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LURCH TO THE LEFT: Democrats Endorse Crazy Bernie’s “Guaranteed Jobs” Lunacy

In a report this week, the Washington Post helped Bernie Sanders reveal his latest attempt to stay relevant – a “jobs guarantee” program that would entitle any American to a $15-an-hour government job if they wanted one.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will announce a plan for the federal government to guarantee a job paying $15 an hour and health-care benefits to every American worker ‘who wants or needs one,’ embracing the kind of large-scale government works project that Democrats have shied away from in recent decades,” the Post reported. “Sanders’s jobs guarantee would fund hundreds of projects throughout the United States aimed at addressing priorities such as infrastructure, care giving, the environment, education and other goals. Under the job guarantee, every American would be entitled to a job under one of these projects or receive job training to be able to do so, according to an early draft of the proposal.”

The Post ended this exciting development, though, with this sad-trombone statement: “A representative from Sanders’s office said they had not yet done a cost estimate for the plan or decided how it would be funded, saying they were still crafting the proposal.”

Yeah…that’s kinda important.

But the little matter of “how the hell are we gonna pay for THAT” has not stopped Crazy Bernie before and it isn’t stopping Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand (both rumored to be 2020 presidential hopefuls) from signing on to this ludicrous idea. Democrats know that Sanders has the ear of millennial progressives, and those who are looking to challenge Trump want to make sure they have the Vermont senator’s endorsement when they make their big bid for the White House. There’s no better way to ensure that than to play footsie with his most absurd socialist proposals.

There was a time not that long ago that the ideas that energized the “Bernie wing” of the party were considered too radical for the rest of the Democrat faithful. You didn’t see mainstream Democrats openly favoring Medicare-for-all or free college initiatives, for example. But now we’ve seen them flock to both of these policy prescriptions as well as Sanders’ latest nonsense about a $15-an-hour job for everyone in the country.

These politicians are apparently convinced by the narrative that says the American Left really wanted Bernie, and that he would have beaten Trump had he not been railroaded by the DNC. This is not an accurate portrayal of how 2016 went down, but it is fervently believed by all of Bernie’s “bros.”

But even if it’s true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Bernie’s POLICIES are what energized the base; Sanders himself is likeable in a curmudgeonly sort of way, and he has an authentic sort of charisma that Hillary Clinton badly lacked. There’s no reason to believe that Cory Booker or Gillibrand (or Kamala Harris) can replicate his success merely by parroting his ideology. Clinton, after all, was basically promising voters a third Obama term. But without Obama, the people said, “Meh, no thanks.”

We have a feeling that Democrats, by lurching to the left in this way, are catering ONLY to the very people who DON’T VOTE – college-age idealists who think America should be Sweden, Part II. At least, we hope that’s the case, because if these pie-in-the-sky policies ever become law, this country will be in for some dark, dark times.

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  1. The democrats do not want a bill that is committed to giving a job to everybody they only want to promise everybody they will be have a job. You see if they passed a bill and it became the law this would be one of the few laws that the liberals would demand that all people (including the illegals) must obey.If you want to find a good joke just simple look at a democrat, bernie or a career republican. WE THE PEOPLE will again stand up and be counted when we re-elect DONALD TRUMP……..

    • LOL…. really… “re-elect DONALD TRUMP”… are YOU Donald Trump, David Dennison… or a Russian bot? Good one!

      • You must be one of the useful idiots….you do t get it do you? They want you to be beholden to the government. Just another cotton picker. When will you idiots get a clue?

      • Russian bot was bought and paid for by the DNC though the Clinton Foundation. Hillary during her debates created the Russian Conspiracy Theory, for she and Obama used that as a fall back approach to discredit Trump if Corrupt Hillary Lost! Obama, politicalized Comey into his whipping boy to clear Hillary before being investigated. Nasty, anti-american Obama told all Illegals to vote for nothing would happen to them.
        Funny, how even the dead voted Democrat, Gov. Jerry Brown allow Illegals to vote if they had a drivers license, so Hillary started off with 55 electoral votes, which was a freebie.
        All the Russian Theory was about was to keep the heat on Trump, when we all know the Treasonous Group called Uranium One was the real Russian Collusionist! Mueller was in charge, Rosenstien assisted, also aiding the effort was Comey, with Eric Holder. Even, Loretta Lynch was in on the Collusion to cover for the Clintons. Putin put 500K in Bill Clinton’s pocket for his hour speech on how to screw America, with Hillary getting 145 million for her ” pay to play” scheme as she gave away 20% of America’s weapons grade Uranium. No wonder Comey was working his hind end off to protect Hillary for he was involved. All this was stored in Hillary’s secret unsecured Server, instead of sending in the FBI and confiscate the server they sent her pior warning asking for it. She got away with ignoring the warrant to turn it over and took her time having it erased with the Software called Bleach Wipe, Her staff got away with crushing the illegal Blackberry Cell phones, before turning them into the FBI. Comey covered her during that, “No Charges”. Comey interviewed her while not under oath! Comey gave her staff immunity from charges, and they all took the 5th. LOL Now! People like you want to throw the book at Republicans, for a made up DNC lie. This whole Russian Collusion with Mueller in charge is a joke! When Mueller was in on the Uranium deal with Putin. When 33 Democrats meet with Russian Ambassadors, with Chuckie Schumer and Nancy Pelosi being leaders of the pack. Even, your other hero Maxine Waters a corrupt politician meet with them, but quick to point a finger. I see you can not read on your own, for you only rely of CNN, MSNBC for a opinion. Wake up Leftist and find out whats going on right under your nose.

