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Variety’s Glowing Feature on Nancy Pelosi is Enough to Make You Gag

The headline alone is nothing short of gross: How Nancy Pelosi Emerged as a Media Star and Trump’s Most Formidable Foe.

But Cynthia Littleton’s profile of the House Speaker only goes downhill from there, piling on the accolades until you want to tear your eyeballs out by the stems. The left-wing media is trying desperately to make the unpopular Pelosi into their next Ruth Bader Ginsburg-style star, and it just isn’t going to work. Pelosi doesn’t have the accomplishments, she doesn’t have the memes behind her, and she is most certainly NOT a “formidable foe” for President Trump, no matter how many times her supporters tell us that she is.

And boy, are they telling us:

“We love you, Nan-ceee.” A high-pitched salute from a young female fan echoes through the Greek Revival chamber as one of the most accomplished and iconic figures in American politics darts down a marble hallway in the building where she has worked as the Democratic representative for San Francisco for 33 years.

The crowd reaction in the Capitol is typical for Pelosi sightings these days. She made history in 2007 when she became the first woman elected to the powerful post of House speaker, which made her the highest-ranking female elected official ever. But this sharp-tongued grandmother of nine has reached a new level of celebrity stardom amid the 24/7 media circus that is the Trump administration. She has emerged as his staunchest opponent in government.

“Nancy Pelosi is the perfect character in the Donald Trump story,” says Jeff Zucker, CNN chief and WarnerMedia chairman of news and sports. “She knows how to play him better than anyone else.”

Oh, well, the guy who runs CNN vouches for her, so you know it’s true.

Please, though, can someone explain to us how Pelosi has been able to “play” Donald Trump?

Littleton reports that Pelosi is the anti-Trump in so many ways.

She’s “an expert in the legislative process.” Name one bill she’s passed into law since the Democrats took the majority.

She’s a “prodigious fundraiser for fellow members of her party.” Okay, we’ll give her that – House Dems are far outpacing Republicans in raising money for 2020.

She’s a “believer in what she calls the ‘noble calling’ of public service.” And Trump’s serving why? Because he needs the paycheck?

The fact is that Pelosi has been an utter failure for the #Resistance. Her impeachment debacle was one of the greatest blunders in American political history, and it may have singlehandedly cost the Democratic Party any shot it ever had of winning back the White House.

Her stunt at the State of the Union was a national embarrassment; imagine how the media would have portrayed it if Paul Ryan had done that to Obama.

Her oratorical skills are arguably even worse than Joe Biden’s, and she’s in danger of losing control of the Democratic caucus to the radicals of The Squad.

And she says things like this: “We have the most dangerous person in the history of our country sitting in the White House. That’s different from what happened in 2016. People thought Hillary would win so they didn’t all turn out. Nobody could possibly think that somebody like Donald Trump could be elected president of the United States. But if you don’t turn out, those who do turn out will call the shots.”

The most dangerous person in the history of our country? Really??

One thing remains the same from 2016: Democrats like Pelosi are still dragging out the most hyperbolic, outlandish statements possible to convince Americans that Trump is some once-in-a-lifetime threat to democracy and the country and the planet Earth.

And we’re pretty sure, before the year is over, there will be another strong similarity between 2016 and 2020.

What do you think?

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  1. Who reads Variety? It sounds like a radical, liberal fluff piece magazine from the East Coast (New York, NY). Of course they are bragging on Nanny. If they had to actually tell the truth, they would have to admit their own bias. We know that won’t happen, so, they write a piece that they wish was true, so they can feel better about their choices. Anyone who picks up a rag like this should expect to find it wrapping a pile of excrement. Therefore, no one is surprised when they open it. In this case, the author does not fail to deliver. But, let’s face it, when the boss hands a writer an assignment, what can they do. Fiction keeps everyone happy. Truth gets you fired, so, fiction it is.

    • obviously only morons read variety, Nancy couldn’t find her ass with either hand… a coward, witless, feeble, insane, progressive, socialist, tyrunt know as a Demonrat. Otherwise know as a DRUNK who ABUSED her power, that’s how I remember her. Have another drink Pelosi, be all you can be… LOSER

  2. Princess Pelosi should have been hung in 2009 when she said, “We’ll just have to pass it to see what’s in it.” regarding the (un)Affordable Care Act.
    That was and still is an act of treason upon our Republic!

    • I’LL SECOND THAT MOTION, she needs to be hung. A great beginning for the Demonrat Party. You could call it a ‘coming out’… LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Have another drink Nancy, this SHOULDN’T hurt…

  3. Nancy didn’t have to appear in Variety magazine to make me gag. In have been in gag mode ever since she got her gavel back in 2016 and waved i around with a cheesy smile on her face.

  4. That was a DUMB move for Variety? Honey, EVERYONE knows better than that “Hog-Wash”. Because, we can see the TRUTH with our own TWO EYES! … #1.) She is the TOP BRASS of a Political Party that has” MORPHED” into a Political Party that is AGAINST AMERICAN’S! (That is SCARY STUFF!) … WHO are those (4) Senate Freshmen Muslim Congresswomen That have FULL CONTROL over “NANCY PELOSI” ? … HOW? Did this happen? ….(Scary Stuff) … I feel Sorry for “MODERATE DEMOCRAT’S” … Their Leader’s have Abandoned Them? … they have No Place To Go! …. EXCEPT … With the REPUBLICAN’S!!!! … Who LOVE AMERICA and AMERICAN’S! …. We “WELCOME YOU ALL” With Wide Open Arms! … Now, you need to DEFEAT this “NEW MUSLIM GROUP” … Who Hi-Jacked The Democrat Party’s Identity … AND HIDE BEHIND IT!!! …. We must VOTE-OUT Every Last Hi-Jacker/DBA The Democrat Party OUT-OF -OFFICE ASAP! … START OVER! … 2020

    • Pelosi is still in control. She wants everything they want and more. She is crazed for the hunger and greed of the most powerful of all! She wants the President’s job! There should also be an investigation to see both hers and her son’s dealings in Ukraine , She is not as innocent and upstanding as people make her out to be.also. She is third in line if something were to happen to him, and the VP. You know, like Hillary and Bill, they have a way of getting people out of their way.

  5. Pelosi is the most evil, vile, and divisive person besides Hillary, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and many others like her,I could name. She is more power hungry and greediest of them all, besides Biden, also, I think.I think all of the Swamp Deep State holdovers and Rats should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law!

  6. Pelosi is the most evil, vile, and divisive person besides Hillary, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, and many others like her,I could name. She is more power hungry and greediest of them all, besides Biden, also, I think.I think all of the Swamp Deep State holdovers and Rats should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law!

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