the 47 % in NY State. Guys like Nadler should apologize for the condition of NY City. New York a rotten Gov. a rotten Mayor and rotten Congressmen,,Assemblymen, and rotten Senators. People are leaving, they have high racism caused by the above, high taxes, pot holes that last for decades, dirty streets and I hear the squeegee men are back harassing drivers.. Nadler has been in office all of this time,stinking up NY

  6. The scariest thing: They WANT the President of the US to BE A TRAITOR.
    We surely didn’t want BHO to be anti-American, which he was. They WANT a traitor to have been elected.

  7. You should add Maxine and Pelosi to that list. They are all crazy and vicious. If they spent even half as much effort doing what the American people want as they do, going after the President, our country would not be in the mess it is in. Unfortunately they are all so seriously deranged, that they have forgotten what they were elected to do. They have made it abundantly clear that they don’t care what happens to Americans, as long as they regain the White House. They make fools of themselves every time they go after the Pres.

  8. a bigger joke today ,democrats crying about trumps administration cutting 17 million from the special olympics but for months democrats have bin pushing to abort babies with disabilities , talk about talking out of both sides of your mouth , if your going to kill babies with defects you might as well kill adults with defects to , i never seen a bigger bunch of morons in my life then we have serving in congress

  9. The party of Hilary, never admit you lost and whine till the cows come home! How predictable and how sad for the democratic party! I suppose it is too much to ask that Congress work together and get this nation on the right track again!

  10. Leave the Democrats alone they are doing a bang-up job of exposing who they truly are, that’s is the best way to help Trump win!

  11. Democrats are the greatest crime perpetrated to undermine our country. They are the Cartel to fear, they make EL CHAPO a saint, compared to their crimes against the sovereignty of this country, in their quest for power.

  12. Another proof of what liars the Socialist, Liberals are. You can’t say Democrats, since the Liberal Socialist have taken over the Democratic Party and it no longer exists, except for the few older persons that claim to still be democrats, not realizing what has
    actually happened and that their party has been replaced. Hopefully, with the recent disclosure of the Mueller report those that are blinded may see what has happened to their party. At least, let’s all start praying that the light is finally shed on the truth.

    • most of the democrats that are left are way too senile to recognise the difference any more.. the likes of pe-lousy watters,cummins,the entire judicial “six-pack” have gone way off the tracks. with the younger socialist marxists running the show ,this party is TOAST. do not try to confuse them with facts, just bamboozle them with bullshit seems to be the on-going democrat way of legislation..

  13. The left goal is to say something over and over and over again until their fans finally believe it. Our strength is knowledge not the IGNORANCE they are selling.

  14. Jerry Nadler is a fake, a fraud, and a liar. He is fake and fraudulent about being human and lying about it!
    We all know his mother was a frog and his father was a troll, a very short ugly troll! Nadler’s species is named “frotro”, the species does speak however, everything they say is untrue and politically Democrat motivated!
    SO, we can sum up Jerry Nadler with the following description:
    Nadler is a “frotro”, able to speak lies that are politically motivated to promote the Democrat party. Right? Right!

  15. This is the Democrat’s Investigation and they still can’t accept the fact’s. This is like when they refused the report given by Homeland Security. I think medication may be necessary, delusional.
    Yet more Million dollar investigations are on the way. Unbelievable, the American Citizens should be allowed to vote on spending another 25 Million!

  16. Here we have a man who supports abortion to the 9th month and beyond, has lied about the problem at the border that the border security officers have no real control to prevent thousands from crossing and are losing hope. This man has no problem about lying about NO COLLUSION who he and his cohorts have obstructed this president from doing his job. Yes there is obstruction but it isn’t this president or the Republican Party is the is lying Democratic Party and the Main Slime media who has lied ever since Trump was inauguration.

  17. They have no other choice but to keep lying. Their entire EGOs are tied up into this….after 2 years what else COULD they do..they lost and they know it…but ..following the techniques of Saul Alinsky..they have to blame their enemies for the very things THEY THEMSELVES are guilty of….its the DEMs and the Deep State that have colluded..not Trump and the GOP.. …think Fusion GPS ..and over a thousand texts from Strozk and Paige and on and on…their only lame hope is that there are still some Americans with an IQ below room temperature that might still believe them…they have no chice but to keep lying…sucks to be them..take that to the bank..they are losers ..

  18. Nadler and the rest of your DemonRats, the time is coming for all of you. What goes around comes around. You are all Satans children. Your judgement day will come when you pass away and God sends you to hell for what you are doing to this country!!

  19. The one true and only problem the USA has is allowing CAREER POLITICIANS to exist. Get rid of them and limit terms to save America. They only do what it takes for them to remain in office. They all are at the point now of thinking they are royalty and we are their subjects, to be ruled by them. Doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican, if they’re making a career out of politics then the American people will suffer no matter what. They vote there own raises and the dollar amount of the increase, they set up their own health care for them and their families for life ignoring Social Security altogether, They get full pensions after one term in office, They are not bound by any insider trade laws and they continually make laws for the American people and hold them selves exempt from those laws. What more do we need to see to realize what we have created by allowing career politicians to exist. Limit terms and take away any voting rights they have that is used solely for them and only them. These people work for us, but obviously they feel that it’s the other way around. Wake up America, before it’s too late.

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