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Okay, Sure: BET Founder Calls for $14 Trillion in Slavery Reparations

Only a week or two after making some halfway-sensible remarks about Joe Biden’s blundering “you ain’t black” comment on a radio show, BET founder Robert Johnson reminded Americans this week that he may even be more foolish than the Democratic nominee. In an interview with CNBC regarding the current state of rioting and looting besieging the nation’s major cities, Johnson said that the situation called for America to loosen up the purse strings and give away $14 trillion to black Americans as reparations for slavery.

“Now is the time to go big,” Johnson said.  “Wealth transfer is what’s needed. Think about this. Since 200-plus-years or so of slavery, labor taken with no compensation, is a wealth transfer. Denial of access to education, which is a primary driver of accumulation of income and wealth, is a wealth transfer.”

Excited about the prospect, Johnson said that a huge reparations package would be the greatest “affirmative action program of all time,” and it would accomplish the necessary feat of “wealth transfer to white Americans away from African Americans.”

We’re sure white Americans will be lining up to vote for that proposal.

“Damages is a normal factor in a capitalist society for when you have been deprived for certain rights,” Johnson argued. “If this money goes into pockets like the stimulus checks, that money is going to return back to the economy.”

Johnson was careful to explain that he did not want programs and policies; he wants the U.S. government to simply start handing out cold, hard cash to black people.

“I’m talking about cash. We are a society based on wealth. That’s the foundation of capitalism,” Johnson said.

He did not bother to explain where the U.S. government would come up with $14 trillion in cash to give away. He did not appear to know that his figure represented nearly half of all known currency in the entire world.

But then, there’s a lot that proponents of reparations appear not to know. Including: Who, exactly, should be ponying up their wealth for such a check? Who, exactly, should benefit? Proven descendants of slaves only? All black people, including immigrants and descendants of immigrants who were never slaves? Should white people with slave ancestors be treated to a cash prize? Is there any correlation at all between slavery and George Floyd? Any correlation between slavery and the masked whites hurling bottles, bricks, and skateboards at police?

And who, other than a small minority of a small minority, would actually vote for politicians proposing such a catastrophic boondoggle?

What do you think?

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  1. Ok, but wait while we add up every cost for black gang crime and the blight on once vibrant cities! Let’s see if we break even!!

  2. Let’s see. Black Racists burn down Black Neighborhoods and businesses. Stop! That is not debatable it is on camera. Stop! It is a fact. Most of the small businesses that are burned out are Black-owned and/or with Black employees from that very neighborhood. President Trump had started Opportunity Zones for the Black Communities that were destroyed. Who, in their right mind, would invest in these neighborhoods again? This is the Black Community’s self-inflicted wounds. Robert, how do you justify that? You are pandering to protect your brand. The children need someone to blame. The inherent racism from those like you are horrifying. The racism of low expectations is evident. No, the Black Community needs to pull up their pants and take responsibility for not taking advantage of the opportunities thy have been offered. Most of all, reject the Democrat Party outright. They have done this to your people. Trump is your biggest ally. Wake up.

    • If you want reparations, go back to the African communities who sold their own people to the Arabs and others. USA did not even exist when this started.

  3. you must have shit for brains,if you no anything about history would no the white men were the first slaves not black start doing some fact checking before foaming at the mouth we want slavery reparations for 100 trillion

  4. I’m all in favor of this $14 trillion reparations bill. Just make sure the ONLY people getting it are the ones who were actually slaves. Not their offspring, not their ancestors as they weren’t slaves and therefore Reparations do not apply to them.

  5. This is utter BS. These people have never been slaves, their parents have never been slaves, nor their grandparents! Reparations were made when people died freeing the actual slaves! Sick and damned tired of hearing about this crap!

  6. Really? When those people repay me and millions of other taxpayers an appropriate refund for the $$ spent on supporting those who wouldn’t work and the welfare mamas for generations of housing, groceries, medical care, transportation, utility payments, and clothing allowances, then we can talk about who gets the reparations.

