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Liberals Desperately Attempt to Downplay Friday’s HUGE Economic News

The federal government announced Friday that gross domestic product grew at a pace of 4.1% in the second quarter, the best rate we’ve seen in this country in four long years. The numbers have economists hopeful that we could be on the verge of a major breakthrough in the domestic economy – a boom period the likes of which this nation hasn’t seen since the Bush administration.

“We’re on track to hit the highest growth rate in over 13 years,” President Trump said shortly after the report was released. “And I will say this right now and I will say it strongly: As the deals come in one by one, we’re going to go a lot higher than these numbers. And these are great numbers.”

A roaring economy, of course, is the worst news possible for Democrats, who are still clinging to the hope that they can take back the House in November. Thus, liberals working for the media arm of the Democratic Party already had their columns written in advanced reaction to the numbers.

“A single three-month period of strong growth is not exactly unprecedented,” wrote the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell. “It’s also not a sign that the economy is going gangbusters or has been fundamentally transformed. What matters is whether that strong growth is sustainable. Right now, under Trump’s policies, the answer looks like a big fat no.”

About the Republican tax cuts passed by Congress and the White House, Rampell insisted it’s only going to turn into disaster in the long run.

“Right now, we’re getting a sort of sugar high from Trump’s tax cuts and spending increases,” she wrote. “That may have contributed to second-quarter GDP growth, and will likely lift it throughout this year and next.”

After that…at some point down the road…things will even out, she argued. As if anyone – Trump or anyone else – can do something for the economy that will guarantee unprecedented, continued growth for years on end. That’s not the way the markets work, and Rampell damn well knows it. The only thing you CAN judge Trump on is how the economy is doing now and how it is predicted to fare in the near future. Beyond that, it’s a guessing game. This is just an obvious attempt to steal thunder from a victory that Rampell and every other liberal critic would have happily given to Obama.

In his conclusions about the report, The New York Times’ Ben Casselman dismissed the figures as a one-shot anomaly. “Economic growth surged in the second quarter,” he wrote, “but don’t expect the boom to last. The second-quarter acceleration was widely anticipated by economists, a result of a confluence of events unlikely to recur. Most economists expect growth to slow in the second half of the year.”

Nothing demonstrated the liberal bias in the media like a round of good news that simply cannot be denied. They will look for the cloud behind every silver lining in an effort to assure their readers that, no, they weren’t dead wrong about this president. You just have to wait a while for things to get worse – then our ridiculous reporting will be vindicated at last!

We suppose that three or four years into the next Democrat administration, when the economy tanks, they’ll tell us that these are the fruits of the Trump years finally ripening on the vine. They’re committed to their narrative, and nothing in the world is going to shake them out of it. Hopefully their readers are wising up.

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  1. What ever happened to the Republican Party Conservative Deficit hawks?

    There is going to be a price to pay down the road to the US economy. How long do you think we can maintain this stock market bubble?

    I’m concerned that Trumps Trade wars and other erratic policies can harm our economy. I hope and pray that we do not see a major Stock Market crash in the near future because of current policies.

    Please check out “Current US Federal Budget Deficit”

  2. So sick,hate filled creep as Democrats are hard to find other than in DC and of course their brainless voter base

  3. Oh my word! Reminds me of an ungrateful child getting a gift from a grandparent and saying it will probably break. Grow up, little children! Life is good and it is getting better. Quit your whining!

  4. Liberals do not care about making our country great again. Liberals tell us how Great ObamaCare is but they got a exemption from it. Like Nancy Pelosi saying let’s vote for it because it is a Democrat Bill and Obama went to every Democrats Office telling them to support the Party and be a real Democrat. Once Pelosi read ObamaCare she cried even Harry Reid and they got their Exemption for the Democrat controlled Congress. It’s Like the Democrats are telling voters ObamaCare is good for you but not US.
    The Democrats have done nothing except attack Trump and Down Play everything Good,”lowering the Taxes” Democrats screamed it never will work! Then the Idiot Pelosi opens her mouth and babbles along with the insane Maxine Waters

  5. I’m not going to go ‘all in’ on the recent GDP numbers. I believe President Trump is on the right track, BUT, one quarter of great growth does not a great yearly GDP numbers make! Remember, there is still the anti everything Trump Democrat Party and RINO’s who can, and are TRYING their utmost to make Trump FAIL (seditious bastards!)! But I’m amazed that Trump has been able to get done what he’s accomplished with all that un-American political power working tooth and nail to derail him! MAGA! KAG! And FELT (Fock Every Liberal TRAITOR!)!

  6. People are getting way too hysterical about this. How many of you know the actual economics of what is happening? If you do, please let the rest of us know.

  7. “None are so blind as he who will not see.” In the case of the idiotic democrats, they refuse to see. They are so confusing and discombobulated that it seems they will NEVER come back to reality. Democrats hate America and her ideals so much that they are indeed willing to destroy this country rather than uphold it. They hate the freedoms we have here and want to take them away, trying to do away with the first and the second amendments, in fact the entire Constitution for that matter. Ban those guns (I think that’s how Hitler gained power in Germany!) that we would use for self-protection. They try to change the contents and direction of our educational system to the point that it is no longer a sensible way of instruction, forcing liberal sex education to be foisted on our very young children (including methods of birth control, especially funding groups like Planned Parenthood). Need I say more? What do others think?

  8. No more proof is needed regarding the Hatred of America by the left … they simply will not acknowledge that GOOD ECONOMIC NEWS FOR AMERICA IS GOOD. They are so consumed with hatred for PRESIDENT TRUMP AND CONSERVATIVES they will not be happy. In fact the Democrapic leadership has stated they will do anything and work with anyone to stop our Government from being successful while PRESIDENT TRUMP IS IN OFFICE.. this is simply UN-AMERICAN…

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