  2. Sounds like the CCC of old. But today, anybody who wants to work can! And pray tell how much more in debt will we have. Why not put everybody on the federal teat whether they are a CEO or floor sweeper. That’ the communist way!

    • Believe me…… The millennials believe this crap. Their indoctrination started in grade school. It continued in middle and high school and was polished up in college. I have a 25 year old that used to talk about Canada and their medical for all health care system when he was 12….. Believe me…. This is nothing more then a vote getter for the Democratic Party because they have no other platform….. The people that elected President Trump will never let this happen…. It can’t….. This is America not Venezuela……..

      • Its True they have no Idea that wealth is not printed out on paper . I Had one telling me everyone should be given a living wage. I explained a few economic facts about how that would not solve anything . he started yelling at me Obviously this mindless teaching comes with triggers if someone does not agree with your madness

  3. Bernie’s is a Socialist Commie . He needs to pack up and take his self and his wife to the country they both love so much Russia ! Go on a permanent honeymoon Bernie .

  4. We must physically separate ourselves from these life forms, we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.
    It is that or civil war

  5. Can our young people be that easily manipulated that they would jump on this ridiculous bandwagon of jobs on demand for everyone at $15.00 plus benefits. It is beyond reason even for teenagers. Maybe I am just an old fool. I know for sure, Bernie Sanders is.

  6. Crazy Bernie nor his supporters will ever have to pay for his folly. But Americans know that THEY will. That’s why he’ll never get elected.

  7. I think Bernie Sanders should be at home consoling his wife who committed fraud when she claimed on a valid and legal document that she had a lot more money from donors that came right out and publicly said their contributions were far smaller then she had declared on that document. This is a crime and punishable under the law also Bernie actually had the audacity to call the bank and compound the lie by trying to urge them to give her the loan. Sorry Bernie you lose yet again and even coming out and promising things you have no idea how to fund but by increasing what tax payers all over America would pay through the nose to pay for. No Bernie we do not want America to become the next Venezuela. We do not want to kill and eat every animal in zoos or kill and eat our pets to survive. You are a very delusional socialist that would love to bankrupt America and watch it go down in flames while gleefully playing a fiddle while this happened. Maybe you should change your name to Nero and get it over with.

  8. Bernie you should be at home consoling your wife after all she patently lied about the financial stability of the school on a legal document she signed which as you know is a crime called fraud. You also compounded this by your self by calling from your office in DC to influence the banks decision. Your great at coming up with fantastic and fanciful ideas that you have no way what so ever of accomplishing. Unless you are thinking of increasing the taxes of every tax payer in America and tripling our debt. Sorry Bernie we do not want to become another Venezuela whose people have killed and eaten every animal in every zoo and also killing their very own pets to have some thing to eat. You lose yet again with your pie in the sky theoretically debunked solutions.

  9. Government jobs for infrastructure, etc? Who in their right mind would hire the government to build or repair a bridge, a road, a park, etc? It would take 5X more dollars and 10X as long to get a finished job that may, or may not work. No Bernie. No Liberals. No.. No. No.

  10. If this nation can spend trillions making bombs, bombing other countries and then rebuilding them. We can certainly spend money taking care of the job, healthcare, education, infrastructure needs of the citizens of THIS country. I have an idea stop spending so much money on the da@n military.

  11. A job for everyone?! I think this was tried in this country a couple hundred years ago. It was called “SLAVERY”.

    Oh! Wait! The new proposition does not require that the “workers” ever show up at the job site nor do anything useful.

    Party ON, Dudes!

  12. Did they forget to mention that Norway just dumped a similar program because it DOESN’T WORK? And how they can just throw out these suggestions without figuring out how to pay for it should scare the pants off the people who actually work and pay taxes. Because the only way to fund it is to increase taxes by very large amounts!

  13. Everyone who wants or needs one. What about those who don’t want one and would rather stay on welfare?

  14. Yeah..!! If you want to be a Social Warrior, Social Worker, Antifa Thug, Protestor, a College Professor without a Diploma, Community Organizer, Choom Advisor, a Fraud President a Gun Runner and on and on…!!!

  15. 1. Make fifteen dollars [15.00] the minimum wage.
    2. Fund the many job training programs already established.
    It will take a bit for all this to work into our system, the difference will be HUGELY better.

  16. $15 per hour sounds good until inflation kicks the buying power to half its current value. And of course there’s the question of financing this pipe dream. The taxman then enters and tells you the lion’s share is going to be about 40%. Now how are you to continue your lifestyle when you are better off to go on welfare. Left wing policies cannot survive and will only work if you don’t.

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