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NY Times: In Trade War With Trump, China is “Running Out of Options”

President Trump announced this week that a new 10% tariff was coming for more than $200 billion in annual Chinese exports, and even The New York Times was forced to admit that the Red Giant of Communism has little left to respond with. As it was foreseen all along, China’s lack of U.S. imports has made it difficult for them to engage in a long-term trade war with the Trump administration. When Trump hit them with the first two rounds of tariffs – on $34 billion in Chinese goods in July and on another $16 billion in August – China matched the taxes dollar for dollar. The problem now is that Beijing is running out of goods to slap tariffs on.

And that puts them in a difficult spot.

From the Times:

China’s tit-for-tat responses have so far failed to thwart Mr. Trump’s trade offensive, and with the White House amping up the fight again, Chinese leaders aren’t sure how to respond, people briefed on economic policymaking discussions say.

Chinese officials “are generally confused,” said Raúl Hinojosa-Ojeda, a trade specialist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who has been traveling around China speaking with officials, businesspeople and workers.

“They don’t know what to do,” he added. “They worry that the tit-for-tat model is playing into Trump’s hands.”

China doesn’t import nearly enough from the United States to target $200 billion in American goods. But China’s leaders feel they can’t back down. They have presented the trade war as part of a broader effort by the United States to contain China’s rise. The Chinese public could see any effort to soothe tensions as capitulation.

The fact of the matter is that China is out of room to play games, and capitulation is certain to come. Trump did not get into this war to lose; the U.S. trade imbalance with Beijing has been a sore spot for the billionaire since long before the election, and that only scratches the surface of the unfair playing field between the two countries. When you throw intellectual property theft and currency manipulation into the mix, it is clear to any impartial observer that it is up to China to change – NOT the United States. Trump is just the first president with the guts to do something about it.

Beijing will change their ways and negotiate, or they will be in serious economic trouble by this time next year. Trump has them cornered, and he will win.

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  1. I find it hard to understand why every Patriotic American Citizen would not support President Trump on defending American businesses and the American Workers.
    Those who claim that President Trump is thwarting free trade and then refuses to acknowledge that China and other countries violate free trade rules should send chills down the spines of every American Citizen. China has had tariffs on our goods from the beginning and when we put them on Chinese goods we are the traitors to the concept of free trade agreements, that is laughable.
    When these so called free trade agreements were made they told the American Citizens that it would require countries like China to follow the rules of the so called free trade agreements. They would be required to enact safety regulation comparable to ours, they would be required to enact environmental rules comparable to ours and other issues as well so we would be on equal footing but that never occurred.
    I find it difficult to understand how we as a democratic capitalist nation found ourselves in a situation that we had become dependent on a communist nation for most of our goods that we purchase.
    Seeing our unemployment increase just so we could obtain cheap goods, not to mention becoming a debtor nation to China as well.
    We can see the results of a strong President taking a stand for the American worker against unfair trade from China and other countries.

    • We remain the largest market in the world. Every other nation wants to sell here. Tariffs may appear to be blunt instruments, but the trade imbalance makes them effective. Besides tariffs on our goods by other nations being unfair, don’t forget subsidies, VATs, regulations, etc.

  2. The next thing China will do is start more geopolitical unrest. They might not have trade bullets but they pave plenty of other bullets.

  3. These people can’t play fair.The only way they can win is by unfair tariffs ,stealing tech secrets and keeping down American products made in china and restricting imports,while increasing exports,and doing business in china by partnership designed for theft.

  4. Destroying and invading the US have been China’s forever dream, one of her general has even dreamed to use biologic weapon to kill all Americans save buildings and houses in order for the Chinese to move in, naive Clinton and Obama had help China to thrive economically! now it’s time to stop them.
    President Trump has done right.

  5. chinas economy is based on what they import to the u.s. , with out us they collapse,considering they only import a fraction of what we ship to them , that’s what they get for stealing all our american co. like g/e

  6. Trump should protect our intellectual property! One of the easiest ways would be to follow the Communist Red Chinese method. Block all conection on the internet to the U.S. from China, maybe even follow that approach with Russia and Iran. All Internet traffic! Not even an email from Aunt Wong to Kim Lee.

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