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Love That Socialism: Study Says Medicare for All Would Cost $32.6 TRILLION Dollars

A study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Virginia was released this week, and it has some sobering news for Bernie Sanders and his legions of millennial supporters. According to the study, it would cost the American taxpayers no less than $32.6 trillion over ten years to implement the socialist’s “Medicare for all” healthcare plan.

The libertarian institute found that while such a program would lower costs on prescription drugs and administrative programs, an increased demand for care would send costs soaring into the stratosphere. Not even doubling the corporate tax rate and doubling the highest tax bracket for individuals would come close to paying for the program.

“Enacting something like Medicare For All would be a transformative change in the size of the federal government,” said the study’s author, Charles Blahous.

Sanders, instead of addressing the specifics of the study, went for the low blow and accused the Mercatus Center of being a Koch-funded institute for billionaire interests.

“If every major country on earth can guarantee health care to all, and achiever better health outcomes while spending substantially less per capita than we do, it is absurd for anyone to suggest that the United States cannot do the same,” he said in a statement. “This grossly misleading and biased report is the Koch brothers’ response to the growing support in our country for a ‘Medicare for all’ program.”

Sanders estimates that the program would only cost…oh wait, his office has not performed a cost analysis, so he has no idea. How very interesting. How very unsurprising.

As for Sanders’ claim that other major countries provide single-payer healthcare to their citizens, that’s true enough. But the success of those initiatives has been overblown, to put it mildly. Taxes in the UK  and Canada are through the roof. Individuals in these systems do not have the slightest control over where they get their healthcare or what procedures they may elect to have. And that’s not even getting into catastrophic cases like that of Charlie Gard, in which the state decided that the parents could not determine what was best for their infant baby. In these countries, patients facing their mortality – or that of their children – do not enjoy the “right to try.”

Furthermore, it cannot be overstated how much these systems benefit from a free market healthcare system like the one we have here in the United States. Much like Europe can afford not to spend a lot on their defense because the U.S. has their backs, they can afford to give their citizens free healthcare because the United States will come up with the latest scientific innovations. Once the U.S. falls to this kind of socialism, the planet as a whole will suffer due to an immediate halt in technological progress.

Like most of what comes out of the political left in this country, Medicare For All sounds like a terrific idea…right up to the point that you learn something about it.

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  1. The COST of Medicare for all is not only about money. The real problems with Obamacare was not the costs (although they are horrific). The real cost of Obamacare and Medicare for all is that the ACCESS to real medical care is limited or delayed.
    * 2 actual cases –
    *When it takes 12 weeks to get an MRI that shows you need surgery, and you don’t get your surgery until week 13, with excruciating pain and Oxycodon for months! – that is a problem!
    *When you’re put on “limited activity” and physical therapy for pain without finding out what the pain is caused by…..and then you get your MRI at month 3 which shows that the physical therapy is actually contraindicated (which means it makes you worse) – that is a problem.
    There are real no government solutions in the private sector that work-don’t have the above type outcomes.
    These cases are not from lay people….both these patients are RNs, as am I.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. REAL cases should prove how important it is to get off OBAMACARE! People need to report these situations so that the ACCESS is understood in VETERAN CARE AS WELL AS THOSE IN PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL PERSONNEL AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

      • The Republican Party did a great job in sabotaging the affordable care act.

        In Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a Republican bill (SB 1842) in 2013 that gave carte blanche to insurance companies. The bill removed the ability of state regulators to challenge health insurance rates. This was done to make sure your insurance rates would skyrocket in Florida, and they did.

        In the roll out of ACA, Scott’s administration raised an obstacle to enrollment. The state health department issued a directive saying navigators will not be allowed to use any of its offices for outreach and enrolling. In 2015 Florida’s Republican-led House of Representatives soundly rejected a plan that state officials said would have covered as many as 650,000 Florida residents.

    • Look medicare has under the ACA cut her benefits because she is over 75 years old. And 80/20 isnt free we are poor and we pay 290.00 dollar a month to Medicare. Just tell me when the government has ever delivered on time at budget on anything? They lie they always lie ACA was the fix and now it is worse than ever. Keep your hands out of my business.

      • They lie they always lie. Do you get Social Security; do you know someone who does? “they” are not ‘they”–they are us and hard as it is to realize the government is what we make it by our votes. Some parts work, and some don’t. We like to criticize our politicians and then re-vote for them. Let us not generalize as much as we can. See. Menckin and Twain….two people with a low estimate of politicians.

  2. Rather odd the 33 billion dollar bullet train is now 77 billion dollars and expected to go much higher. 32 trillion my but more like 100 trillion plus because once it is “free” people will be in ER for hang nail bandages and aspirin.

    • Actually, I’ve heard that if left untreated, a hangnail can be serious. But I understand what you’re getting at. Sadly, as soon as Blowbama ACA[sic] was set in place for the test drive, people flocked in droves to ER for such things as a dirty look from another, sending them for the “free” care. I’m being facetious. “Owwee! I stubbed my widdle toe. Boo hoo.”

  3. Do you know why all those people who stated: “If Trump wins I am moving to ?????? and leaving this country”! Hmm Even SCOTUS Ginsberg, People this socialist should not even be in Congress let alone be the POTUS. Look at any socialist country with out Capitalism and you see nothing but failed nations. Look at any Socialist country including Europe, and you will find it is lead by a Socialist who became right through Capitalism who is not satisfied with just being rich, they want the power over people. You gain power over people through the process of being obligated to government through false entitlements. If you are a Millennial favoring Socialism, do yourself a favor and think it through, while looking at Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and China. If this is what you want, then GO THERE, don’t screw up this country for the rest of us

  4. What the real problem is that our medical system pretty much cures nothing and instead treats symptoms. Great for medical industry profits – not so great for patients.

  5. Until the liberal socialists came along I never knew there was so many rich people in America that could pay for everything, but won’t they move overseas just like Obama caused all the corporations too to avoid his insane corporate tax? Most likely…
    Gota love socialist politicians, they’re the only ones with an answer for everything!
    EXTREME TAXATION aka 90% tax rate…

  6. All the young people that are adopting socialism these days have no idea what they are talking about. They are all free loaders wanting something for nothing. Just think how much your taxes would go up to pay 32.6 trillion dollars.

  7. What is never discussed is what is the cost of our current system now.
    Let’s look at the following.
    Auto insurance which part of the payment goes for liability in case of injury where someone has to be care for in a doctors office or even a hospital.
    Home insurance which part of the payment again goes for liability.
    Workers compensation for injuries while working.
    Insurance that many people have as part of their employment compensation package.
    Private insurance that people go out an purchase on their own.
    Just wondering if there was a system that could eliminate all the above and the money that would be paid out under those programs reduce the cost of a universal plan.
    Perhaps a plan could be developed to split the normal doctors visits and the hospital care into two distinct plans paid for in different ways.
    How much of a reduction would there be if we did not cover every illegal alien invader that is in our country?

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