  7. Mr. Johnson,
    650,000 to 850,000 men died to answer the slavery question. One would think, sir, that the debt you believe to be owed has been paid in full. How much were THESE lives worth?

    If you believe that any debt is still owed I strongly suggest that you seek reparations from the Democratic Party. They were the slavers. They were the auctioneers. They were the plantation owners. They were the political party that passed the laws of suppression for more than 100 years after the lives above were given to free you. They were the lynchers and the Klan. They are still the ones attempting to keep your race in poverty.

    I am willing to bet however, that you won’t seek reparations from them will you? No you won’t. As a matter of fact, I am also willing to bet that you will continue to vote for them. I bet that you are actually registered as one of them. How sad is that, I ask you sir?

  8. How is it that the really racist ones are rioting ? They have proved just how racist they are ! And by rioting they have already received ” reparations ” !!! I’m thinking it’s time restock the prisons with rioters . And take back our country , they have become the new K K K. DEMOCRATS this is of your making , now regret it . Or never be in power again , your worthless .

  9. He is an imbecile. I do not want my tax dollars giving money to people who were never slaves by people who never owned slaves.

  10. As if, 1st of all, Did any of you were in the slavery time 100 years ago? If you did then you might be able to collect something. Just trying to be truthful here

  11. The civil was lost a lot of white and black people. That alone was more than any reparations are worth. If it weren’t for white people the KKK would still have you as slaves. The underground railroad transferred the blacks north to safety. Do your history lesson on the whole story. You have been paid several times over with lives spent.

  12. OK, if this guy wants the descendants of slaves to get reparations from the Federal Government then there must be specific proof that you are indeed related to a former slave. That proof should be Legal Documentation that proved a direct line of ancestry to the former slave in the form of pictures, birth records, marriage licenses and the like. Second, the individual or individuals must show proof that they are not now or have ever been on Welfare, or show the length of time that each of the former slaves family members have received any type of Government Assistance. The amount of the funds or services received by any of the former slave’s family received will then be deducted for the amount of the reparations to be received. Furthermore, the reparations should come directly from the State in which the former slave was originally enslaved. Since most of the states that held slaves were Democratic states and are for the most part still run by the Democrats I doubt that they will be so eager to vote FOR such a bill.

  13. Mr. Johnson the black community was offered free land in Africa, free transportation back to Africa in 1828 when it became illegal own slaves in the United States. No one wanted to leave. Everyone was given free education mush of which has been wasted because there is little incentive from parents. Organizations such as NAACP complains when standards are to high, the white children have to mee these standards if we have true equality than the black children should have to meet the same standards.
    A couple of my friends are people of color and they both feel that the black organizations intentionally make everyone feel inferior. Horris said I was born in the United States, I grew up in the United States, I went to school and Collage in the United States and I worked as a teacher my entire carrier in the United States. I want people to call me think of me as an American not as an African anything because I’m as American as anyone else. We had this conversation in a public area and you would be surprised by the number of people of color and white alike that agree with him. He is an economist.
    Another friend was born in Cuba he and his wife are Naturalized Citizens of the United States. He is some what out spoken and will tell you to your face that they are American’s because they love this Country and they aren’t African anything. He by the way is a computer expert has worked for NASA, and both the Democratic and Republican party’s
    I think if more people of color would let you know how they feel you would change your tune. Sir. I’m sorry that your religious up bring didn’t teach you the All Lives Matter. By segregating your group you in effect perpetuate the racism.

  14. How many times do white people have to pay for enslaving black people, if you will go back and study history you will learn that when slavery was abolished the black people was given land, livestock, tools and seeds in order to make a living with what at the time they knew best, farming, unfortunately blacks did not have the education to resist carpetbaggers and other snake oil salesmen from offering what to them was a fortune for their land, they sold their payments that they were given for a pittance therefore since they were compensated for their enslavement you need to look up who cheated these people and let them pay for the reparation

  15. Not with MY money! . . . NOT ONE person on EITHER side owned slaves. Besides, all these slaveowners are dead ANYWAY (except, of course the ones who “voted”). Go to THEM for the Democrat REPARATIONS. Turnips don’t BLEED, and DEAD people don’t GIVE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. How about all of the damage and looting that has been taking place ?? I think it about balances out.!

