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California Still Number One (In Poverty Rates)

If it’s true that Progressive California is a glimpse into the future of the United States, then boy, we are in for a world of hurt. Because it turns out that after all of the laws protecting illegal aliens and all of the laws preventing a police crackdown on undesirables and all of the focus on turning away the Trump agenda, California is still number one.

In poverty rates.

According to new estimates from the Census Bureau, the largest state by population still has the highest rate of poverty in America. While the state has managed to bring the rate down a bit over the past year, California is still home to more poor Americans than any other state in the union. A stunning 19% of Californians are living below the poverty rate. That is an improvement over last year’s figures by 1.4%, but it’s still nothing that Sacramento’s Democrats will be eager to hype on the campaign trail.

You would think that with these kinds of poverty figures looming over California’s economy, the state’s elected class would be concerned with little else. Instead, it’s uncommon to see the state’s Democrats focused on anything other than the Trump administration and posing as a small country in opposition to the federal government. This was especially in evidence last week when Gov. Jerry Brown hosted a global climate change summit – an event that ended with the governor vowing to put a satellite in space to fight global warming (!).

“We’re going to launch our own satellite — our own damn satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we’re going to end it,” Brown said in San Francisco.

That’s…terrific, but what the hell does it have to do with the real world problems Californians are facing? 7 million residents in your state are struggling to make ends meet – even in a state that hands out welfare like it’s candy – and you think it’s a priority to fight climate change with a satellite? Like, what?

But we’ve come to realize that talking logic and common sense in conjunction with California is a losing proposition. They don’t just live in a liberal bubble out there; they have built an iron superstructure AROUND the bubble – ain’t no reality getting through that guard. Could be why people are fleeing the state in record numbers. Soon it will be filled with nothing but Hollywood actors, tech billionaires, and illegal immigrants. Have fun with that.

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  1. California is a prime example of what could happen if the UNITES STATES. Along with the problems that DumboRATic cities are having. SOCIALISM does not work. Like California, you will have the very rich and the very poor. Compare that to other countries that are Socialistic, like Sweden, about 60 % income tax to pay for all the government supplied benefits. Sounds like the DumboRAT’S PLAN FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL AT NO COST. SOMEONE HAS TO PAY FOR IT, PEOPLE WILL NOT WORK FOR NOTHING. ALL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS SHOULD ON NOVEMBER 6, VOTE AGAINST SOCIALISM,

    • As soon as Newsome raises business taxes, fees and regulations the businesses are going to fly out of state. That will make matters worse. Yu cannot give illegals health insurance it will flood the state with the illegals in the other states coming to get health care, food stamps and jump on all the programs they can and the people that will suffer the most poor and middle class. Citizens will start to leave because they do not want to be second class citizens and that is what Newsome will do.

    • You are absolutely correct Earl, the problem is colleges are all liberal and teach it in their classes. Now the kids are coming out blaming capitalism for their failure to make a living

    • Earl, I thoroughly agree. The Socialists who want to overthrow our government say they want to give us everything. Well, as a very wise man once said years ago, any government who can give us everything can take it away.

  2. There are no Democratic office holders in California that are ethical, moral, or decent enough to hold the offices they have. From Schiff, Waters, Harris, Feinstein..they are trash!

    • You are right JC. And we all know their names because they have risen to the top of the slimeball heap just because they are slime balls. Harris had to work hard because of her time in office and she has succeeded. She is one of Ca. top slimeball. She wants to be President so she should spend a little more time with Bill Clinton.

    • Oh I don’t know there image is pretty clear if people just look back their history.
      Then – Voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Now _Voted against Making America Great Again.

      Abraham Lincoln – assassinated by a Democrat
      John F. Kennedy . – assassinated by a Democrat
      Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – assassinated by a Democrat.
      It is also the Democrats who want to impeach Clarence Thomas – The ONLY Black justice on the Supreme Court.

      Their record speaks for itself.

  3. California is quickly finding out that the old adage is true –

    “The problem socialist have is that sooner or later they run out of other peoples money”

  4. ““We’re going to launch our own satellite — our own damn satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we’re going to end it,” Brown said in San Francisco.” Hey, Jerry, the pollution is in Mexifornia’s state government, fool. Clean it up, step down, have constituents elect a conservative as governor to rid the state of its illegal vermin, and the only thing they’ll have to worry about are earthquakes and volcanoes…

  5. Unfortunately, all those Californians leaving the state will bring their corrupted politics with them and infect the states the seek refuge. They are just like the Islamos who come here and bring their hatred and assassinating with them…

    • The people fleeing California are political refugees. Those leaving are leaving because they are disgusted with the state and the mentality of those who embrace the bullshit. I wouldn’t worry about them imposing California regulations or mentalities on the place they move to

  6. Because all the people in their government is making all the money. The citizens are getting the left overs. When you have a corrupt leadership that is where they money stays, in their coffers.

  7. lets face it CA your leadership out there has broken laws, and has allowed your state to become sanction cities for the illegal immigrants, druggies terrorist, murders, and the liberal Hollywood, rich and famous, your state will go down until you finally wake up and allow people to do their job by obeying the law, gather up the terrorist, illegal immigrants, murders, felons etc. until that happens you should deal with it yourself, tax payers do not want our money supporting your criminals, America is not a socialist nation nor do we want to become one, we are a nation that is back on tract, getting back to basics, obey the law, arrest guilty, shot terrorist, treason, and traitors, as tax payers money should not support their prison stay, etc. wake up CA…want to get healthy again, then vote them democrats out of office and VOTE Republican IN NOV then perhaps we can work to help your state out, until then your leaders made bad choices so now you all can live with it until they start to obey the law.

  8. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown is a Loony Toon and has been since he reported was using drug before his first run as Governor in the 70’s. Has he stopped using? Who knows? He reportedly supports the use of Pot and who knows what other drugs he supports??? CA is the state with one of the highest uses of illegal drugs and Illegal voters out there all reportedly approved and supported by Gov Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown. Now he wants to send satellites to check out global warming…. Will someone please vote this fool out of office ASAP!!!! He got the nickname “Moonbeam” because of his reported drug use before he was elected governor the first time…….

  9. I agree with you Billy for the most part, but you should also note that there are also more already collecting assistance than there are working taxpayers. As more and more people are leaving CA for other states, CA is losing income and will most certainly continue to raise taxes which will force more people to leave and the vicious circle will continue. The Liberal element is totally blind to the fact that people cannot continue to pay higher and higher taxes…especially those who are not extremely high wage earners in Silicon Valley or similar high tech industries. So many business have already left for states like Nevada, Arizona, Texas, etc where they are welcomed and encouraged to grow. It is similar to why so many businesses left and moved out of country…to China and elsewhere. I can’t afford to stay here much longer and am thinking seriously about moving out of state myself after living all but 7 1/2 years in CA (63+ years) so it seems like my home state. Brown is Crazy and was the first time and there is no hope for CA unless the Liberals move out…by the way, they aren’t welcome in many of the states because of their beliefs and attitudes.

  10. When the parasites outnumber the workers, it’s over. Votes have consequences and Mexifornia got what they voted for. They elected officials who were more than willing to sell their soul and their country for money, power and votes. The sad part of it is, they are not the only state to do this.

  11. Stop funding the “Bullet Train”, forget the “Satellite Launch” and have all the “Hollywood Elite” join financial forces with the “Super Rich Silicon Valley Billionaires” and “Spread their Wealth as in their belief of Communism” therefore give each of the unfortunate on welfare enough money to be reclassified above the poverty line.
    Problem solved

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