  17. I don’t want to pay more taxes for so called slave money. First of all there isn’t a slave person alive today to pay. Second, my family never owned a slave (my family came from Italy 1930 ) so why should I pay. Third, you want me to pay, than give me a slave. I’ve had enough of blacks wanting and not doing for themselves. Blacks have black colleges (name an all white college), Miss Black America (were is all white Miss America), they have the NAACP which helps them get jobs, even if a white person has more experience, it doesn’t matter, the black gets the job because you have to an certain number of blacks at that job. Blacks have TV shows with only black blac – ish, name a all white show – NO can’t have that, it’s racist. I’ve had it. Blacks have the same opportunity as whites. WORK FOR IT

  18. SO, how much will this individual get? He makes his money off who? BLACKS? The man is an Opportunist at best! Then a deceiver at the worst!

  19. This is a perfect reason why GOD separated the races, and said “BE YE SEPARATE.” 2 Cor 6:17 KJV This is why GOD gave The races each their own separate Continent to abide! These were separated by miles of water and had “BOUNDS” that were not to be breached, but, they were! So, NOW we have what GOD/Jesus Christ, saw, and foreknew! Acts 17:26 KJV More of what mankind can NOT take, GOD’s hate speech! “HE” said, man has bounds that are NOT to be breeched, BUT man has ceased to Integrate and get together along physical lines since Babel! Integration always destroys peoples and nations! IT will continue until that day when GOD GETS the world together in one big wordly mess to destroy the “UNITED NATIONS’ Zephaniah 3:6-8KJV (SEE vs 6 “their “TOWERS” are desolate” does that ring a bell?”)

  20. I have an alternate suggestion. That is, if reparations are considered, and that is a stupid proposal by an obviously stupid man, they should be paid not to the survivors of ancestors of slaves, but to the thousands of families whose ancestors lost family in that horrible war, the Civil War, freeing the slaves. Yes, slavery is and was a horrible human tragedy. The men in blue lost thousands and thousands ending this tragedy. Thousands and thousands of men in gray were lost also. That too is a human tragedy. But the slaves were freed, much blood was shed doing so. The ex-slaves ancestors, for the most part, have prospered. The families whose male kin, sons and husbands were maimed and killed will never reclaim their losses.
    They. if any, and I would suggest none, should be paid for their losses. No one else.

  21. How about we give the blacks what they want and send them all back to Africa. Conditions have not changed much since their great grandparents were sold by black slavers into the US. We will even give them some seed money to make the transition.

  22. We will have to start with reparations to all the Jews and their ancestors who have been the most enslaved people in history. Then we will have to pay all the Chinese and their ancestors who were drugged at bars and put on ships to be sent to build the Panama Canal, the roads, canals, etc in Canada and many other sites around the world. That is where the word “Shanghaied” came from. Then we will have ti put taxes on the Ashanti Tribe in Africa since they were the ones who sold their people to the Dutch and English ships to be sent around the world. It was their largest industry. They have recently been caught sending ship loads of children to China for brothels.
    Now – tell me who do we owe, how much and why.

  23. Ok, so we will give every Black in the USA $1MM. Everyone living right now, not unborn or conceived tonight. We have to save an aggrieved party for later. What now? Use your imagination. How would a family of 5 spend $5MM? How long would it last? When it was gone, then what? They didn’t earn it then, how will they replace it?

  24. okay, can the White people get theirs now since the Blacks and Arabians started the slavery .. the indentured slaves were shipped to every country .. some had it worse then the blacks

  25. Why should present-day White people, who never owned slaves, give money to present-day Black people, who were never slaves??????
    This is called extortion, and it’s illegal.

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